Shia LaBeouf Arrested on Suspicion of Assault at His Anti-Trump Installation

Shia LaBeouf arrested
Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock

Actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested early Thursday after he allegedly grabbed and pushed a man outside a museum in New York where the “American Honey” star has been protesting the divisions caused by Donald Trump’s presidency.

A New York Police Department spokesman said that LaBeouf grabbed at the scarf of a 25-year-old man, “causing a scratch to the man’s face,” and then pushed him, which made the man fall to the ground. Police officers were flagged down, and arrested LaBeouf about 12:30 a.m. Thursday on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and harassment.

The alleged victim did not ask for medical treatment and remained on the scene, police said.

The New York Daily News reported LaBeouf was charged and released early Thursday.

LaBeouf has stationed himself outside the Museum of the Moving Image, in Queens, since Trump’s inauguration last Friday, chanting “He will not divide us” as part of a participatory public-art project that he and two partners intend to run continuously throughout Trump’s presidency. The performance is being live-streamed, and members of the public are invited to join in.

LaBeouf told the Associated Press earlier this week that the project was not anti-Trump but rather “anti-division.” “I’m just saying, ‘Be nice to each other,'” the actor said.

LaBeouf recently wrapped shooting on Janus Metz Pedersen’s “Borg/McEnroe,” a drama chronicling the 1980 Wimbledon final match between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. LaBeouf plays McEnroe.

Shia LaBeouf (left) stands in front of his anti-Donald Trump art installation outside of the Museum of the Moving Image in New York on Monday. Deepti Hajela/AP/REX/Shutterstock

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  1. Brandon Johns says:

    “he will not divide us”

    Too late Shia, Trump cannot divide us anymore than we already were before he became President, which was already about as polarized as it gets.

  2. tzila1114 says:

    He’s planning on doing this continuously, chanting, out of doors–in the elements– throughout Trump’s entire presidency??
    It’s gonna be a L-O-N-G 8 years!! LOL

  3. Lex says:

    “He will not divide us!” Shia, you moron. One day he’s going to meet someone much larger than him and it will be Shia LeSlammed. Maybe in prison.

  4. LaBeouf told the Associated Press earlier this week that the project was not anti-Trump but rather “anti-division.” “I’m just saying, ‘Be nice to each other,’” the actor said.

    Was he just aggressively nice to the alleged victim? Trying to adjust the fellow’s scarf…… aggressively

  5. russ b. says:

    Insurance defense where’s the proof It’s becoming all too clear that anybody with a voice has too much power if they say something happened whether it did or notIt’s evident in so many domestic cases he said she said he said he said it doesn’t matter anymore In today’s society with all the social media and cameras available there should be proof To whether or not somebody did or did not do something There’s hardly a place anywhere in America where you cannot be seen doing something or anything If she did this with all the people that was supposed to be there Or that were there all the cameras all the people How come nobody is saying that it actually happened except for that person That said he did it He shouldn’t be charged without proof It’s crap Voices are being given too much power without proof a word is just a word it has no power Unless given so Just because somebody says something happened doesn’t mean it did.

  6. Gompers says:

    The behavior of the women is reminiscent of that of women in the Charles Manson cult.

  7. Gompers says:

    “He will not divide us” actually is aimed at Shia’s father, who broke his childhood home apart with alcoholism, drug abuse, and violence. Shia even attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with his abusive father, suffering emotional scars that obviously have lasted a lifetime.

  8. DandyDude says:

    If I were Lloyds of London and had insured this guy’s virtue, I’d be very nervous about him being in a New York City jail cell.

  9. Dward Fardbark says:

    That’s that all-inclusiveness flowing right in there .. yes … taking the high road …. physically assaulting another human being … that’s kind of goes against the liberal agenda .. doesn’t it?

    Do liberals have any control over their behavior?

  10. What a loser says:

    LOL @ how mindless this cult is, they just repeat the same s**** over and over.

  11. Ilinzey says:

    These celebs, they pretend to care about the world , alls they care about is themselves ,its such a joke , start donating your millions to some needed charity or organization that actually helps with these issues, get lost! And take that little Smith kid with you! Go home and count you daddies money!

  12. Sonya Jones says:

    like to 📚 story about celebrity

  13. Ilinzey says:

    Whatta jackass. This idiot. No one cares.

  14. I Always was taught respect authority figures. After all the money to campaign, able to take various issues, some to test integrating a butt load of stress, pressure, and considering, processes, and, secure safeguards, against STIGMA. Media only releases their personal opinions, like seeing response to attract more people to subscribe.different public input, can be distractions, and considering every aspect of what we need to do. He represents our Country 4-8 years which I believe presidential length in office needs to have longer terms. Quantitative\Qualitative. PRODUCT,ATTRACTION, PRICE, AND OF COURSE TRENDS AND STATISTICS.

  15. Sophie Brook says:

    Oh please, all of you (probably fake account) critics of him: Let’s not pretend that with Trump in office we are beholden to living in a polite society anymore. Because we don’t. And that’s what you wanted. Long live Trump and all of you right-wing lemmings for releasing us whiny do-nothing “libtards” and our annoying #liberaltears from the shackles of restraint of civility and decency. Thank you. Enjoy your Great America Again!

    • Jo Mama says:

      I think it’ll be very polite society. Go into the inner cities of any Democrat run city in this nation and enjoy it. Enjoy the long term results of endless government programs all around you.

    • Lily Pond says:

      Hey Sophie, good for you, you nutjob! This really helps your causes b/c you are so respected hahahaa

    • Steph says:

      I really hope you are a conservative troll trying to stir shit up by putting such stupidity on public display.

  16. Lee says:

    I will never watch another movie he stars in. My husband and I went to the movies a lot until recently. With our child, drinks, popcorn, and one candy box it was over $70 to go to the theater. I am so disgusted with all of Hollywood and will not be purchasing movies anymore once they are released. I can only hope that our family and many others will do the same. We can make a change and hit these actors where it hurts. They will not get our money anymore.

    • Dan says:

      It’s a sad day to see America resembling Nazi Germany like this. You, I’m afraid are on the wrong side. You Trump supporters need to open your eyes to what is really going on here. Stop being a part of the problem.

      • Jo Mama says:

        Resembling Nazi Germany how? And what is “really going on” here? Is it as bad as central banking? The bankrupting of nations across the Earth? More debt in the world than money? Or should we talk about feelings and pronouns?

  17. Kayley says:

    He’s not divisive, just be nice to each other. Then he assaults someone. Yep, typical left-wing nut who thinks being nice to someone only applies to others of his opinion.

  18. lili says:

    Im glad Shia has a very supportive woman to his side, info about his wife. #NationalSpousesDay #FreeShia

  19. dystopi4 says:

    Maybe whoever wrote this could have mentioned the fact that the alleged victim was a neo-nazi who was yelling “Hitler did nothing wrong” directly into Shia’s camera.

    • whats your point? even neo nazis have freedom to think however they want, as well as freedom of speech. just because someone is biggoted against the neo nazi’s beliefs doesnt mean they can assault another person.. it doesnt work that way. if you dont like someone elses opinions, you just ignore or walk away. unless the guy first hit shia labeouf, the camera monkey has no right to hit the neo nazi

      • Barry says:

        Tell that to everyone who died in world war 2. Seriously, you think words don’t have an effect on people. This is blind hatred. It has to be stopped. You call it freedom of speech, I call it oppression. You need to grow up & join the real world.

    • Different person says:

      1) that guy was apparently hispanic and obvious troll from either reddit or 4chan community. not a typical trump supporter.
      2) also, we are dealing with a different person entirely making the charge

  20. R.P. says:

    I keep reading and hearing about this so-called “actor” assaulting people at random, and I can’t help but wonder when I will read about him taking a swing at somebody and getting shot for his trouble.

  21. Jim says:

    Shia has always be a complete a–hole!… nothing new here.

  22. mikey37589 says:

    “I’m just saying, ‘be nice to each other.” coming from the man screaming in people’s faces and allegedly assaulting people. This guy is a tire fire and a loser.

  23. Steph says:

    The guy he attacked was not a Neo-Nazi, he was simply a troll. He said what he said in order to provoke a violent reaction from Shia so he could call the cops and convince people that liberals are violent hypocrites. Shia did exactly what that guy wanted him to do, and by supporting Shia’s actions you are making yourself look like an idiot.

  24. News says:

    He is doing us all a favour and going after the neo nazis. perhaps you are confused?

  25. News says:

    These people he is confronting are racists. That last video that was shared without context by the ignorant Conservatives was of a white supremacist.

    • Brandon Johns says:

      Then he must be confronting liberals because they are the real racists.

    • Yvette says:

      But he still said what he said. In the moment, we react, but let’s not act like Mr. Labeouf just randomly attacked some innocent bystander.

  26. Yvette says:

    And this is why we need an experiment like this. It exposes the hatred hidden in dark corners of the online chat rooms and other communities to the light. That’s how you protect righteousness.

  27. Bahaha says:

    Back to the looney bin son!

  28. Yvette says:

    The Women’s March was great, but it’s over, all the mostly middle-class participants have gone back to their lives. This project is out there, in Queens, the most diverse places in the US, challenging people, especially young people, to remain engaged. This is the real deal.

  29. Sam says:

    Praising Hitler is an old internet joke and these are just people jumping to use their edgy joke IRL in front of an internet audience. They’re stupid, but you can’t assault them over it because it ruffled your feathers and fabricate that it was in self defense. And this should be expected of organizing a protest in New York City that is passive aggressively attacking the president that half the voters chose. It’s not going to be your own personal echo chamber.

  30. Bricklayer says:

    The dude he grabbed was a Nazi. They should give Shia a medal. Instead our fascist police arrested him.

    • Yvette says:

      These ‘trolls’ are representing a very real faction of society, this is the biggest forum for them and they will take advantage of that. I think it gives this project a foothold in the ugly reality of life under a Trump presidency. I don’t think it’s meant to be ‘political’ but more of a social experiment. Cynicism breeds inaction. This is an antidote to that concept.

      • Brandon Johns says:

        Fascist police? LOL You people are the real fascists. People like LaBeouf are the real fascists.

  31. RD says:

    Shia (despite how you might feel about his attention seeking antics) was justified. The man “assaulted” was a very weak nazi, literally trying to divide us. Nazis speak the language of assault, so Shia was wisely just communicating with him on his own terms.

  32. Bee says:

    He also grabbed a guy and locked him on the livestream.

  33. Ben says:


  34. meep says:

    Funny how they aren’t mentioning the “victim” is a neo Nazi and was using the art piece to say some disgusting things. There’s video of it (because of the art piece). If anyone deserves a punch in the face, it was that dude.

    • dynatierchen says:

      so if smb does smth stupid im allowed to attack him ? hmmmk. seems the law and police has a different oppinion about that though. the nazis also thought they are allowed to decide who is worthy to have laws protecting him and whos not.

    • Stef says:

      It was literally a meme. “Hitler did nothing wrong” Was the name that won a contest to name a Mtn Dew flavor.

    • Rami says:

      You sir/madam, are a fool. Are you seriously condoning Shia’s actions? In no way is it appropriate, regardless of the words that were exchanged.

      • John says:

        The “victim” was praising Hitler, meaning he was praising genocide. Letting the shit live was a kindness.

  35. Seems like he’s doing a lot of dividing such as taking some hippie kids and dividing into some creepy manson-like cult with mindless chanting.

  36. Nero says:

    “Be nice to each other” means grabbing someone and pushing them down? Hypocrisy at it’s best. How can anyone take people like this seriously, if they act this way.

    • Tristen says:

      You were not there, you don’t know who he shoved, pushing someone isn’t nice, but it could be worse.

      Don’t nit pick someone’s actions by what media says. Your ignorance is worse than his hipocracy. Media is meant to trigger people. Congrats on falling for it.

      I would get mad too when some edge lord cringer came up and started saying “Hitler did nothing wrong lol” when I’m organizing with political and social movements

      Here is a topic to think about for all the free speech copy pasters on the “victims” side. If you made yourself a platform you could use to spread your ideas on, and some stranger comes and uses your platform to undermine all the work you put on by spouting some bad meme. Does pushing him away contradict the first amendment. Hint: it does not

    • John says:

      Because the guy he pushed was literally a Nazi. Why are you standing up for a Nazi?

      • Brandon Johns says:

        Interesting Jesse Byrd, you consider anyone who doesn’t share your political views as nazi and racist. The problem is that you leftists only believe that free speech and expression applies to you. The fact that you view all right wingers as nazis and racist and believe that they should all be silenced shows your hypocrisy and who the real nazis are. And you leftists consider any type of right-leaning speech as racist and not covered under the constitution, so there is no doubt in my mind that I am right when I say that you folks hate the constitution.

        After all, Nazi did stand for National SOCIALIST German Worker’s party, Most of the violence and oppression in the world has come from leftist regimes. Like the saying goes, “the welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.”

        PS we were already divided before Trump became President. Obama wasn’t exactly a uniter, no matter how much you believe he was.

      • Kris says:

        @Jesse Byrd; Yes. I am advocating for an alleged Nazi to spread any idea he wants without fear of violent reprisal, so long as they do not direct violence towards another. There is no excuse for violence against your opponent so long as they are not engaged in violence. If the fellow is indeed a Nazi, he and I have very little common ground; my father is a legal immigrant (and a citizen) and my skin is probably a shade or two too dark for his tastes, but he has every right to express his thoughts. Think through the inevitable outcome of what you are tacitly supporting. What happens if your opinions are one day branded “dangerous” and public sentiment runs against you? Who exactly is it that decides which opinions are right and when and what happens if that person doesn’t share your views? Who will stand with you after the precedent you’re setting? The free exchange of ideas is a paramount freedom in our country and to the very concept of intellectualism. There really isn’t any other way that doesn’t lead to totalitarianism and suppression. The only way to quash unpalatable ideas and sentiments is through discussion. Let the nazi speak out in a public forum. Let people hear his points. Then counter them. Show them for the nonsense that they are. Drag the ideas out into the sunlight and let the court of public opinion do what it does best. Besides, when in history has suppression worked in favor of the ones enacting it?

        Principles can be tough to stand by. You may find yourself defending something you never thought you’d have to. But I think therein lies their value; if you’ve picked them well, they have a way of steering through biases and helping you avoid outright hypocrisy.

        (Suggested reading: the 2nd paragraph of my first post.)

      • Jesse Byrd says:

        @Kris; Freedom of Expression applies to the government not being to silence or suppress you, not whether anyone can stop you in a private affair from spouting hate speech. Ideologies that promote that type of radical thinking inseminate themselves within the public, by suggesting that system it’s using has a right to destroy itself because all ideas must be heard. Division is not hard to create, it relies on the unwillingness or complacent positions stopping open and compromisable communication. Which is clearly something happening right now with most right-wing Americans choosing to ignore facts about White Supremacists and Fascists integrating themselves within our government system.

        You’re advocating for the right of Nazis to spread hate speech through a memetic culture; Ideas that promote violence, mass assault of minorities and other groups, genocide, and an authoritarian gov’t who will take away your right to “defending the very fabric of a society that values discourse over violence.”

        Discourse is acceptable when the opposition isn’t advocating for massive death, supporting past genocides (whether it’s a joke or not), or taking away your ability to freely discourse without fear of gov’t reprisal or any other basic rights as well. Unless you are willing to defend others, yourself, your ideals will be taken from you. A known advocate of fascism is already the White House Strategist, how long will it be before the erosion of our democratic system requires action instead of words?

        I fear your answer, will the same as many unwilling to defend their own ideas – “Until it threatens me.” I’d rather live on my feet with my brothers and sisters advocating & fighting for a future free from actual genocidal refuse, then live and die on my knees with a great nation ruined as well as runned by people who are xenophobic, willfully-ignorant, and greedy as leeches upon a swamp’s bed.

      • Kris says:

        Because we *all* have freedom of expression, not just the people you agree with. You simply do not get to hit people because you don’t like their ideas. The best way to fight bad ideas is to drag them out into the sunlight and show them for the bad ideas they are, not suppress them. I mean, the irony on display is astounding; what is more fascist than “if you have the wrong opinions, you’re gonna get hurt”?
        Here’s a fun little experiment to see if you might be the actual fascist here: take what you said and replace the identity signifier with the word “jew” and see if what you are saying might be well in-place in Berlin circa 1940. Let’s try it now. “Because the guy he pushed was literally a [jew]. Why are you standing up for a [jew]?”
        Uh oh. Nicht gut. Sounds like a brown shirt to me!
        I never thought that I would be driven away from the left by the left itself. What happened to actual liberal ideals of freedom of thought and expression and individuality? (I’ll answer my own question: those ideals take effort to uphold and live by and so many of us are unwilling or unable to even make the attempt.)
        Quick note to all of the “morally-high-minded” folks justifying assault because they find the victim’s alleged ideas distasteful: if you and I disagreed on something and someone threatened or physically attacked you because of your ideas, I’d defend you despite our differences because in doing so I’d be defending the very fabric of a society that values discourse over violence. Based on your reactions here, could you honestly say you’d do the same? And what uncomfortable truth about yourself might that hint at?

  37. Kel says:

    So chant “he will not divide us” as you hit people??? Ugh… there’s so much hypocrisy I can’t take it. What a tool!

  38. Lee says:

    Ill tempered actor playing ill tempered tennis star. Way to stretch yourself, Shia.

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