Russia Gives Adult Rating to ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot With LGBT Character

Power Rangers

The Russian distributor of “Power Rangers” informed theaters on Friday that the film’s age restriction had been bumped up from 16+ to 18+.

Although the distributor did not give a reason for the change, the news comes after it was announced that the film features an LGBT protagonist. In 2013, Russia passed an anti-gay law that banned “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.”

Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov — the man behind the controversial bill — reportedly railed against Lionsgate’s reboot of the popular ’90s franchise, and called its director, Dean Israelite, “a scumbag” on the conservative TV network Tsargrad. The Russian Culture Ministry reportedly also took heat from lawmaker Alexei Zhuravlev.


'Power Rangers' film premiere

‘Power Rangers’ Helmer on LGBTQ Protagonist: ‘We Were Truthful About Representing Teenagers’

In “Power Rangers,” Becky G plays Trini, the Yellow Ranger, who questions her sexuality in a brief moment. “It’s something that I’m really proud of with my character,” she told Variety.

Israelite also spoke to Variety about his desire to represent the modern teenage experience. He said the film seeks to give “voices to characters that are underrepresented in not just movies, but also superhero movies.”

Recently, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” faced a similar imposition when it was revealed that the film included a “gay moment.” The movie was slapped with a 16+ rating in Russia.

Both “Beauty and the Beast” and “Power Rangers” have come under scrutiny from Malaysian censors as well. It was initially ruled that “Beauty” would cut the “gay moment,” but after Disney refused to make any changes, the ruling was overturned by an appeals committee. On Wednesday, “Power Rangers” was cleared for release in Malaysia, uncut, with a PG-13 rating — the same as its rating in the U.S.

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  1. Larry Jackson says:

    Go home, Russia. You’re drunk.

  2. Josh Kennedy says:

    Any kind of gay or lgbt stuff especially in movies that will be viewed by kids and teens is totally unacceptable. I want LionsGate to release an edited power rangers movie with the gay or lgbt stuff removed. same with beauty and the beast any gay or lgbt stuff make an edited version with that crap removed.

    • sure jan says:

      That’s the most inane, senseless type of thing one could ever say. Gay people exist, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; it does not impact anyone else or hurt anybody in any way, shape, or form whatsoever. There is literally nothing to have against their orientation. Plus, the “LGBT stuff” in these movies is so incredibly minor that it can scarcely even be referred to as such. More like little jokes or skimmed-over, throwaway moments that shouldn’t have even been mentioned beforehand. There are no intense makeouts between two dudes or anything.

      • Joshua Kennedy says:

        that being said, I’m still gunna buy both the book and the movie for me and my son to watch. Although I disagree with any lgbt messages in the movie(s) the rest of it may be good and I’m still really anxious and excited about seeing the movie and buying it when its out on itunes and buying the novel and reading that also! Besides I really don’t care about the lgbt stuff I care about the character development and the overall story and things like that. I’m gunna buy the novel of the power rangers movie this Friday! Did any of you see it? Is it really good? I hope there’s a bit more character development than in the tv show. I like the tv show a whole lot but it leaves some unanswered questions that maybe the movies could or will answer in some way.

  3. sure jan says:

    The persistence of insanity is mind-boggling. It’s astounding. It’s unreal. Not only is gayness completely harmless, but it’s actually a very GOOD thing that our heinously overpopulated species has an LGBT component. If anything, we could use more gays and bis. ;p Their attractions are every bit as normal and natural as the heterosexual majority’s, and there is simply less than no good reason to think of homosexuality as being somehow “wrong” or perverse. Nothing involving a gay character or pairing should be considered “inappropriate” for a kids’ movie if the same thing would be acceptable for a straight character/couple.

  4. Russia: You want to be a Christian nation, right? I will give you a challenge. I will win hands down. I know the bible in every which way. Russia will not find any passage even referring to age restrictions. There will be laws saying love works no ill to your neighbour. Why not keep that law? They that think that there is will pervert God’s living. That will be turning God’s word into a lie. God does not hate the gay. God hates liars. Satan, a gold and gem covered being is a liar. Satan wants people to look down on people who look down on no one.

  5. JOE S HILL says:

    I Hope liberal Hollywood suffers from more than just foreign governments rating these movies that allow LGBTs in them-that’s seriously unacceptable and out of control grotesque! Hollywood wants to sell LGBT rights, then they’ll suffer the consequences when they start seeing boycotts and other negative effects!

  6. 16miles says:

    SOME PEOPLE are like the segments of population of the OLD TESTAMENT who use to give their babies over to demonic entities for worship and sacrifice even after knowing the difference between wrong and right, Truth and lies. And some people refuse to put on blinders to the Truth, choosing instead to protect the young, impressionable hearts and minds of innocence. Whether you are SOME PEOPLE or some people, in the end you will answer to God for every act of evil just as you answer for every act of good.

  7. Nicki Anabel says:

    Power Rangers finally consider teen age restriction on this wonderful movie. Well I totally agree with them because Children usually tend to play with whatever they see in the movie. It’s okay for to set PG on this movie

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