Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn to Star in Movie About Police Brutality

Mel Gibson Vince Vaughn Bone Tomahawk
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Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn will re-team to star in “Dragged Across Concrete,” a crime thriller about police brutality directed by “Bone Tomahawk” filmmaker S. Craig Zahler.

Bloom will introduce the project to buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin, with WME repping U.S. rights.

Keith Kjarval of Unified Pictures is producing along with Dallas Sonnier of Cinestate and Assemble Media’s Jack Heller. Kjarval’s Unified Film Fund I is financing.


Mel Gibson arrest

Mel Gibson Returns to Oscars With First Nomination Since ‘Braveheart’

Gibson and Vaughn will play cops who are suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics gets wide attention. They then descend into the criminal underworld to exact vengeance.

Vaughn starred as a sergeant in “Hacksaw Ridge,” which Gibson directed. The movie received six Oscar nominations, including best picture and best director.

Vaughn also starred in Zahler’s prison drama “Brawl in Cell Block 99,” along with Jennifer Carpenter and Don Johnson.

Zahler said, “‘Dragged Across Concrete is best suited to my goal of making a heartfelt, surprising, sad, funny, shocking, and memorable world with multiple viewpoints.  As is often the case in my novels and screenplays, the protagonists are in perilous circumstances against which they struggle in different and surprising—though logical—ways.  I am absolutely thrilled to have Mel and Vince agree to play the lead roles.”

Wayne Marc Godfrey and Robert Jones from The Fyzz Facility will executive produce. The Unified Film Fund I is partnered with Look to the Sky Films and comprised of Victory Square Labs and its equity partner Fantasy 360 along with The Fyzz Facility.

Gibson is represented by CAA and Hansen Jacobson, and Vaughn is repped by WME and Jackoway Tuerman. Zahler is repped by UTA, Cinestate, and Ziffren Brittenham.

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  1. I think he’s a hateful person. I don’t think he should be forgiven because he has true hate in his heart. And it says a lot about how how hypocritical and full of double standards Hollywood is that they can cozy up to Mel on one hand and ruthlessly attack others they arbitrarily don’t like, because they disagree with their politics, on the other, people who haven’t said or done anything as bad as Gibson.

  2. Bela Ghostly says:

    when Vince going to do a Rockford Files remake? he’d be perfect but don’t ruin it
    by making it a stupid comedy like Starsky and Hutch which was horrible.

  3. Annoyed says:

    I hope this flops..

  4. Chris Torun says:

    WOW a movie about the real world, one where there are people ABOVE the law

  5. stevenkovacs says:

    Love this!
    Mel for ‘Death Wish’ remake, too!

  6. Brando also did it. When you’re at the level of both of them you can make a comeback. Mel is one of the best actors and directors Hollywood has produced in the past 30 years. He’s also one of the most famous movie stars in the world and his films have made billions. It’s only logical he will make a comeback.

    • David Brotsky says:

      I hope the whole production falls apart and I will be taking steps to that end. I don’t comprehend how any Jews, women, black people, or any decent person would work with him. Eventually working with Mel Gibson will hurt those who do it.


  7. Peb says:

    Well, of course. Got to get the police brutality justifying/apologia movie out ahead of the new wave of actual police brutality – and make sure it’s cast to appeal to the white supremacists it’s aimed at.

  8. Sophie Maele says:

    Got my money ready to buy tix to see this already. Can’t wait. Real actors in a real movie. No CGI or Meryl Streep!!!

  9. gaunt says:

    finally, something original with quality talent attached

    hopefully, this film sets a precedent in hollywood

  10. Anyone in this business willing to work alongside Mel Gibson is why so few normal people with a brain care about the industry’s views on anything else. Don’t claim to care about anything important if you’re ok working with Mel Gibson as a colleague. If you’re ok working with Mel Gibson, or with the fact that he still somehow is able to have a career in this field, you are part of the problem.

    • Snoopy says:

      Yet all of Hollywood applauds Roman Polanski, the guy who drugged and raped a 13 year old

      • Christopher Bradley says:

        So, since anyone in Hollywood ever worked with Roman Polanski, all ethical questions going forward are now cancelled? Seriously?

  11. Shiny says:

    Producers read this script and thought: cool – let’s make a movie about police brutality where we try to make everyday people identify with cops who think they’re above the law when it doesn’t suit them and go ’round violently ‘getting their vengeance’. We’ll cast Mel Gibson, he’s a likable fella.

  12. Rudy Mario says:

    Mel Gibson and that Affleck guy both look like homeless people. Is this the new look in mostly weird Hollywood?

  13. Jiminy Critic says:

    Lethal Weapon 5?

  14. Geri McCall-Barrath says:

    Don’t understand the premise. Why would police who disregard the law have any need to “exact vengeance”? Vengeance on who/what? When cops behave like this they are no better than the criminals. Taking classes on anger management would make a lot more sense. As a society we hold our law keepers to a higher standard. They are role models and demean their position when they disregard the law. When the law keepers let us down, all society suffers. They are better than criminals and we expect them to behave like it.

    • Conjecturing says:

      Unless of course the video in question is a fake or jimmied one, calculated to defame reputations and careers…which would provide impetus for the cops to go looking for the criminal culprits. Don’t take everything at face value. It is only a movie, after all.

  15. Je Vizzusi says:

    Already on record stating if Gibson wins Best Director I’m jumping off my nearest pier! Rebranding with a forgetting society I understand. His druckin comments about Jews and his crazy explanation is unforgivable.

    • God I hope he wins best picture, and Director. I hope you aren’t going to be like those celebrities who said they’re going to move to Canada.

    • Alpha Dog says:

      Last time I looked in the mirror I found I was looking at a man who made mistakes just like Gibson. I got on more than one occasion, shot my mouth off as many times and found myself to be a normal person unlike liberals who are the most perfect people on the planet until they get caught then they blame everyone else including George W. Bush…LMDIAO!!!!

    • Zed says:

      No one is stopping you.

    • Max Barber says:

      No one cares that you’ve been triggered. Go back to your safe zone.

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