Shia LaBeouf Arrested for Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conduct

Shia LaBeouf arrest
Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock

Shia LaBeouf was arrested overnight for public drunkenness, obstruction, and disorderly conduct in Savannah, Ga., Variety can confirm.

LaBeouf was taken into custody by the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department at around 4 a.m. ET early Saturday morning after he was caught causing a drunken commotion in City Market downtown.

The “Transformers” star first began making a scene when he asked a bystander and an officer if they had any cigarettes to spare. Upon their refusal, “he became disorderly, using profanities and vulgar language in front of the women and children present,” says the SCMPD. “He was told to leave the area and refused, becoming aggressive toward the officer.”


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LaBeouf then ran to a nearby hotel, where he was eventually apprehended inside the lobby. His name has since showed up on the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office book log.

It’s the actor’s second time this year: He was also arrested in January at his anti-Trump art installation, where he was charged with misdemeanor assault.

According to TMZ, LaBeouf was in police custody in Georgia until 11 a.m. ET this morning when he was released on $3,500 bond.

He is currently filming indie movie “The Peanut Butter Falcon” in Savannah, which co-stars Dakota Johnson and Bruce Dern.

According to several local residents on Twitter, LaBeouf was seen having dinner with Johnson Friday night before continuing his partying into the early morning hours.

The 31-year old actor has had quite a few run-ins with the law. He was arrested in October 2015 in Austin, Tex., also for being drunk in public and running through the streets of the city. LaBeouf was also booked with a DUI in 2008.

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  1. Spike says:

    a judge needs to throw the book at him, put him in jail for a year and see how he likes being some thug’s rump bunny

  2. justin says:

    I equate him to being the Kanye of the acting world, very talented but his ego is getting in the way of his (potential) greatness.

  3. C C says:

    I don’t care what you have to say about him. He is a person, he has feelings and actions just like the rest of us. Its unfortunate that he is looked at differently because he is an actor.

    I support him! He may need to be he more self aware, however. I stand by him 110%. I will support him…always!

  4. Bad Man says:

    Odd there is no mention here of his RACIST rant to a black officer. Why does Hollywood continue to use this sorry drug and alcohol fueled loser?

    • SalULloyd says:

      Well if he was that drunk, he’s not entirely responsible for everything that moes out of his mouth.

  5. Warren says:

    No drug, alcohol or other, creates emotion or thought. LaBeouf’s words are his own, yet he won’t own up to them. Blaming an addiction is cowardice and indicates he’s not likely to change anytime soon.

  6. Jack says:

    Total loser…..

  7. Soupman says:

    Wow, everybody missed the fact that he said he has guns at his home in LA and if that cop were to visit him he would put a cap (4x) in his forehead, for personal protection… Does this strike any cord with any cop in LA????

  8. Guess this will kill any chance of a “Holes” sequel……

  9. Cat Pick says:

    There is something really off with this timeline.

  10. bobbysue says:

    omg he is gross
    why must he be in any more lousy movies with his
    bad energy???

  11. says:

    Why not just pull his movie. Recast.
    Help him help himself. Drunks are just
    obsessive self gratifiers.
    But really why not just give him a ciggie.

  12. SalULloyd says:

    Sh*t Le Puke, can’t act, maybe you can have sex again in the next Lars van Tiers sex-epic!!! LOL
    How did a clown like you ever get an agent!

  13. A A says:

    Why were there children present at 4am?

  14. Shelley K Coleman says:

    Well, if you are going to be drunk in public, Savannah is a good a place as any. They have “go” cups to help you on your way…of course, that’s for those of us who don’t act like complete shitbirds every time we drink. Get your shit together LaBeouf.

  15. Kate says:

    His “resistance” should clearly be towards alcohol. Idiot.

  16. Dale Johnson says:

    How drunk do you have to be to get arrested in Savannah!!!

    • eddie willers says:

      I went there when St. Patrick’ Day fell on a Saturday. I don’t remember a thing. (except I didn’t end up in jail)

    • DANSON says:

      Savannah is an awesome, lovely city with many wonderful family-oriented homes and businesses. It is far-removed from the immoral cesspool of drugs, drunkenness and sexual debauchery that is Hollywood.

  17. Bill B. says:

    Shocker. Get this dude on some meds before he does himself in.

  18. Gabe says:

    Oh no, he was drunk in front of children… At 4am?

  19. Melissa Desdunes says:

    Everyone who’s leaving negative comments needs to chill out lol this is not a big deal. Ok so Shia went out and had a couple of drinks and got drunk and got smart with a cop and got himself arrested.So? i bet you he’ll laugh about this later. i dont see how having a few drinks makes you a douche. lol chill out people its not that serious

    • Free Ha says:

      You obviously haven’t seen the video if you can say it is “no big deal” and that “he got smart with a cop”.
      I would not describe being a violent racist and threatening a police officer that way.

  20. John says:

    And how many Georgians were in jail with him on similar or worse issues but, not famous enough to get a post on facebook?

  21. Whatever says:

    Women and children were present in the week hours of the morning, huh? 3-4 AM?

  22. Dan Smith says:


  23. Me says:

    Did anybody tell him that the cars that transform into monster robots (or whatever they are) is just movie stuff. Not the real thing.

  24. Brandon Johns says:

    Who cares? He is a douche and should be forgotten.

  25. Weary says:

    The hand injury made him do it.

  26. thetackler says:

    Why are women and CHILDREN out at the market at 4 a.m.?

  27. Randy says:

    This guy has been in my city for a few weeks. He has been drunk/wasted in many selfies with fans since being here. Makes me sad. Get better brother 👊

  28. Noel O'Neill says:

    This guy is an untalented Ass who made too much too soon. There are people out there trying to make a living in the acting profession and this asshole is out there abusing the privilige. What are we supposed to say now ” Oh this is an alcoholic crying for help? Bullshit! Reign him in someone!

    • sandy says:

      Dude, you’re another know-nothing. Shia has more natural talent than most and needs to dig deep to straighten things out.

  29. First he was pissing in Finland, now this. Both on set filming this movie. I’m sure there will be more incidents, because he thrives off this. And watch him claim after filming wraps, that this was “method” or some shit.

  30. Harrison Ford needs to talk to Shia, and get him back to smoking or doing edible weed instead of being an obnoxious drunk.

  31. Sexy Mayor Julian says:

    Shia LaBeouf is the liquor, bud.

  32. Philm Guy says:

    Unless he cleans up his act soon, this will be the only kind of arrest he can look forward to, ’cause he won’t be able to get arrested in Hollywood…

  33. nerdrage says:

    Drunkenness? Pshaw, that’s a lot better than the cannibalism. He’s slowing down in his old age.

  34. Silverstar79 says:

    You need to repo your hatred that is totally blinding you. This have absolutely nothing to do with your out of context rediculous coment.

  35. Peggy Oakes says:

    All you read about him anymore! When’s he gonna grow up?

  36. Marie says:

    This article states that he was using profanity and vulgar language in front of women and “children” . Why would you have your children out at 4 am in the morning and from someone who lives in savannah why would you have them out at 4am in City Market where there’s a random shooting at least once a month, the latest one happening 4 days ago??

    • Marie says:

      Actually no it was not in a hotel, read the article, it happened in City Market, which is bars, clubs and restaurants (look it up), he ran from city market to the hotel which is where they found him and arrested him.

    • Proto Sun says:

      it was a hotel you idiot. people fly in from all over the world and arrive and strange times lol mind your own business.

  37. Jojo says:

    Arrested at 4 am. And the complaint was foul language in front of children? What kids are up at that hour?

    • Evan says:

      I love staying up late and I’m white as the day is long. My black buddies are in bed at 9. Stereotyping is a shitty and innaccurrate thing to do.

  38. Michael Anthony says:

    And the nutcase post of the world today is this one.

  39. Dharna says:

    Isn’t Dakota in the UK? I saw that she was going to the vow renewal ceremony of Jamie Dornan and his wife.

  40. CATHY says:

    If can’t handle you can’t handle your liquor, Don’t Drink!

  41. what in the world does this have to do with this clown getting drunk and making an ass of himself? He seems to be the male Lindsay Lohan.

  42. Lisa says:

    He’s obviously self-medicating. For his own good, he has to seek real help.

  43. Don Juan Corleone says:

    Should be obvious to people by now that celebrities are not to be looked up to. They are performers because they need constant attention due to a lack of attention or family tragedy in their own lives. This applies to politicians, comedians, musicians, actors, etc.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Really? The overwhelming majority come from stable homes with typical life experiences and don’t okay games.
      It’ strange thst you can write such a broad general statement, in which you have no proof, and then lost it. What about us “ordinary” people who do the same things? What s your diagnosis doc?

      • Gabe says:

        I’m not agreeing with the first poster’s broken home comment, but come on, the majority most definitely do not come from “typical life experiences”. Do some research on your favorite 10 or 20 actors; nearly every big actor, director or producer has a very distinct connection in their immediate family that got them there. Growing up a millionaire is certainly not typical to most people.

      • John Johnston says:

        A lot of celebs are indeed cluster-b personalities who use fame, sex, money to indulge narcissistic instincts. However, some are more extreme than others. And that’s particularly often the case for ones who were child performers and kids of famous and rich parents. However, I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s the “majority”. It’s just the non coo-coo tend to stand out less because they’re not constantly seeking attention, getting arrested, going to rehab, having sex scandals, constantly on social media, etc.

  44. cowgirldiva says:

    Just another entitled piece of ill-mannered street trash…!! Southerners do not take kindly to that kind of behavior…it just “don’t” suit…!! Shia, BEHAVE….!!

    • ryan says:

      Ha! You’ve never been out on a Friday or Saturday in Savannah. Everyone behaves how he was behaving. They just move along when the cops say something instead of provoking the cops to do something about it.

  45. harryr11 says:

    At the age of 5 LaBeouf was street busking with his father & by the age of 11 was the sole support of his family through his TV & film work. That included Mom, Dad & siblings. At 21 he bought his parents a house & walked away to experience a childhood he never had as the adult in the family since 10. So all the issues he’s working through are largely caused by that messed up childhood.

  46. Anthony says:

    If anyone else is having a tough time with drinking, drugging and tobacco you should look in to the Ketogenic diet… Alcohol is sugar, carbs are sugar and sugar is the problem! Shia, this craziness stops once you start a healthy Ketogenic lifestyle!! YouTube it, it will change your life!!

    • Steve Jakobs says:

      Calling people a douche for drinking too much and getting a little wild…gee, like that doesn’t happen to people all the time…Every guy I have ever known, has gotten drunk numerous’s called having fun. Try it sometime cupcake…

      • Brandon Johns says:

        Steve Jakobs LaBeouf isn’t being called a douche because he drank too much, he is being called a douche because HE IS ONE.

    • Shake it off says:

      Or ya know talk to a doctor

  47. CJB says:

    Oh look! Shia LeBeouf doing something stupid. Zzzzzzzzzzz…..

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