Brie Larson Defends Her Reaction to Casey Affleck’s Oscar Win

Brie Larson Casey Affleck Oscars
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

When Brie Larson handed Casey Affleck the best-actor Oscar last month, her body language caught the attention of many, as she didn’t clap while the crowd gave the “Manchester by the Sea” star a standing ovation.

Speculation emerged that Larson’s muted reaction to his win was a sign of solidarity with the two women who accused Affleck of sexually harassing them during the filming of “I’m Still Here” in 2010. The suits were settled that same year. Larson, an activist for sexual assault survivors, stood quietly while Affleck took the stage.


Kenneth Lonergan, Casey AffleckNational Board of Review 2016 Awards Gala, New York, USA - 04 Jan 2017

Kenneth Lonergan Defends Casey Affleck in Response to College Essay

Larson addressed her reaction during the Los Angeles premiere of “Kong: Skull Island.”

“I think that whatever it was that I did onstage kind of spoke for itself,” she told Vanity Fair on Wednesday. “I’ve said all that I need to say about that topic.”

At last year’s Oscars, Larson won the award for best actress for her role as a sexual assault victim in the drama “Room.” After Lady Gaga’s performance of here Oscar-nominated “Til It Happens to You,” a song about the aftermath of sexual assault, at the same ceremony, Larson hugged each of the assault survivors that appeared alongside Gaga as they walked off the stage.

Casey Affleck on Why It Helped to Be ‘A Little Bit Scared’ of ‘Manchester by the Sea’

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  1. Kay Shkorn says:

    The movie stunk anyway and Matt Damon had to buy tons of air time during FOX NEWS — yes FOX NEWS — to get the word out about he movie. They’re all Liberal hypocrites.

  2. Steve says:

    Perhaps, but I doubt it.

  3. Cyrus Saatsaz says:

    What a judgmental and ignorant individual who chose pettiness over logic and understanding. There’s no proof that Affleck did a single thing wrong yet she judges him because two women made unsubstantiated accusations against him? We live in a culture now where all a woman has to do is accuse a man of literally anything and regardless of whether there’s any truth to it his reputation and career could be ruined for him. Shame on her for making assumptions against Casey without ANY fact to support it.

    • Yikes says:

      So according to you moron, it’s totally the smart thing for people to applaud and praise SUSPECTED sexual assaulters and only ignore them when it’s 100% CONFIRMED that they did incredibly disgusting things.

      Some beyond genius logic you got going on there, child ; )

  4. The Truth says:

    Perhaps, like many others, Larson was stunned that Affleck’s flat, one-note performance actually won the award. Regardless, when two women on the same project file suits on the order of $2MM, the issue warrants investigation. It’s a self-serving folk tale that suits without merit are frequently settled for convenience sake when the celebrity involved is blameless. Those with deep pockets do not want reputations as soft touches. If Affleck’s legal team had convincing evidence the suits were bogus, they would have sought pre-trial dismissal. But they didn’t. Clearly the quick settlement indicated no inclination to go to trial. While Affleck may be innocent, he declined to defend himself.

    Filing a law suit against a well-known actor or any other entertainment industry luminary is not something career women in Hollywood take lightly. Almost always such action negatively affects their chances of ever being hired again. Those in this thread who blithely characterize the women involved in this case as craven golddiggers do them a cynical disservice. It’s extremely rare that there’s smoke but no fire.

  5. Celine says:

    Variety. thank you for correcting the false “sexual assault” into the accurate “sexual harassment” claim.
    These are two different things. “Assault” is much more serious, right?

    I really hope Casey Affleck didn’t play this game and payed them peanuts.

    What you can learn from this case is: Never pay them a cent. Fight it in court. Clear your name. Otherwise these young women, who smell $$$ will stop at nothing.

  6. Donna says:

    Larsen is taken with herself. Therein lies the attitude.

    • if Larson had an ounce of respect for abuse survivors then she wouldn’t support Hillary Clinton after what she did to Bill’s victims

    • Torah says:

      Larson was on ‘Michael & Kelly’ the other day and couldn’t remember any of what happened at the Oscars! Playing dumb whilst knowing pure well why this ”story” is being used; to gain some publicity for herself for ‘Kong’.

      • Steve says:

        It seemed obvious to me that she just doesn’t want to talk about it anymore; as she said on Wednesday night, she feels that what she did speaks for itself.

  7. Steve says:

    I guess we all see what we want to see.

  8. Steve says:

    Not sure how that relates to Brie Larson, but OK.

  9. It's a Big Deal Don't Trivialize Sexual Harassment says:

    Why didn’t you just say correct the article to read “sexual harassment”? Casey Affleck is not a victim. And don’t downplay the severity of the accusations. That’s why women don’t go to trial in these type of situations because men like you say “It’s not a big deal” and they have little chance of winning. If you were the victim then it would be a big deal to you.

    • John says:

      What “severity of the accusations” ???
      I read the complaints and all the girls accuse Casey of doing is:
      1) Don’t helping them when one crew member showed his penis as a joke. 2) Being shocked because they needed to shoot together with real prostitutes. 3) Waking up in a bed next to a drunk Casey Affleck, who probably mixed up the rooms because they were in Joaquin Phoenix’ apartment 4) Being angry at them & calling them “cows” one time and…..that’s pretty much everything I remember. Really.
      Read it yourself online.
      The really shocking thing about these so-called “sexual harassment” claims is, that actually NOTHING SERIOUS HAPPENED. If these jokes, bad behavior and verbal insults – if they really happened at all – qualify as “sexual harassment” then Western societies are in trouble. The feminist PC culture is getting insane – but enough is enough !

    • Torah says:

      What part of ‘prove or disprove’ don’t you understand? Affleck will remain innocent until found guilty. Channel your energy into something else; Hollywood don’t care!

  10. Don't Bother Seeing a Therapist says:

    Hey Torah are you his girlfriend or do you work for his agent, manager or attorney or you just a low life that likes to defend guys who sexually harass women then pay people off?

    Casey Affleck only relentlessly harassed two women over a period of several weeks often in front of a film production crew. You use the same type of logic that people who voted for Trump use when he openly lies.

    • in hollywood’s mind the only thing worse than a sex offender is a race baiting sex offender

      hence the Nate Parker snub

    • Torah says:

      I just have the intellect (and morals) to question the information before me instead of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’. Affleck was only ‘accused’ of sexual harassment. Those accusations were later settled in court. No sufficient evidence has come to light to make me believe he’s guilty. PS, I’m European.

  11. Mark says:

    I’d love to see footage of her hugging and kissing him, I watched the show and don’t recall that happening.

  12. Nathan Morrison says:

    I seriously do not understand why this is a story. Casey Affleck is a horrible person who has been documented sexually harassing women. Additionally, he’s the no-talent brother of the no-talent friend of Matt Damon. No one should need to explain why they didn’t clap when he was presented with the nation’s highest award for acting. Nobody should have clapped. Everyone should have stood up and walked out.

    • Let me get this straight.. Brie Larson can’t applaud Casey Affleck who has been documented sexually harassing people but she worked with Mark Wahlberg who has been documented racially and physically abusing people (then he tried to erase that record)

    • Vasquez1992 says:

      Nathan is a complete moron! Dumb a$$!

    • mcgwynne says:

      Hey Steve, an ‘opinion’thar damages someone’s reputation is actionable and will result in heavy monetary damages to the irresponsible loud mouth
      As it should be.

    • Torah says:

      Who wouldn’t be so quick to judge if you were in the same boat.

    • Torah says:

      Of course people are entitled to their opinions. Having said that, people are dumb and believe everything they read without questioning the facts!

    • StopLying says:

      Yes, and when their opinions are based on guesswork, they should be properly called out as the dishonest people they are.

    • krumhorn says:

      Really? Documented? As far as any of us knows, all that has been ‘documented’ are allegations. Have we reached such a sad state where mere allegations are sufficient to establish that the alleged conduct actually happened? There was a civil lawsuit that was settled. Nobody but the parties know anything about the terms of the settlement other than it presumably contains a confidentiality provision.

      And no conclusions whatsoever can be reasonably drawn from any of that.

      – Krumhorn

      • lorcanbonda says:

        Brie Larson has every right to be irritated that the Entertainment industry is messed up. Sexual Harassment is rife in the industry and most people just ignore it if the “art” is good enough.

        I can’t believe people are legitimately defending Casey Affleck. We’re not a court of law — public pressure doesn’t have standards of “reasonable doubt”.

      • mickeyaugrec says:

        +krumhorn Right on. I too heard that the settlement terms are confidential. Which means CA has A LOT of cash to sprinkle around the plaintiffs, or/and that the plaintiffs decided that the evidence supporting their allegations was not strong enough to justify extracting a publishable settlement agreement (or – what the Hell – GOING TO TRIAL BEFORE A JUDGE OR JURY).

        Those who blast CA for allegedly predatory or manipulative behavior should be chastising the “victims” for entering into confidential settlement agreements (sometimes known as grabbing the quick cash), which sends the message that those rich enough to muzzle their victims with money can engage in sexual harassment with impunity.

      • Don't Bother Seeing a Therapist says:


        Casey Affleck only relentlessly harassed two women over a period of several weeks often in front of a film production crew. There were witnesses.

        You sound like a lawyer. And lawyers don’t care if their clients tell the truth. They only care if they get paid. And Affleck has a lot of money to pay.

        This town is built on reputations and people talk. Like those that saw what happened and heard what happened before there was a settlement and who were not part of the settlement.

        So stick that in your “…And no conclusions whatsoever can be reasonably drawn from any of that.” pipe and smoke it Krumhole.

    • Torah says:

      So what she didn’t clap, Leo didn’t clap for Stone. But Affleck did receive a standing ovation from the crowd! Those ”allegations” made against Affleck have been settled. Haven’t you ever heard of ‘Innocent until proven guilty’?

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