‘Wonder Woman’: Warner Bros. Plans Groundbreaking Oscar Campaign for Director, Best Picture (EXCLUSIVE)

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Patty Jenkins
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With $781 million in global box office receipts, “Wonder Woman” has already broken records as the highest-grossing movie directed by a woman ever.

Now Warner Bros., the studio behind the film, wants the action movie to break another glass ceiling. Although executives haven’t commented publicly on their plans, they have internally discussed launching a formidable awards-season campaign for the movie, in the hopes of making it the first comic-book film nominated for best picture, Variety has learned.

The studio will also stump Patty Jenkins for best director, which would also be groundbreaking. No director of a comic-book film — not even Christopher Nolan — has ever been nominated, and only men have ruled the category since (and before) Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for “The Hurt Locker” in 2010.


Chris Pine Patty Jenkins

‘Wonder Woman’s’ Chris Pine, Patty Jenkins to Reteam on TNT Series ‘One Day She’ll Darken’

A spokesperson for WB declined to comment.

This won’t be a cheap endeavor, as the road to the Oscars keeps getting costlier. Big dollars are spent on taking out advertising, making watermarked DVDs, setting screenings, and paying for talent to travel to both coasts, to remind voters how hard they suffered for their craft.

The Oscar race took a turn in 2009, after another Warner. Bros. film, “The Dark Knight,” failed to secure a best picture nomination. In 2010, the Academy expanded its best picture category from five to a maximum of 10 movies. But although blockbusters like “Gravity” and “The Martian” have made the cut, a comic book movie has yet to compete in the top race.

That’s because the Academy is still too stodgy to recognize Batman or Deadpool as art. But Warner Bros. executives have been wondering if new membership expansions, which have increased the voting body to include younger members and more diversity, will boost “Wonder Woman’s” chances. (Among the new class of voters is star Gal Gadot, who will presumably support this mission.)

The studio’s efforts will include reintroducing the film this fall, to scarce few who may not have seen it. Insiders report strong reactions to the screening of “Wonder Woman” at the Academy, as it’s been championed by a liberal Hollywood and a reinvigorated wave of feminism in response to Donald Trump. But the movie’s glow could diminish if the mashup tentpole “Justice League,” which comes out in November and co-stars Gadot, gets ripped to shreds by harsh reviews.

The awards-season race usually starts in the fall, though movies released earlier in the year — such as “Mad Max: Fury Road” — can make a comeback and rally with plenty of nominations. Many of the Academy Awards contenders in 2017 seem to be lower-budged films, such as Paramount’s “Downsizing” and “mother!,” Netlfix’s “Mudbound,” and Sony Pictures Classics’ “Call Me By Your Name.”

With all the focus on “Wonder Woman,” Warner Bros. won’t be neglecting its other summer hit. Sources report to Variety that the studio will also be bringing out the guns for “Dunkirk” and its director Nolan. That means, in a year without a clear frontrunner, Warner Bros. will have two big studio movies trying to crush the competition.

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  1. dhillii says:

    Regardless of what you thought of WW…..still no one here can name any 10 films (even ones yet to be released this year) that can knock WW off the noms list. For sure it will be nominated for at least score and director…and most likely Best Picture.

    • Cinephile says:

      I could name many films that are arguably more favorable than “Wonder Woman”. Films like “Dunkirk”, “Detroit”, “The Big Sick”, “Maudie”, “A Ghost Story”, “Wind River”, you could even make a possible arguments for “Baby Driver” or “War for the Planet of the Apes” but in terms of films not released there are a ton of potential candidates that include “The Papers”, “Mudbound”, “Beach Rats”, “Love Sonia”, “Mother!”, “Stronger”, “Battle of the Sexes”, “Victoria and Abdul”, “Marshall”, “Goodbye Christopher Robin”, “The Snowman”, “Suburbicon”, “Thank You For Your Service”, “Darkest Hour”, “Molly’s Game”, “The Current War”, “Downsizing”, “The Greatest Showman”, “Phantom Thread”, & I could name more. Might I mention, many of these have been considered possible Academy Award worthy films. Yeah, “Wonder Woman” won’t be one of the Best Picture nominations when it’s all set & done.

      • dhillii says:

        Good job, Cinephile, Google is definitely your friend. However, your argument really derailed after you actually said “War for the Planet of the Apes.” (Talk about your ‘popcorn’ movies!)

        My opinion is that WW has the tools worthy of a nom and with the Academy focusing on diversity, a female led movie with a beautiful score, imagery and memorable scenes (No Man’s Land in particular) it will play right into the Academy’s hands. Also take into account the Academy is getting younger; allowing films like this to be considered.

  2. milo says:

    Great movie (even with some sizeable flaws) but not really deserving of any major awards. Frankly if anything Logan should get more consideration for nominations.

    • dhillii says:

      Put Logan on the list then. Leaving 9 nominations to fill. Put Detroit on there too, leaving 8 spots. Google what is left to come out for 2017….maybe another 5-6 films (at most) worthy? Add them, too. WW probably makes the cut. Again, not saying it will WIN….but most likely will be nominated.

  3. Steve says:

    If Wonder Woman isn’t at least nominated for Best Picture then please change the name of the award to what it really is, “Picture the elites of Hollywood thinks everyone else should think is the best”.

    • Cinephile says:

      Dude, ‘Wonder Woman’ isn’t Best Picture material at all. It’s a solid popcorn film but the film has no validation of cinematic merit. In addition, your comment is ignorant. You seem like someone who thinks Box-Office dictates what should be considered best which is laughable. If ‘Wonder Woman’ is nominated at he Academy Awards? Just officially change the name to either the MTV Awards or the People’s Choice Awards. No, “Wonder Woman” shouldn’t be nominated for Best Picture at all.

      • Cinephile says:

        @Steve – First off, I’m not going to get into what defines the validation of cinematic merit as that’s a whole other subject all together. Secondly, I can see what “Wonder Woman” is, which is simply a popcorn film & nothing more. It’s a solid popcorn film but again nothing more. It’s just entertainment fodder that has no weight. No, your statement is wrong on various measures no matter how you argue it.

      • Cinephile says:

        @dhillii – Exposes my “ignorance of film”? HAHA! No, it states that I’m adept in film & can acknowledge what “Wonder Woman” really is, which is simply a popcorn film (a good one mine you) but it’s basic entertainment fodder. If anything, you’ve shown your own ignorance in providing the dumb-down of cinematic merit.

      • dhillii says:

        Your idea that WW has ‘no validation of cinematic merit’ really exposes your ignorance of film.

      • Steve says:

        Your reply is just wrong on so many levels. Who defines what has “validation of cinematic merit”? And no, I don’t think Box-Office dictates awards. But it should tell you something. You remind me of someone who can’t bring yourself to see just how good a movie is simply because it’s based on a comic book character, which BTW is the definition of elitist. So yeah, I’d say my comment was right on.

      • milo says:

        Bingo. The point of awards isn’t to give them to the biggest hits.

  4. Systematik says:

    Lol, the film was graded on a curve, just like “Moonlight” was, Wonder Woman is in fact at least going to get nominated on the basis of “raaaaar vaginas”, it doesn’t deserve it, it was a mediocre film, but because of previous statement, it will get a nomination. Let’s be honest here, Wonder Woman was a “fun film”, it was also incredibly broken, the third act was atrocious, and the portrayal of the mythical non existent patriarchal society that has never actually existed on planet earth outside of the minds of a few morbidly obese white American and British women brings the film down the Ghostbusters 2016 levels of bad. After the debacle from last year, to appease the “minority” groups of giving the vastly inferior Moonlight film best picture, a picture in which that targeted “minority” group didn’t even enjoy, who cares? Oscars literally mean nothing in 2017, its a little plastic toy that they just throw around these days, and the fact that its ran by people that can be pressured into giving an award based on politics, yeah, trash.

    • milo says:

      It was a great movie but not really Oscar material. And Ghostbusters? Seriously, could you be any more of a tired male whiner? Everyone check off your talking points bingo card.

  5. CTrent29 says:

    Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. Look, I enjoyed “Wonder Woman” very much. But it’s not the best comic book movie I have ever seen. Hell, I don’t even think it’s the best DCEU I’ve seen. What the hell does Warner Brothers think it’s doing? Does this mean 20th Century Fox will have plans to promote “Logan” for major Oscar nominations? I hope not. Like “Wonder Woman”, I enjoyed it very much. But the idea of it earning major Oscar nods is ridiculous to me.

  6. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    Is Fox even campaigning to get Logan nominated?

  7. Erik says:

    Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of.
    I say to you, I definitely get annoyed while people think about worries that they plainly don’t
    know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side
    effect , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more.

  8. Ben says:

    If WW wins a best picture the Oscars are really 100% meaningless. Not because WW is a bad movie, but the Oscars are supposed award the highest artistic achievements in all areas when they are handing out a BEST Picture, and WW is most surely not it.

    • The Oscars are pretty much 100% meaningless NOW with all the indie choices they’ve made. They need to balance between the artsy-fartsy festival circuit and the movies critics and fans embrace.

      • dhillii says:

        Cinephile, please educate us with your numerous reasons on why superhero movies are not worthy of Academy Awards. Seriously interested on your take.

      • Cinephile says:

        The Oscars are meaningless? Says who? You? You’re entirely misguided in what your talking about. Indie films are being chosen because they’re better than what the major studios are making. Critics & fans are liking them even more so than most of the major studio films. In addition, the indie film market is booming in popularity as it’s now, 78% of the film market & many indie are FAR from artsy-fartsy which is blatant ignorance in your part. Comic book/superhero films are not Academy Award worthy at all (I could give you numerous reasons why not) since that’s 90% of what the major studios make today. Please, educate yourself as you sound highly dense.

  9. dhillii says:

    The snub of TDK helped pave the way for more films like WW to be considered as the Academy expanded the Best Picture category from 5 to 10 films. Case in point, even friggin’ ‘Mad Max’ got the chance to be nominated 2 years ago. So….’Detroit’ and ‘Logan’ are the best 2017 movies so far according to some experts on this thread. If WW isn’t on the Best Picture list as well…no one can seem to name the other 8 that also belong. I am not saying that WW will win….I am saying that your kidding yourselves if you don’t think it has the chance to be one of the 10 pictures to be nominated.

    • Sara says:

      WW doesn’t hold a CANDLE to Mad Max: Fury Road. Not even in the same realm of filmmaking.

      • dhillii says:

        Never said it was. My point is that if a film ala the genre of Max Max can be nominated…why not WW? No one can give a good answer other than saying ‘it sucked’…to which they are in the vast minority of their thinking.

  10. Ronin says:

    WW is a remake of Captain America!?!? LOL… Great joke! LOL… WW has the same DNA of Christopher Reeve’s Superman. Both are upbeat and with actors that own the role.
    Captain America was formulaic while Superman and WW were spontaneous, and that’s a huge difference.

    • Katherine Bigelow is most likely gonna be the only female director nominated for an oscar for Detroit cuz its an oscar type movie and they still hate superhero flicks

      • Cinephile says:

        “Avatar”? That was the best film of 2009? LOL! Just stop. You’re completely clueless. I get the feeling your whole theory for Best Picture is based on Box-Office results which would be beyond laughable & shows how little you know. Critically “Avatar” wasn’t even a top 3 best film that year.

      • Oh, Christ, once was enough with Bigelow. Only reason she won in 2009 was a makeup call for Sofia Coppola 6 years earlier. Avatar was clearly the best picture of that year.

  11. Theo Bear says:

    WW was an enjoyable 2 hours plus, but best picture Oscar? Pull the other one. It had some terribly cheap CGI, some pretty risable dialogue, Chris Pine making a pretty poor job of trying to look heterosexual against a pretty sexy woman, a lousy last 15 minutes, and when all is said and done, it was basically a straight remake of the first Captain America movie. Original Wonder Woman certainly isn’t. But Gal Gadot was sexy enought to make it work, although I’m not sold on her acting ability.

  12. Adam says:

    Wonder Woman wasn’t even the best comic book adaptation to come out this year. Nothing against WB for wanting to push it for an Oscar but when you have to qualify it as “good comic book movie” you’re already losing the battle. Logan deserves a nomination more because it’s a good movie period. That’s not to say Wonder Woman is bad, I still loved the movie, there’s just nothing there that stands out and screams Best Picture or Best Director. If anything I see a possibility of Kathryn Bigelow getting nominated again for Detroit if that movie turns out well and Jordan Peele almost certainly gets a nomination for Get Out.

  13. And don’t forget Girls Night, even though it was directed by a man (yuck)! Why not just change the name of the Oscars to something more female friendly, like Julie? It’s sexist to give away a gold MAN anyway. Let’s keep giving away awards because women need it for moral support, not actual merit. Dunkirk, no women, sexist!

    The bottom line is WB is so shocked they had a mediocre DC movie do well, they’ve lost their friggin’ minds. Enjoy your money, make better ones, and move on. Stop degrading the Academy Awards by campaigning an obviously inferior movie because… Girl Power.

    War For Planet Of The Apes deserves actual recognition. Let me guess, not enough female apes.

    • dhillii says:

      Wow. …you saw a MUCH different movie than I and most of the critics/viewers did…you are definitely in the minority but I guess I respect your opinion.

    • dhillii says:

      What made it mediocre?

      • Borrow the elements of “300”, “Gladiator”, “Captain America: First Avenger”, “Pretty Woman” and “LOTR: Return of the King” add terrible dialogue, a romance with ZERO chemistry, Chris Pine, indecipherable action sequences, beautiful movie stars that flat out can’t act and NO character development. Other than that, there were seven minutes that were pretty cool.

  14. dhillii says:

    Taking nothing away from previous years’ comic book movies (insert your favorite here)…the Academy only had the opportunity to choose 5 films as best Picture candidates. Now that is has expanded to 10 nominations, how does WW not make the list (given what has been produced so far in 2017?) can anyone name 10 other films that beat it out so far?

    • Ryan Izay says:

      Can you name a single year that 5 of the nominees for Best Picture (much less 10) were released before August? The answer to that is the answer to your silly question. WW may get a popularity vote anyway, but not because it will be one of the best of the year. And yeah, i could name at least 5 movies that have been better or at least more creative and innovative than WW. At least Logan attempted to do something original with the genre, instead of giving us the same tired formula. Yes, it is good that there is a (successful) female superhero movie (let’s stop pretending it’s the first of its kind and not just the first to make money), but equal opportunity is not reason enough to deserve accolades.

      • dhillii says:

        Not sure why my question is silly, but okay…using your logic, please name 10 other films that are in line to be released in 2017 that may knock WW out of contention…you may be right. also, please name your other 4 films (Logan is one) this year that have been “better or at least more creative”. Just because Logan may have ‘attempted’ something different doesn’t mean it succeeded.

  15. Comic head says:

    Anybody else think this movie was was straight dumpster juice? Only Oscar this deserves has a 1st name. My bologna has a first name
    It’s O-s-c-a-are
    My bologna has a second name
    It’s M-e-y-e-are
    I love to eat it everyday
    And if you ask me what I’ll saaaaaaay
    Cuz Oscar Mayer has a way with B-o-l-o-g-n-a

  16. You lost me when you noted ‘The Hurt Locker’ as a comic book movie… But I’d love to see a film from the genre win best picture. To be fair though – no film from the genre to date save Captain America: Civil War and The Dark Knight actually deserve the honor.

  17. Bill B. says:

    Good luck with this pursuit. There has never been a comic book movie ever made that deserved to win an Oscar for best picture.

  18. Dom says:

    The movie would only win in these categories because of the female label they put on it. To say that it is the best comic book movie because it would be the first comic book movie to win best picture is a big stretch. The issue is production companies can buy awards because they can bribe voting officials for award shows. There are plenty of comic book movies that are better than this movie who deserved to win awards. It is a huge disappointment if this movie wins multiple Oscar awards, but the multitude of other amazing comic book movies got snubbed because they were comic book movies. It is no secret that the Oscars consistently hate comic book and superhero movies. If this movie wins, you all know the real reason why.

    • Cinephile says:

      You stated: “The issue is production companies can buy awards because they can bribe voting officials for award shows.”

      See there is A LOT of misguidedness involved in such a notion. Some feel the Academy can be bought as that’s not true & actually, history has shown many times throughout the Academy’s history that the biggest campaigner doesn’t always win & most times they don’t. Even Harvey Weinstein (who’s one of the biggest campaigners in award season) has talked about the whole campaigning process & that it’s not so cut & dry by any means. I’ve even heard many voters stating merit is important to them & plays a role in their decision making. There is so much logistics involved with the Academy Awards & to “bribing” is what makes it all happen is completely ignorant.

      You stated: “It is no secret that the Oscars consistently hate comic book and superhero movies.”

      It’s not that they hate them, it’s more the fact that they are just merely popcorn films or entertainment fodder overall. There is no real significant validation or merit to such films to give it major awards. There is nothing wrong with popcorn films but seriously they are not award worthy & shouldn’t be consider of such.

  19. dhillii says:

    WW will kill @ the GGs and should get Oscar nominated for score, director and possibly best picture… especially since they expanded the noms to 10 per year. And to date, if you think about it…what other movies could round out the other 9? We have 1/2 a year to go but as of now it’s a hard list to assemble. WW makes the cut for now.

  20. I hope Wonder Woman is nominated. It was such a good movie & had an emotional impact on audiences everywhere. I hope that’s not lost on the academy. If any superhero movie deserves to be nominated, then it’s this gem. Patty should be nominated for Best Director for what she was able to do here. Simply wonderful. = )

  21. Daniel Hollyfield says:

    Wonder Woman” was a great movie. Not just a “comic book” movie. Not just a SF movie. But a great movie. There’s no way around it. For years movie critics have seemingly automatically panned “comic book” movies as less deserving of attention than the latest dramatic or more “serious” attempts. Movies about comic book characters are just not serious enough for these elitists to even consider.

    But this movie is the best “comic book” movie; the best “origin story” movie I have ever seen. It has a great back story, romantic interest, characters you can care about, and great battle scenes (although these are a bit too long and too fantastic). It’s a good story and a tragic one too. It leaves you wanting more. That’s the true test of a good movie for me – I don’t want it to end.

    Yes, “Wonder Woman” should be considered for Oscars, but it probably won’t be.

  22. Jason From says:

    Oscar´s continue to be a big joke……..PC crap and SJW run hollywood these days…….sad times

  23. Iván el Conquistador says:

    I want to see a superhero movie getting nominated for Best Picture, but it must be a creative and innovating film. Wonder Woman is neither creative nor innovating, it is just another superhero flick.
    If The Dark Knight couldn’t get a nomination, Wonder Woman achieving the feat would be a big insult.

  24. PB says:

    The movie was good, but not THAT good.
    This Oscar talk is getting ridiculous.

  25. Alex says:

    That’s nonsense. I really liked the movie, but if any comic book movie ever deserved it, it was The Dark Knight. Wonder Woman doesn’t hold a candle to that film. Oh cause it made a bunch of money and women are involved it needs to be nominated? Nah.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      The number of films that can get nominated was expanded because the Dark Knight didn’t get nominated. If there were more nominations slots available, it would have been. But I think Wonder Woman is a better movie anyway.

      • Sadly The Dark Knight was not nominated because of the obvious inherent bias against superhero/comic book film adaptations. There was not a better movie released in 2008 (and I’m saying that knowing full well that Iron Man 1 came out that same year and is probably my favorite comic book movie of all time). The nominees in 2008 for best picture were: ‘No Country For Old Men’, ‘Atonement’, ‘Juno’, ‘Michael Clayton’, and ‘There Will Be Blood’. If anyone in the industry – still in 2017 – has a valid argument to present than ANY of these movies were better than The Dark Knight – I’d love to hear it. The film was neglected then. And it was frankly an injustice to film – and to those that are moved by it.

  26. Lucky says:

    It is one of the year’s best movies so far, and its cultural impact can’t be undersold. But the year is far too young… get back to me with Wonder Woman in November/December, then we’ll talk.

  27. Ilan says:

    if they put Patty Jenkins in a room with Academy members she’ll win them all over, she’s one of the nicest, most humble people in this business and it’s gratifying to see her become such a big success after so many years of struggle.

    • Ryan Izay says:

      Since when does a filmmaker’s personality have to do with deserving awards? This is an artistic competition, not a political race. I’m sure she’s nice, so she should make an award-worthy film and not just a summer blockbuster if awards matter to her.

  28. Fred Barriskell says:

    Many films get “campaigned” for an Oscar. It doesn’t mean that it will get nominated let alone win. It will almost certainly guarantee to make Wonder Woman the biggest dvd/bluray of the year. But I thought it would be that anyway. On a side note this is actually a horrible year for Oscar quality movies thus far. Only Dunkirk feels like a surefire nomination and even that had its flaws. Tricked into suspense by Audio editing for 90% of the movie.

  29. asianeatables says:

    There have been four other comic book movies released so far this year and they were all vastly superior.

  30. asianeatables says:

    is this a joke? It’s a terrible movie and if it won it would always be remembered as one of the terrible winners like Rocky, Crash or Braveheart.

    • Cinephile says:

      Critically speaking, no “Wonder Woman” isn’t a terrible film but it’s not Academy Award worthy just like any other comic book/superhero film. Those films are just popcorn films & nothing more. As for the “terrible winners” of titles you named? You really don’t know many Best Picture films that’s for sure. There was numerous decades prior to 1970. Only “Crash” would be one of the true worst films you actually mentioned but that still isn’t even in the top 4 for starters. Truth be told, the true worst 4 Best Picture films are “The Broadway Melody”, “Cimarron”, “The Greatest Show on Earth” & “Around the World in Eighty Days”. The critics, film historians, & so forth have pretty much made it a consensual fact.

      As for “Rocky”? It deserved a Best Picture nomination but you’re correct, that it didn’t deserve to win as it was technically speaking, the 4th best film of the 5 films nominated with “Bound for Glory” being the 5th film. Critics, historians, cinephiles, & so forth have claimed “Network” should have truly won that year. “All the President’s Men” & “Taxi Driver” were critically better than “Rocky” as well.

      As for “Braveheart”? Most have stated “Apollo 13” should have won as it did win at the Globes, PGA, & so forth. It was cleaning house that awards year overall. It was critically a far better received film than “Braveheart” if not the best reviewed film that year.

      As for “Crash”? It was the weakest of the nominees that year, even Paul Haggis, the writer & director of “Crash” stated it should’t have won as he & the overall consensus believed “Brokeback Mountain” should have won but even if it wasn’t that film. You still had “Good Night, and Good Luck”, “Munich”, & “Capote” which were all superior, critically & technically over “Crash”.

    • loco73 says:

      You know as the years have passed, I’ve tended to see “Braveheart” as overrated indeed. Not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination but not nearly the classic everyone seems to think it is. But even back in the day upon initial release, I thought “Rob Roy” was a much better movie and personally I’ve always liked it over “Braveheart”.

      • Cinephile says:

        The film most critics, film historians, & cinephiles claim that should have won is “Apollo 13”. That year it was cleaning house at the award season. There many still baffled how “Braveheart” pulled it off. Don’t get me wrong, “Braveheart” is a solid film & a classic without question but it wasn’t even one of the top reviewed films that year either. Actually, “Apollo 13” was which made things even more surprising it didn’t win.

    • Fred Barriskell says:

      Stop. Rocky was, is and always will be amazing.

      • Cinephile says:

        No one is saying “Rocky” isn’t a classic film by any means but it stands as the 4th best film among the nominees that year according to the overall consensus among critics, historians, cinephiles, & so forth. “Network” is the film that should have won that year. In addition, “All the President’s Men” & “Taxi Driver” rank higher than “Rocky”. Furthermore, All 3 of those other films scored far better critically than “Rocky”. On a side note: “Rocky” is arguably the second best boxing film only behind “Raging Bull”.

  31. Luz says:

    Easily, the most overrated film of the year.

  32. I Must Be Getting Old says:

    From the studio that brought you such fine Oscar-winning classics as Casablanca, My Fair Lady, Virginia Woolf, Bonnie and Clyde, Klute and All The President’s Men (to name just a few)…now comes, er, Wonder Woman? My my, how standards have fallen.

    • loco73 says:

      That’s because we have accepted soo much mediocrity in our entertainment (nevermind other areas of our lives), that these days any movie that rises even a little bit above that already low set bar, is deemed award worthy. Case in point “Wonder Woman”…

  33. Dave C says:

    We live in the era where politics is prioritized over quality, so this movie has a chance (it was a pretty good movie, before the cgi mess of a 3rd act). Unfortunately, the orders of magnitude superior Logan might get swept under the rug.

    Goo DC! Sobs from MCU elitist fanboys are like music.

  34. Katie says:

    Very COOL it’s about time Ultimate chick flick. Wonderful women. Stay strong!

  35. theliberalbuzz says:

    Best Picture? SERIOUSLY? IT was entertaining but basically just another CGI dominated DC Comics Popcorn Flick. There is no real film here. Making a ton of money is hardly grounds for Best Picture.

  36. forthas says:

    If Christopher Nolan did not get a nomination…there is no way in hades that this film should get it. It is a slightly better than average film that was vastly overrated.

    • Fred Barriskell says:

      He didn’t get a (rightfully earned) nomination, nor did The Dark Knight, but it did open up the field the next year. So in actuality, it was a game-changer.

    • Dave C says:

      Oscars award undeserving movies all the time, so why not reflect on WW’s cultural significance?

      • Cinephile says:

        Oscars award “undeserving” films all the time? Like what exactly? Are they “undeserving” because you personally don’t like the films? Please tell you don’t go by Box-Office to dictate what should be Oscar worthy. If that’s the case, you’ve made yourself irrelevant on this whole matter.

  37. Bern says:

    I was seeing the Oscars nomination process and it’s a huge mess. I used to think this was specialized people who don’t belong to hollywood voting for nominees and winners. It kinda lost the credibility to me. I was thinking Wonder Woman could race in technical categories as Costume Design, Production Design, Original Score, Visual Effects, Editing, etc. and Dunkirk and Nolan had more chances at Best Director and Best Picture, but after seeing the process, I kinda lost the interest on Oscars. Gal Gadot is insanely gorgeous but this is all, I don’t think she should be part of Academy Awards to choose the acting nominees or winners or even to receive a nomination at all.
    And btw, I’m following the BO, and 781M is until Sunday not Today.

  38. Matt says:

    So an overpraised superhero movie will get a better awards campaign than Silence got last year?? Warner Bros people, you are PATHETIC!!!! Focus on Dunkirk!!!!

  39. CJB says:

    It’s an overblown cartoon.

  40. Chet says:

    So we’re just pretending “Skippy” didn’t exist?

    • Cinephile says:

      Skippy” is a bit different & really wasn’t presented as a comic book film but it did make history as it’s director Norman Taurog was the first ever to win Best Director. The funny thing is, among the nominees that year “Skippy” was the best film critically speaking. It should have won Best Picture over the rather poor “Cimarron”.

  41. Dufu Syte says:

    Best picture since Titanic. Will win BP, plus Director, Score, and will get a nomination for Actress (she should win, but they will give it to her ten years later for a different film, like Winslet).

    Thank you WB for backing WW. Now sign Patty so she can work her magic on WW2. WW would have been pathetic without her; nobody had the right vision for WW until she took over. Just pay her a bit more than Snyder since she saved the franchise, and Gadot deserves a bit more than Cavill, for the same reason. And Patty should consult on every film where WW appears, since Snyder/Whedon do not have a handle on what makes WW adorable. (They’ve got the fierce and sexy down, but completely miss the adorable, which is what was so refreshing about WW2017)

    You have a golden goose here, if you let Patty and Gal do their thing. Heed them.

    • AHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA, Gadot isn’t gonna make the cut. Not sure if troll or delusional fanboy. Your link to fanfiction is certainly indicative of the latter though..

    • Dave C says:

      I want WW (or preferably Logan) to win big, as the ultimate admission that superhero movies are the most important thing in the film industry. Superhero movies (mostly Marvel) dominate box office sales, and now they win Oscars… the 2010s will be known in the history books as the complete takeover of film by comic book studios.

    • Alex says:

      Please god. Please tell me this is a troll

  42. I can understand why WB would launch a Wonder Woman Oscar campagin. Besides Dunkirk, the studio has no other “prestige” movie. I mean, maybe Blade Runner 2049 can make waves, but it’s mainly Dunkirk and Wonder Woman. I guess Lego Batman for Animation

    Why not go for it with Wonder Woman.

    • navtej singh says:

      i don’t see any scenario in which movie made by denis villeneuve sucks, blade runner is going to be awesome and if it’s awards worthy then they will just focus on dunkirk and blade runner

  43. Ben Hunter says:

    In no way was WW an Oscar caliber film. But becuase it’s the first watchable female superhero film, and headed by a woman at that, we must blow this all out of proportion and make this out to be WAY MORE than what it actually is. It’s crap like this, how The Academy handled the Oscars So White controversy, selling out for ratings, amongst other things, as to why The Oscars are a joke and have been for quite some time now. If it wasn’t for this SJW, feminist, social fringe that surrounds WW I wouldn’t hate it as much. We just can’t let things be.

  44. Marcia says:

    the studio now reveals their stupidity that was cloaked in luck

  45. Alex says:

    I know it’s crazy! But Wonder Woman can be an entertaining and hugely successful film while simultaneously NOT further watering down the joke of an awards program the Academy has become.

    Please lay off the misguided agendas people. It only hurts your cause in the long run.

  46. Joyce Tyler says:

    WB should probably put its efforts into getting Globe nominations for picture and Gadot in the Comedy or Musical categories.

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