Stephen King’s ‘It’ to Jolt Box Office With Monster Opening

Warner Bros

The summer box office was an absolute circus. Apparently, all it needed was a clown.

Enter “It,” Warner Bros. and New Line’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel, which is expected to scare audiences back into theaters with a record-breaking opening. A $65 million opening is expected from 4,000 locations (3,500 spots for Thursday previews). Since early tracking pegged the movie at a $50 million opening in mid-August, the expected sum has only floated higher — some current tracking indicates an opening as high as $75 million. So all signs point to a major win for the R-rated horror pic, which was made for about an estimated $35 million.


It movie review

Film Review: Stephen King’s ‘It’

An opening of that magnitude is mostly unprecedented. Take, for example, the record for largest September opening set by “Hotel Transylvania 2” in 2015 with $48.5 million. Or the biggest opening weekend banked by a horror or supernatural film — “Paranormal Activity 3” earned $52.6 million in 2011. The numbers hold up when compared with the largest R-rated movie openings. “Deadpool” changed the game in 2016 with a massive $132.4 million opening, but even with $65 million, “It” would earn its place in the top 10. Fandango reported that fans are already paying up — “It” is the top horror film pre-seller in history.

The movie comes courtesy of Argentine director Andy Muschietti, who is known for the 2013 horror film “Mama.” Bill Skarsgard stars as Pennywise the Clown, which terrorizes young children in Derry, Maine. The rest of the cast includes youngsters Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton, and Jackson Robert Scott in supporting roles.


Home Again

Film Review: Reese Witherspoon in ‘Home Again’

While “It’s” presence looms large, this weekend also offers counterprogramming in the form of Open Road’s “Home Again.” The romantic comedy, which carries a price tag of about $15 million, is expected to make about $10 million from 2,940 locations. Reese Witherspoon stars as a single mother whose life grows more complicated when three young men — played by Nat Wolff, Jon Rudnitsky, and Pico Alexander — move in. Hallie Meyers-Shyer directed the feature from her own script, while her mother, Nancy Meyers, served as a producer.

The month of August was depressingly slow for box office receipts, but September appears to showcase unusually strong releases. That’s a change of pace for the month that is traditionally considered a purgatory between splashy summer fare and awards season contenders. After the summer season, the domestic box office is left lagging more than 6% behind for the year. At least this weekend seems it will do its part to get things back on track.

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  1. Watch It FuLL HD Visit Here ==>
    In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

  2. Dondi Green says:

    You people are silly! Young adults are the ones who pay to see these movies. They will go full force on this. They don’t care if King is trump haters. They just want to have fun and be scared. So complain all you want. Some theaters are already sold out for night showings.

  3. Tanner Brigg says:

    How unfortunate you didn’t include actor Jaeden Lieberher from St. Vincent fame. He’s the lead “kid”…

  4. Adi Martiana says:

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  5. loprofyle says:

    The movie will suck like the TV version and will be a flop. Just because everyone is hyping it up won’t make it a great movie. Hype has been going on for weeks or months from EVERY outlet.
    Hype does not a great movie make.

  6. Geoff says:

    Already got my tickets for It. The book was great, however the made for TV version was terrible!

  7. Mira says:

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  8. Bill Smith says:

    It’s a remake. I’ll wait to see it on NetFlix.

  9. Ron D says:

    A lot of wishful thinking from a lot of desperate people writing their own reviews about all the people who are supposedly just dying to give Steven King some money on a weekend most are already genuinely fearful for their lives.

  10. Susan Daniels says:

    People don’t like clowns and will not go to see it.

  11. Nabi says:

    Sounds like a ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’ rip off. A great cult classic. Plagiarism anybody?

  12. I was looking forward to seeing this movie in the theater, taking my whole family with me, and buying snacks for everyone. I would have cost me over $100. But after reading Stephen King ranting like a lunatic about President Trump on Twitter, instead I’m just going to download the mp4 from the internet. And I’m not alone in doing this, not by a long shot. King’s social media comments are costing New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures millions of dollars in lost profit.

  13. Once again my conservative brethren are going to let our cause down… It’s really quite simple… STOP GOING and STOP WATCHING and STOP PAYING for anti white filth.

    But you won’t, especially you southerners and baby boomers. You’re gonna make the NFL and BCS break ratings records.

    You’re gonna help Hollywood bounce back by seeing these retarded babyish super hero films.

    Then you’re gonna keep on oaying for espn. Traitors… Actually you’re cuckolds. You literally get off on watching strong young black men running around and sweating. I hope it’s worth giving leftism more funding just to sate your boring and bizarre fetish.

  14. Allie says:

    Who pays to watch this garbage?

  15. Cass says:

    Imagine being such a loser in life that you think everything is political. Sad.

  16. barry1817 says:

    I will be looking foward to this box office result, and hoping that many will find other things to do, to not put money in this man who attacks half his audience and still want them to support his efforts.

  17. Riccy says:

    Lol the people in these comments are funny but sad 😂 why come in just to bi*** & moan about a movie/book you dnt like ? There’s a ton of people who like the IT story and definitely want to see the movie thats why they expect these numbers because Pre Ticket sales speak for itself.

    • Jacen says:

      Yeah, most if not all of the haters here are probably a lone, paranoid, basement dwelling Reich-winger. All the hate is the same variant of “It librull. King librull. Ogg hate librull. Librull flop.” Well, the tracking suggests a big opening, enough to cover the production budget–something the studio is so confident in they have already started on the sequel. But come Monday, when the tallies are in and reality doesn’t conform to the Reichers’ wishes, they (or most likely he) will be back here screaming about not supporting “librull left-wing Marxist hogga booga nog log al;kdsfh;asldk” and so forth. (And I find it interesting that these clowns blush at criticism of Chairman Trump: a man caught consistently lying, but calling others (like Cruz) liars; a man with a history of shady business deals and defaults and bankruptcy but who calls HRC “crooked” . . . and so on (pot/kettle). So for his supporters, Id-monster Trump, threatening to destroy our obese Krell nation, is just a regular guy speaking normal language–normal for hate-spewing trolls, that is.)

  18. I would really hate to see this Trump hater , America hater have another good run….

  19. maroon says:

    I am waiting for Clooney’s and Streep’s movies so I will NOT go see them. As for King’s movie? This American citizen hater should dress up as a clown and walk in the middle of the road. Again. It won’t be missed.

  20. Lionel Mandrake says:

    Steven King’s fantastic contribution to American culture. What a loser.

  21. I wouldn’t go see this movie if I was paid to sit through it!!

  22. Made for $35 million ? Damn. I guess we will get a chapter two then.

  23. Jo Marco says:

    It’s clear to many Americans that Stephen King is firmly in the Marxist we hate Trump crowd. Why would the majority of legal voting Americans who support Trump put up with this hate.

    • Trump supporters seem perfectly fine with putting up with hate.

      • Ironman says:

        That’s why we’re waging violent protests, blocking roads, killing people and other debauchery. I think you have it backwards. Convenient to label all Trump supporters that are not haters when the truth is otherwise. Might Trump supporters be tired of the Hollyweirdos and elites telling them their hateful and how they should think?

  24. Looks like they’re putting all their money on the clown to pull off a success.
    If that’s the case then anyone who has read the book knows this will be another dismal flop.
    Just look at the hatchet job they did to the Dark Tower.
    Besides, King’s just a Hollyweird whore and hypocritical Left-Wing radical nut job anyway who has no professional integrity about how badly they mangle his work so long as he gets paid.
    I know I won’t be flushing my money down the toilet for this crap.

  25. NorgeX says:

    It will NOT be the ‘monster’ opening they are hoping for. They still don’t want to acknowledge that the heartland is no longer going to spend hard earned $ on a bunch of whiny, treasonous, lying liberal scumbags. They are learning that the rich limosene-liberals in tech only buy one ticket, and the public-teat sucking welfare mongers/illegals/refugee crowds don’t buy any. The trust-fund liberal-arts crowd will buy a few for matinees over the week-end, then you can send it straight to ppv or Netflix. King is toast, he hasn’t made sense for 25 years.

  26. Ewon says:

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    Click here >> 4KPUTLOCKER.PRO

  27. Billy Chin says:

    “A $65 million opening is expected…”

    Based on what? “Tracking”? Sounds more like wishful thinking to me.

  28. James Dunham says:

    “It” is a shame it is a remix of other books he has written……He’s run out of ideas and has writer block from writing original material….I’ll take a pass.

  29. James Dunham says:

    “It” is a shame it is a remix of other books he has written……He’s run out of ideas and it writer blocked from writing original material….I’ll take a pass.

  30. SoTx Joe says:

    Oh puh-LEEZE. [Spoiler alert] There’s 90 minutes of increasing dread building on suspense and jump-at-you camera tricks only to ultimately be a giant, cave-dwelling, soft-bodied, mind-controlling alien spider. Seriously. i’m not kidding. The book and the previous movies are legendary in their failure to pay off on a promising theme. Not even interested this time.

    • ............. says:

      Don’t forget the weird child sex orgy King throws in for no reason other than the possibility that he’s a latent pedo!

  31. MatPab says:

    How much you wanna bet it’s a flop?

  32. ssgtnelson says:

    Wait…. people actually want to see this movie?

  33. vebymt says:

    Watch It Full Movies Online Free HD

  34. gabrielpayau says:

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  35. Oktag grace says:

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