PricewaterhouseCoopers ‘Sincerely Apologizes’ for Oscar Mix-Up, Plans to Investigate

Jimmy Kimmel Oscars flub reaction
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

PricewaterhouseCoopers, the official accountant of the Academy Awards, issued a statement on the embarrassing flub on Sunday night’s Oscars, in which Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway read “La La Land” as best picture instead of the actual winner, “Moonlight.”

“We sincerely apologize to Moonlight, La La Land, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture,” the statement read. “The presenters had mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope and when discovered, was immediately corrected. We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred.”

“We appreciate the grace with which the nominees, the Academy, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel handled the situation,” the statement added.


Jimmy Kimmel

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The mix-up resulted in one of the most chaotic conclusions of an awards show in recent memory. Beatty and Dunaway were apparently given the envelope for Emma Stone’s best actress win that was announced just moments earlier. By the time the mistake had been fully realized, the “La La Land” crew had already begun their speech. “La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz told a shocked Dolby Theater, “There’s a mistake. ‘Moonlight,’ you guys won best picture.”

Explaining the flub, Beatty said, “I want to tell you what happened. I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone, ‘La La Land.’ That’s why I took such a long look at Faye and at you. I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

Social media seemed to confirm Beatty’s story. Oscar attendees, including 2015 host Neil Patrick Harris, tweeted photos of the envelope, which did indeed seem to be for best actress.

Nominees involved seemed just as confused as viewers. Backstage, Stone told reporters, “I was holding my best actress card.” “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins said backstage that he was given “no explanation,” but that Beatty did show him the famed card after the ceremony.

The Academy has not issued a statement of its own, but sent out the PWC statement to media outlets.

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  1. Gandolfo says:

    The knuckleheaded CPA who made the bonehead error is now a shirtsleeves accountant at some small lumber mill in Arkansas.

  2. Maria says:

    This will become a Public Relations case study on how not to deal with a crisis management. I ask: If there was a PR person form PWC or the Academy dealing with the issue? Do you realize the negative impact in the reputation? Who wrote the PWC statement? An Oscar for the writer/pr person.
    Just an apology? And as of today what really happened? And appreciate the grace with which nominees handled the situation? Nobody was in control. As a PR professional I feel disappointed.

  3. Donna says:

    I would have liked to see PWC take responsibility more than just an apology- “They were handed…” should be “Our representative handed them the wrong envelope.” Own it. Then apologize.

  4. Peggy says:

    Nice of PWC to take it on the chin…but the overall responsibility is The Academy’s. They hold accountability for the night no matter how it goes. To abdicate all responsibility for a lack of checks/balances to PWC is not right either.

  5. It is no suspicious. It is a mistake. Jimmy Kimmel handled it well.

  6. Vince says:

    Very suspicious. Will always place winner Moonlight in doubt as the true winner.

  7. Phillip Ayling says:

    Maybe the first time that the Producer for a losing picture (LA LA LAND) announced the winner for Best Picture. Glad the mix-up wasn’t in reverse…there would be fewer jokes and more hate talk.

  8. Tripp Fell says:

    Sorry, all. Completely staged. And btw, does Moonlight even get recognized if it was a white kid, growing up gay, in a meth infested area of suburban America? OscarsSoWhite is actually OscarsSoPatronizing&PC

  9. Jimmy Green says:

    Price Waterhouse needs to go immediately. You’re fired.

    • cadavra says:

      They’ve done this for 80 years without a hitch and now you want to sack them for one honest mistake? Would you fire Tom Brady the first time he threw an interception? Grow up.

  10. Faye Kanews says:

    Why does everything need a damn investigation? They know who screwed up. #ComeOn

    The La La Land producer is the only one who did anything right. Kimmel was saying they should all win & get Oscars like participation trophies. Beatty & Dunaway were collateral damage. Moonlight & La La Land were both robbed of their moment of a lifetime while Jordan Horowitz stepped up to save us.

    What I can’t believe is that the person who handed out the wrong envelope is not known & by default the company and/or producer that oversaw the envelope being handed to Beatty & Dunaway is not being put on blast to be able to put this to bed & move on.

  11. This is stupid. PWC should be removed of their duties with the Oscars immediately. That’s not a mistake who deserves just an apology. If PWC screwed up with the night’s big prize, who can say they didn’t did the same while counting the votes? And I’m sorry, but someone with the experience of Beatty should have said something, not trying to be funny and gave the responsibility to Dunaway, who made things worst. They don’t know how to read? This is embarrassing not only for the AMPAS. This “mistake” plays with the feelings not only of Emma Stone or Damien Chazelle or the producers, but with the hundreds of people who out their heart and soul in the making of La La Land. And of course, it was unpleasant for the Moonlight guys. If Hollywood wanted to make an antiTrump statement, the only thing they accomplished was to make a fool of themselves. My bet is Mr. Trump is LOL about this…

  12. Mr Model says:

    Last night’s Oscars – the mix up at the end and using a living person’s photo image for a dead person – shows that the United States no longer knows what it’s doing. Add in last year’s Miss Universe pageant and it begs the question, when did we become so stupid and unqualified to do anything right?

  13. kaztrator says:

    It looks like they have a different standard for “immediate corrections.”

  14. millerfilm says:

    PriceWaterhouseCoopers vows to find “the real killers.” :-)

  15. Jan says:

    It wasn’t Warren’s fault, you morons ! They handed them the wrong card ! And Warren didn’t know what to do, so he showed the card to Faye. SHE read “La La Land” then. What else should they do ?
    Stop with your ageism, it’s not funny. Warren managed this crazy situation like a pro.

    • PS says:

      No, he didn’t. He knew something was wrong and silently handed the envelope to Dunaway and threw her under the bus. He knew something was wrong and should have said something, but no, he let Dunaway take the fall. What a gentleman.

    • Dr. Moon Li Lan says:

      Through squinty eye-job-complications eyes?

  16. Jim Stratton says:

    It was an error and mistake , not Warren Beatty’s fault. How Jimmy Kimmel responded to Warren was cruet and disgusting, “Warren what have you done” or something similar. He should apologize to Warren and Faye and not host again–he is not that funny anyway.

  17. Dana Dicer says:

    label envelopes in big font (36 point)
    destroy 2nd envelope upon each win
    on card, category text should be large
    Makes situation/error clear.

    Good protocol works!

    • millerfilm says:

      Each envelope should be brought out by Blues Brothers impersonators, enclosed in a briefcase handcuffed to one of their wrists.

  18. So what, there were two envelopes for Best Actress? If yes, why?

    • Patrick says:

      Since it doesn’t seem clear from which side the presenters are entering the stage on each side there is an employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers with a set of winner envelopes. When a winner is announced one of the Coopers guys has to destroy the envelope that wasn’t used. It seems pretty clear that it wasn’t done with the best actress card.

  19. BK says:

    Dear Everett and Spike, whoever the hell you are – your stupid is showing, you typical trolls.

  20. Everett says:

    Bonnie & Clyde may have a touch of dementia, but they can still rob people.

  21. SPIKE says:

    Note to casting directors: forget Warren. he’s too old to read lines.

    • joe says:

      Stop with your ageism, you fool. Warren Beatty did everything right & saved the situation by explaining what went wrong. He kept his cool like a pro, while Kimmel got hysterical.

  22. D says:

    I so agree. Trump is an idiot and it has nothing to do with PWC making sure the correct ballot goes for the correct category. Why don’t you blame HIlary and say we are all just sore losers for not winning. Try using your brain for something more than putting you nose up your president’s back end, no matter what he does of says.

  23. Eli says:

    such a stupid comment.

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