Kristen Stewart Responds to Donald Trump’s 2012 Tweets: He Was ‘Really Obsessed With Me’ (Watch)

Kristen Stewart Donald Trump tweets

Kristen Stewart is speaking up about Donald Trump, recalling when he took an interest in her with a series of tweets in which he voiced his opinion about the actress’ personal life.

“He was mad at me a couple years ago, really obsessed with me a couple years ago, which is f—ing crazy,” Stewart said at the Variety studio (see video below) in Park City, Utah, referencing these tweets that attacked her personal relationships. “I can’t even understand it. I literally cannot even understand it. It’s such far-out concept that I don’t want to believe that actually is happening. It’s insane.”

Hours after the presidential inauguration, Stewart stopped by Variety’s studio at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival to promote her short film, “Come Swim,” which marks her directorial debut. She also wrote the film, which stars newcomer Josh Kaye.

When asked how Trump’s tweets in 2012 made her feel at the time, Stewart replied, “At that point, he was just, like, a reality star. I had no reference. It wasn’t like really a thing. But in retrospect, somebody reminded me of that and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re right!'”

Stewart (who’s not on Twitter) quipped, “He’s probably, like, going to tweet about this.”

Interviewing Stewart, Variety’s Elizabeth Wagmeister said, “There are a lot of other young women that look up to you and they’re scared now with our new president,” to which the actress/director interjected, “As they should be.”

When asked if she has a message for other young women, with a laugh, Stewart preached, “Ladies, stand up for yourself!”

Turning to a more serious note, she continued, “I’ve never been the most politically charged person, but I think at this point, it’s not political. It’s f–king so humanitarian.”

She added, “I would just say be a part of what you believe in, whichever way that is. I’m not going to tell anyone how to feel, but I’m pretty sure that we all feel the same way.”

One of the most highly anticipated events at the Sundance Film Festival is a Women’s March, which will be led by vocal anti-Trump comedian Chelsea Handler. Stewart and the “Come Swim” team will be marching.

“I was really disappointed that I couldn’t be in D.C. for the march, and I was like, I’m sure somebody is going to be doing something here and they are and I’m really thankful for that,” Stewart said.

Watch the full-length raw footage of Kristen Stewart talking about Donald Trump at Variety’s Sundance studio:

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  1. Summer says:

    First Trump was so much more than “just a reality star”. Seriously? You think that’s where he became famous? He was already famous and that’s why he made the TV show.

    Second, a few tweets about your cheating isn’t being “obsessed” with you. I guess you were looking for something to make you relevant again and this was the straw you were grasping at. “The President was obsessed with me!” Phhht… No, he wasn’t.

    It wasn’t something personal and private, the majority of the USA and lots of other places around the world were talking and commenting about it. It wasn’t weird for anybody with an active Twitter account to mention something about it at the time.

    Kristen is ridiculous. I don’t want to hear anything that she says or thinks as it’s just irritating. Sadly it’s even more irritating than listening to Trump, which tells you just how bad it is to hear her thoughts and opinions.

  2. Dear Abby says:

    Sounds like Trump gave sound advice to Pattinson.

  3. Cheese says:

    First of all, Kristen looks high as a kite in this video. Second of all, DJT only recently started using a cell phone, and doesn’t type at all. Though he has been on Twitter for years, an intern was running his account, so DJT wasn’t obsessed with Kristen. Don’t flatter yourself, Kristen. Seriously. If you’re unsure whether or not DJT tweets every tweet, just look at the presidential debates for an answer. DJT’s Twitter account was live tweeting during the debates, even as DJT was speaking. Impossible for DJT to do in the middle of the debate as he clearly wasn’t holding a cell phone in his hands when many of the tweets were sent. Get a clue, Kristen. Trump is a brand and he has a lot of staff working to promote the Trump brand on social media. I’m certain Trump gives input, now and then, but he doesn’t Tweet the majority of messages. Neither does HRC.

  4. Mi says:

    KS worked with woody allen that is accused of sexual harrassment of his 7 years old daughter. How about that? IS that a role model for young girls? Or sleeping with married man is it a thing to look up to? Write about it, miss Wameister, if k’s PR rep allows you.

  5. Jackie says:

    Was it more than tweet? Does one tweet equate to obsession these days?

  6. Jus Sayin says:

    Another great example of why the people voted the way they did this time.

    Too cool for school brainless cliche who sleeps with another actress’s husband who is twenty years older before walking away from his life smashed on the rocks to become an alleged lesbian ? #JusSayin

  7. Patrick says:

    A man who cheats like a dog, calling out someone. Hilarious.

  8. dan2397 says:

    She really needs to change her look.

    Her name is currently an under developed brand that has the potential to bring her serious financial security for decades to come.
    And yet she insists on dressing and looking like she’s been in a bar drinking all night.
    Drop the leather jackets for heaven’s sakes.

    Unfortunately in Hollywood, the careers of young women have a very short time limit.
    And their careers don’t last as long as their male counterparts because there’s always a younger, prettier, hungrier actress waiting in the wings.

    Dress and wear whatever you want in private, but the moment the camera is on, switch to business mode, hire a stylist and make up artist, fire your publicist and use every opportunity to push your brand forward and make serious money girl…while you are able to cash in.

    The barfly look is not doing her any favours at all.
    And I say this because once you get past the leather, cigarettes and up all night wrinkles, there’s actually a naturally beautiful women being hidden away.

    Why choose on purpose to hide her natural God given beauty?
    I don’t get it.

  9. Jaddy Baddy says:

    The first order of business of this congress
    is quite clear: The Impeachment and Removal
    from Office of Donald J. Trump as President
    of the United States.

    The legal precedent is well founded. We
    cannot have a sexual predator as POTUS.
    If charges of sexual harassment by a legal
    secretary when he was governor of Arkansas;
    if charges of an illicit affair when he
    was POTUS; if his own denial of those
    charges were cause and call enough to
    impeach Bill Clinton: then certainly
    charges of sexual predation, assault and
    molestation against Trump are cause and
    call enough to impeach and remove Donald
    J. Trump from the office of POTUS.

    Trump stands accused of such conduct by
    women from contestants and employees of
    his beauty pageants, to the contestants
    and employees of The Apprentice, to news
    women; in offices, on stages, in his own
    home. There are audio tapes of Trump not
    only admitting, but bragging about his
    sexual predations. These twenty or thirty
    women are only the most famous to come
    forward; how many house keepers,
    secretaries and assistants in his
    businesses and offices around the world
    have been bought off or threatened into
    silence, before Trump moved up the food
    chain to beauty contestants, models and
    newswomen? This evidence cannot be
    legally ignored.

    The challenge for this congress couldn’t
    be more profound: you either stand With
    a sexual predator as President or you
    stand again’ him, but We, The People,
    will not let you stand idly By him. You
    either impeach Trump or be impeached with
    him. In two years we can remove a good
    number of you from office, and we will.

  10. Michael says:

    She cheats on EVERYONE. Talk about living in a glass house! And HOT she is not! Only a boring self-absorbed actress!

  11. OG says:

    Resilient? Well I guess if you keep trashing your career and you have to dig yourself out of the ditch you put yourself in, you need to be resilient. I think it’s more that she has that cushion of Twilight money to fall back on and use for PR. Sadly, I think producers are beginning to notice that the films she’s in never show a profit at the box office, and recently, they’ve even failed to please the critics. Billy Lynn was one of the biggest bombs of 2016.

    It’s sad that someone more deserving didn’t get that slot in Refinerary29’s short films project. Stewart’s derivative short showed no special vision, which a good director needs. This vanity project took the spot of a more deserving young director and will lead to nothing for Stewart, since it was so weak. She never runs out of things to say about herself, though, Too bad audiences don’t find her as endlessly fascinating as she finds herself.

    • Amy says:

      The fact that she’s wealthy makes her even more resilient, in my opinion. She could’ve taken her $70 Million, moved to another country, and quietly lived her life away from harsh critics such as yourself. She chose to stay, work, and fulfill her bucket list, while standing up for what she believes in. Yes, she’s resilient.

      Also, I don’t know where you’re getting your information about her short film. But, I’ve only read good things. Also, she co-authored a paper on artificial intelligence. Additionally, Come Swim is going to Cannes in May. Also, she’s already financed to direct a feature-length film.

      Lastly, what exactly are you so self-righteous about? You think you know her because you know of a mistake she made in her personal life? You don’t and neither do I. You seem obsessed. Get a life, dude.

      • OG says:

        The Wrap reviewed all 7 shorts and said 3 were strong and hers was weak. I haven’t seen any favorable reviews of her short and if there were any, her rabid fanbase would be tweeting them like it was their job. Simply being written about as participating doesn’t mean her film was any good.

        LMAO –you think she co-authored a paper on IE? One guy wrote it, the producer rounded up the stills and got some of her script pages with her notes on it and that was her “contribution.” She dropped out of 7th grade, she can barely count, and you can bet your last dollar that she has almost nothing to do with authoring that PR stunt of a paper.

        Come Swim is part of the Refinery29 project and as such, it will go to Cannes with the rest of the films they commissioned. She’s not a special snowflake. Too bad it isn’t as good as some of the others. But this is what she does to get publicity for herself and try to get more work. If she was as dazzling as you think she is, she wouldn’t have been unemployed for 10 months last year and unemployed now, with no projects in development. What is this mythical feature she’s going to direct? It’s not on her IMDB and she isn’t talking it up at Sundance so it sounds like more hype, which is all that ever surrounds her. If it ever does happen, I won’t expect much from it, as she lacks the vision and ability to direct her way out of a paper bag.

    • Alana says:

      Why did you change your name, “Ned”?

  12. Amy says:

    Love how resilient she is and it’s great to see her fulfilling her dreams. I know she doesn’t want to be political. But, the personal is political and I’m glad she’s taking a stance and marching.

  13. JB says:

    I’m all for gun control, and I probably agree with her on many political issues, but it’s truly PAINFUL to listen to this girl speak. There’s something very irksome about her verbal delivery and her body language.

  14. angie says:

    K.S. sounds more mental than anyone. Get over yourself.

    • Jack Monte says:

      Too bad Emily Browning turned down the role of Bella. Maybe we wouldn’t have to deal with K.S. at all. Especially the roles she gets because some number-crunching producer thinks she adds something to the opening weekend.

  15. Phillip Ayling says:

    “I’m not going to tell anyone how to feel, but I’m pretty sure that we all feel the same way.”
    Sometimes that’s a sign you need to get out more, but then she might have to calm down long enough to stop using herself as a human drum set.

  16. Ned says:

    I love how self-absorbed she is. “He was obsessed with me!!” No, dear, he merely commented on a story that was on the cover of US Weekly, everyone saw the 50 pics of you cheating in public with your married director. Trump comments on everything, I’d hardly say he was obsessed with Kristen Stewart. But like a stopped clock that’s right twice a day, he was right back then. He advised Pattinson to dump her and move on because she would cheat again. He was right about that.

    She’s gone on to cheat on everyone she’s ever been with since then. Alicia Cargile, Agathe Mougin, Soko (who very publicly called her on it on her IG and Twitter, “I hate cheaters!”), etc. Once a cheater, always a cheater, as Trump well knows. He can’t be faithful, either. Too bad her short flopped so badly at Sundance, but I didn’t think she’d be great shakes as a director, since I’ve seen the little music video she co-directed a few years ago.

  17. jamiegreco says:

    Pots and Kettles, Trump.

  18. eddie willers says:

    Average face. Below average actress.

  19. Dave J. says:

    And Americans should be proud of themselves for electing this narcissistic, hypocritical, draft dodger and straight up pathological liar for their president, who of course does not mind cheating on his last three wives, but if someone else does it then that is not okay! Pure example of Trump as a dictator

  20. See Me - Feel Me says:

    it’s because he’s mentally ill, he needs help and none of the opportunists who are feeding him want to help him because the money train would stop. Sad, really.

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