Jessica Chastain Fights to Protect Planned Parenthood in Trump Era

Jessica Chastain Power of Women NY
Marco Grob for Variety

Jessica Chastain is one of Variety’s 2017 Power of Women New York honorees. For more women in entertainment using their voices to bring attention to worthy causes, click here

Jessica Chastain turned to Planned Parenthood as a young woman. “That’s where I got my birth control pills,” she says. “That’s where I learned about sex education. It was a very important place to me.” The Oscar-nominated actress acknowledges that such services weren’t always available.

Marco Grob for Variety

“I’m the first woman in my family not to have a child as a teenager,” Chastain says. “I’m the first one to go to college. When my grandmother was younger, she didn’t have access to birth control or sex education. My mom, the same thing. It’s very important in our society to protect women who financially don’t have the means to pay for healthcare, and Planned Parenthood does that.”

But the nonprofit, which is 100 years old, has been under fire. The Trump administration and pro-life Republicans are threatening to cut funding for the organization that provides medical services for women, including abortions. “Politicians in D.C. are mounting the biggest attack on women’s health in a generation, and blocking access to Planned Parenthood is their top priority,” says Dawn Laguens, the group’s chief brand officer. “Women are resisting these attacks. They know speaking up and speaking out can change the direction of this government.”

If the Republican legislation passes, Planned Parenthood wouldn’t receive federal funds for its roughly 650 health centers across the U.S., where 2.5 million patients visit annually for cancer screenings, breast exams, STD tests, birth control, and more.

“I’m absolutely worried that if we don’t support Planned Parenthood and healthcare for women, we’ll head backward,” says Chastain. “I guess I’m not surprised by the war on women’s healthcare. I think it’s something I’ve seen for the majority of my life.”

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  1. Paige Thalia says:

    Teaching is a job. Being a doctor is a job. Waitressing is a job. Banking is a job. Acting is a job. The comments stating Jessica Chastain should “stick to acting” is not a valid response to any of this. Actors should speak up, maybe more than others, because they have a platform to speak on. If celebrities did not speak up, people would be angry that they were not using their platform for anything. Donald Trump himself was a celebrity long before being President. The argument of de-funding/protecting Planned Parenthood is one issue in our world among thousands and the fact that this article is solely about PP does not mean Jessica Chastain only stands for this one thing. This article exists to call to light the fact that PP does more than abortions, way more. It provides healthcare, screenings and birth control to those with little to no insurance or those that have no where else to turn. Those are the things that we can not bear to lose as it will cause a loss of female reproductive health among so many people. It is not a battle of Actress vs Fetuses, it is a battle of Women vs Health.

  2. CommaSe says:

    Silly woman.

  3. Heather Louise says:

    Never mind the health of unborn women destroyed in the womb. Nor the women abused by ISIS. Nor even the American girls reportedly tortured by genital mutilation!
    Fund PP with your own money sister. You want govt out of the bedroom, well here’s your opportunity to put your money where your pie hole is.

    • Steve says:

      The whole point of her advocacy is that PP helped her with healthcare and contraception BEFORE she was a wealthy actress. She wants other women to have that opportunity. And it’s important to remember that the notion that PP is mainly about abortion is an anti-choice lie.

  4. Choo says:

    Cha-“stain” is a disgrace to women.

  5. Ashram says:

    Dumb baby-killing enabler. Nothing more.

  6. I am amazed that these actresses with little talent, and who have no understanding of what abortion is and what big business the abortion industry is. It literally makes most all of it’s money off vulnerable desperate women, and killing their pre born children. planned Parenthood should not be allowed to continue their business at all, and the many of them should be in prison. This is another lucrative bloody industry. Do they even care about the babies who actually survive the horrible procedure, only to be murdered, or left to die?

    • Steve says:

      Jessica Chastain has a LOT of talent. Besides that, she’s a good person. You may be as well, but you’ve swallowed the BS anti-PP narrative whole. Please try to be less credulous.

  7. Moose says:

    On behalf of the unborn, F’ Chastain and F’ PP.

  8. Donna says:

    Disappointing! Ms Chastain should stick to acting.

    • Kit M says:

      Seriously Donna, haven’t you heard of the first amendment, which guarantees everyone’s right to free speech. Yes, even actors have a right to express their opinion. Shame, isn’t it?

    • Steve says:

      She’s a citizen. Citizens get to speak out. Why is this so hard for the anti-Hollywood crowd to understand?

    • Clarke says:

      Acting has not been working out too well for her lately, so now she is using her time to support the slaughtering and butchering of innocent babies.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      And Trump should’ve stuck with celebrity TV and filing for bankruptcy.

  9. heyitsron says:

    Thanks, Jessica. From all of us who know the good Planned Parenthood does. I don’t care how much good “Dinosaur Don” may do, defunding Planned Parenthood will earn him the title “Worst President in the History of the United States of America.” Bar None. And Ivanka “The Quiet One” is too scared of daddy to utter a peep.

    • mj1976 says:

      There is NOTHING wrong with Planned Parenthood being privately funded. Even as someone who is pro-life, the law is the law, and I am 100% okay with PP existing, just not being funded by tax dollars. There are low income health clinics all over that are partially publicly funded and DON”T provide abortions. And don’t give me the argument that tax dollars don’t go to abortion because having worked in gov’t that nuance is almost entirely unenforceable and is just an accounting game. They need to separate the two (abortion and low income health services) ENTIRELY.

    • Steve says:

      Stop lying about PP.

  10. Smith Cassidy says:

    I assume all the people from the right who are so concerned about babies (but not the environment, or education, or healthcare) have all adopted an orphan or two, right?

    Of course they have, because people on the right with their supposed family values aren’t the biggest f’n hypocrites on the planet, right?

    • mj1976 says:

      Well I am concerned about ALL of those things. The weak sauce argument that the right doesn’t care about those things is a crock of crap. The issue is we don’t like the Federal Gov’t handling those things. Why? Because that is not the Fed Gov’t job,and they will, like they are in just about anything, utterly inefficient and wasteful. The larger the entity the more inefficiency and the US government is the largest entity of all.

    • Kaboom! says:

      So we can assume lefties like you are not concerned about dead babies (which means in reality you aren’t concerned about the environment, education, or healthcare). We can also assume you haven’t adopted an orphan or two, right?

      Of course, the only thing you are concerned about is the right paying for you….as you have no meaningful job or useful education. What a sad hypocrite you are!!

  11. I Support Planned Parenthood says:

    Good for you Jessica Chastain. Giving back. Don’t be fooled. People that are against PP are against all forms of birth control and family planning as well as government supported health care programs for women. Abortion is the Trojan Horse.

    • Steve says:

      Absolutely right. The leaders of of the anti-choice movement have an agenda, and that is to control women’s sexual agency. They’ve been lying about PP for a long time, and too many people are suckered in by their crap.

      • mj1976 says:

        “anti-choice”. typical leftist playbook. Oh you have a choice Steve-O, my preference however would be that your choice can’t be pointed in the direction of tax dollars.

  12. CommaSe says:

    Chastain is an idiot and I hope her next project bombs as badly as her last project. Baby killer.

    • Steve says:

      Her current project (The Zookeeper’s Wife) is doing quite well, and her last project (Miss Sloane) was a good movie that opened at a bad time, when Americans were sick of politics. She’s at the top of her game.

  13. NewMom says:

    Jessica Chastain supports the butchering of babies. I support rating anything Jessica Chastain is in as a zero and boycotting any new projects she infects.

    • Kit M says:

      I don’t see anywhere in the article where she used PP for the type of behavior you describe. You should boycott Variety too and save your ten cents. If PP is shut down then people will not have access to birth control and other services which will ultimately make the abortion issue worse. You wouldn’t want an extra 2 or 300,000 women looking for abortions would you? Because other services will spring up to fill the void left by PP, which would actually make things worse. Besides, many PP locations don’t do abortions and it accounts for only 3% of their budget.

    • heyitsron says:

      Now don’t go after you mom for doing that religion to you. To follow you to your grave. How about organizing to shut it down? Or are you just Comfortably Numb?

  14. All of the things you’re supposed to get from your family – sex education, personal birth control methodology – she wants a NON PROFIT to do for others. IF she was the first woman not to have a baby in her family as a teenager (assuming no one got married young…) that speaks of a family with ridiculous moral standards. Basically, not my F-ing problem if people can’t keep their legs closed or deal with the failure to do so when said activity results in a pregnancy. And why is it always white liberal women of financial worth who are so happy to protect PP when 34% of the yearly abortions are perpetuated on black babies?. Margaret Sanger’s granddaughters, eh?

    • Rachel says:

      Did you not even read what Jessica Chastain said in the article? Planned Parenthood provided her BIRTH CONTROL to prevent pregnancy which is probably what the other members of her family lacked. Telling people not to have sex is completely stupid. It’s a natural part of life and part of a healthy relationship, but protection is extremely important to prevent pregnancy, obviously. That’s one of the reasons Planned Parenthood is so important. And yeah, you’d think your family should be the ones to provide sex education, but American society is so far from rational when talking about sex. A lot of my friends, including myself, never got “the talk” from our parents, and before you go off about how that’s our problem and no one else’s, our families assumed the school’s education system would cover it just fine. What a joke.

  15. sari says:

    Generations? President Kennedy asked what you can do for your Country. Socialist idiots like Sandra Fluke ask our country (US!) to pay for her birth control and abortions. Defund Planned Parenthood – it’s a festering rathole of depraved butchery.

    • heyitsron says:

      Moral Standards? Moral indignation is only jealousy with a halo. So what is birth control to you? Holding a pill between your knees? While that lecherous old man you drive across town to see on that special day of the week laughs so hard he can’t stand it? At you. When you leave. After you leave.

  16. Makey says:

    Supporting the killing of innocent babies. Wow. Why not fight for the genital mutilation of women? No, I’ll fight for the killing of innocent babies. Idiot.

  17. NewMom says:

    You cannot possibly be that stupid.

  18. heyitsron says:

    A fetus is not a baby. But if you get your Ob-Gyn from that “Sunday Place” who has taken away all of your healthcare you must go out to the cattle pen for dinner. Smells bad, tastes bad, like the religion that was done to you by an entrusted caregiver. Won’t wonders never cease?

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