Jennifer Lawrence Is a Deadly Seductress in First ‘Red Sparrow’ Trailer (Watch)

Red Sparrow Trailer

Jennifer Lawrence is a deadly seductress in Fox’s first teaser trailer for spy thriller “Red Sparrow.”

The footage, unveiled Thursday, shows her in a brunette wig and a low-cut red dress on a bed with a drink, followed by a man placing a mobile phone and money clip on the table and a disembodied male voice commanding her: “Take off your dress.”

There’s a shot of curtains swirling, then a quick shot of a man being strangled, followed by Lawrence walking down stairs — now as a blonde in a low-cut black dress. She’s then seen in a black swimsuit following a CIA spy played by Joel Edgerton at a pool and then again as a blonde with a short wig, somewhat resembling Charlize Theron’s look in “Atomic Blonde.”


Jennifer Lawrence on Why ‘Mother!’ Is a Feminist Movie

A voiceover explains, “When I was in Moscow, I heard about a program of young officers trained to seduce and manipulate. To use their bodies. To use everything. They call them sparrows. That’s what she is.”

Fox released the trailer a day before Paramount opens Lawrence’s enigmatic horror-thriller “Mother!” into theaters. She is re-teamed with director Francis Lawrence, who directed the last three “Hunger Games” films, in a story of an injured prima ballerina recruited by the Russian government as a spy as she and her mother face a bleak future.

Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeremy Irons, Ciaran Hinds and Joely Richardson round out the cast.

“Red Sparrow,” which had originally been scheduled for theatrical release on Nov. 10, will open on March 2.

Watch the trailer below:

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  1. MovieBabble says:

    I can’t really say I’m looking forward to this film since this trailer was pretty quick and cryptic, but I’m definitely intrigued by it. There’s possibilities for a great storyline as well as possibilities for great actors and actresses to flex their actic muscles.

  2. Ereshkigal says:

    Red Sparrow? Don’t they mean Black Widow?
    This totally Natasha Romanov’s origin: a top
    secret program to create an army of killer hotties
    on assassination missions.

  3. Mr. Annoying says:

    I’m confused… “Jennifer Lawrence” and “Seductress” in the same sentence? “Athletic”… maybe. She’s OK in action roles like Hunger Games, as long as she doesn’t have to act. After seeing ‘Passengers’ I have even less desire to see one of her movies.
    But the real nail-in-the-coffin is when she opens her mouth off screen; Unless an actor/musician/athlete has a degree in political science, I don’t care about their political commentary. What makes you opinion any more important or valid than mine or my neighbors? Shut up and do your job… and try to do it well.

  4. harry georgatos says:

    If this isn’t rated R it’s not worth my time and money.

  5. millerfilm says:

    Good to see Jenn’s boobs out and about. :-) Otherwise, add it to the video queue.

  6. Kevin Tran says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is so great in butt kicking roles like The Hunger Games and in the X-Men movies. The trailer for Red Sparrow is really intense and I’m looking forward to it come March 2, 2018.

  7. JGNY says:

    If she was not so political and dumb, I probably would check it out. Her outfits help, but in reality; I made a decision a while back to not support actors who betray our country by speaking badly of our President. I understand that she hates him, got it. I do not care. She is what she is. A woman making millions pretending to be someone else. The reason is, playing herself she would not make a penny. I understand she needs to work, so she follows the party line and keeps yapping. Well, I do not have to fork over my hard earned money and support these folks.

    • Ronnie says:

      You’re right on! When this very talented young woman started out, she was unique to the cynicism of the elitist crowd. Now, she’s one of them. What they don’t realize is that we, the people, are supporting them and enabling them. Once they spout disrespectful crap about the President of our country, we, the people no longer see them in their roles. We see them as shrill, belittling, rich and dumb. Jennifer is a fine actress. She’s sold her soul. Hard to swallow whining about feminism from someone who’s socking away $100 million and counting.

    • Steve says:

      Being upset because a celebrity disagrees with you? Check.

      Asserting that disagreement with our President is betraying our country? ( We didn’t hear that so much in the last eight years.) Check.

      Clumsily belittling the acting profession? Check.

      Yeah, I think you hit all the bullet points. Well done!

      • Ereshkigal says:

        You do realize that our President is 1) not “of the people”, 2) an elitist that the elite can’t stand but say nothing because they can use him.

    • The Dodger Hat Kid says:


  8. Paul Schmidt says:

    I don’t watch people who disrespect our President or our government. She needs to keep her mouth shut when it comes to politics unless she is asked a question,then it is her right to say what she believes. However unless asked shut the hell up..

  9. Jacen says:

    I must praise the people who assembled the trailer. They used one fade in near the end and otherwise eschewed the pretentious, annoying, time-wasting, masturbatory fade-in/fade-out idiocy that infests all mainstream trailers. The result is tight, effective, and compelling. Good job, ladies and gentlemen. May other trailer creators follow suit.

  10. maureenklein854 says:

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  11. Andy Sknonik says:

    Looks good

  12. Joyce Tyler says:

    The Red Sparrow novels by Jason Matthews are terrific. The casting of the two leads are not what I envisaged–Lawrence as a Russian ballerina turned spy? Edgerton as a clean-cut, all-American-boy type spy? But if the movie is half as entertaining as the first two books in the Sparrow trilogy, I’ll be happy.

  13. The Dodger Hat Kid says:

    So it’s the Black Widow movie Marvel never gave us.

    • FOX is just beating MARVEL to the punch. With two R rated film’s under their belts and feeling a little cocky now, why not hit MARVEL where it hurts. Going where MARVEL hasn’t gone yet and being successful why not do a Black Widow story with out Black Widow. MARVEL cannot take Black Widow into this area of espionage.

  14. Bob Wager says:

    I think I will be seeing this. Not the turn I expected in the trailer.

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