Quentin Tarantino Developing Film About Manson Family Murders

Quentin Tarantino
Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

UPDATED: Quentin Tarantino’s next film will explore one of the most infamous murders of all time.

Sources tell Variety that Tarantino’s upcoming movie, which the filmmaker has already written and will direct, will focus on the Manson family murders.

Insiders close to the project indicate that while no one is attached or has read for a part yet, Tarantino is expected to court A-list talent. Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence are being considered for the role of Sharon Tate, and Brad Pitt may be approached to play Vincent Bugliosi, the lawyer who prosecuted the family.

The tragedy occurred on Aug. 8, 1969, when cult leader Charles Manson — an unemployed convict and failed musician — ordered a group of his followers to attack the guests of a house in Los Angeles’ Benedict Canyon. The followers brutally murdered everyone at the home, including Tate, who was eight months pregnant at the time.

The focus of the pic is unclear at this time. It’s unknown whether the film will be a historical retelling about the events that occurred or if the crime is used as a backdrop for separate, intertwining stories.

The package is set to come together before Labor Day.

Sources also say that although Harvey and Bob Weinstein are involved with the movie, it’s not clear whether The Weinstein Company would distribute the project, as Tarantino wants to line up a cast first.

The film would mark the director’s ninth feature. Tarantino most recently directed the western “The Hateful Eight,” starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell, which grossed $54 million at the domestic box office.

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  1. Michael Laurella says:

    Leslie Van Houten may have been the youngest of the Manson family connected with the murders, but almost 50 years later I met a woman that became my girlfriend for a couple years in 2011 & 2012 in this desert town where we lived. She told me that when she was 13 years old she got mix up with the Manson family at their ranch out here in the desert. She was the prettiest girl more than any of them as far as I can see looking at the pictures on the internet. With her natural fire red hair, striking blue eyes, perfect beautiful face and body they got her in at 13 years old making her a heroin attic and sex partner by one of the slime ball dudes in the family who was 21 years old and married to a different woman.

    When I met her she was 56 years old and still a heroin attic and she had severe staph infection on both legs. I was 64 years old. I helped her to get off the heroin and her staph infection cleared up. It was a great two years. Then one day she was gone. Another slime ball dude picked her up from my house when I was at work, and got her back on the heroin. About two months later she came back to me sick, loss of weight, loss of health, and her staph infection over almost half her bleeding legs. I had the ambulance take her to the hospital. Her biological family 50 miles away took care of her from there. In the end, I heard that her legs had to be amputated and she never made it off the surgery table where she died.

    “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord. I pray for justice against these evil drug pushing predator transgressors that have it coming to them! These young girls were used and abused. May Justice have mercy on these once innocent young ladies.

  2. What kind of a “come back” would this be for Tarantino? Yet another F-bomb-laden, gore fest cast with his actor buddies who are too old to be playing the roles they’re cast in…..yawn. I wouldnt mind seeing a seriously done examination of the mind warping of the “family”, but QT isn’t the one who could pull it off.

  3. Hell, Tarantino even looks like Manson. Go for it man! (Just please scale back on the endless dialog and give us some story. Hateful eight was good but it was like being stuck in a theater for three hours.)

  4. Bollocks Malarkey says:

    Matt Dillon with a beard has the eyes and facial structure. But, the real question is why make such a movie. How will the world benefit? Film is a powerful medium and it should be used judiciously.

  5. bobbysue says:

    he would have to do that huh…

  6. Neither Jennifer Lawrence OR Margot Robbie for Sharon Tate please. You need someone with high cheekbones and deep eyes…what about a blonde Katie Holmes? Or how about discovering an unknown?

  7. Spalding says:

    I wonder who is gonna play Charles.

  8. Heather love says:

    QT better make this film epic! I swear, I know this case probably better than QT himself. It better be on point and 100% accurate!

  9. Homefry Niles says:

    I’ve seen and enjoyed many of Tarantino’s films. He is unique and among his gifts is the accuracy with which he brilliantly, with horror and comedy, portrays the dark sides of humanity. But this film might be just too close to home for me. As an L.A. native I actually experienced the horrors Manson perpetrated on the city. Years later, I’ve read books, reviewed interviews of “the family” and concluded that the crimes were an abject waste of people and the criminals themselves were actually as thoughtless and insignificant as their deeds were evil and harmed us all. So, I cannot possibly yet find an artistic place for this film. But I’ll wait and see. Maybe Tarantino will target exactly this vulnerability in his audience and do something remarkable with it.

  10. Celestony says:

    I know the perfect girl for the role. ♡
    I followed the story in my younger days. So sad. The film will be a winner

  11. Remcee says:

    I have to somewhat agree with Debra Tate, Sharon’s sister, as I am someone who was fortunate enough to have spent an evening in the company of Sharon at a cinema debut of her film “Don’t Make Waves.” Sharon was a spectacularly beautiful woman, with bright, bold facial features, and was a delight to converse with. Jennifer Lawrence has a different “look” than Sharon, but is nonetheless amazingly gorgeous and striking, and is a huge box office draw. If the object of the film is to recreate Sharon’s features precisely, then Margot Robbie is indeed a good match. But Lawrence and Robbie are both highly accomplished actors and either one can carry the role on the strength of their acting talents and Tarantino’s direction. And both Lawrence and Robbie are absolutely, positively, “pretty enough!”

  12. OPP says:

    I’d like to see Tarantino making a movie about the Rodney King case and the LA riots in the 90’s….

  13. Michael hill says:

    Macauly culkin for part of charlie

  14. dee says:

    WHY? What new can be said about what happened?

  15. Al says:

    All the name-calling aside, i seriously wonder if Tarantino can accomplish this. Given the tone of his past films, a movie about the Manson murders will likely be historically inaccurate while the violence is sensationalized. The deaths of Sharon Tate, the LaBiancas, and the other victims were certainly heinous; but given Tarantino’s reputation, it will emphasize mostly blood, gore, and profanity while little attention is paid to the subsequent arrest, trial, and convictions of the Manson “family”. And since this was an actual tragedy, can he pay proper homage to the victims’ memories?
    If you’re a fan of Tarantino and his work, that’s fine – I’m not arguing with you. And he might produce a very accurate and comprehensive movie. I’m just basing my thoughts on his past accomplishments.

  16. I think Johnny Depp would make a great Charles Manson.

  17. CharlesN says:

    So, when did Variety’s comments sections become a primary target of right wing trolls?

  18. Josef Blough says:

    It’s mind boggling, and sad at the same time, to know such a gifted and talented director such as Quentin Tarantino is an obediently performing as programmed raging liberal.

  19. Spike says:

    Great. one sick f–k doing a movie about an even sicker f–k.

  20. JOE S HILL says:

    Tarantino is losing his touch, and “THE HATEFUL EIGHT” just didn’t do anything for me. now the man wants to go back in time and exploit that sick psycho bastard, who conned his gullible flock into believing that he was Christ. CBS already beat Quentin Tarantino to the punch with the Lorimar Productions’ “HELTER SKELTER” mini-series in early 1976 that “RAT PATROL” creator Tom Gries directed, and the other CBS version that aired in 2005, using Jeremy Davies as “Charles Manson” and Bruno Kirby as Bugliosi, that one was a more realistic version, and whatever Tarantino is thinking here, I can’t see the director doing much with this psycho character, but the title of his movie should be called “MANSON’S ANGELS”, since “CHARLIE’S ANGELS” is already taken! if he’s smart, he should use Jeremy Davies to reprise the Manson role, since he did a great portrayal in the 2005 TV movie.

  21. TomB says:

    Lee Marvin stops the Manson Murders!! Point Blank meets Helter Skelter!

  22. Lucky says:

    The Hateful Eight was one of my favorite of his ouvre; I think it showed he’s interested in slowing down, taking his time with scenes and taking a more methodical, introspective approach to his storytelling. One thing’s for certain, this is gonna have a hell of a soundtrack

  23. BringBackDailyVariety says:

    This film looks like a winner.

  24. Charly says:


  25. Dinner companions says:

    Grapevine says QT had dinner with Pacino and DiCaprio recently. May be related.

  26. Jimmy Green says:

    I hope this hack gets sued by the survivors because he will inevitably denigrate the victims. QT will also make sure there is enough blood and obscenity thrown at the screen to make you vomit. Oh, and since he hates the police he will end up smearing LAPD also.

    • Matthew Rocca says:

      Tarantino did not “denigrate” the victims of slavery in “Django”, nor did he “denigrate” the victims of the Holocaust in “Inglorious Basterds”. In fact, he actually honored their memories by showing, especially in “Django”, the truly sick and horrifying crimes that were perpetrated on them, and then giving the bad guys the proper commence that they were not given in real life. Maybe he wants to do something similar here? He’s a brilliant filmmaker, one of the very best if not THE best of his generation. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And this story, if done tastefully, could be absolutely fascinating in his hands.

    • Caligula says:

      out of here – youre not fit to lick his boots

  27. cadavra says:

    Question: Since virtually all the characters are white, what will be the over/under on how many times the n-word is spoken? Ten, maybe?

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