As ‘Wonder Woman’ Soars, Movies Starring Men Fail to Connect at Box Office

Male Action Stars vs Wonder Woman

Cammi Martino, 36, is standing outside the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 shaking her head. “I like them both, but I’m not planning to watch it,” she says, talking about Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron and their summer flop “Baywatch.”

She’s asked about Tom Cruise. “Eh,” she responds. “His earlier days were a lot better.”

Charlie Hunnam? “I don’t know who that is,” she says.

As we’re speaking, though, she perks up. “I just saw ‘Wonder Woman,’ and I loved it,” she says. “It was better than I thought it was going to be.”

Such has been the story of the box office so far this season, as one by one, movies fronted by male stars have crashed and burned in the U.S. Call it the Summer of Unspectacular Men.

Hunnam led the charge with “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” a $175 million movie that opened to a devastating $15.4 million in North America. Then came Michael Fassbender in “Alien: Covenant” ($36.2 million opening weekend in the U.S.); Johnson and Efron in “Baywatch” ($18.5 million); and most recently Cruise’s “The Mummy” ($31.7 million). Even Johnny Depp’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” saw the lowest opening for a “Pirates” movie since the series original.

“I think this summer has made it clear that there are less true movie stars than people thought,” said Melissa Silverstein, founder and publisher of Women and Hollywood. “But what it underscores for me is the consistent, persistent underestimation of women.”

The death of the movie star has, over the past decade or so, been proclaimed ad nauseam. Point to the rise of television for luring in big-name stars — even Julia Roberts is crossing over. Or blame social media for inventing a new, more accessible brand of celebrity for young people to fawn over. Maybe Norma Desmond had a point about the size of pictures. 

But in the summer of 2017, add one more factor to the equation: President Donald Trump. The election and inauguration of the 45th president has hurled an unprecedented swirl of information at a pace that has caused cable ratings, late-night talk shows and the quantity of mobile push notifications shrieking “Breaking News!” to skyrocket. Each day seems to bring a fresh catastrophe (if not more than one). What if the box office results are in some way a reflection of an oversaturation of men with populist appeal and power?

One of the summer’s lone bright spots so far is “Wonder Woman,” a movie starring and directed by a woman. The film has fired on all cylinders, earning almost unanimously positive reviews and soaring to a $103.3 million opening weekend. Like many recent films targeting a female or minority audience, it was labeled as one that exceeded expectations. Could even a sliver of its success also be a reflection of this political moment? Audiences were hungry for a female-centric superhero movie, clearly, but maybe some viewers also just wanted to see a woman win.

But while Gal Gadot crushes Johnny Depp, male movie stars and their multimillion-dollar contracts keep getting signed. To explain, look (among other places) overseas, where the latest “Pirates” has already earned more than $460 million, and “The Mummy,” more than $140 million in its first weekend. Still, by trusting international audiences’ love of American movie stars to guide the choices made by the industry, studios are once again under fire for being behind the times, and this go-around not even The Rock can save them.

“These are the people who are making the cultural decisions in our country,” Silverstein said. “By not having the guts to trust women and people of color, they are doing a disservice to all of us, and to our culture.”

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  1. millerfilm says:

    It’s because “Wonder Woman” was original, and the rest of these are tired sequels and retreads. I know that Variety has now become no different than FoxNews and MSNBC is existing just to push its agenda. But, gender isn’t the reason for why this is.

  2. Other than Guardians, Wonder Woman is the movie of the summer so far financially domestically. I discount Logan & FF8 in this discussion since they aren’t “summer” movies debuting in March & April. In fact, to me any movie debuting before the Memorial Day weekend really isn’t summer box office (although technically summer doesn’t begin until June 21). However, in Hollywood terms the “summer” movie season begins the first weekend in May. I think Wonder Womans success is more attributed to the glut of good movies this season. Other than Guardians it’s been one critically maligned movie after another except for Alien which was fairly well received. People just aren’t flocking to subpar sequels. King Arthur has been done to death and it’s main star just not a bankable name in North America. Alien:Covenant didn’t really offer anything groundbreaking & by now you’re talking about the 6th movie in the series. Baywatch was just awful which is a shame since The Rock is very much a bankable star. Pirates of The Carribean was suffering from series fatigue in North America, with Johnny Depp slipping in popularity. So after all these disappointments the market place was screaming for a well made, original movie (although Wonder Woman had been around since 1941 this was the characters motion picture debut). With the critical praise it was getting (around 93-95%) on Rotten Tomatoes at the time, this just simply became an event movie, regardless if it was directed by a woman or not. It also appealed to a wide demographic of people, comic book fans, women & also older movie goers. The Box Office was just ripe for a winner. It’s continued to do well since it’s release simply because of no competition (The Mummy was a critical failure, Cars 3 a different target audience all together & this weekend another series with a bad critic rating and series fatigue in Transformers). All these factors are attributed to Wonder Woman’s success. For a movie that was tracking in early May for a $65-$80 Million domestic opening it will now look to end it’s run with $350 Million +, quite possibly making it the 2nd biggest movie domestically behind Guardians of the summer. We’ll see as in the coming weeks we’re getting a string of movies that by from what I’ve been hearing have a lot of positive buzz around them (Despicable Me 3, Spiderman : Homecoming, War For The Planet Of The Apes). Time will tell.

  3. alphamachina says:

    Oh, please. Spare me. I love how people inject an agenda into statistics as if it somehow changes the simple mathematical facts. They use the data to force feed us their bunk political motivations.

    Wonder Woman is a good movie because it’s fairly well written and directed and came as a breath of fresh air, a relief even, among the stink bombs they call movies of late. It’s /really/ good to see it elevate the DC movie universe.

    Gal Gadot is a beautiful, talented woman and that goes a long way on the big screen, but the men starring in these other films are talented as well. We all know very well that these men can make for good parts in movies that manage to do well to showcase them. Gender of the leading roles aside, we’re merely seeing an onslaught of films that weren’t very well thought out or executed.
    So it stands to reason that your entire article, Mr. White Knight, is nonsense. No wonder everyone in the comments are laughing at you.

    Variety, why are you letting idiot SJW’s like Seth Kelley write for you?

  4. Cassandra says:

    I’m sorry, but why are we pretending that Logan didn’t happen?

  5. Bax says:

    Are you seriously comparing Wonder Woman to Baywatch? Seriously? Did anybody NOT think Baywatch was going to tank? And Alien: Covenant was a rated R movie in a series where the top film made $126 million. There’s no way that was going to be competition for Wonder Woman.

  6. Mark Damon says:

    When MS Marvel comes out, you will see what I mean. It will be an experience.

  7. Mark Damon says:

    Here we go again. Look, this has absolutely nothing to do with the left’s usual PC narrative. Wonder Woman did great because of 1. Fans and 2. Maybe, just maybe, because progressives swelled the numbers to swell their usual narrative, but listen, I don’t think so, I Think it was fans, pure and simple. My favorite character is the Hulk, but I would break my leg getting to a She Hulk movie. I love Marvel comics and movies, but I see most DC movies as well. I do not see movies based on the sex of the actor, and I like that word better than gender because it’s more precise, however, Wonder Woman was okay, but not great. It certainly falls way short of the best superhero movie, even the best DC movie. I think Gal Gadot did a great job with the character, and the director did well with establishing the morality of the character. I do not care for the actor much that played Steve, and to steal a phrase from Marvel’s Avenger’s HULK, I thought the God that played the villian was puny. We need to get away from these gender and skin color politics because it is stupid. The movies mentioned played by men do not have wide appeal, any flop was not because that they are men. Linda Hamilton, Geena Davis, Angelina Jolee, they, and a handful of others, have given men a run for their money because the writing was good, the characters were powerful and performers were great! Marvel’s MS Marvel , will likely be a better movie than DCs Wonder Woman, because Marvel generally has better writers, directors, and actors, male and female, that are cast extremely well. I have seen news feeds about Wonder Woman and how great it is, almost every day. This is because progressives live every minute by their ideology, and nothing escapes the influence of it. Most of us are walking into the theater to see Wonder Woman, progressives are walking in to see the next argument or morbid celebration. I will buy Wonder Woman on blu ray or 4k, like most of the other superhero flicks, cause I love em, not because of some progressive celebration. When a movie is celebrated simply because it stars a Woman, it takes away from the achievements of Women who have earned respect as great actors in great roles, giving awesome performances. Scarlett has done far better as Black Widow, than Gal did with Wonder Woman, although, both were great. The left needs to quit acting like primitive human beings and expand their thinking into the modern age. We are all capable of great achievements as hjman beings, no one needs an imaginary boost from the left!!

  8. Joe Ratulowski says:

    What a poor argument. The article skips Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s mostly male driven ensemble cast, because it doesn’t support the case being made.

    It has nothing to do with male or female; it’s about good movies vs bad. WW is great and the rest were just awful. Anyway, should it come as any surprise a good comic book movie was a massive hit? The real point to be made is Zack Snyder should be nowhere near the DCU. Put a competent director (read: no gender assigned) to a comic movie and rake in the cash.

  9. michelle says:

    it’s good to hear and see wonder women going great at its box office. But, You don’t have to step other men’starring movies down in order to praise the wonder women. It’s pathetic and miserable to see that you only can praising wonder women by putting other down. Wonder women it’s just a starting, it doesn’t mean wonder women sequel or other women starring movies will be doing good in future? It’s good start for women movie in future, we have to see what’ll happen in future, after wonder women success.But your action of purposely criticizing other men starring movie failure in order to compliment wonder women, it’s VERY SICK and SUCK.

  10. I loved WW and saw it the Thursday it previewed, but by failing to mention the success of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Logan, and FF8 your article is presenting “alternative facts” sadly this is the kind of reporting that has become common place these days. It’s okay to praise WW and talk about it’s success, but I”m not sure why you have to paint a half picuture with half truths to do it? It’s like there was a need to take men down a peg in order to elevate WW. The irony is that the movie didn’t do that at all, and that was part of the success of it. Men can embrace the power and awesomeness of WW even old school men who are struggling with women in power the movie doesn’t take jabs at men to elevate women like so many pro-women movies do and that’s why it’s connecting with ALL audiences. the writer of the article should take note. The fact that GG2, Logan, FF8, and WW all did well is because they are great movies— period, end of discussion. NEXT

  11. lee says:

    We had this “time is right for superheroines” discussion when Supergirl debuted at CBS to 14 million viewers. A season later, the show was dumped at CW where it now struggles to get 2 million viewers a night.

    These kinds of box office developments aren’t always a social statement or an emerging pattern. The Matrix wasn’t a hit in 1999 because America was YEARNING for a anime influenced action film. Only the most dedicated Otaku would even get the hint that the lobby shootout was inspired by GITS spider tank scene.

    Wonder Woman is just your typical CB action film. It’s easier to take because it’s light on the pretentious darkness that weighed down Snyder’s films. But you put a man in that role and you’d get a similar film. LT. Ripley and the Linda Hamilton character from the Terminator series made such great impression because the plot put them in REAL danger, sometimes with no men around. There’s quality of fear in how women scream or act hysterically that men quite can’t match. And when these women overcome their adversaries by choosing to be masculine or maternal (or both) the payoff is greater.

    • Kitten says:

      Why on earth do liberals always have to “infect” politics into everything. No, Wonder Woman had nothing to do with Trump being elected or any other such nonsense. It was well written, acted, and directed. A true family-friendly movie with a great iconic superhero who captured the heart of most everybody who saw it. Period.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Supergirl gets less viewers because the CW is in less markets. Even the male lead Flash series only got an average of 2.8 million viewers compared to Supergirl’s 2.4 million average. And the male lead show Arrow got even less, 1.8 million viewers.

      • Supergirl was always going to be a hard sell at CBS. Yes it debuted strong but started to slip & CBS is a BIG network, which required bigger ratings than it was getting. CBS has always skewed to an older audience as well more so than the other 2 major networks (40+). Supergirl is naturally just a better fit on the CW as most of it’s viewers are younger, the demographic the show would naturally appeal to more.

      • godzilla502 says:

        But if it was doing so well, why would CBS dump it, was the point of the previous post.

  12. Jack Taylor says:

    Oh, Variety, shame on you for posting such nonsense. One successful film doesn’t mean that male movie stars are dead and women are ‘taking over the box office’. I guess the author conveniently forgot about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Fast and Furious 8 and Logan, all of which were male-driven movies that have earned massive amounts of money this year, not to mention Spider Man Homecoming and Transformers, both of which will likely make twice as much as Wonder Woman.

    It’s also worth pointing out that while Wonder Woman has proven financially successful, it’s by no means a mega earner. It still hasn’t surpassed either Logan or Deadpool, both of which were R-rated and produced on half the budget. When you factor in distributor and marketing fees, I’d be surprised if WW makes more than 100 million in actual profit for the studio. It’s been a nice goodwill exercise, but there’s no arguing with that bottom line. I predict it will change the Hollywood landscape not a jot.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Wonder Woman has passed Logan by a wide margin domestic and will shortly pass Logan worldwide.
      Guardians of the Galaxy has several prominent female characters. Fate of the Furious is a well established franchise vs a struggling DCEU. Deadpool came out last year so isn’t relevant to this year’s male fatigue. Transformers so far has had disappointing box office. China would be the only thing that will save it.

      • Cassandra says:

        Not yet it hasn’t and given that it was made with half the money and with half the audience because it’s R rating, WW needs to do more than just pass it to prove the author’s poing. (Logan was also a better film.)

      • Jack Taylor says:

        So Guardians had several prominent female characters, eh? Where, exactly? Karen Gillan and Zoe Saldana barely had 15 minutes of screen time between them (shame, as I really liked Nebula in particular). Chris Pratt, Kurt Russell and Dave Bautista were the main draws in that movie, not to mention Michael Rooker.

        Yes, WW will in all probability pass Logan’s total gross by this weekend, but my point still stands – Logan was an R-rated movie that didn’t have access to the same audience as WW, and it was made on a considerably smaller budget, yet the two are going to end up with fairly similar worldwide grosses. That’s not good.

        Say for the sake of argument WW makes $700 million by the end of its run. Distributors take at least a 50% cut, so that figure is immediately cut down to $350 million. The movie itself cost $150 million to make, so now the profit shrinks further to $200 million. And going by the rule of thumb for summer movies, the studio would have spent at least the production budget again on marketing and promotion, so say anywhere from $150 – $200 million. That leaves a final net profit of (maybe) $50 million if they’re very lucky and didn’t splurge on marketing.

        So people can bang on about male movie star fatigue and Wonder Woman heralding the dawn of a new age all they want, but the numbers don’t lie. Wonder Woman is NOT going to be the cash cow everyone seems to believe.

      • Clint says:

        Why is no one talking about Rough Night? If women are the hot thing this summer then why did an R rated female directed and all female cast movie bomb so hard at the box office last weekend? This fact inundates the whole argument that Variety is making here and no one is talking about it

  13. John says:

    Just saw pirates of Caribbean which I thought was great. Also thought king Arthur was pitiful as was hidden figures. To me just a bad movie which because afro American women starred in people felt it was the PC thing to go see. Window woman was good but the star is no linda Carter as far as looks go. I realize that even with the movies we see we should all be PC. Which again shows why Donald Trump was elected. He’s the anti PC person to many people who and realize that PC will destroy us down the road.

  14. sam says:

    It’s actually the nature of the movie itself, this is the first time a very popular and beloved super heroine has come to the big screen, it was bound to make a good ton of cash. Make no mistake it’s because of the character of wonder woman and the wonder woman comics that it’s doing so well not so much because of the actress who plays wonder woman as opposed to the Mummy whatever money that’s making it’s almost only because of the star power of Tom Cruise not the character he’s playing. As for pirates 5 I wouldn’t exactly call over 650 million a fail.

  15. eusrnaem says:

    Do we need to make everything a battle of the sexes??? Honestly, people get so sick and tired of BS like this that when a serious gender issue arises, they don’t wanna listen to it.

  16. godzilla502 says:

    One of the biggest bombs and worst reviewed movies of the year was UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS. This was directed by Anna Foerster and starred Kate Beckinsale. Both, to my knowledge, women.

    The Bye Bye Man while not a “bomb” was certainly a box office disappointment. It currently has a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes. And it starred carrie-Anne Moss.

    So how do these fit into your narrative?

    • JJ says:

      The fact that I forgot that movie even came out this year might have something to do with it…

      And what exactly is your point? “See, a woman movie bombed! See? SEE!”

      • Cassandra says:

        Did you read the title of this article?

      • JKDawg says:

        The point would be that just because Wonder Woman is a female-led movie that was recieved well critically and commercially doesn’t mean that society is shunning traditional male leads and movies for female leads and movies. The article presents nothing in the way of social statistics (did viewers who watched WW also see and enjoy Guardians 2, have a single quote from a male viewer, etc.) to back the notion that society is yearning for more female driven movies and yet makes the claim anyways.

        There could be a number of reasons. First, Wonder Woman already has a fanbase from the comics. Couldn’t this be a reason the film did well? She appeared in a prior movie which also establishes “hype”. There are way more variables to success that the author completely ignores to push his point as much as possible.

        The movie is successful, that’s all that can be said if no one wants to do the real research and leg work (the author in this case). Otherwise, this is an opinion piece based on the success of one female-led movie that amounts to little more than another comment in this thread. See how I can write long, coherent sentences and paragraphs, too!

      • godzilla502 says:

        2 films directed by women, starring women, bombed.
        Yes. That is the point. This completely destroys the entire argument of the article.
        It’s not that fans flocked to WW b/c of “women power” or that they didn’t want to see “Men” movies. Clearly they do want to see “men” movies as in 2017 fans have made GET OUT, LOGAN, FAST 8, GOTG 2 all massive hits.
        It’s that WW was (a) a good movie and (b) it was Wonder Woman. She’s iconic. Not because Gadot is Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman has been on the Mt. Rushmore of comic characters for decades.
        If what the article said was true, that female directed, female starring films were what fans were going for, then why did Bye Bye Man and Underworld bomb?

  17. Andrew says:

    How can Gabot be crushing Depp when POTC has outgrossed WW? POTC hasn’t even opened in Japan yet where the last one made over 100 million. Its final box office totals will probably end up around 850 million which will be higher than WW. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like WW. But lets stop with these silly comparisons.

  18. I think one of the reasons a lot of male driven media sucks, is that its not actually representative of men. Reading Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye,” was an eye opening experience for me. He had a way of writing about a male character that wasn’t emasculated, or hyper masculine. It’s not just women who need better representation, it’s everyone.

  19. Marcie says:

    Let me guess, a left winger wrote this trying to push the woman hear me roar narritve. How about this… Wonder woman was very good and didn’t have any political nut jobs in it. So therefore people wanted to see it. Rough night with all women left wing nuts, not so much. Get it?

  20. Jack blurr says:

    I’m so tired of this bullshit identity politics and self entitlement propaganda. You had ONE successful movie starring a woman with a female director, and now suddenly all movies starring men are tanking, lmfao. If you people are not sexist or racist, why do you specifically want to see people of colour and women in movies, wasn’t the whole idea not to filter and divide people into specific groups and subdivisions? Wonder Woman is successful because it has good word of mouth surrounding it. As we all remember, ghost busters that was released last year bombed because of poor buzz surrounding it, and because it had one of the worst marketing campaigns and business decisions in memory. Then you people quickly established this idea that people didn’t like it because it starred women. Which is not true, because Wonder Woman is very successful critically and commercially.
    Ghost in the shell was also a box office bomb, despite starring the well known and fan favourite actress Scarlett johanson, one of the most famous in the business.
    In other words, people don’t want to specifically watch movies that star women and that are directed by women. People are not tired of movies starring men. People want to watch good movies.
    You are actually being sexist and racist right now, didn’t you complain before that it was a mistake thinking that just because of a few failures regarding super heroines, it was dumb to suggest that audiences didn’t like movies starring them, and now you are doing the exact same f@cking thing?
    Just grow the hell up, and stop it with the stupid political correctness.
    No one gives a crap if 100 movies were made starring men, or women, I don’t anyways, and the majority doesn’t.
    This definitely one of the dumbest articles I have ever read.

  21. godzilla502 says:

    STOP with the nonsensical, ignorant PC articles. LOGAN was a hit, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was a hit, Fate of the Furious was a hit. The latter 2 will outgross WW both foreign and domestic by WIDE margins. And in a few weeks, SPIDERMAN will out gross WW.

    And i notice you left out one of the biggest bombs of the year, THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE, starring Scarlett Jo. Also tanking in the US UNDERWORLD (Beckinsale), Resident Evil 6 (Jovovich) – although RE6 made a ton foreign – and COLOSSAL (starring Anne Hathaway).

    So far, WW after 19 days has outgrossed Suicide Squad by only $20M. In terms of public awareness, Suicide Squad is to Wonder Woman as Watchmen was to Batman.

    This isn’t saying anything is wrong with Wonder Woman. But you’re creating a false narrative. You’re basically validating the “fake news” claims by Trump.

    Comparing WW to Baywatch? To King Arthur? No. Compare WW to GoTG, Spiderman, Batman. You compare BAYWATCH to ROUGH NIGHT… And Baywatch looks like a massive hit next to ROUGH NIGHT.

    And you never mentioned the all female GHOSTBUSTERS, a huge bomb and critical disaster of last summer.

    So just shut up!

    • JJ says:

      You shut up, Trump.

      • godzilla502 says:

        If by “Republican” you mean people who use facts instead of non-sensical emotions, then I guess you can call me a republican. I’ve been a registered DEM since I could vote. Voted DEM since I could vote. Exactly HOW does using the facts I did, make you say “Trump”? Do you know how to debate? State what you believe I got wrong. Challenge my facts. Put them in a different context. This is why you lose every argument. I named several facts. You called me a name. See why you lose?

    • Marcie says:

      Exactly! Perfect! Way to go! Stop with the woman, man, black, white, gay, straight, bull crap. This is a terrible article trying to push the woman will soon rule the world joke. Equal rights for all. Push that.

      • JJ says:

        You can tell who is Republican around here…

      • godzilla502 says:

        Thanks. These types of stories only succeed in dividing people and hurting the very cause they are trying to promote.

        WONDER WOMAN would have been a hit if a man directed it. That’s NOT to take away anything from Jenkins or try to brush off a female director’s success. It’s Wonder Woman. The Mt. Rushmore of comics has Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman. It’s one of the top selling and best known comics in the world.

        Was the film good? Yes. Was it a masterpiece? No. It was entertaining to its target audience. Job well done.

        This notion that WW is a success because of a female director is false. It discredits the comics creator (men). It discredits the film’s screenwriter (a man). The Producers (several men).

        Or does Seth Kelly believe that if the Jenkins-Gadot team had made Black Canary, a little known DC comic, into a film, it would be passing $500M globally?

        Of course not.

        It’s Wonder Woman. My wife had a pair of Wonder Woman underwear when she was a girl. She also had a pair (a new pair) she purchased 7 years ago. This was before Gadot and Jenkins became involved with WW.

        This article HURTS the very cause it’s trying to promote.

  22. Anyway this is hands down one of the most dumbiest articles ever apparead in internet. I can’t believe there is something like this on Variery. It’s really really embarassing.
    Every boss in Hollywood can only laugh at this.

  23. Charlie Hunnam? “I don’t know who that is,” she says.

    Instead the woman that is Wonder Woman in the movie whatever her name is a such a star. Let’s see how she will make with her first original movies.
    Someone like Leornado Di Caprio is a star (550 m dollars for an arty movie like the renevant) not the woman that is in Wonder Woman. I still don’t remember her name, i will google it.

  24. This is pathetic article with little to no real substance and is incredibly biased. Wonder Women didn’t do great because of a Women being the lead. It did well because it was a good movie! Ghostbusters has all women cast but failed because the movie was bad. Mummy and other “Male” movies failed because they were objectively bad movies regardless of gender.

  25. Johnny Depp Fan says:

    Gal Gadot crushed Tom Cruise, not Johnny Depp. POTC 5 dominated Memorial Day weekend.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Domestic is more important to the studios because they get 50% of the box office. They only get 30% foreign and only 25% from China. So a movie has to make $200 million in China to bring back the same amount to the studio that $100 million brings the studio domestic.

    • milo says:

      Overall domestic numbers, POTC is getting crushed by WW. It’s at almost double what Pirates has made and will go far beyond that.

  26. Cath says:

    I find the Breaking News comment a bit odd here. Although I am pretty much fed up with news outlets, especially the cable ones, proclaiming something “breaking news” for hours, even days. To me breaking news is immediate, within the last hour or so. Maybe that is the connection with the problem with these movies. It is all over-hype, even the actors mention pretty much have been over-hyped. I like Dwayne Johnson too but he is everywhere, in regular movies, kid’s movies, on TV in a variety of capacities. Wonder Woman at least was something new and different.

  27. J says:

    This article is stupid in every possible meaning of the word. Gal Gadot is not “kicking” Depp’s butt because Pirates has grossed more and is at 652 million while Wonder Woman is at 600 million.

  28. Adam Poole says:

    ah a SJW piece crawls out from behind the dumpster… using a terrible film Baywatch as a example of how movies with men is failing against the (equally garbage) wonder woman movie.. guess the author also forgot about the garbage female ghostbusters aka fembusters… there are terrible movies with guys staring in them and terrible movies with girls..movies being good or bad has nothing to do it staring a certain gender

  29. Kaboom! says:

    What about that heavily advertised movie Snatched? A giant failure with women as the leads. Amazing how quickly biased reporters forget when it doesn’t fit their agenda. One day someone will figure out that it doesn’t matter if a man or woman is in the lead role, it has to be a good movie or nobody is going to the theatre to watch it.

    • milo says:

      Look at the numbers, Snatched made money in the USA. Pirates, Mummy, King Arthur haven’t even come close to their budget here and are only getting saved overseas. Transformers will do the same.

  30. Phillip Ayling says:

    If only Ghostbusters were coming out this July instead of last summer. It would be a monster hit… propelled by both the current political climate and Tom Cruise being a year older.

  31. What is the matter with this country where everything has become political? Stop already, not everything is political, it could be “simply” that people wanted to see a movie that wasn’t a remake, a sequel of a TV show reincarnated. I personally liked the Wonder Woman comics and wanted to see how they would butcher them like they have all the other comic book heroes of my youth. So far they have all been good action movies but few have lived up to the comics, but that’s Hollywood.If it doesn’t fit the Hollywood mold, break the mold and rewrite……… But if you insist on making it political. Perhaps people in this country are tired of Hollywood and their worthless opinions and the people are making their displeasure known while staying home and saving their money rather than feed the tremendous ego’s that exist in the movie world. Perhaps America is telling Hollywood to keep their opinions to themselves and do what they are paid to do, “entertain”. Since the overseas audience hasn’t been saturated by these biased and foolhardy attempts at manipulation by the Hollywood airheads they would naturally enjoy seeing these people where American audiences are waking up to the fact that just because you play a super hero, a doctor or a scientist doesn’t make you one and they are simply tired of the garbage. Suspension of disbelief can only be accomplished when you don’t see that pirate, explorer, space jockey etc.every day on the news without their makeup, spewing hate and inane rhetoric.

  32. Ellie says:

    Plural subject, so support.

    Also, go through your purchases and count how many things you “support” inadvertently.

  33. Are we just going to conveniently ignore the fact that the likes of King Arthur, The Mummy, Pirates of the Carribean, and Baywatch were greeted to some of the worst reviews of the summer whereas Wonder Woman has a higher RottenTomatoes score than all 4 of those films COMBINED! The only exception to this is Alien: Covenant but even that was seen as qualitatively disappointing with mixed word of mouth. I loved Wonder Woman, and don’t mean to take away from it’s achievements but to focus on movie stars and gender and ignore so many other important factors that go into a films success is ridiculous!

  34. No says:

    Guardians? Spiderman? Fate of the Furious? Logan? Kong? War for the Planet of the Apes? And if we’re talking international then Transformers, Get Out – you’re incompetent. It’s good that Wonder Woman was successful and there should be more female movies out there, but don’t act like male lead movies don’t work anymore because you, sir, are sadly mistaken.

    • milo says:

      Are you ignoring that WW has passed all but one of those that have been released so far and will probably easily beat the others? And it has a good chance at beating Guardians as well.

      Not to mention that the top movie of the year so far is Beauty and the Beast, another female led movie. Between those two and Star Wars, three of the top movies this year will have female leads. And Rogue One last year.

    • Dan says:

      Agreed! It’s like variety thinks that Wonder woman is the first movie ever made.

      • lee says:

        Wonder Women has not passed most of those films in total earnings. It probably will in the future.

  35. JIMjones says:

    You forgot to add Rough Night as evidennce of women doing so well this summer.

    • Ellie says:

      Excellent comment, but there must always be a controversy that pits two forces against each other; how else do these sites get folks like us to comment?

  36. thmsmgnm says:

    Maybe they should make better movies.

  37. Marcie says:

    Spot on! Thank you.

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