‘Beauty and the Beast’ to Feature Disney’s First Openly Gay Character

Beauty and the Beast
Courtesy of Disney

Josh Gad is setting a milestone for Disney: His portrayal of LeFou in the live-action rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” will be Disney’s first openly gay character.

In the film, which stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, Gad plays LeFou, the eccentric sidekick to antagonist Gaston (Luke Evans). In a slight modification, LeFou will engage in a subplot of his own that deals with his sexuality.


Beauty and the Beast

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“LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston,” director Bill Condon told Attitude magazine. “He’s confused about what he wants. It’s somebody who’s just realizing that he has these feelings. And Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out of it. And that’s what has its payoff at the end, which I don’t want to give away. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.”

Television host Chris Parente tweeted to Gad, asking him to confirm that the film would in fact include this “exclusively gay moment,” saying that it would “mean a lot to me, and gay kids everywhere.” Gad replied to the tweet, writing that he is “beyond proud of this.”

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  1. SpartusRings says:

    Anything that deals with sexuality, should be rated r. Whatever happened to the liberals of the 90s? The Al and Tipper Gore supporters? The ones who wanted to put parent advisories on music because of curse words? The ones who wanted rated r on movies because of killing one too many people and saying the f word too many times. The same people who wanted mature on video games if they were too violent? Because all that crap influenced violence in the youth?

  2. Nichole M Wester says:

    He’s not the first gay character in a Disney live-action production. Another example is the show “Once Upon A Time” on ABC (owned by Disney). It is a retelling in live-action of basically ALL the Disney fairy tale and non-fairy tale stories, as well as some classic fiction – like Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Wizard of Oz. In the show, Mulan is in love with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) but it’s unrequited, and then falls in love with Dorothy, who loves her back, and they share “True Love’s Kiss” to wake Dorothy from her own Sleeping Curse. So yeah, Disney’s been showcasing gay couples, just not under the “Disney” monogram.

    • Nichole M Wester says:

      Sorry! Red and Dorothy, not Mulan and Dorothy. Mulan loved Aurora and it was unrequited. Red fell in love with Dorothy and they shared the kiss. I had to go back and re-watch it! Sorry!

  3. the cacti that sings says:

    No,no, I refuse to not say anything about this! LeFou is not Disneys FIRST ever gay character…perhaps the first gay character to be shown on a widescreen under Disney’s name but NOT the first Disney,LGBT character in the whole entire Disney franchise. If I’m correct,the first,openly,LGBT characters in Disney were the two lesbian moms on the Disney channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie. The characters were brief,yes..and Disney channel may be a smaller company compared to Disney Studios but the moms were still represented under a Disney affiliate, therefore making them the first. It’s really not a competition and more representation isn’t a bad thing but..calling LeFou the first,openly gay character in Disney is basically just erasing all the poop the GLC cast and crew had to go thru. Mia Talerico who was only five at the time was getting death threats from Angry “christians” thru her Instagram acc because she was associated with Disney’s first ever openly gay characters. I mean,,idk if it’s the fact that the first LGBT characters were on a Disney channel show or if it’s because they were lesbian and not gay (the word ‘gay’ probably seems more eye catching and politically progressive then “lesbian” on a tabloid article) that so many news articles want to erase their existence by calling LeFou the first. So LeFou is not Disney’s first ever LGBT character and is not actually Disney’s first ever gay character either(if you don’t want to count Good Luck Charlie’s lesbian couple that probably had the same amount of screen time as Josh Gad will have.) Back at the beginning of 2016,Gravity Falls basically officially(technically) canonized a gay couple during the show’s finale. The two gay,park rangers were not exactly the best representation but they did have character and proved to love each other very much(in the small but constant screen time they got during the series,,still probably more screen time then Gad’s)Throughout the whole series their relationship is strongly suggested as romantic and even if their actions towards each other could’ve started off as a humorous punchline..the writers never really stopped suggesting their relationship. Their brief yet romantic actions towards each other could have been a series long running gag that would pop in out at random moments but why would the writers finally make their relationship “canon” at the end of the series. Quotes like “We’re mad with power….and love.” should pretty much make any long hinted,strongly suggested gay,park ranger couple official. And yes,, Blubs and Durland(the gay park rangers) were often used as comic relief and were othen represented as idiots..they still portrayed a healthy relationship and the writers seemed to take great attention to how these two showed affection when they weren’t using the characters as gags(it’s still a kids show so all the characters had to be funny and I don’t think a joke was ever implied when the two acted affectionate..I can’t remember an “LOL that’s gay!haha” moment) basically Blubs and Durland were never scrutinized for their loving and caring nature towards each other but more for their low IQ’s which makes sense since it’s a kid’s shows and all the side characters need to act stupid to keep the plot running. And lol i haven’t even gotten ABC family/Freeform. I have no idea whether there are any Freeform originals with gay characters but if there are then they should be added to the ever growing list of gay/lgbt Disney characters since freeform is a sister channel with Disney channel. I’ve heard really good rumors about what’s going to happen to LeFous character and Disney(the movie branch) does not fail to deliver,,yet the movie branch is wrongly given credit for making the first openly gay Disney character. Disney television has been representing gay characters pretty decently over the past decade so I’m glad that Disney (the movie branch) is finally catching up. PSA LeFou is not the first openly gay/LGBT DISENY character. But he will be the first openly gay Disney character in the movie theater and that will be a much bigger audience then household television(bigger reactions,more reviews and more attention goes to the movies which is understandable) but please stop giving him credit as “making history” when Good luck Charlie’s lesbian moms made history first to a smaller,probably more cynical audience…thanks

  4. suact2@hotmail.com says:

    I am so very sad about this! I LOVE Disney. And my kids and I have been looking so forward to this movie being released, but now, we will not be seeing it. The LGBT community can say what they want about my opinion on this. I have a transgender brother and a lesbian aunt who is married with children. I love them and they know that. But though I can love and support family that I morally do not agree with, I will not indoctrinate my young or older children with this stuff. We can love others, even when we don’t agree with them, but I cannot teach these very wrong behaviors to my children. Others commenting in here talk about not “shielding” our kids. Well my kids know my lesbian aunt and have hung out at her house and played with her kids. And they know and love my transgender brother. But I have also taught them it is VERY wrong the choices these family member and our society are making. It is wrong. I also have a gay best friend. I talk to them, and I treat them fairly. But I will never agree with their lifestyle choice and I don’t agree with Disney’s move. It is seriously disappointing.

  5. eddie willers says:

    “In a slight modification”


    • Anonomyous says:

      I totally agree with everyword. I do not judge anybody but doesnt mean we have to agree with everything society is pushing in our faces

  6. SJ (@reusan) says:

    I never watch Disney Garbage. They have shown their true colors way before this movie.

  7. guardrail says:

    Look, I know there are Homosexual’s in the world. I don’t hate them but do not agree with their life style. They don’t agree with mine. But I’ll be damed if I’ll take my Grand kids to a movie that throws this in their face. At their age I want them to see a move that entertains, not one that indoctrinates them.

  8. dillon says:

    How about raise our kids to have a spine and reject abnormal crap. Being queer is 100% not normal, just because America gives homosexuality a voice doesn’t mean it’s right. I don’t understand how anyone could think this is right, there is nothing that biologically lines up with two men having sex. While everyone’s morals go to piss, I guess I’ll stand against it and raise my kids like normal Americans and not feed lies to them.

  9. Craven Moorehead says:

    Disgusting, I’m done with Disney and will forbid my kids from watching this shit – why does everything have to be about queers?

    • tessarapa says:

      “Queers” just got their FIRST gay moment in a Disney movie. Relax – all the other moments are about straight people.

  10. Nang says:

    The actor who plays Gaston is gay. So…big deal.

  11. Amanda Pike says:

    Please stop claiming Le Fou in Beauty and The Beast is the first openly gay Disney character.

    Le Fou is NOT the first openly gay Disney character.

    That distinction goes to Lexington from Disney’s Gargoyles. Though not out of the closet in the show the season three comic book does allow Lexington to come out openly as gay. The comics are by Greg Weisman (the show’s creator) and are canon. Lexington is the first officially gay Disney character.

    And the Disney TV show Once Upon a Time has the now canon Lesbian couple of the bisexual Red (Little Red Riding Hood) and Dorothy (The Wizard Of Oz) .

    There is also a bisexual Mulan, who has an unrequited love for Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

    In fact Disney’s first non-comedic Lesbian kiss was Dorothy and Red in Disney’s Once Upon a Time Season five.

    Also though sexual orientation is not specific Pleakley of Lilo and Stitch was gender non-conforming, preferring woman’s clothing to male. And it’s not just an alien thing. Pleakley knows it’s generally considered female clothing.

  12. Jessica says:

    I think it’s a jab at the French!

    • the cacti that sings says:

      The ABC show (another sister channel of Disney)Once Upon A Time re imagined Mulan as a bisexual who has a thing for Aurora.

    • Nathan says:

      Hey you realize that Mulan isn’t bisexual, she is just posing as a man to be in the military, she knows she is a woman.

  13. REW says:

    How about a trigger warning for those of us with young kids who just want to see a fairytale without the liberal agenda thrown in? I’m sure there is no warning where we can walk out for a couple mins. We will be skipping the movie.

    • fofer says:

      How about raising your kids to not be “triggered” by normal things that surround them daily? Instead of labelling things that confuse or scare you as “liberal agenda?” You’re doing them a disservice by shielding them from the very real facts of life.

      • guardrail says:

        Right back at ya, little “Oh I’m triggered about (name it)” Safe Room inhabitant. That’s all you whiners do.

      • Rick says:

        How about understanding that it is not normal. Put your perversion back in your pants…

  14. FPP says:

    It sounds like pandering to me.

  15. Jimmy Green says:

    The Rev. Phelps will boycott this film.

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