‘It’ Trailer Sets Record for Most Online Views in Single Day

It” has raced past “The Fate of the Furious,” setting the record for the most-watched trailer online in a single day.

New Line Cinema’s teaser for “It” generated 197 million views globally within 24 hours of its release, topping the previous record of 139 million set by Universal’s “The Fate of the Furious” in December.

That figure stood at 246 million views, 36 hours past its release.


It trailer

Watch the Terrifying First Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘It’

Thirty localized versions of the trailer for the adaptation of Stephen King’s hit 1986 horror novel were released on Wednesday at 9 a.m. PT, notching more then 81 million views and 1.8 million-plus shares from U.S. Facebook instances alone. It rapidly rose to No. 1 on YouTube’s trending videos and remained there throughout the day.

The trailer also helped “It” pick up buzz on Twitter, with trends for “It,” “It Movie,” “Pennywise,” and the “Red Balloon Emoji.”

Directed by Andres Muschietti, the film follows seven children who are terrorized by the evil clown known as Pennywise, who takes advantage of the fears of its victims, disguising itself while tracking down prey.

The film’s cast includes Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, Finn Wolfhard (“Stranger Things”) as Richie Tozier, and Jaeden Lieberher (“Midnight Special”) as Bill Denbrough.

“It” opens in theaters on Sept. 8.

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  1. lars says:

    I want this film to be good. I read the novel when it came out and was completely terrified, and the other day I flipped through the film that was made in 1990, which was a half-baked version of the novel (it was no longer the kids confronting “it” but their adult selves… boring). This looks VERY promising, even though I don’t like horror films, this looks intelligent and might end up being a classic.

  2. I think I’ll go see It in the theater. My last movies have been an imax showing of Jaws last autumn, best thing ever. Gravity on an IMAX release, solely on the recommendation that it was the quietest movie (I’d say properly volume adjusted) they’d even seen ( and it was awesome to feel realistic sounds if that makes sense) and before that Superman Returns, not as terrible as what people say, but a throwaway Superman man movie, so that’s a loss and Return of the King at one of the first North Dade IMAX theaters at the renovated Dolphin Mall premier night. That was crazy, it’s easy to forget, but I don’t remember anything, Avata,r Harry Potter etc like that. Maybe more money, but I saw a 6.5′ foot tall fully international, possibly like Austrian, gandalf tasered and arrested. Just waiting in line was so intense the movie never had a chance to live up to expectations. Soured me on the final movie. Shoulda been two 2.5 hour movies. I literally could have cut 30 min out of the second act and it would have been better.

  3. In my enthusiasm, IT looks to be the best contemporary, true horror production of a Steven King tale we might have ever seen. I think that’s important in a way that King’s earlier works, which were adapted to other media, touched us more primally and instinctually in written form. Yet, conversely, the works he produced after his accident were, at least in my opinion, much more emotional, disarming, and above all surprisingly human and spiritually supernatural. Beginning with Hearts in Atlantis, an it’s counterpoint of suffering and pain at the time, Dreamcatcher, it was pretty much an intimate journey of rehabilitation and recovery and rediscovery that defined King’s new voice, his new concerns, his new challenge and gift to those faithful. But a change . A change made by a divergent vector of our unpredictable universe, a change any established author could and probably would (and should) play for any gain they could. But not Steven. Sure, he had plenty of money at that point, and even some critical acclaim, obviously the support of that slightly remaining class who watch brodscast tv at no choice and read only what can help us escape. Yet… And I often times wonder, if his pressure is that much more ( yeah I know, he’s only an archiologist for these tales) to deliver something not only entertaining but that can actually be sold. There’s a few, most likely vault novels, that I personally think had other ending or at least were ripe for such. Duma Key could have gone on another 200 pages. Anyways, I welcome the dark tower movie. I hope it’s exactly that, an intepitation, as that’s what the story demands. It should be basically the sandlot with supernatural killer clowns. The mist is perfect as a matter miniseries. And all I can say is since their adaptation of the dark Tower doesn’t seem to demand an explanatory adaptation sequel/prequel, just leave it and make the stand the tight way. The dark tower is different and differently interpreted for any who read it, but the stand is concerte and shareable. I hate to say, beyond the movies made from different seasons ( novellas perfectly suited for film adaptation) , I think the best King movie I’ve seen, the most true the the feelings I experienced whole reading the novel was Dreamcatcher. I’m willing to wager the painful, hospital inspired, narcotic induced state a lot of the pivotal scenens carry with their dramatic weight, it’s literally a wonder King produced an almost fully realized, if gratuitous, sci fi sorry, with the topics King trappings while recovering enough just to fiction as a living human being. Kinda musta sucked as a contemporary SciFi specific writer to have Stephen King decide to write a alien invasion story pretty much following the traditional form, just to deal with his physical pain and recovery, and end up with what got published. So complete and, of course His new calling card; human, that it’s like, with his casual followers, he reinvented a genre that couldn’t b or needn’t b be reinvented. It was raw, succint, predicably creative, and not word to Long or to Short. To me, one of the few King standalone novels that felt new from the beginning and fulfillingly complete by the end. And the movie was independently bad, almost a plus for certain King movies, especially with that budget!

  4. I feel like, as King fans, we should support any alternative media projects we receive that are in development. It’s actually funny that the one King work that had to be parsed to make it to the big screen is getting flac for it’s content. I whole heartedly welcome any movie this age audacious enough to even release at 95 minutes. That’s a win, period. And despite so called hardcore fans, the dark tower series is pretty much completely and intentionally setup, written, and ended in a way given to a cyclical gift to us all. Would you rather Roland meet his happy and fulfilling end, a quick sober death devoid of meaning, of an altruistic conquering of his sacrificial quest? Yeah, none thanks. That’s what I thought. The movie will and the only way a dark tower movie can end. Prophetically with enough complexlity to sell you a good movie and maybe, just possibly a sequel. And it’s all good according to Canon, Roland being a black actor and the majority of the plotline happening in the keystone/new York and anything else at all that happens cuz that’s the whole point of the story itself, taken either as a fantastical tale or, to me more reasonably, as a living metaphor/ literary commentary

  5. I only hope to one day to see King receive the accolades he has so unquestionably earned. Only author of our contemporary period, and I invite you to go back 75 yrs or more if you want, to maintain a consensual top teir quality of writing, a processing and interpretation of evolving human behavior/social developments, and, the hardest of all, sense of wonder, imagination, and unique human attributes in a world now essientally and intentionally devoid of that depth and challenge

  6. To my sci fi fiends I’ve been recommending and providing my Dan Simmons collection, if gaiman was more prolific, he’s so good it’s not fair, guess that’s why he goes the literary route a decade at a time, and his voice is utterly unique, even across generas as vast as he aludes, but again King is the basis. Cyclically. Critically. Ambigously. Unintentionally. On par with how any situation in life has an analogous Simpsons episode. But not so funny for it’s accuracy. The only unopened book I own is an unopened, shrink-wrapped 1sd edition, 1st printing of different seasons. And I’m not a determined collector, it’s the first King HC I got, from
    my mom at 8yrs old, and the only book I would sell only after opening and reading.

  7. I think it’s actually amazing and the best credit to Kings talent that he referred, reiminagined, and completely reinvented himself upon a tragic event into an literal contemporary modern literary icon who was able to transcend generas, while redefining his work as true art and demanding the attention and dissection that most of his major works demanded and begged for

  8. I’d so much rather an unrelated attempt to explain the overarching themes of the dark Tower tower series, than an impossibly faithful adaption of the probably half-unconsciously (some parts literally seem to have written itself) composed true chronological near- linear adaptation of the source material. By a true King affectionato, It real seems to be very well made and positioned to reap the benefits of a truly touching, American story written by the greatest mass, middle class invigorating, post-ww2 writer that no one will properly reconize. And I think I can qualify that by saying that he has been passed by as my most respected author, for the SciFi/ fantasy genre, for at least the past 15 years. Gaiman started the turn and I’ve expanded beyond, in multiple directions. But to end all arguments, even with myself, I have never encountered a more unique or even identifiable voice in all of literature that I’ve read. I was literally aware of the Richard bachman sudonym before I ever came, chronologically, to the stories themselves and never once questioned how folks were able to desceirn the true author in such a short period of time. Kings literary voice is, in my mind, for his currently chosen genre, unparalleled, in identifiibility, in any way that possibly affect the narritive

    I think much if one’s King opinion

  9. you know how any director/producer can do anything, i mean anything! blah blah blah can’t they just make a movie without copying everything from the original movie? i like to be surprised when watching a horror movie especially by stephen king..i haven’t watched any good horror movies since i think vh1? now that movie caught my eye.same with hostel and the collector to name a few.yeah i’ll watch the new version. knowing at the time it first came out i was scared to go to sleep.don’t fail me hemlock grove vampire dude!

  10. Nick P says:

    I’m bullish on the success of this film too. :)

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