Disney CEO Bob Iger Resigns From Trump’s Advisory Council Over Paris Accord Decision

Bob Iger
Richard Drew/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that he’s stepping down from a White House advisory council following President Donald Trump’s Thursday announcement that he plans to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.

“As a matter of principle, I’ve resigned from the President’s Council over the #ParisAgreement withdrawal,” he tweeted.

Iger’s announcement comes just a couple of hours after Elon Musk also revealed that he’s resigning from the council due to the decision.

Disney later issued a longer statement from Iger. “Protecting our planet and driving economic growth are critical to our future, and they aren’t mutually exclusive.  I deeply disagree with the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and, as a matter of principle, I’ve resigned from the President’s advisory council.”

The official name of the group was the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum, and it included an array of CEOs from across industries, including Mary Barra of General Motors and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase. Stephen A. Schwarzman, the co-founder of Blackstone, serves as chairman.

Iger, who gave money to Hillary Clinton during the campaign, faced some criticism for his participation. Asked about it at Disney’s shareholders meeting in March, he said that it was “an opportunity for me to express views that I think … are of value to the company and its shareholders.” He said that it was important to have a seat at the table, and that his participation did not reflect an endorsement of Trump’s positions or that of the administration. Iger has previously been a champion of issues like immigration reform, while Trump ran against it.

Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, also was a member of the forum, and he initially argued that it was important to have a seat at the table. But he resigned in February, in the wake of Trump’s initial executive order restricting travel from a number of Muslim-majority countries.

In announcing his decision, Trump said that the Paris accord was a bad deal for the United States that would hurt American workers.

“I will work to ensure that America remains the world’s leader on environmental issues, but under a framework that is fair and where the burdens and responsibilities are equally shared among the many nations all around the world,” Trump said.

 But a number of business leaders urged him to stay in the agreement. CEOs like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein criticized Trump’s decision.


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  1. Daniel Whitten says:

    See Ya Bob, gonna get better and better with you less than positive view.

  2. § As far as I’m concerned, Bob Iger resigned himself from reality; i.e. the debate on “catastrophic” anthropomorphic (man-made) climate change.

  3. Mike Miller says:

    One-trick pony
    This is not a one-trick pony we are fighting!
    It’s not about Planned Parenthood.
    It’s not about the Keystone pipeline.
    It’s not about fracking, or public education, or glass-ceilings.


    It’s all of these things, and


    25% Democrats
    27% Republicans

    Forty-seven people walk into a room with 25 people in it.
    (Imagine this for just a moment.)
    47 to 25. These two groups have widely differing views on how the government should work.

    Now, when a VOTE is taken in that room, WHICH GROUP WILL WIN THE VOTE?

    Now. ONE PARTY controls your state government, and probably your federal representatives, as well. But they ONLY HAVE 25% of the voters supporting them.
    IF those 47 of OTHER VOTERS who do not belong to some party show up to VOTE IN THE PRIMARY ELECTIONS held by those 25 people, , the vote will show the preference of the 47!
    NOT THE 25!

    The primaries are where the true decisions are made, and IF THOSE 47 PEOPLE SHOW UP, THEY PICK THE WINNERS!

    IF those 47 people are really thinking, THEY WILL HAVE MEMBERS WHO RUN IN THE PRIMARY so that they have real choices.

    NOW, guess what happens when the general election comes around. The candidates selected by the 47 people will ALSO get the votes of most of those 25 people who were in the room, just because they would rather vote for somebody who’s party NAME is the one they always vote for.

    What about the other 27 people who were in a DIFFERENT ROOM on the other side of town when the votes were taken for the primary?

    They are so far outnumbered that they don’t even have a chance!

    In most of the states RIGHT NOW, the Republican party is in control.

    Imagine if those 47 people turned the Republican Party into the INDIVISIBLE independent party!

    It only takes ONE BOLD MOVE!

  4. jimkress35 says:

    Pulling out of the Paris Agreement will cause the Universe to collapse on the Earth and annihilate all life.

  5. Rebecca Obartsjibarts says:

    Can go back hiring illegal taking jobs from America people.

  6. Bob Davis says:

    So, Trump didn’t agree with him so he’s going to take his marbles and go home. yeah, that’s really mature.

  7. tina says:

    Yes, he should resign. Stockholders should unite and demand it. That is the way moveon.org and media matters and those other democratic not for profits do it.

  8. Lorna Kaylor says:

    Now if Iger would just resign from Disney we would all be better off. I do not like the direction he has taken this company, nor do I think Walt and Roy would either. The Paris treaty was simply a bad treaty that accomplished nothing more than creating a global welfare program for failing socialist nations on the backs of American taxpayers under the false premise of protecting the planet.

  9. Bob says:

    Good, Disney is not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.

  10. Trisha says:

    Just one less person that President Trump has to deal with when draining the swamp (even within)

  11. Kathleen says:

    Same Disney co. that fires workers to replace with cheaper labor from India?

  12. PatriotPenumbra says:


  13. Ben says:

    Iger did the right think, finally.

    I hardly think we should be talking about money while they planet dies.

  14. John says:

    Trump did the right thing. This was all about money, last year Obama pledged $3 billion US dollars to the Paris Accord, while the EU paid literally nothing. Why should the US foot the bill for every single Euro agreement? This is nothing more than a bunch of Euro leaders whining like little kids, because Uncle Sam no longer wants to give them free sugar daddy money. And if Bob Igor is so supportive of this climate agreement, why not donate $3 billion US dollars to the Paris Accord? Disney’s got $3 billion to burn.

    • Bob says:

      “while the planet dies” you Disney princess’ are so dramatic.

    • John is a Liar says:

      That is a lie, why are you spreading lies? The 3 Billion the US would pay would be part of a 100 Billion fund where every developed country would pay, so 3% of the whole thing.

  15. Royce Mathew says:

    LOL – “matter of principle” — Bob Iger needs to quit Disney.. Because of what has been recorded – of the fraud and lies he is doing to control the judicial process and prevent due process.

  16. Frank says:

    Elon musk hahahahaha.
    People are so stupid they have no idea his entire production is paid for by tax dollars !!!!!!!!!! Hahaha good leave get lost go pay for your own car production.

  17. foodandart says:

    :Snerk!!: Given that Orlando and most of Florida is how many *inches* above sea level (free clue, downtown Miami is actually 3 feet BELOW sea level!) I’m not surprised that the Disney CEO would bail after The Donald put the idealistic pipe dream fantasies of the middle American working poor that voted for him – that good manufacturing jobs will come back to the US if we wish hard enough and no, they won’t all be roboticized.. Yep.. I am not surprised at all..

    Its not like the Trump supporters can actually afford the cost of a day trip to Disney’s parks, and since most of them live in the land-locked interior of the US, they really could give a toss about Florida or New York City or even California.

    This is where the snide attitudes of the illiberal east and west coast elites comes back to bite them in the ass – culture wars aside, the message gets thinner and thinner and fewer hear it when growing numbers of Americans can’t even afford cable TV or going to movies, let alone 200 dollar a day amusement parks. What is important to the coastal elites isn’t even on the radar in the middle of America and all of the crowing from the left isn’t going to change that. Michael Moore was correct last summer – Donald Trump is the working poor’s big fat middle finger to the liberal left.

    • MiamiCityisforCubans says:

      Haha, I don’t know where you get your incorrect information about Miami being 3 feet under water level. If that we’re the case then water would be flowing freely from the ocean through these canals and flooding all our houses inland since there are no locks. Not to mention the city street drains that go directly from the roads to the outlets near bayfront.

  18. Good good I’d like to see the whole board resign and leave this mental case alone

    • Frank says:

      Resign, which one. The one that replaced your sons job with a foreign visa worker for half his salary that he trained????
      Or the one that stole your sons job as a legitimate legal yellow cab driver?????
      Replaced by a rogue driver for an unregulated illegal business. With no legal protections for drivers or passengers. People so stupid that have yet to figure out they don’t make enough money to replace their cars because the company is stealing the use of their equipment, their cars.
      And we all just look the other way, and that’s just two of the board members.
      They were only invited for the purpose of putting the screws on them anyway.
      Disgusting people. Users. Greedy bastards stealing from our children.

      • DumptheTrump says:

        listen, those jobs are going the lowest bidder, you want a good job? go get your self a fucking education that requires actual learning. and learn some god damn science. if your highest aspiration in life is to be a cab driver then you dont deserve all the riches in the world. All those jobs are going to be automated in the future, you wanna start a war against robots?

  19. Sam says:

    He’s going to quit anyway when they cut off the foreign workers visas they used to replace their american workers.
    Better start up the Disney training program.

  20. Kaboom! says:

    Bob Iger has a net worth of $100 million dollars and earns approximately $30 million dollars a year. He doesn’t care about climate change, especially when he is flying around the world on private jets and cruising around the seas on private yachts. He is laughing at all of you who spend over $100 a day just to get into Disneyland, where you will empty your entire wallet. LOL.

    • DumptheTrump says:

      you are an idiot, so you want him to swim across the ocean to do business? why don’t you go make some money instead of whining about how much things cost. Oh wait you never finished college. Oh well. go back being deplorable

  21. Laurane C Sheehan says:

    Thank you, Bob Iger, for standing up, speaking up and taking off. Wrong has a while nee meaning. He cannot, will not prevail.

  22. Good for him. trump is an ignorant, POS. He is an embarrassment to humanity and a danger to our country and to the world.

  23. Audrey says:

    Don’t ya love it when the trash takes itself out!!! :) Bye Felisha!!!

  24. Robert says:

    Why are there opponents on this board? No wonder people are leaving, they’re Like Democratic globalist losers! President Trump is the best President Ever!

    • DumptheTrump says:

      why are there opponenets on this board? because most business have fucking common sense? and are more or less MUCH more educated than donald trump who runs a private business?. Large business hire people with track record and brain. Donald trump inherited a fortune. thats why YOu know nothing.

    • DumptheTrump says:

      trump’s is the worst president ever, the world agrees, you are a minority and not part of the future, stay ignorant and be as blissful as you can. Make sure you don’t vaccine your children either. it causes autism.

    • I would love if the main trash resigned earlier, anyone following him obviously lacks brains. I’m gonna love when he goes down, the country deserves a president, not this nut job

    • waynep says:

      You are TOTALLY brain dead!

      • DumptheTrump says:

        says the person who thinks global warming is a hoax. You lose all credibility when you debate against science facts. go back to high school and learn some shit. or sit down and be humble about your ignorance

  25. Spooky says:

    Oh noes…!

    Well, Mr Igor…maybe you should be spending more time with your ESPN franchise…like maybe trying to get back the audience you’ve lost because of the NFL’s silly unpatriotic stunts.

  26. Gopher says:

    Not quite sure how you lose many millions of dollars and every ESPN personality except Stephen A. Smith, make ABC a cesspool and make Disney theme parks scary, but Bobby did it!

    • DumptheTrump says:

      espn has been losing subscription because of netflix. guess who has movies netlix. oh wait, it doesn’t make sense to you. sit down shut up and learn some shit. You know nothing.

  27. Makeshift says:

    Bob is leaving over his “principles.” LOL!

  28. Mr Canada says:

    Anyone could be the Disney CEO and make money off sequels of existing successful franchises. It takes a special kind of idiot CEO to bankrupt sports juggernaut ESPN, fire American workers at American theme parks for immigrants and have Americans train them, and then foster a reputation at said theme parks that they are unsafe for children because of the many homosexuals and pedophiles employed at said parks.

    • BobbySucky says:

      I give Iger credit for doing the impossible – destroying ESPN and making Disney World unsafe for children. Way to go Bob!

      • DumptheTrump says:

        why are you make it sound like you were hurt by espn losing subscribers? you act like you own a piece of the company or something. ESPN is losing customers because the rise of netflix and video games. What difference does it make to you if espn is doing well or not? are you an investor? You know all the answers on how espn should be run? shut up sit down be humble and learn something. you don’t know anything because you never finished college

  29. The Truth says:

    Those here who have never succeeded at anything substantial can trash Iger all you want. He’s one of the most successful and respected entertainment executives in contemporary history, and nothing you post will change that.

    • QQ says:

      Iger’s a loser that is ruining the entire Disney brand, and nothing you post can change that. The man’s a moron. He’s got NOTHING but Disney sequels to existing hits. Other than that, he’s ruined everything he’s touched at Disney. Open your eyes, unless you are one of his sodomite employees.

      • DumptheTrump says:

        what do you know about branding, you live in fucking hillbilly down with advertising industry. don’t lecture the internet about what you do know.

  30. RON GEBEAU says:


    • DumptheTrump says:

      why don’t you get on that board since you think you are so smart. oh wait. you need to be a business leader. never mind. sit down shut up and be humble,

  31. Gary Gilchrist says:

    Good riddance! Go count your millions and bring back Michael Isner. A DIS stock holder

    • DumptheTrump says:

      nice esoteric reference you got there. why don’t you help us and tell trump to release his tax returns. so we can see if he actually has a legit business?

  32. cowgirldiva says:

    GOOD..!! Good riddance…!! That’s one less lying LEAKER in President Trump’s inner circle…!! Principles..?? These people have NO principles..!! Oh, and DISNEY is not the Disney we remember…! Aren’t they involved in producing what would be considered PORN now..!!??

  33. Marcus D. says:

    More proof Iger doesn’t have a clue. Obama went at it alone and made one of the stupidest “agreements” in American history. Now, as expected, the “celeb” morons who don’t even know what’s in the agreement are crying. People who are real Americans, who don’t live in fake worlds with words written for them to say on cue, thank President Trump for saving billions of American dollars and many thousands of American jobs. Iger is a complete idiot.

  34. quinna says:

    You thought the Church was full of sexual deviants? It’s nothing compared to Disney, a festering cesspool of homosexuals and 30 to 60 yr old, pre-op, dress wearing male transgender freaks. For the price of park tickets, merchandise and shabby hotel rooms, why would take you family to Disney? How bright is Iger to wade into political bullshit – wilfully ignorant of the gross financial inbalance the US is subject to versus other countries? Did Iger even read the deal? Iger and Disney are more interested in over charging for smelly, run down hotels full of screaming kids – run by homosexual cast members having gay orgies in empty resort rooms and attractions. Just before you arrive. Think about it.

  35. Carol J. says:

    Iger stinks. No loss whatsoever. MAGA.

  36. krumhorn says:

    The lefties will have the little hissy fit, but in the end, they will continue to lose elections except in their coastal domains and urban shitholes. It’s so transparently obvious what the political motivations are behind the global warming hoax, it’s not worth repeating here except to say that the Paris agreement that Obummer never submitted to the congress for ratification is exhibit A.

    Oh, wait! Let me repeat that. Our Saviour did this on his own without congressional approval. Billions of dollars committed; businesses penalized; sovereignty lost…without a single vote of our legislature. Scratch a leftie and there is tyrant screaming to get out.


    • Lewis K. says:

      Thank you for explaining to the “celebs” how Hussein Obama sold out America with this idiotic agreement. Thank God Trump has balls and puts America first. MAGA.

      • Patty says:

        “Obvious about the political goals” can you explain what these goals are? What benefit is there to confronting pollution, instead of just ignoring it? What benefit is there is confronting people who have decided protecting the land the lord has given us is against Christian values? What benefit is there to going against the Pope’s wishes?

        First and foremost, conservation is a Christian value and I am distraught that some view it as anything but.To knowingly defile the world for our own selfish gain is terrible. “And I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits and its good things. But when you came in, you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination.” Instead of protecting the world the lord gave us, we are knowingly killing it.

        Second, confronting climate change and retaining weather patterns that best ensures food production (drought is not good for crops), protection of property (increase in forest fires, increase in drought in the west, and increase in flooding near the coasts is not good for people’s homes and businesses), heath (warm weather is good for disease carrying bugs), and national security (amazingly drought, fires, flooding, and poor health will not be good for stability)? I’m sad that my children may grow up in a world of such insecurity and danger.

        Finally, deregulation really kicked into high gear in the 70s and surprisingly, there don’t seem to be many gains for the average person. Housing is still too expensive and wages aren’t rising. The only thing I see is that the stock market keeps going up and up, which doesn’t affect me at all.

  37. Don Wilson says:

    Good Bob, and while you’re at it, pay yourself fifty million a year or so while nickel and diming everyone of your employees as is the Disney way. You and Eisner and Katzenberg have lived in a culture of greed at the top of the chain and layoffs and squuzzes below, but make sure we all know you care about the planet you pompous ass. How about this? One year make thirty million and pay your employees the other twenty, then we know you give a damn? Until then don’t throw shade on Trump or anyone else.

  38. heyitsron says:

    We’re with you Bob all the way. No one wants their own personal brand tarnished by association with that which everyone is running from. FAST. What a pox on America.

    • Wickham says:

      We? This guy destroyed ESPN. He shouldn’t be on any council and his “brand” is dirt.

      • DumptheTrump says:

        Espon is down, because football causes brain damage, you like watching people live with brain damage?

  39. SPIKE says:

    what a sucker. conned, he sides with the globalists who want to make America a slave state to the new world order

  40. Alexander Dumas says:

    What the hell was he doing on an advisory council in the first place? He stinks. Other than Disney sequels making money, he is a complete moron. Good riddance.

    • DumptheTrump says:

      other than doing great things for the economy, he sucks, good riddance. you know how stupid you sound? don’t you wanna make america great again? oh wait…… sit down, shut up, be humble and learn some shit, What have you done for america? nothing.

    • sloth says:

      “What the hell was he doing on an advisory council in the first place?”

      Trump hired him. Since you asked.

    • Spooky says:

      “What the hell was he doing on an advisory council in the first place? ”

      EXACTLY! He’s an entertainment executive. What did he do…stand-up comedy at the committee meeting? WTF does he know about fake global warming?

  41. Quasar says:

    Good. This guy is an idiot anyway. Destroyed ESPN and hired immigrants over Americans. Screw this nut. ABC is a sodomite showcase now.

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