‘Wonder Woman’ Screenings Suspended in Tunisia Amid Opposition to Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman
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After being banned in Lebanon and pulled from a festival in Algeria, global blockbuster “Wonder Woman” is facing a similar fate in Tunisia, where its theatrical release has been suspended ahead of its sneak premiere Wednesday evening.

The superhero movie was set to open in at least two Tunisian theaters on Thursday but was suspended following a lawsuit filed Monday by the Al-Chaab party (People’s movement party) and the Tunisian Assn. of Young Lawyers, which called “Wonder Woman’s” Israel-born lead actress Gal Gadot a “champion Zionist.” The Tunisian courthouse decided to halt the theatrical release of “Wonder Woman” while it examines the lawsuit filed by Al-Chaab party, according to local reports.

The film was subsequently removed from the local ticket-booking website tiklik.tn, which serves all Tunisian theaters. Meanwhile, the Facebook page for the sneak premiere Wednesday was also updated with a tag saying “suspendu” (“suspended”). The film was due to play in 3D, with subtitles, and had gathered 237 confirmed guests on the Facebook page.


Israel, Proud of Its Hometown Gal, Shrugs Off Lebanon’s Ban on ‘Wonder Woman’

As in Lebanon, where the film was banned May 31, the Tunisian Assn. of Young Lawyers filed a lawsuit on the grounds that Gadot had publicly praised Israel’s military actions during the 2014 war in Gaza. The group also pointed out that the actress had served in the Israeli army.

“Wonder Woman” was also pulled from a festival in Algiers, where it was supposed to open Sunday during the second edition of Nuits du Cinéma, a festival organized to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. But it was unclear whether Gadot’s background was the issue. But Amine Idjer, head of press at MD Cine, which co-organizes the Algerian festival, said the film was pulled because of “administrative issues linked to exhibition rights.”

A petition to boycott the film in Algeria called “Non! Pas en Algeria” (“No! Not in Algeria”) was launched last week after Lebanon’s ban was announced.

The film is still expected to open this week in Morocco, Egypt, and the Arab Emirates.

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  1. Steve says:

    Just saw “Wonder Woman” great movie. Gal Gadot was fabulous and gorgeous. Isn’t Lebanon the land of Hezbollah? And doesn’t Hezbollah request the destruction of the Jewish people? the same as the Nazis tried to do? And doesn’t Wonder Woman destroy the Nazis? No wonder they want to ban it. A little too close to home huh ? Afraid she might find the bomb belt factory?

  2. Roy says:

    Gal Gadot is against terror like many of the sane people and nothing is new as to attitude towards Israel by Muslim countries as Lebanon and Tunisia: these countries and their like do not even acknowledge the state of Israel and in turn display twisted narratives as to Israelis and Jewish people. If they ban a movie just because the lead actress is Israeli why don’t they ban all contributions by Israelis in the fields of science and medicine and technology????

    • Justinne says:

      Lebanon, a Muslim country? I would just like to point out that nearly half of self-identified religious citizens of Lebanon identify as Christian, and a powerfully combined Christian/Muslim wealthy class make the majority of political, economic and social power decisions. In addition, in light of the complex and fraught history between Lebanon and Israel, might one not understand how casting a Israeli lead actress in film like this could be problematic for Lebanon? Tunisia? I’m not trying to start as argument (in fact, I saw the movie and didn’t hate it) but I think trying to understand the reasons that a movie that arguably props up certain values (Western, Christogical, etc) and bodies against an otherized enemy wouldn’t be met with broad appeal in countries that have seen their fair share of suffering at the hands of ill-informed and self-righteous ideological aggressors.

  3. David says:

    A very narrow minded group, most likely there religious views keep them from seeing. Well not everyone is muslim . God’s greatest girt to us humans was choice they do not have to go to the theater and watch the movie,
    . Or is it that they need to control there people to tell them you can watch this but not that. They are afraid to allow there on people the choice to choose to go see it or not.

    Another totalitarian government

  4. Ed says:

    Your lawyers are prejudice idiots.And you can quote me!

  5. World Peace And Diversity says:

    People need to understand she publicly announces her hate for muslims and muslim countries and she joins the Israeli armour for two years and gets away with killing palestinian muslims in Gaza NO THANK YOU I DON’T THINK MUSLIM COUNTRIES SHOULD ADVERTISE THIS! haters can hate all the want but YOU CANT HIDE THE TRUTH.

    • Bob says:

      She join the army because everybody need to serve.

    • monica says:

      Another fact for you….Israel has a mandatory service requirement. All Israeli citizens over 18 are required to serve at least 2 years in the IDF.

    • Roy says:

      Let us view the facts as are: Gal Gadot never expressed hate towards Muslims – in a post she published during summer 2014 when Hamas – which is a terror organization, attacked Israeli citizens she rather expressed her hope for the well being of the Israeli soldiers that fought the terrorists. Now, if you want to be biased like most nations in the UN and continue twist the facts – then go for it, but at least be aware that what you tell yourself is a mere narrative that is far from the dry facts.

    • Digital Jedi says:

      There’s an Israeli armour that kills people? Is that like a Beauty and the Beast thing?

    • the voice of senity says:

      please stop with your BS and take your hate and propaganda somewhere else .

    • theOneforYou says:

      From what I’ve read she was a fitness instructor while serving her two years, so not sure how she’d be able to harm someone in that role.

    • Steve says:

      Can you provide a link to her anti-Muslim statements?

  6. JL Mindell says:

    Identifiable Jewish actors with the slightest connection to Isreal can forget about being cast in a global movie.

  7. CATRYNA WHITE says:

    What a crock!

  8. Kevin Berry says:

    What moron wouldnt go to the movies based on lead actors nationality? Morons!

  9. Steve says:

    Yeah Sucks that we have that First Amendment, huh?

    • Steve says:

      Kevin berry is right. Maybe we should destroy the film Lawrence of Arabia. Omar sharif was a Muslim and was a great actor. Did we avoid his movie? No! Then again wasn’t that before the invention of the bomb belt?

  10. WTF yoo says:

    STFU .. BIBLE also States more shitty things on how to kill the infidels .

  11. you tell the truth…….unfortunately most people don’t want to hear it, or they chose to ignore it

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