Michael Moore Aims to ‘Bring Down’ President Trump With Broadway Show

Michael Moore Donald Trump Broadway
Screenshot/Twitter/Gordon Cox

Michael Moore is taking aim at Donald Trump from a Broadway stage, bringing his solo show, “Michael Moore on Broadway: The Terms of My Surrender” to the Belasco Theater.

Michael Mayer, the director behind Tony-winning productions of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and “Spring Awakening,” will direct the show, set to begin previews in July.

Moore described “Terms of My Surrender” as a entirely new piece, separate from the live show that was the subject of his film “Michael Moore in Trumpland.” He’ll respond to the news of the day during the show, and sometime incorporate guest appearances.

The goal is to destabilize Trump and his administration through satire. “We need an army of satirists,” he said. “His Achilles heel is his very, very thin skin.”

The director-performer added that the production would reserve the presidential box at the Belasco for Trump at every performance. “It will sit empty until he sits there. I hope he comes to see it, or his family. Or Mike Pence. We won’t boo him!” he joked, referring to an incident last fall when Pence’s attendance at “Hamilton” elicited Bronx cheers.

“It’s a 12 week limited run. I would like Trump to have the same thing,” Moore continued. “I really am in a take-no-prisoners mode right now.”

Although contemporary politics is relatively common in smaller-scale Off Broadway productions, its extremely rare for large-scale stage shows to tackle sitting presidents.

The closest Broadway has come in recent years is Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush comedy “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W Bush,” which began previews the day his successor, Barack Obama, was inaugurated in early 2009.

“The Terms of My Surrender” starts performances July 28 prior to an Aug. 10 opening.

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  1. I appreciate anyone who shares my heartfelt
    concern for our country and the world in general.


    Because you have keep the price of tickets so low, me, my friends and family are able to afford to come and enjoy and support your


  2. What a waste of space. This guy is really delusional.

  3. William says:

    I wish Moore could concentrate on bringing down his cholesterol, blood pressure, pants size and weight. Then he could concentrate on bringing things up like his IQ.

  4. Peter says:

    Donald trump is not a leader he is a dictator and so a criminal by nature having spent his whole life doing crime against small people and all that do anything for him or say anything against him… he thinks like Hitler and acts like Hitler and you should shame that he exists to do so! Hitler had a mental problem same as trump has… and we KNOW they kill themselves when cornered and want to take everyone with them and if mass murder is what you want we are SURE trump will nuke the USA himself if pushed to far.

  5. Peter says:

    Trump is a pure racist and only reason he is doing what he is doing. he is using a plan from the 60’s his father left him. His long racist ways are known and his KKK I have perfect genes and how he attack the past president with all fake stuff to prove the one and only reall fake is trump. Try having MORALS and you will see who was the best…trump going to prison or treatment for his mental problems or the most loved president of the USA ever for being GOOD, wise and making efforts to solve what your kiund caused…an impossible debt to pay. so run to trump that only cartes about his pockets and buddies pockets as you tumble down to do the jobs you did not want to do and left them to immigrants but now have no choice but to do or lose your check!

  6. Kevin says:

    To ALL People Human or Libtard, There is a reason that Trump is our President! He was NEEDED to fix all the screw ups that the previous administrations created. If not we would have NO COUNTRY!!! What about there actually being an America is SOOOO Bad? Trump is the ONLY PRESIDENT that has ever ACTUALLY Went and TRIED to accomplish what he was elected to DO!!! The obstructionalism is simply making the Libtards show their true colors. It is the dumbest shit I have ever seen! He is President to ALL AMERICANS! If you don’t like it buy a plane ticket and move your happy ass to north korea or to CHINA!!!! They have a socialist system you know! Go enjoy the fruits of what you wish for! True Americans don’t mind working! We don’t expect everything given to us!

    I Truly Know if given the CHANCE, THAT Trump will be the best AMERICAN PRESIDENT EVER!!!

    • Covfefe says:

      Please name exactly what screw ups you think the previous administration made. Just wondering. Trump has said himself that he is not “president to all Americans,” only to his supporters. Also wondering why the right keeps obsessing over their idea that liberals, or anyone leaning left, don’t have jobs when it’s the right who claim the reason they voted for tRump is because THEY have no jobs and think tRump is going to solve their unemployment problems.

  7. Allan Falk says:

    take down ?…….only thing he is raking down is 3 big mac´s and 5 whoppers for dinner

  8. Michael Parker says:

    How can he still be so big when he’s working so hard against anything Trump related? It’s insane. What does he eat for breakfast a moose?! That’s the only thing that would explain this.

  9. Giano Saumat says:

    This is a fact: anyone talking about Trump, whether it be positive or negative, is receiving one of the following: money, attention/publicity, or an opportunity. Look at the news networks viewership, an even better barometer would be to look at their ad revenues from the day Trump announced his run for office til the present, compared to the years prior. And the people making out like bandits are the extremist on either side, because they’re talking everything Trump. What nobody has realized is that the worst thing you could say about Trump is nothing. In that last sentence, that is where Trump will be re-elected, because let’s face it, we’re out of innovative ideas in this country, and talking Trump makes money, lots of money for many across the board. The media, networks, and Democrats have never made so much money so freely and easily. There are politicians that nobody knew who they were until now. Trump has inadvertently made those guys TV stars. How does it get any better for everyone involved? Everyone wants a piece of the action, and I don’t blame them. But when we as Americans want it to stop, or we really get tired of Trump, then we’ll stop talking. Only then will Trump go away.

  10. Roseanna Brand says:

    No one cares what Michael Moore produces. He just preaches to his left wing choir. Won’t change a thing. Trump is in for the long haul.

  11. sandrashart says:

    Who cares about Michael Moore?!! He should spend the money it takes to mount a Broadway show helping those in need. Now that would be something that matters!

  12. rocky-o says:

    indeed i pray it works…

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