J.C. Spink Died of Accidental Drug Overdose, Coroner Rules

J.C. Spink Dead
J. Berliner/BEI/BEI/Shutterstock

“Hangover” producer J.C. Spink died of an accidental drug overdose, the L.A. County Coroner’s office has ruled.

The 45-year-old producer was found unresponsive at his home in West Hollywood on April 18. The coroner’s office has determined that the cause of death was “multiple drug intoxication” and the manner was accidental. The full coroner’s report has not yet been released.

With partner Chris Bender, Spink founded the management and production company Benderspink in 1998. The company produced “Horrible Bosses,” “The Butterfly Effect,” “A History of Violence,” among many other titles. The “Hangover” franchise was his biggest hit. Spink was known for his irrepressible sense of humor and charisma, and for his generosity in nurturing talent.


J.C. Spink Dead

J.C. Spink, Manager and ‘The Hangover’ Producer, Dies at 45

Spink left the company in 2016.

Three days before he died, Spink was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated by West Hollywood sheriff’s deputies. According to sheriff’s records, Spink crashed his Jeep Wrangler into a parked car in the 1100 block of Greenacre Avenue. He was unhurt, and the crash caused only minor damage to both vehicles. He declined a Breathalyzer test, opting for a blood test instead. He was arrested about 8 p.m. on April 15 and released the following afternoon.

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  1. Lisa says:

    ‘He declined a Breathalizer…’. So he knew he had too much to drink but drove anyway. That means his addiction was so progressed that it was just a matter of time that he would kill either himself or someone else.’A cunning and bafflind disease…’

  2. Phillip Ayling says:

    “HANGOVER producer J.C. Spink died of an accidental drug overdose, the L.A. County Coroner’s office has ruled.”
    Just what does that mean? Is that a real medical analysis?

    Someone may not be overtly suicidal, but taking substances which are either illegal or in quantities that are not prescribed is playing the lottery with your life… and every drug user knows that; Even though many tell themselves that they are so smart or so important that an exception will be made in their case.

  3. shinnstoneer says:

    The extreme influence that drugs and alcohol have on Hollywood is something that generally gets a brief mention such as this in the near term following another overdose death. In the years to come after the numerous/many unnecessary deaths, the major talents are all eventually glamorized in some memorable way while glossing over their addictions as merely unfortunate final moments of a life taken too soon.

    The lifestyle portrayed often on screen isn’t as pretty as the lifestyle in real life. The glamorous, flamboyant picture some have from the pictures that show up of stars living life large completely ignore the ugly that is true in private in the lives of every addict. TMZ is noted for the tabloid reporting and Variety didn’t do that here…but Variety also didn’t go far enough.

    The face of drug and alcohol abuse is still something more along the lines of the Hangover series and that’s a problem. The real life of so much of Hollywood is just an ugly mess. From politics to lifestyle choices, so many look up to these stars and big time players in the industry….and while some of them are above the fray of the ugly side of the industry…I’d love to know the real statistics of those influential people who you wouldn’t trust for any opinion if the real ugly was open to be seen.

    I think it is safe to say that lives would be saved if the real ugly behind the lifestyle glamorized by people like Mr. Spink was exposed in more detail and vivid pictures. It isn’t about trashy reporting as WOW seems to want to imply and I’m often astounded at how most of Hollywood is seen as non-public figures when it comes to their private lives as Wow seems to want to say it should be…once in a great while someone becomes the target of the media (Lindsay Lohan) but even then the most ugly bits are never shown. It isn’t healthy for our society that the Hollywood life is almost always beyond reproach.

    • shinnstoneer says:

      BTW – in saying that the private lives are often seen as off limits and as non-public figures, I am referencing the responsible media outlets. Not the paparazzi, tabloid reporting that is clearly rarely more than a glimpse or a mugshot and quickly passed by after the few snickers of anyone who hates that particular “star”.

  4. Tanya says:

    He will join Carrie Fisher in junkie heaven.

    Did someone get the official report now what Anita Pallenberg died of ?
    It was suspicious, too.

    You need to tell the truth to the people.

    • Sensible Enough says:

      What a bizarre reaction. Must be great to waddle around life spitting on addicts as if you’re somehow superior.

      • Nick says:

        I actually agree with Tanya.

        It’s a sad thing that someone at this age needed to die.
        It wasn’t necessary.

        The only way to change things is to report accurately on the reasons
        and stop playing the PR game.

        It’s not about ‘shaming’ a dead person. (How would that work anyway?)
        It’s about saving other lives.

        It doesn’t take away from Mr. Spink’s or Ms. Fisher’s artistic achievements.
        They still be remembered by their fans.

        But other lives need to be saved.
        Drugs have become too easy & too acceptable.

  5. Wow says:

    When I first got into the business Variety was THE premiere trade, it’s really sad to see how far they have sunk. This is TMZ grade reporting. Gene, there is a reason no other trades are running this story. Best of luck chasing ambulances.

    • Philm Guy says:

      How does reporting about the death of a major force in Hollywood for the better part of 20 years make Variety anything like TMZ? J.C. Spink hit this town in a powerful way before he hit 30, and he left a mark that is in no way diminished by the nature of his passing.

      • Charles says:

        “…he left a mark that is in no way diminished by the nature of his passing”
        You sure about that ?

        Spink died of taking too much and too many drugs.
        He was a junkie.
        A rich junkie.

        Stop excusing this behavior.

        Hollywood is guilty since many decades of making drugs & booze too easy.

        In a funny way Mr. Spink tasted his own medicine:
        “The Hangover” is about nothing else that trivializing booze and drugs.

        Now he knows how much ‘fun’ a real ‘hangover’ can be ?

  6. Lane says:

    The ultimate miscalculation. And, there is absolutely no excuse for it. If you are reading this and using street drugs, find a psychiatrist who is also a pharmacologist. Check his references carefully. They are a rare breed of doctor but they absolutely can and will save your life. Resign yourself to go into rehab and follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter. They now have an arsenal of drugs that can be used to lessen the pain of withdrawal and transition you back to a rewarding life. Think Robert Downey, Jr.. He is one of the best examples of a Hollywood legend who was down and out, hooked on drugs. After five years in jail, and experiencing a very painful withdrawal, he has reached heights in his career that he most probably never imagined possible.

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