‘Tomb Raider’: First Look at Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

Alicia Vikander
Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Attention all “Tomb Raider” enthusiasts — Warner Bros. and MGM have revealed the first look at Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.

In newly-released photos, first published in Vanity Fair, Vikander is shown taking on the role first commandeered by Angelina Jolie in the 2001 big-screen adaptation of the hit Eidos action-adventure video game franchise, which has sold more than 58 million units worldwide.

Graham Bortholomew/Courtesy of Vanity Fair

The photos show Vikander — clad in the iconic tank top and cargo pants — on an island off the coast of Japan. Armed with a piece of wood (or archaeological discovery), she looks ready to fight in one of the images.

Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug (“The Wave”) is directing the film, which also stars Dominic West (“The Affair”) and Walton Goggins (“Sons of Anarchy”). Graham King produced the film. He acquired the “Tomb Raider” rights in 2011 from Square Enix.

The pic will take a different direction than the original “Tomb Raider,” focusing instead on the video game series’ 2013 reboot, which chronicled Croft’s origins and her first mission as an archaeologist.

Graham Bortholomew/Courtesy of Vanity Fair

In an interview with GQ, Uthuag explained that the film will present an entirely new version of Croft that fans of the 2001 movie have yet to see.

“As an origin story, this movie will introduce Lara as a young woman who hasn’t yet found her way and her place in the world; a young woman with great spirit and potential,” he said. “We follow her struggles and her journey toward becoming the person she was meant to be and earning the role of ‘Tomb Raider.'”

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  1. No Thanks BAD CASTING!

  2. Calvin says:

    This is not the Lara Croft I grew up with and had sexual fantasies about…it’s a more grounded, real-world type, but I’m not sure that’s the character people want…maybe it works if the story is strong enough.
    I loved “The Wave” by the same director, because it was probably the most plausible and realistic disaster movie I’ve ever seen, so he might succeed at making Lara Croft a ‘real’ person, too?

  3. Movie Report Today says:

    After asking the obvious questions, such as “Who is Alicia Vikander”, it will be noted how incredible weak and little girly her personality presents itself. She lacks presence and impact and big strengh. She lacks athleticism and tenacity and breathless feminine electromagnetism. Angelina could freeze you solid with an electromagnetic impulse from her eyes to her toes, like missiles. This new girl seriously lacks that.

  4. Anderson says:

    She is hugely overrated and she is pretty dull. She doesn’t have strong screen presence. If she thinks to achieve Jolie’s status in Hollywood, she is wrong. Best of luck to her.

  5. Nas says:

    This movie will flop

  6. Phillip Ayling says:

    So if Alicia Vikander is playing the ‘young woman’ Lara Croft then who did Angelina Jolie play in 2001 when she was 25 ?…the ‘middle-aged or older woman’ Lara Croft?

  7. Lee A says:

    this is a joke, obviously this girl isn’t the kick butt type. TR should of stick with females that has kick butt attitude, thats what made TR well known for what it was.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alicia Vikander is just soooo pretty! Love her. And think she’s a great actress as well. Great casting!!

  9. Rose McGowan says:

    Neve Campbell for Lara!

  10. Alicia Vikander is a great actress. But is a terrible choice or Lara Croft. Doesn’t have that spark.

  11. cmtastronomy says:

    She was quite the fembot, so I have faith that she can seduce us all as the tomb raider. I would definitely go with her on a quest.

  12. Bill B. says:

    This is a mistake.

  13. aiwoewof says:

    I don’t doubt her acting ability but come on.. She looks nothing like Lara.

  14. RKF says:

    Bearing in mind what Lara Croft has been like, and what Ms. Vikander is like, either the latter will wear substantial padding or else the change of image will be radical.

    • Lisa says:

      What? Are you talking about her breasts? You’re comparing her to a character in a video game? Typical adolescent boy.

  15. flerf says:

    Could they have picked a more mundane-looking actress? She doesn’t look very fierce

  16. Jessica says:

    Don’t see Daisy Ridley or overrated to high heaven Amy Adams mentioned anywhere in the article if you’re talking basic. Would also add dull as dishwater.

  17. MrEFQ says:

    The video game series was rebooted in 2013, which not only gave her more realistic proportions, but also gave her a better and more serious back story. The reboot was critically acclaimed.

    And even though they omitted everything you mentioned, it didn’t flop big time. It’s the reason why people care about the series again.

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