Watch Beyonce’s Stunning Performance at the Grammys

Beyonce Grammys
Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Beyonce — arguably the most highly-anticipated act at the 2017 Grammys — did not disappoint.

The performer, who is pregnant with twins, was introduced by her mother, Tina Knowles, who bragged about her Grammy-nominated daughters.

“Ladies and gentleman, with a mother’s pride, Beyonce,” Knowles announced.

Beyonce started her performance with holographic imagery projected on a giant screen that eventually gave way to the singer walking out live on stage. During the visually striking show, Beyonce performed two tracks from “Lemonade” — “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” — sung between poetic lines.

“Do you remember being born?” the singer asked. At one point, there were images of three generations of her family, including her mother, and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.


Grammys Grammy Awards Placeholder

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Clad in a golden gown and headdress, Beyonce performed on a long table surrounded by backup dancers. She sat on a chair and leaned back in a gravity-defying trick that those inside the theater said took some time to set up before the act. It was an ode to motherhood, with many images alluding to childbirth.

Going into the ceremony, Beyonce was nominated for a nine awards for her visual album, “Lemonade,” which gave her a chance to break or at least tie two major Grammy records: most trophies in a single night, as well as the record for most all-time Grammy wins by a female artist. But by the time she took the stage to perform, Beyonce had already lost four of the first five awards.

Watch Beyonce’s performance below:

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    1. Richard says:

      Never seen more vacous nonsense…..EVER!!!!

    2. H says:

      Not original, that performance was highly influenced, or should I say practically a rip off of Kylie Minogue’s SLEEPWALKER video with Fernando Garibay. So much hype for someone who constantly steals from other artists.

    3. Lu says:

      I swear she’s sleeping with the writers of these articles because she gets a lot of press for someone so annoying! Her and the Kartrashians

    4. Monab says:

      She sucked

    5. Oh so sad that the video got cut off before the song and performance ended.

    6. KAY DYCK says:


    7. CP says:

      Can I ask what was so dynamic and the best of the show? She’s pregnant, ok. She has a mother, ok. She’s a mother, ok. Has A kid, ok. And?????what did she do so great?

    8. Judy Lusty says:

      What was that?? There were other performances that were so much better!!!!!

    9. Suzanne Kelley says:

      The most beautiful and spiritual performance I have ever seen.

    10. There are more black people inside her than in the orange thing’s Cabinet.

    11. Karen Penny says:

      My God!! What was that! I am a mother of 3 adults yet never felt the need to share my pregnant bump like this, I just felt she didn’t need to exercise the need to flash it to all and everybody, it`s sensual, private between husband and wife, she has gone down in my estimation, Sorry people .

    12. Meeeee says:

      Well since we all don’t know her body… but her this could the performance she could give under contract and pregnant…

    13. Cher Young says:

      She’s no Madonna (the original, not the WT one) and, in my estimation, doesn’t show much in the way of musical talent or entertainment value but does certainly showcae her pregnancy.

    14. Kyle Wright says:

      Is she the first woman to be pregnant with twins? What is the big deal? She is not better than any other.

    15. Jason Jackson says:

      Don’t knock her. The performance just wasn’t for me. It was OK. Wasn’t the best performance of the night for me.

    16. Paula Pritchard says:

      Beyonce thinks she is the virgin Mary at the Last supper!!!!

    17. monique N givens says:

      Beyonce looks really pretty

    18. Smith says:

      Beyonce…..take a clue from Adelle, a great artist that keeps her clothes on, takes the stage solo and showcases her fantastic voice and walks away with all the awards.
      Beyonce your performance sucked period. Worst performance of the night. Your not an african queen…more like a two bit trick.
      Thank Adelle for taking pity on you.

      • Nana Fori says:

        Why such an aggressive insult? It is not even a good troll: you call here names and people defend her but you have nothing to back up the names so you stop talking… It is kind of lame.

      • So Adele takes the stage, says the “F” word and more curse words, screws up “singing live” and has to start over. No , Beyonce doesn’t need any help from Adele , who CLEARLY thought Beyonce deserved the rewards she got according to her OWN acceptance speeches. We know who you are “Smith”, and you’re pathetic. And its African, not “african”. you uneducated buffoon.

      • Lee Diamond says:

        Does “Smith” have a clue about the meaning of artist? Art is about personal expression. By the way Smith, different artists do have different strengths, not to mention different things they want to convey. I have seen Beyonce perform live. She does not lack for talent at all. I am interested in what she wants to share.

        Since she is pregnant, I imagine that influenced her performance choices.

    19. Cheryl Jager says:

      I absolutely Love You !!!

    20. Linda Kay Moll says:

      Her performance was disgusting….why would any self respecting female want the world to see her big black ass and stomach and her boobs floping around on stage???? She should be ashamed of herself and her hubby must be sick in the head to watch and think that it was ok>>> there were kids watching that….and it just wasn’t right !!! She is very pretty and talented, But i lost a lot of repsect for her tonite !!!

      • Silentsam says:

        Agree. Trash personified

        • Stacy Cooper says:

          Since when did the human body become disgusting to watch. I didn’t see anything flopping anywhere. Beyonce has a lot of haters!!! Society exploits women bodies everyday. Just because she is comfortable in the skin she is and has no problem expressing her femininity and her womanhood as a mother, wife and daughter; who has a right to judge her? She is no different than your child, niece, cousin, sister and/or mother! Let her be! She is beautiful, rich and has the body to show off; unlike some fashion I see on a daily basis all covered up!!! Get a life and recognize that the human body is phenomenal! Bathing suit, naked or with clothes on….accept your bodies and learn to love the skin you’re in!!! If not, do something about it!!!

      • Andrew says:

        Linda, you’re such a pig.

      • fuck you linda says:

        hey linda, eat shit

      • Dom says:

        What part of her ass is black and where is her boobs flopping around at? You’re disgusting stfu

    21. Clyde Cadd says:

      I don’t dislike Beyoncé, but this had to be the dullest performance ever performed, by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    22. Karli Jones says:

      WTF?? She got to perform looking like Mother Nature…This proves $$$$ can buy anything

    23. bea Prince says:

      Come on this was the worst performance ever sucks

    24. LeeLee says:

      She’s not pregnant. Point. Period. Surrogate #2 with twins.

    25. OMG Goosebumps.. I love my mother.

    26. Toshia says:

      I love beyonce. GOD Bless you and your family. The hate be real. On us that’s outstandingly great.

    27. Shelly says:

      She sucks. Her performance was garbage.

    28. GFRF says:

      What a lunatic

    29. MOLLY J Wood says:

      Bobby we’re glad you switched because you just WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. I know you had a MOTHER, but you couldn’t have appreciated her because his video is about giving KUDOS to MOTHERS. You missed it and you are watching Walking DEAD, oerfect for a DEAD HEAD!d

    30. Mary Wood says:

      Sheer art and Respect for generations of Mothers. Album ‘Lemonade’ won it!

    31. Ma2ice says:

      Undoubtedly another spectacular performance.

    32. Bobby says:

      I’ll pass, thank you… saw she was coming on and switched to Walking Dead.

      • Lisa Reel says:

        i agree,100% Walking Dead better than beyonce!

      • loss4words says:

        why cant she really be having kids.Why you so convinced she not?Why the hell is she the only woman when she have a baby its not real? Get a life are you serious. What a buňch of weirdos.But yall the same one s waiting for that damn wall .

        • Sherri Catalano says:

          Seriously, almost every comment on here is f-ing crazy. The stink of racism is overwhelming.

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