Box Office: Matt Damon’s ‘Great Wall’ to Get Bulldozed by ‘Lego Batman’

Matt Damon The Great Wall

The Lego Batman Movie” will once again try to fend off “Fifty Shades Darker” as the animated spinoff works to retain its box office crown over the Presidents Day weekend holiday. The two films should make quick work of a group of newcomers — “Fist Fight,” “The Great Wall,” and “A Cure for Wellness” — that lack the firepower to pull off a coup.

Of these, “Fist Fight,” a comedy with Ice Cube and Charlie Day as feuding teachers, should be the most profitable. The New Line comedy is expected to debut to roughly $17 million over the four-day period, a solid result given its $22 million budget. The studio is being a bit more conservative, projecting an opening of approximately $15 million across 3,200 locations.


Lego Batman

With ‘Lego Batman,’ IMAX Makes Big Commitment to Family Movies

Universal and Legendary’s “The Great Wall,” an elaborate action-adventure with Matt Damon and some monsters incongruously popping up in the midst of China’s Song Dynasty, has already grossed a hefty $171 million in the Middle Kingdom. North American audiences seem less enthused about spending the annual celebration of Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays watching Damon play China’s great white hope. “The Great Wall” should open to roughly $17 million from 3,200 locations, a lackluster result considering its $150 million production budget. It will also roll out in 21 additional markets, including Australia, Korea, Russia, and the U.K., which could help bolster revenues.

That leaves Fox’s “A Cure for Wellness” staring at a disappointing $6 million to $8 million when it bows across 2,703 locations. The horror film centers on a young executive (Dane DeHaan) whose trip to retrieve the company’s CEO from a shadowy spa in the Swiss Alps doesn’t end with a deep tissue massage. There, the treatments being administered are far more dangerous than even the most aggressive facial peel. New Regency produced the film with Gore Verbinski, of “Pirates of the Caribbean” fame and “The Lone Ranger” infamy, directing. “A Cure for Wellness” did manage to make headlines this week after reports surfaced that it had partnered with “fake news” providers to post dubious stories such as a fake meeting between President Donald Trump and Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, at a resort, which made passing references to the film. The provocative ads do not appear to have bolstered interest in the film.

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  1. Spider says:

    I will be seeing, “John Wick: Chapter 2”, again.

  2. everyone i know stopped spending any money on anything related to Matt Damon since he turned to oil-rich Middle East royalty to finance his film attacking domestically produced natural gas.The environmentalist screed, Promised Land, received a chunk of its funding from the United Arab Emirates, an oil kingdom known for its lavish spending on man-made islands and the world’s tallest building.An ever-growing market for domestic fracking threatens dependence on foreign oil from the likes of UAE and OPEC.

  3. Hollywood is really dragging the depths now.

  4. Marty says:

    I will make sure Not to watch!

  5. Ken Valley says:

    Yep, Americans are boycotting Hollywood Communists by the millions! And, they will continue to see more decline until they stop opening their mouths and spouting hatred for Middle America! Slimeballs like Damon are just another Communist, like Sean Penn and George Clooney. Both have opened their trap and saw their movies tanked like the Titanic!

  6. Maxwell says:

    Something Hollywood should take notice of ..people are growing tired of hostile, angry and combative messages, they want to escape to something fun and get away for awhile.

  7. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Matt-I’m a left wing kook-Damon loses audience to a Lego movie? ROFLMAO….See what happens Mattie-just like Clooney. Your customers hate your political garbage and vote with their money.

  8. Bruce says:

    Why do sub-par actors feel they have the right to speak about politics? Does he not approve of lower taxes for the very people which once used to pay to see his movies that which puts money in his pocket? Matt is the old and I refuse to watch anything he is in anylonger.

  9. Dick says:

    The wall movie looks total idiotic, weapons and uniforms are not Chinese, the swarms of enemies seem like a flock of flying ants, and the special effects make it into a circus act, and you know circus acts have died.

  10. Bob Suyak says:

    I do not believe any American had anything to do with the Great Wall and do no care about anything the Communist Chinese put out. Why don’t they make a movie about their great Communist Leader Mao Zedong” murdering an estimated 70 million Chinese during his “cultural revolution”?

  11. Rex says:

    It should be noted that Damon does NOT play “China’s great white hope” in GREAT WALL, but as was rightly noted in the Maggie Lee’s review here in variety, he “spends the course of the film being humbled, out-smarted, and re-educated in Chinese virtues of bravery, selflessness, discipline, and invention.”

    If you didn’t want to see it because you thought it was full of Hollywood lefty pap, now you can rest easy knowing that it’s an allegorical depiction of a modern China that the communist government there is desperate for the world to think actually exists. They probably felt validation from a Hollywood liberal was tantamount to all of America and the greater West falling in line. Fat chance.

    But it looks pretty sparkly, just like the hundreds of other overblown period epics Chinese filmmakers are seemingly forced to crank out, so there’s that.

  12. dr3yec says:

    Another liberal bites the dust. If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain

  13. William Doty says:

    Damon is a useless who are for Communism.

  14. Talk about propaganda – watch the Lego movie. OMG! Our kids are screwed. As for Matt… what a pathetic moron.

  15. Matt Damon has become one of the most hated actors in the world. Good. I wish him nothing but BAD BAD and even more BAD.

  16. A. Rom says:

    Perhaps, because the Lego Batman is a better actor?

  17. Tush says:

    His movie looks REALLY bad, and I don’t mean the stupid, liberal premise that is probably behind it (not to mention the pro-communist china propaganda, since they produced and financed this garbage). That’s just a given you have to ignore to watch any of the schlock out of hollywood these days. I mean the trailer I saw, the CGI was some of the worst I have seen since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

    Oh well, either way I won’t be paying to watch it, I just stream everything for free online, movies and tv. I don’t have cable anymore and I haven’t been to a theater in ten years.

  18. fokker46 says:

    Is it any surprise? He looks ridiculous in that costume. I have personally blackballed any Matt Damon movie because he just can’t stick to acting and feels compelled to make political commentary about subjects in which he has no experience or expertise, gun control being an example.

  19. Barb says:

    I wont pay to see a single thing and haven’t for years. Hit these dumbass liberal “stars” where it hurts. Why do you think they’re all running to Netflix to make series now? Their movies are tanking because of their mouths, and they think its not “them”. I will not give them ratings on Netflix when they appear either. When they start going broke, maybe then they’ll get the message.

  20. Pf Mahan says:

    LOL I am 5’9, that is his problem, he is so angry and insecure cause he barely tops a midget.

  21. David Talbot says:

    Liked the first Lego movie – couldn’t stand this one. Guess I’m not juvenile enough.

  22. tg says:

    Hate to say it but this is a good indication of the intelligence and sophistication of the American people…
    Looks like the fluoride, common core, hollweird and TV is doing its job dumbing down America.

  23. MichaleV says:

    Matt Damon is the primary reason I don’t go to theaters. About ten years ago he made the statement, “We’ve created a warrior class because they have no financial options.” As a career Marine I was livid. He went to claim that “Dissent is patriotic” citing Thomas Jefferson. In reality Thomas Jefferson never said any such thing – it was a rallying call borne out of the leftist movement of the ’60’s. He’s an idiot that tries to sell himself as an intellectual.

  24. c p says:

    Matt peaked out with the first Bourne movie.

  25. Canes58 says:

    while i could not stand bourne, this takes the cake for stupidity. it is mummy 3 with jet li as the clay emperor! they must have forked over big bucks to do this stinker!

  26. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Netflix is too liberal for me – those people are wackos.

  27. Jimmy Chonga says:

    He votes with his “celebrity”, I vote with my pocket book. Hey, Matt, GPS!

  28. Carlos Broker says:

    Matt Damon as an action hero? By all accounts a live action hero should be a least 6′ tall. Damon barely, according to reliable sources, barely tops 5’3″ with lifts. Skip this farce.

    • Gabriel says:

      Um, have you not heard of the Jason Bourne movies? Yeah, he can play an action hero. And as someone who has stood next to him (I photographed him for a magazine), I can reliably state that he is taller than 5’3″.

  29. I see where Matt Damon is against the wall. Do we know how many illegals are living in his house that he doesn’t know and is financially taking care of? And how many people does he know, not just relatives, that have been killed by illegals. Or does he live in a gated community that doesn’t have any illegals in it and, of course, he and his are protected by armed guards. Either he is a total hypocrite or he has positive answers to this. But like most of the Hollywood elites he is much better at telling everyone else how to live (or die, he could care less ) then doing what he wants others to do.

  30. Lib Serum says:

    Sorry, this is John Wayne – “The Conqueror” all over again. Good actor, wrong role. Dumb casting, who knows – dumb story?…would have to see it to know. Won’t happen (maybe on Netflix.)

  31. U.B. Yoo says:

    This “Great Wall” film is just another Chinese & American money laundering scheme. First they hide the majority of the $150+ million production budget within payments to themselves as producers.

    Just ask yourself how much money you think those chinese CGI fx guys who manufactured 90% of this film actually made at the end of the day?

    Then the same producers backed by Chinese government banks come back a year later with help from American banks for a $150+ million dollar tax write off for it being a bomb.

    Then they maybe even add a couple of hundred million more written off as an impossible to trace phantom marketing budget for the world paid mostly to co-conspirator companies as additional cover.
    There you go…approximately half a BILLION dollars legally laundered.
    Why doesn’t Matt Damon care? – Because no one will remember this movie in a month and on top of a multi-million dollar pay day for this film, he effectively signaled to the Chinese that he is down with providing upfront cover for their BILLION dollar money laundering game if the price is right.

    As Tom Cruise’s character in the film titled “Taps” would say, – “It’s Beautiful Man”

  32. Carlene says:

    I do not waste my time or money…ergo I do not watch Matt Damon films. Life can be very good.

  33. Every time I see or hear his name, I remember Team America, and their mockery of Matt. Then I laugh hard. He’s a worthless hypocrite much like ALL of Hollyweird.

  34. TruthTelle says:

    When actors and directors insist on being politicians, we are left with no choice but to vote… with our wallets. You simply cannot continue to denigrate the very people who pay your lavish salaries, and expect them to continue supporting you. We don’t hate you – we simply make you irrelevant.

  35. Don Keebals says:

    The real story of the Great Wall of China goes against the open borders leftist libtard agenda. So instead, we get this over-produced, under-acted, budget-busting steaming pile of crap-o-la, that half other will ignore. ‘grats.

  36. peterwoohoo says:

    Hey Matt, Redo this Great Wall movie as Lego Great Wall movie, less work more money & better ratings.

  37. What a wonderful world... says:

    Matt saves China by flying his private by the great wall several times in his private jet killing the creatures with the jets emissions that are trying to breech the wall. Go Matt.

  38. ITHzwhenIP says:

    From seeing the ads for Great Wall, it looks like an imported live action cartoon.

  39. I’m sure this movie was made for a Chinese audience so the Communist party can show how the can get famous American actors to star in their propaganda films.

  40. Sorry Matt, but “The Great Wall’ is one colossal stinker.

  41. GC says:

    I wrote off m damon years ago. He’s an America hating foolish boog that loves howard zinn – the late american hating professor.

    matt vis one of the few i really can’t stand.

  42. DenCimm says:

    The Celebration is for Washington’s Birthday ONLY , hence the name of the holiday being “George Washington’s Birthday:” www .opm. gov /policy-data-oversight/snow-dismissal-procedures/federal-holidays

  43. OhDear says:

    Why aren’t the lefties screaming about Damon’s blatant cultural appropriation?

  44. Bene Teau says:

    I will probably go to see the movie, but will buy a ticket for whatever kids’ movie is playing at the theater. I refuse to give Damon movies my money or vote!

  45. Johnny Argon says:

    hey Matt ,, maybe if you lecture us on Hollywood values ? Tell us how we should act and think ( in the snowflake butthurt liberal way of course ) That will get more people to show up .

  46. LaLaLoonney says:

    CGI garbage.

  47. Will Fifty Shades drop off a cliff this weekend? I would think that all the lonely moms who were interested in it went on opening weekend.

  48. Mike Jones says:

    No body wants to watch a Commie Chinese propaganda film. China needs to stay out of hollywood.

  49. Rudyrude says:

    Matt communist no thanks

  50. Mr. Bill says:

    I refuse to watch anything with Matt Damon in it.

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