Theater Review: Trump-Like ‘Julius Caesar’

Julius CaesarBy William ShakespeareDirected by Oskar
Joan Marcus

Brutus is a commanding figure in the Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park production of “Julius Caesar.” The wily Mark Antony also looms large. But the most fearsome character in the show isn’t standing on stage — not even in the person of a Donald Trump-like Caesar — but instead storming the bleachers and shouting in the aisles. It’s the mindless Roman mob, or, as director Oskar Eustis’s politically slanted production slyly insinuates, it’s the ecstatic mobs at a Trump rally. Although the show whipped up controversy when funders pulled out over right-wing objections, the furor isn’t warranted: Anyone who reads the plays knows Shakespeare’s main message is that no matter how much you want to get rid of your current political leader, don’t kill him.

In most Shakespeare productions in park, mob scenes have to be taken on faith, with the same handful of actors scurrying about trying to look like legions. But this surging Roman mob has real numbers, and its fickle allegiances to one demagogic political figure after another makes it genuinely frightening.


Julius Caesar

Public Theater Stands Behind Trump-Inspired ‘Julius Caesar’

The satiric Trump references begin with the first appearance of Julius Caesar, depicted in Gregg Henry’s amusing performance as a preening Goldilocks who wears embarrassingly long ties, makes triumphal hand gestures and knows how to work the crowds. Our own crowd of complicit theatergoers roared with delight when he lowered himself into a golden bathtub. Here the hero was joined by his wife Calpurnia, deliciously played by Tina Benko in the slender, beautifully draped (by costumer Paul Tazewell) figure of a professional model speaking in the unmistakable accents of a native-born Slovenian.

The Trump analogy doesn’t hold up once Caesar is assassinated on his way to the Senate and is lauded in dueling eulogies, powerfully delivered here by Corey Stoll’s deeply sympathetic Brutus and Elizabeth Marvel’s cunning Marc Antony. In death, his open bleeding wounds on full public view, the tyrant has become a god. (But the insolent impersonation was fun while it lasted.)

The ever-present threat of dictatorship is visualized by set designer David Rockwell in the brutalist architecture of giant, grinding wheels of government. Kenneth Posner’s aggressive lighting and Jessica Paz’s discordant sound effects provide no comfort from the din of the mob. And lest we miss the message, the spotless white togas normally worn by the intellectual elite like Cicero the orator (Edward James Hyland) are all but eclipsed by the black trenchcoats of the conspirators and the intimidating black military uniforms worn by the ever-present army.

Call it a populist democracy, but don’t underestimate the muscle of a mob that can erupt into violence and claim the lives of honest men like Cinna the Poet (a brief but moving appearance by Yusef Bulos), sadly mistaken by a wild-eyed mob for Cinna the conspirator (Christopher Livingston).

The instigators of violence are exceptionally well cast and forcefully played by theatrical strongman John Douglas Thompson as Cassius, chief among co-conspirators including Decius (Eisa Davis) and Casca (Teagle F. Bougere). But of them all, only Brutus seems honestly patriotic in his fears of Caesar’s demagoguery. The rest look like ambitious Washington politicians holding a convention and/or vacation in Rome.

The most dangerous villain in the piece, though, is the rampaging Roman mob, its allegiances flapping like a weathervane, its hatreds quickly stoked, its rages easily redirected to perceived enemies. Although no one among the rabble actually chants “Lock her up!” or “Trump that b—!” or “Kick him out!,” the echo of mobs past hangs in the air.

Theater Review: Trump-Like 'Julius Caesar'

Delacorte Theater; 1800 seats; admission free. Opened June 12, 2017. Reviewed June 9. Running time: TWO HOURS.


A Public Theater presentation of the Free Shakespeare in the Park production of a play in one act by William Shakespeare.


Directed by Oskar Eustis. Sets, David Rockwell; costumes, Paul Tazewell; lighting, Kenneth Posner; sound, Jessica Paz; original music & sound, Bray Poor; hair, wigs, makeup, Leah J. Loukas; production stage manager, Buzz Cohen.


Tina Benko; Teagle F. Bougere; Yusef Bulos; Eisa Davis; Robert Gilbert; Gregg Henry; Edward James Hyland; Nikki M. James; Christopher Livingston; Elizabeth Marvel; Chris Myers; Marjan Neshat; Corey Stoll; John Douglas Thompson; Natalie Woolams-Torres; Isabel Arraiza; Erick Betancourt; Mayaa Boateng; Motell Foster; Dash King; Tyler La Marr; Gideon McCarty; Nick Selting; Alexander Shaw; Michael Thatcher; and Justin Walker White.

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  1. God killed and ordered people to kill violently minded people. I fully expect that you don’t care wanting to have the same end. That end will be eternal.

  2. fascist christ says:

    dimwit donny is my favorite demented Communist pervert!!

  3. eddie willers says:

    Anyone with honor would refuse to play a part in this preduction. I saw the photo of Corey Stoll and my heart fell.

    Et tu, Corey?

    • fascist christ says:

      anyone with honor knows trump is a lying Communist sympathizer who likes Russian whores peeing on him! donny is a demented pervert!

  4. CaperAsh says:

    well, the interesting thing these days is that the dangerous mobs are the ones whipped up by Democratic/Leftist/Globalists. Trumps people just chanted together in private rallies, all altercations being started up by agitators who came with the intention of stirring things up. Also the chant ‘lock her up’ is a call for the Rule of Law to be applied, not for violence or a lynch mob. The left is into violence. The left’s voices in the media are calling for it. I wonder if this interpretation of the play and the mob’s role therein caught that angle. Somehow I doubt it. The hypocrisy of the left these days in so many arenas is truly stunning. And the violence and national dysfunction, not to mention hardship and blood shed, is going to be truly tragic. But of course they will spin it that it’s the other guys who are to blame. Hopefully the play included that aspect of the fickleness of the mob too. Again, I doubt it. America is being ruined now, although its been building for several decades. Trump is the ideal fall guy, but don’t be fooled: all you people calling for his destruction and death, you are the ones destroying what was once a great country. You are being played and are now working for the same dark Deep State powers that murdered JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X. They don’t like you. They won’t help you. Once they have used you to arouse a level of chaos and mayhem so great that we are all begging for relief, they will come in and you will be the first people marginalised, because clearly you are the people most easy to control and direct. And so it goes….

  5. Julie Sutton says: Delta pulled funding from a trump-esque julius caesar but not for obama-like version in 2012

  6. Shakespeare's Doppleganger says:

    Mr. Hopper was absolutely right. The “mob” is those who went to see this “play” because they care about stabbing a man in effigy rather than the survival of the country, because they are mindless, hateful beings who would rather tear everyone down than help another soul. This was nothing more than an atrocious attempt at political satire made by people who don’t even understand what art or culture is anymore. These people think they are educated, but rather, they are so brainwashed and consumed by the false idols they praise, and the false news they produce and digest that they can no longer think logically for themselves. That is why they cannot create anything worthwhile anymore.

    There were people like this back in Shakespeare’s day. They were the people that he had to dumb his plays down for. If he had written what he wanted to for the people who would’ve actually known how to appreciate it, then it wouldn’t have been popular. As an actor and a writer, I am beyond appalled by this sad excuse for a Shakespearean play, and the fact that the director so smugly stands behind it, even after losing sponsors, is just as sickening.

    The worst part is that it was so far from original or creative that it is laughable. As one person said before, they predicted that the left would be juvenile enough to pull a stunt like this, and then claim it was such a clever political satire. This is how almost everything that comes out of Hollywood is nowadays. It’s all tired recreations of the same old stories (some of which may have once been great) with “twists” that make them practically unwatchable. They have no new material or stories because they have lost the ability to think and create as I said before, and are merely making pathetic attempts to revive what once worked, or they are simply stealing ideas from those who can think and create for themselves. There is no more Variety. Stop pretending there is. Honestly, I can’t be the only person here who is writing a comment and has noticed that all of the six titles on the sides of this web-page are almost identical! They all have very similar sans-serif fonts, all white letters, and centered text, with titles that are very lacking in any real substance. Like “Suits”… with five people in black and white business attire… really? You couldn’t think of anything else?

    Regardless, I would like to just state the obvious for those who don’t understand: it wasn’t Trump or Caesar that was killed in this production. It was Shakespeare, and the art that his plays represent. This “play” was not art. It was a group of brainwashed liberals trying to force their misguided views on the public yet again in an attempt to stay relevant, because when it really comes down to it: your opinions really don’t matter, Snowflakes. I know mine doesn’t matter to you, so don’t even bother trying to tell me that. Difference is: I don’t care if brainwashed and/or uneducated individuals angrily disagree with what I have to say. All I care about is watching Trump make America great again. If he fails, then hopefully we will elect someone who can do that job because the person in the White House doesn’t matter; the country does. If we can’t all agree on that, then maybe some of you really should move out like you promised you would.

  7. ivillageidiot says:

    Can someone list the Left-wingers that the Ball-field shooter was listening to, when he decided to KILL ALL REPUBLICANS?

    Did he watch this “Play”?

  8. ivillageidiot says:

    NOW…. that you’ve convinced nut nutbag cabal to KILL REPUBLICANS…. can you close this BS “play” down?

    Or has the ego and paycheck got you by the throat?

    Tell me again how superior your morality is than that of the mortals?

    • Katzi44 says:

      Yes, we can close down this play by doing what the intolerant Leftist do all the time…contact the sponsors and cancel their services…Time Warner, American Express…..!

  9. berta gonzalez says:

    I came from another country as a refugee many years ago.
    I love this country and I respect our president no matter who he is , Democrat or Rebublican.
    I am an American citizen now.
    We are civilized people…. not terrorist or animals!
    What happend today to our people , to our congressmen and others…during a nice morning day , in a park, when good people are just practicing for a baseball game, it s the result of people like you in theaters, TV, News , etc….you are building hate and creating chaos.
    You all “actors” should be ashamed of yourself. You are not Americans !!!! you are cowers!
    Do something better with your abilities. I have not seen or will see your disgusting play, but I could not help to let you know that you are all a bunch of animals, not actors.
    shame of you !!!!!!!!
    Berta Gonzalez
    Miami, Fla

    • Katzi44 says:

      Berta, Well said!! I, too am an immigrant who came to this wonderful country and will forever be grateful for the opportunities and the great life i have been able to live. All it took was hard work and taking responsibility for myself. I think immigrants like us appreciate freedom more than natural born Americans because we have a basis of comparison. No matter what the failings of capitalism may be, it is still the best economic system which lifts the living standard of the most people. its problems can be managed. Unfortunately, so many people have become dependent on the hand outs of an ever increasingly large welfare state. It is now at the point of bankruptcy. I want the Republicans to solve some of the problems like health care, our burdensome regulations, deficit and tax reform. However, all the Democrats know how to do is to demonize these efforts and obstruct. Trump may not be the a smooth, polished speaker, but he is at least willing to take on the corrupt bureaucracy whose only interest is its own self preservation. The Dems want people to be dependent on the government so they can wield power over them and have control. That is what I escaped. President Trump was fairly elected and they despise him for the changes he wants to make to their cushy Washington, DC club. He has the right goals and people in place to make life better for American citizens. We must speak up, support his efforts and demand that the vicious, false, biased political rhetoric stop. That includes garbage like this play which is masquerading as art. We have enough of these vile performances and the complicit media which incite violence. We must demand that the rhetoric and political speech be toned down and we all act with more dignity and respect. The Office of the President is being diminished more than President Trump himself by this totally unexeptable, obnoxious behavior of the Left.

  10. The producers and actors in this appalling “play” are sick and disturbed. How does it qualify as art? Art is supposed to inspire. This is intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

    “We stand completely behind our production of Julius Caesar.”

    That language is the contempt and vacuousness we can now expect from the Left in America. These pathetic people refuse to acknowledge the simple difference between right and wrong. They are degenerates.

    What is the reaction if an actor as President Barack Obama is brutally killed as part of a Julius Caesar production? The response from the Left would be cacophonous.

    Chris Chichester
    Proprietor: Excelsior Page
    Founder: Empire Page
    Penfield, New York

    • Samuel Brekke says:

      This is making me wonder why this blew up. It didn’t with people Assassinating Obama. Can you be triggered about that first then about Trump? That would make you sound much less racist. And quite honestly, I can’t see Obama getting assassinated over power. I can see Obama getting assassinated by a very racist person though.

      I understand people can get triggered about the play (Who wouldn’t be triggered when someone dies) but, of all times and people to be triggered about…assassinating Trump. From my perspective, His actions have much less point than this play.

      I certainly wouldn’t mind taking my children to see this play when they are old enough to understand what power and death is (Everyone who lives and dies at some point one way or another) and they can be disturbed, it’s a part of life to be disturbed. I do certainly would mind having my kids listen to all of these Trump scandals because, I don’t my kids to start acting like him.

      Maybe we are all secretly hoping that we can assassinate Trump. And we are refusing that thought (We elected him, right? RIIIGGGHHHTT? Ok, maybe Russia hacked us…)

  11. paul smith says:

    A standing ovation by all in attendance (the cast). And they had to stand because there were no chairs for them to sit on.

  12. Jon Burack says:

    Doesn’t this just tell us all? “Although no one among the rabble actually chants “Lock her up!” or “Trump that b—!” or “Kick him out!,” the echo of mobs past hangs in the air.”

    Gee, and what about “Black Lives Matter,” “What do you want? Dead Cops, When do you want them, “now.” Or “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Bret Weinstein has to go” Give us a break, will you. This show kills Trump only ritually. It kills William Shakespeare completely. A total joke and disgrace.

  13. Russ says:

    Where’s part 2 of this play? It’s the part where the ‘mob’ (aka Americans) storms the Democrat’s Chambers, and kills everyone of them with their glocks! This isn’t like Kennedy so you won’t get away with it… even if an actor from a foreign govt kills Caeser (aka Trump), Trumpions would pour in and wipe out all the Democrats anyway! All they need is an excuse. So it’s best to keep Caeser safe, or suffer at your own peril by showing us part 2 of this play!!

  14. Ken Smith says:

    Could you imagine the backlash if this were Obama being killed on stage ???????????
    I think the time has come where the President needs to BAN all left wing reporters and the company’s they work for , from any all access to the white
    if they are going to promote killing the POTUS , your BANed

  15. Glenn says:

    The media, what has become of the artisans? Why can’t they find humor in humanity, our common experience? What has Hollywood and show business become but a bizzare of the inhuman; funny to mock others their heros think. The most insensitive, self centered and pretentious amongst use are who we see in today’s Hollywood: they speak so loudly, sing such high notes but none know how to tell a story.
    For they do not know life experience but for their oh so self indulgent lifestyles, they cannot speak to us, they haven’t the capacity in their life’s experience to see through the eyes of another, so how can they choose to portray that which they cannot comprehend.

    Turn your focus my fellow American away from these false idols , look to those near you, for they are our salvation and freedoms hope

  16. Glenn says:

    No need to trash Starbucks, sure the owner is a bit to the left but he ‘ still of us. The people who watch CNN and this garbage play, well, if it’s war they are after, I’ll fight for freedom.

  17. Exrugger9 says:

    Well, your article is interesting, but you’ve already lost by the quote “Anyone who reads the plays…” Trump supporters need to be constantly p*d off in order to keep them in line, and here’s just another quick, out-of-context tidbit from Fox et al., to do that.

    “Anyone who reads the plays” does not describe the usual trump supporter, or Fox viewer.

    • As one who studied Shakespeare in a formal setting and (statistically speaking) almost certainly achieved a higher level of education than yourself (think doctoral), I say that you come off as an idiot that understands nothing about Shakespeare, let alone Julius Caesar. The disjointed ending demonstrates how shallow and ill-fitting this blatantly facsist ‘assassination porn’ is. You people aren’t educated, you’re pseudo-intellectual illiterates that think debasing a cultural tradition like Shakespeare in the Park for cheap seat yucks is ‘clever’.

      You want to hear baying crowds? look at the antifa fascists protesting free speech in Berkley or idiots that believe that a bunch of republicans with decades of public service suddenly became agents of Putin.
      You people are stupid and fall for anything. You fell for a septagenarian ‘socialist’ multimillionaire with 3 houses, then you fell for a corrupt Wall Street whore with a trail of convenient corpses who bought the election out from under him and then made him pretend he was still fighting for you, you rubes.

    • Brian D Hopper says:

      Exrugger9, I have read all and taught many of Shakepeare’s plays to college students. I too voted for Trump.

      “Anyone who reads the plays” does not describe the average person who this publicity stunt masquerading as high culture was aimed at.

    • voodoodaddy1 says:

      Let’s see…two degrees here. Stated three companies from scratch. Employ over 300 legal citizens. Love Trump. Own season tickets to several Theatres locally. Comments like yours are why Democrats are at historic low water marks everywhere in US Politics. As for the “play”- I wonder if it were about Obama what your position would be?

      Meanwhile, my guess is you’ve never accomplished a thing in life………

    • Jeep Saysons says:

      Hello snob, I love reading and attending plays. Voted Trump.

    • Rational Thinking says:

      You wouldn’t say the same stupidit had they made Caesar look like Obama. That is the cold hard truth. Also, despite the fact that Obama was a traitorous president that deserved to be punished, his punishment should be after a trial. Any play depicting the assassination of a SITTING President is disgusting no matter upon which side of the aisle one sits.

    • Shakespeare says:

      He’s a court jester nothing more.

  18. The (D)onkeys want war. And we are warming up to the idea.
    Once it starts, it will be a mass slaughter of the burros.

  19. Nabi Rasch says:

    It was an obvious idea–in fact I predicted to my friends that leftists would be juvenile enough to do exactly this–take ‘revenge’ by replacing Trump as Caesar in the Shakespeare work–and that the crirtics would be naive and loopy enough to suck it up. Fake news and now Fake revenge.

  20. Encouraging assassinations could apply to others, besides Trump.

  21. Andy Johnson says:

    The Native Americans have a saying: what goes around comes around. I imagine that day is coming. I will not cry.

  22. shaygirl says:

    We are just small fish, so it probably won’t matter. We are cancelling our vacation to NYC. Instead we are heading south to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry!

  23. Richard M. Aztlan says:

    Whether you like President Trump or not, he is the President, elected by the Electoral College. The Russians did not steal one single vote; Hillary was a disgusting candidate and The Democrat Party was absolutely wrong in the way they Marginalized and Sabotaged Bernie. The Media has never in my life been as one sided and bias as it has been in rallying against President Trump. We are Americans and this is our President, treat the Office with due Respect. Nobody would have gotten away with this conduct against Obama. Race, White Guilt; either of those, would have not allowed it. We must stand by our President, and in 2020, if you are not satisfied, vote him out. This constant beat of negativity will help no American or America.

  24. It’s just the treacherous leftist piece of sewage it appears to be.

  25. Brian D Hopper says:

    “The mob” are the ones there to see Trump get stabbed in effigy. The dirty little secret about our cultural “elites” is that the decline in education in America has hit them just as hard, if not even harder, than it has on people they consider to be the rabble in the country’s vast midsection.

    They do not understand or care about Shakespeare or Julius Caesar, and they certainly don’t care about the welfare or survival of this country. They care about stabbing a man in effigy to rouse the rabble and so they might make moral poses–to substitute theatrical violence for the real violence they all prefer.

  26. Bill says:

    Keep it up liberal dims. Your self destruction is on display for all to witness.

  27. Ray Williams says:

    NYer’s are aholes.

  28. R. Bellis says:

    Trump supporters have been waiting for decades for someone on the right to stand up for what they believe. To characterize them as having “allegiances flapping like a weathervane, its hatred quickly stoked, its rages easily redirected to perceived enemies.” indicates a fundamental misperception of why they voted for the man.

    • Brian D Hopper says:

      It indicates a deliberate, defamatory mischaracterization of Trump voters on the author’s part is what it indicates.

      This article is nothing more deep or noble or thoughtful than an invitation to congratulate its producer on his moral superiority. Just like this production of Julius Caesar.

  29. floriorules says:

    Imagine. A whiny elitist New Yorker mocks regular Americans that support 45. How ingenious.

  30. William says:


  31. Raymond J Giese says:

    No other country would put up with this kind of crap. I hope they go bust. This country doesn’t need this kind of shit. I don’t care who the president is. This is horrible.

    • Steven Kammerer says:

      How horrible was it the last time play was done only with Obama taking place of
      It’s disrespectful of the Presidency but the problem is that you Yahoo!’s weren’t upset when the previous president was the target in the same play.. I bet Sean Hannity didn’t point that out to you. That’s called hypocrisy and seeing the posts it hasn’t changed since Jesus’s time.

      • wri7913 says:

        ” but the problem is that you Yahoo!’s weren’t upset when the previous president was the target in the same play”

        Perhaps you forgot that the Left did the same crap against Bush that they are pulling against Trump. The Left started this kind of BS with their “The Assassination of Bush” movie, regular calls for Bush’s assassination et al. I distinctly remember opposition to Bush calling him “Hitler” and “Nazi”. The left’s penchant for rabble rousing hasn’t subsided except when their own are voted in power.

      • roccocannoli says:

        Gee, Steve, when did THAT happen? I don’t remember reading about Obama taking the place of Caesar anywhere.

  32. sukietawdry says:

    You people are quite insane. I’ll take good political satire anytime, but this isn’t good political satire. It’s nonsensical. Trump supporters are not a mob. And President Trump has been using the majority of his time as president to undo the dictatorial things his predecessor did. So, the guy’s who’s undoing (and thereby restoring freedom of action) is the dictator, the Caesar, and the guy who did it all in the first place isn’t??

  33. cdavidreed57 says:

    Well, at least he wasn’t shot in the back while on his way home from work. Or, you know, the Vince Foster thing. Or, you know, the (fill in the blank here).

  34. shaygirl says:

    The American taxpayers contribute 30 million dollars for this vile, disgusting trash portraying the death of the POTUS! For shame

  35. frost000 says:

    This is the most disgusting pile of manure I have ever heard except for maybe Griffin’s severed head. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  36. Matt says:

    Somewhere there is a rodeo clown going WTF!!!!

  37. Ianmac says:

    The Democrat Party: at war with America and everything she has ever stood for. This is the party of lies. The party of deceit and the party of extraordinary corruption.

    • Sam Moser says:


    • Linda Athens says:

      Unamerican and disgusting! The left has hit a new low this year. In front of the entire world, they are endlessly attacking a duly elected American President and us out here in the hinterland do not find it funny. The goal, of course, is to get President Trump out of office in any manner possible. I would say with the recent beheading debacle and now this, perhaps they wouldn’t even mind if he went out violently by some crazed left winger. Hey lefties! We won – you lost. There is no Russia collusion but I note, no lefties stepped forward when non-American Obama tried to intervene in the Israel elections. WHERE WERE YOU ALL THEN?? Oh wait, you hate Israel too, I forgot. We both worship the same GOD – exactly the God that will pull Trump through. I’m so glad I hang with REAL Americans – not ones that LIKE CNN and MSNBC and their hourly lies.

      • Julie Sutton says: Delta pulled funding from a trump-esque julius caesar but not for obama-like version in 2012

  38. js biggs says:

    Brutus was slaughtered by Caesar’s military.please democrats, bring it.

  39. ata777 says:

    The terminal adolescence demonstrated by so many members of the American left is apparently just that–terminal.

  40. Noah says:

    Hey let’s try this play, with Hillary as Caesar, in 2020 at a playhouse in Chappaqua.

  41. nohw says:

    Beyond disgusting.

  42. Ted Readdy says:

    Had we in the South had a play lynching President Obama. Boy we would have had an outrage then.

    • Julie Sutton says:

      Plenty of instances of lynching effigies of Obama…And the same play was done in 2012 inspired by Obama.. Hypocrite much?

  43. Jack Burton says:

    If it had been about Obama after he was elected imagine how that would have been received by these same people doing this now? It’s getting over the top.

    • Julie Sutton says: Delta pulled funding from a trump-esque julius caesar but not for obama-like version in 2012

  44. Todd Remmy says:

    Trump should drop a MOAB on this grotesque theatrical production ASAP.

  45. Leica 50mm says:

    I’m begging to really hate the left.

    • Julie Sutton says: Delta pulled funding from a trump-esque julius caesar but not for obama-like version in 2012

    • Logic says:

      Beware of manipulation. Perhaps they want you to feel that way. The question you should be asking is WHY.

  46. Lee says:

    Alt-Left lunacy. This is why America should never vote any democrats again ever. They are the true hate mongers of this country and seek to justify their vile hate of this country.

  47. Paladin says:

    So you’re saying it’s even more anti-American people (“frightening” “mob”) than it is calling for Trump’s assassination. That’s a defense in your mind? And it doesn’t stop leftists getting a thrill from seeing Trump knifed to death. Anyone supporting this disgusting “play” is encouraging the President’s assassination.

    • Julie Sutton says: Delta pulled funding from a trump-esque julius caesar but not for obama-like version in 2012

    • Linda Athens says:

      Dittos Lee – I will NEVER vote for another Democrat while there is breath in my bod6y.

  48. Ann Tulllos says:

    It would not take much to trigger an unstable individual to make that Presidential assassination scene a reality…especially when those in the audience and on social media applaud the action.

    Remember John Hinckley? He attempted to kill President Reagan, and he was only trying to impress one person: Jodie Foster.

    So if a copy-cat Hinckley succeeded in an assassination attempt on Trump, ala this play, would the all of Hollywood be impressed?
    Would they applaud the copy-cat Hinckley?

    Would they prefer the much more conservative VP take over?

    • Julie Sutton says: Delta pulled funding from a trump-esque julius caesar but not for obama-like version in 2012
      Did you have the same outrage then?

    • Htos1 says:

      Unfortunately, Pence is GOPe, and would have Yeb! all up in his butt after this….

  49. Murray says:

    I wonder if the crowd of complicit theatergoers would be roaring with delight had they decided to depict Obama being assassinated. Methinks not.

  50. jeffersonrb says:

    We won! You lost! SHUT UP! It’s a fake, phony, fraud play. Trump’s alive. Trump rules!! Talk about throwing spitballs at battleships. Sheesh!!!! You people are anal losers. But we learned that on November 8.

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