‘Death Note’: Netflix Releases First Teaser for Live-Action Movie

“The human whose name is written in this note shall die.”

In the first teaser trailer for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the hit 2003 Japanese manga “Death Note,” high-school student Light Turner (Nat Wolff) is shown reading those words from the titular supernatural notebook. Once he writes down the name of the person he would like killed and envisions that person’s face in his mind, the task will be complete.

At the end of the trailer, the alarming voice of Ryuk (Willem Dafoe), the god of death known as the shinigami who drops the notebook, is heard asking a simple question to Turner: “Shall we begin?”

As things come to a head, Turner delves into a crusade against the criminals of the world, while simultaneously attempting to avoid getting caught by the international detective and genius known as L (Lakeith Stanfield).

“Blair Witch” helmer Adam Wingard directs the latest adaptation of “Death Note,” which garnered wide acclaim during its original run, having been made into movies, an anime, video games, and a musical in 2015. Yet the film adaptation has generated controversy, criticized for its casting of white male and female leads, much like the upcoming “Ghost in the Shell” movie.

“Death Note” will premiere on Netflix on Aug. 25. Watch the trailer above.

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  1. Deezdose says:

    Am i alone wondering when everyone decided to watch tv in blackandwhite, down with the dude who created technicolor huh?

  2. Dave says:

    “Yet the film adaptation has generated controversy, criticized for its casting of white male and female leads”
    Sure this one should’ve have Japanese actors to play Japanese characters, however that’s been done in the 2006 Death Note Movie and it didn’t do so well.
    Besides no one generates controversy when Japanese directors fill white positions with Japanese actors like in Attack On Titan and Full Metal Alchemist.

  3. lolcatz says:

    I dont really care about who is playing kira, but i’m really liking willem dafoe in this. Getting some real green goblin vibes lol

  4. dreygon says:

    Who the f**k cares get over it, why didn’t they any Japanese directors make it in japan. America takes a lot of movies and makes them without actual japanese actors. Look at the ring for example. If you want it made your way then come up with the money and make one. Plus L is black and if you look at the cast not everyone is white. I can’t stand your racist bullshit just because someone made a movie you didn’t like. You don’t see white people bitching cause they adapted dracula as blackula or when they made the honeymooners all black. Where were you complaining when they did that. Everyone of you were applauding saying that was a great job guys eating the shit up.

  5. Kubejk says:

    Im not racist, but its like remaking a Pulp fiction with Jules Winfield as Nicolas Cage

  6. Marie says:

    I know it’s an “American adaptation” but why does Light need to look like those emo kids you went to high school who never wash their hair?

  7. Anonymous says:

    where do I start? ……….. WHY?? WHY ARE THEY ALL WHITE??

  8. czaritsas says:

    why are they all white

  9. Paully says:

    This could work Big Time..
    Netflix understands this because of the close work Netflix Japan has with new Anime like Cyborg 009 in Japan.. Hollywood has yet to figure out the Japanimation/Anime DNA.. Yet..

  10. doug collins says:

    music is pretty interesting. need to see more to get story.

  11. Nmefire says:

    So, the awesome, original, Japanese live-action movies weren’t enough? Just have to “whiten” everything. We still can’t appreciate other cultures here in America. SAD!

    • Philip White says:

      No its just that English speaking audiences like watching English speaking films…, A note to all professional outrage seekers; there is nothing to get outraged about here. This remake is just a continuation of the tradition of Hollywood making their own versions of great Asian stories (just like Asia and India, Russia etc do with great Hollywood stories)..The Departed, The Ring, the Grudge, Magnificent Seven, A Fistful of Dollars, The Lake House and even Godzilla are all examples of this….Yes you can throw whitewashing accusations at Ghost in the Shell but they do not hold up here.

      • Marie says:

        Let’s see what happens with the box office when Ghost in the Shell comes, then you can claim being outrage won’t have any effect.

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