Meet Rose, the ‘Biggest New Part’ in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

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Star Wars” fans were introduced to a major new character Friday: Rose.

The newcomer, portrayed by actress Kelly Marie Tran, was introduced at the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” panel at the “Star Wars” Celebration event in Orlando, Fla.

“[She] has the biggest new part in the movie and ironically is played by the smallest actor,” director Rian Johnson said while introducing the actress.

“She’s part of the Resistance, and she works in maintenance. I can’t wait for you to meet her,” said Tran, an Asian American comedian known for her digital shorts.

“She’s not a soldier,” Johnson explained. “She’s not looking to be a hero, and she gets pulled a very big way into an adventure in this movie with Finn [John Boyega].”


Star Wars

Watch the First ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

Judging by the prolonged hug she had with Mark Hamill, Rose and Luke Skywalker may share screen time as well.

Tran was a fan of the space saga before landing the role. She had to keep the role secret from her family.

“They didn’t know for four months,” Tran explained. “I told them I was doing an indie movie in Canada. At one point, I actually got some maple syrup so I could bring it back to them so they actually thought I was in Canada.”

It’s unclear if Tran’s humor will be reflected in character, but Johnson said he was really excited about her addition to the cast.

“She’s pretty rad,” Johnson added.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opens December 15, 2017.

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  1. isv says:

    Well, I think Episode VIII will suck.
    If Kylo Ren kills Luke, The last Jedi will be the worst movie of the human history. If kylo Ren works to Luke, intentionally wants to betray that bad CGI puppet called Snoke, The last Jedi will suck. Because that ugly sith killed Han Solo
    If Leia or Luke dies, The last Jedi will suck.

    The big problem is that The last Jedi will suck because it is NOT Star Wars. Because The force awakens wasn’t Star Wars. Because Han Solo wasn’t Han Solo, Luke wasn’t Luke and Leia wasn’t Leia. Because JJ Abrams ruined Star Wars. Because he did the most goofy Star Wars movie ever made, with bad script, boring new characters and absurd things like the Starkiller Station. It wasn’t a Disney problem, because I liked Rogue One. It was a JJ Abrams goof. Sorry, but to me, Star Wars ends in Episode VI

    • Oct8pus says:

      If anything, The Force Awakens was the 5th most goofy Star Wars movie after the prequel trilogy and the Ewok movie.

      You’re definitely in the minority here.

      • Yes isv, The Force Awakens (92% approval rating on RT, 8.2/10 critic rating on RT, 8.1 critical rating on IMDb, $2 Billion at the box office, the highest grossing film in North America, the third highest grossing film of all time) is totally a failure. The existence of dissenting opinion totally means that this film was a garbage pile. Sure, you didn’t list a single one of the 120 contradictions that you claimed the film had and one of your specific arguments was that Kylo Ren looked stupid, but by all means your comment is filled with iron-clad logic. If only JJ Abrams could see your rambling and hear the vague complaints of your friends. Then he would see the error of his ways and Disney would shut down the entire Star Wars division, you absolute forum hero.

      • isv says:

        Sorry, Oct8pus, I’m not definitely in the minority here. The force awakens had 120 contradictions (or more) with all Star Wars movies, including the first trilogy, and I can prove it. I only liked two things of The force awakens: The millennium falcon and the girl. When Kylo ren takes off his helmet, a lot of people in the cinemas said: “What the fuck? ‘This’ is the bad guy?” The proof is that to a normal person (not a Star Wars-zombie), even to a Star Wars fan, The force awakens was a big disappointment. And a big disaster. I think The force awakens was the most stupid, absurd, (some people even said the movie was racist), “not a Star Wars movie” EVER MADE. Because to me and to MILLIONS of persons in the world, The force awakens was a bad, absurd movie. It was like The Neverending story part 2. Well, the effects of The force awakens were good (except for that bad CGI puppet called Snoke, or the orange Yoda). So to me, and to MILLIONS of persons, Star Wars ends in Episode VI. Beacuse Episode VI HAD SOUL. The force awakens HADN’T soul at all. By the way, The force awakens was the most grossing film of all time in THE US, due to a lot of Star Wars-zombies (not Star Wars fans) went to the cinemas to see the same movie 28 times or more. I know that a lot of Star Wars fans, when The force awakens ended, said “This is not Star Wars” and “this is bullshit” and thiks like that. So, sorry, but I’m not alone here. That’s the truth.

        By the way, are you working for JJ Abrams?

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