Box Office: ‘Mother!’ Crumbles With $7.5 Million, ‘It’ Repeats No. 1

Mother! Box Office Crumbles, It Breaks

It” continues to post terrifyingly huge numbers, while “Mother!” opens with a thud.

“It,” from Warner Bros. and New Line, expects to finish its second weekend with $60 million from 4,103 locations. That would make its domestic gross so far $218.7 million — a record for the highest earning September release ever. The old record-holder was 1986’s “Crocodile Dundee” with $174.8 million. Broken down by day this weekend, “It” earned $19.4 million on Friday and $26.2 million on Saturday. Sunday’s take is estimated to be about $14.5 million. 389 Imax screens are expected to account for just over $3 million of the film’s take in North America this weekend.


Mother! Clip Jennifer Lawerence

Film Review: Jennifer Lawrence in ‘mother!’

Overseas, “It” is pulling in an additional $60.3 million in 56 markets. That raises its international total to $152.6 million and the worldwide tally to $371.3 million.

Based on Stephen King’s novel, “It” opened last weekend with an enormous domestic pull of $123.4 million. The R-rated title, reportedly made for about $35 million, stars Bill Skarsgard as an evil clown named Pennywise who terrorizes children. The rest of the cast includes Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton, Jaeden Lieberher, and Jackson Robert Scott.

Meanwhile “Mother!” is struggling. The Paramount release directed by Darren Aronofsky is expected to earn $7.5 million from 2,368 locations. That’s an all-time low for wide releases starring Jennifer Lawrence. One contributing factor to the movie’s bottom line is that audiences entirely rejected it and bestowed an F CinemaScore. That’s despite a critical split that landed the polarizing movie a generally positive 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Women made up the bulk of the audience (56%), and slightly more than half of the audience (52%) was over the age of 35. The launch was driven by a marketing campaign that shrouded the R-rated movie in mystery and didn’t give much away regarding plot. In addition to Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer also star.



‘It’ Star Bill Skarsgard Says a ‘Disturbing’ Flashback Scene Was Cut From the Movie

“The reaction to the movie is not entirely unexpected. The idea around the campaign was always for it to be a big, bold experience,” said Paramount’s distribution chief Megan Colligan. “I don’t think the story is really written on this movie.”

Another fresh R-rated launch, “American Assassin” — a joint production between CBS Films and Lionsgate — is expecting an opening of $14.8 million from 3,154 locations. The audience breakdown was 55% Male and 29% under the age of 35. The film is an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s 2010 novel, and stars Dylan O’Brien as a CIA black ops recruit who is trained by a Cold War veteran (Michael Keaton). The film’s opening is comparable to 2014’s “John Wick,” which opened to $14.4 million on its way to launch a franchise with $43 million in domestic earnings.

“We feel that we’re off to a very solid start,” Shaun Barber, Lionsgate’s EVP and general sales manager of domestic theatrical distribution, said, pointing to the A CinemaScore the movie earned from the under 25 audience, and a strong September box office so far. As for plans to make the movie a franchise, he said “it’s very early in the run” and “too soon to call.”


Film Review: Dylan O’Brien in ‘American Assassin’

Open Road’s “Home Again” should land in fourth this weekend with $5.3 million from 3,036 locations (only a 38% drop from last weekend). “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” from Lionsgate, continues to stay in the top five with about $3.6 million from 3,272 spots. The rest of the top ten is made up of “Annabelle: Creation” ($2.6 million); Taylor Sheridan’s “Wind River” ($2.6 million), which has now out-grossed “Hell of High Water” in North America; “Leap!” ($2.1 million); “Spider-Man: Homecoming” ($1.9 million); and “Dunkirk” ($1.3 million).

In limited release, Annapurna and Amazon’s “Brad’s Status” is tracking to earn $100,179 this weekend from four locations. Mike White wrote and directed the movie starring Ben Stiller as a man who is constantly comparing his life to those of his college friends. Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson, and Michael Sheen also star in the flick, which has been generally well-reviewed (83% on Rotten Tomatoes). The film is expected to expand to 100 locations next weekend.

Amazon Studios’ head of marketing and distribution Bob Berney noted that “fathers are really relating to the film” and Stiller’s performance.

After a catastrophic summer of moviegoing, a strong September so far (39.4% better than last year, powered by “It”) is leading a gradual recovery. The year to date box office is now 4.9% behind last year — up from 6.5% behind at the end of the summer. The domestic box office so far this year has earned $7.9 billion.

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  1. purnama agung says:

    Watch American Assasin in HD ==>

    Watch mother! full movie in HD ==>

    watch it full movie in HD ==>

  2. Aurangzeb says:

    A few days ago, I saw jennifer lawrence calling a guy “loser” for touching her dog! I didn’t like j-la ever but after that day I’ve started to dislike her. She needs to improve her manners. Otherwise I think the movie “mother” is just the start.

  3. F Spin says:

    All I care is that Her show was a flop. Hollywood Needs to Keep their political views to themselves. We don’t pay them to hear their views. Keep opening your mouths you’ll see how fast We The People’s Voices Will Be Heard.

  4. How do you know how many tickets are sold to
    men vs women? I’m pretty sure the teenager that sold me my ticket didn’t ask me my pronoun or even guess for that matter.

  5. jonnyrp says:

    Keep alienating 50% of your fanbase like many others do Miss Lawrence (Blaming hurricanes on Trump and feeling confused? Hoping his supporters get wiped out?) Way to go!

    • Steve says:

      She didn’t blame hurricanes on Trump. What she said was (deliberately?) misinterpreted.

    • KT Chong says:

      Hasn’t Stephen King been bashing Trump? Stephen King has been in the news promoting IT for about three weeks, and in every interview, he could not refrain from bashing Trump. Yet IT has been making big money at the box office. So your delusion that Jennifer Lawrence’s politics had impacted the box office of Mother! does not add up.

      I have not seen Mother! and I do not plan to see it. Do you know why? I am an atheist. When I read that Mother! is a collection of allegories of Biblical stories, I decided that I ain’t going to waste my money and time to be preached at by a Christian movie for two hours.

      • Sue says:

        Good point. I think Stephen King was even blocked by Trump on Twitter! It’s sure not hurting him. I’m not seeing Mother either, nor IT for that matter – I just don’t like horror films. I am seeing American Assassin however – I love spy thrillers (even though I’m a flaming liberal)

  6. Jay B Bern says:

    Lawrence and other actors should not comment about politics – especially just before their “iffy” movies hits screens.The public responds by staying away. We have too much other entertainment to waste time and money with movie bombs and silly actors.
    Prediction: Oscars’ ratings will continue their decline.

    • KT Chong says:

      Stephen King has been bashing Trump non-stop. Stephen King’s IT has been breaking the box office. Explain that.

      • chuch harrison says:

        Ben I agree with you on that one. Why? The wrong statement in an interview promoting a film could hurt the film and studio. Channel 4 tv journalist who interview Lawrence should’ve stayed on movie topic instead straying off topic especially with severre hurricanes. Another fact both Irma and Harvey affected the box office. Harvey brough the dismal box office to a standstill. So I believe Mother opened less cinemas than 2,000 number, But the interview created the bad pr for the film too.

      • Sue says:

        King has bashed Trump so much on Twitter that Trump blocked him! Should we turn what you said around and count that as a reason why IT is doing so well?

      • I think Stephen King hasn’t really been in the spot light like JLAW has been. King may say something, but you really have to search to find any sort of comment from him. Many other writers have also said things about Trump. Their future book,sales will probably show some impact from trump supporting fans. That’s a decision for another day. JLAW is on every channel right now. So while everyone is entitled to a viewpoint, I think when someone says something so ridiculous you can’t help, but pay attention and feel angry that people like her put such garbage into the world. I’m pretty sure there were hurricanes long before global warming was even a thing. Long before cars, and you and I entered the planet. Trumps been in office for 6 months and now all of a sudden he’s GOD. I mean I like the guy, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have that kind of power. In JLAW’s eyes though, she seems to think he does. This is why she gets the idiot award.

  7. astro says:

    Anyway, I do not get how Paramount handled mother!. The film is way too dark and insane to release wide immediately. I get that they were concerned that the nature of the film would come out if it was platformed, but it is better letting the film find an audience if it could than bringing such an intense and disturbing arthouse film to the unsuspecting mutiplex and getting needless headlines about flopping and cinemascores. This film was never detined to have a great box office run. I’m sure Paramount understood that, but trying to market it as a conventional horror film was not the answer. I thought it was a brilliant and unique film. The type of movie that pays a studio dividends in the long run. But in the short term it needed to be handled with better care.

  8. joe martinez says:

    This movie didnt have a chance after big mouth liberal bimbo Lawrence degraded Texas hurricane victims and President Trump.

    • KT Chong says:

      Yet Stephen King’s constant bashing of Trump has not adversely affected the box office performances of IT.

    • astro says:

      What a load of horse manure. First that story is libelous, ginned up by the rightwing media and debunked subsequently. Second this film is along the lines of The Fountain and Requiem For A Dream and is playing accordingly. And Stephen King has made multiple anti-Trump statements and “It” seems to be doing fine. Maybe try to be less gullible and more logical. A brutal arthouse style film is not going to suddenly be a boc office hit, and the vocal and deluded small cadre of idiots talking about boycotts have nothing to do with it. Because I’m sure you rush out to see all Aronofsky film. LOL.

      • Jay B Bern says:

        King has the gravitas to do as he pleases. Lawrence has not yet earned this, although she’s a talented actor. She needs to pay some more dues. As for the politics, I think you’re right. It’s the rightwingers vs. pseudo-intellectuals. The former group is making itself known to people they believe are dissing them, such as Hollywood types and other media.

  9. Ivanna Tinkle says:

    I hope JLaw gets a Razzie for mother! And the director gets sued for plagiarism for ripping off Rosemary’s Baby. What an obnoxious vanity piece and terrible movie.

  10. John Tirado-Glover says:

    “Mother ” was a unique and masterpiece of a film. It was an experience that I will remember for a long time. Most movie audiences like the same spoon feed material, this movie took you on a experience. Love it:)

  11. spacemove says:

    Play and Download movies 2017 Full HD here please → [ ]

  12. chuch harrison says:

    It crushed Mother at the box office. I believe Paramount made the huge mistake of moving the film’s release from October to September cost it. As for It has more traditional story telling where I believe Mother tried to be everything and it failed with mainstream audience. I fault the script and the director though I haven’t seen it. I would go see Mother where it went wrong. Plus never let a major star open her mouth abouth hurricanes and death you know what I’m talking such a statement also hurts the film product I might add. Alienating audiences and consumers stupid.

    • Jay B Bern says:

      It is a unique movie from the mind of a master horror writer. I used to be in media and read/listen to all sides of political discourse. Yes, conservatives have mounted a backlash against what they consider to be elitists, such as Hollywood actors. And why wouldn’t they? Both sides have gotten a little crazy in their thinking about things, but a large portion of the country is dissing Hollywood. It’s just that media aren’t covering this story.

    • Aj says:

      This movie never stood a chance up against IT, the monster of a box office hit.

  13. JJ says:

    Terrible. What, Jen-Jen quiet now? No spew?

    • Steve says:

      She’s done with publicity for this film. She’s working now. Don’t worry, Red Sparrow will be out in about six months, so you can hate on her then.

  14. Stergios says:

    I’d never think a film like this would score domestically but holy shit, I loved every second of it. Best film I’ve seen all year, no doubt about this. An absolutely deranged, trippy and unique experience, but one every cinephile owes to themselves to watch on a big screen. The kind of film you go “they don’t make it like this anymore”. Aronofsky and Jennifer are prodigees for offering something like that to mass audiences, even if it can’t be appreciated by everyone. I wish they’ll make a dozen films together and become the new Ingmar Bergman / Liv Ullman, Roberto Rossellini / Ingrid Bergman, etc. artistic duo. They rock, however I rave about them, I find myself actually being in a loss of words towards their brilliance.

  15. SpaceOddity says:

    Mother! is pure cinematic insanity and I loved every single frame of it. The whole situation reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’a Vertigo, David Fincher’s Seven or Fight Club, to a degree even Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak. A film that bold, visceral and spine-tingling could never be embraced by the masses. It’s actually the kind of film that makes many people walk out of theaters and leaves others speechless with its pure audacity and brilliance. Any lover of film should make themselves a favour and watch it asap on the biggest screen possible. It’s something kind of a miracle this film got wide release. One should see it to fully understand why. I don’t think I’ll see a film more special and unique for quite some time. The last time I got so excited with a film was with Villeneuve’s Enemy a couple of years ago.

    • Based Person says:

      Nope. You’re no different from the guy who thinks death metal singing about raping and killing your daughter is good.

      This is just another cheap, amateur, deranged movie. The only people who would want to watch this are deranged people. But that’s the entire worthless genre.

      You’re a deranged person, and have deranged taste. As common, you don’t seem to be aware.

      Ah, you are pitied.

      • Steve says:

        This is complete nonsense. Saying those types of things about someone because of their opinion about a movie is ridiculous.

    • Stergios says:

      God, I wish I could upvote this comment a million times. Everything you say here, I couldn’t agree more. This is the type of film that almost leaves you wanting to throw up by how disturbing, surreal, sick and straight-out terrifying it was, yet you know you’ll probably won’t see something that special and unique for a while.

      Kudos to everyone involved, from an awe-inspiring Darren Aronofsky to an 110% commited cast, with the gorgeous and insanely talented Jennifer Lawrence giving it her all and every supporting player, especially a never better in years Michelle Pfeiffer and every single crew member (sound design is a character by itself here) for creating such an instant classic cinematic masterpiece. And yes, Enemy was one of the most recent masterful yet so divisive and unique cinematic experiences I had in a movie theater as well. I remember walking out of the theater as the credits were rolling and hearing like “wow, worst film I’ve ever seen”, same here. You’re right, it’s quite unbelievable this film got a wide release. Absolutely loved it. In a fair world, it would deserve to sweep every single major award all the way to The Oscars , which probably means it will leave completely empty-handed and it’s doubtful it will get a single major nomination. Maybe Pfeiffer, because it’s just ridiculous she hasn’t been nominated in so many years (that White Oleander snub still hurts) and hasn’t even won once.

      • Stergios says:

        @ Chris Because luckily there aren’t only uncultured, alt-right, gossip-obsessed nutcases who comment on a film they never saw. Thank God for all those few normal people out there. Now go back to your “Trump is the best, Jennifer is a pig, Aronofsky doesn’t know how to shoot movies” pathetic, miserable life.

      • Chris says:

        You and SpaceOddity sound like the same person, Stergios.

      • Stergios says:

        Thanks man, yeah, I struggle of thinking of something that crazy coming from a major American studio recently as well. Aronofsky is a genius. And Jennifer never ceases to impress me. Her turn here belongs definitely in a Top-5 list of her work.That last look on her face towards the end still haunts me. She’s dynamite.

      • SpaceOddity says:

        Good for you man, your passion for cinema really shines through. I still struggle to shake it off, totally agree, you’re like “I wanna throw up” in some scenes, you know though it’s unlikely to see something this powerful and crazy easily. Probably the boldest studio offering we had in years. I root for Pfeiffer as well by the way. Everyone is brilliant though and Lawrence impressed me even more than Winter’s bone which I ranked as my favourite work of hers.

  16. Timothy O'Rawe says:

    You mean Lawrence’s stupid comments, basically saying anybody who voted for Trump deserved to die, didn’t help her movie’s box office? That’s weird. You would think alienating half your customer base would be a positive thing.

  17. Shepoopy! says:

    One thing is for sure. Mother is HORRORible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so are the Paramount Perverts!

  18. Cass says:

    Can we all agree JLaw needs to step away for a while.

    • Deeper says:

      Agreed….but you forgot forever…..rejected forever by anyone in Hollydummy

    • Jay B Bern says:

      If I were her agent, I would say “yes.” She is a talented actor, but she has gotten off course and will probably make another film or two that will bomb before she regains her footing.Anyway, the Oscars people will probably nominate the movie for “best” and her for “best actress.” It’s why so few people watch that show or even follow the results.

    • astro says:

      Why? I don’t get the thought process. Stars are not miracle workers. People do not flock to see films like mother!. It is a reflection on the type of movie. Just not a msinstream film.

    • Marie says:

      She did say she’s going to take a two year break.

    • Chris says:

      Definitely. 17 movies since Winter’s Bone in 2010…maybe people are finally getting tired of seeing her bland face and vacant smile.

  19. SometimeInTheMorning says:

    No doubt she’ll blame Trump for this, the same way she blamed him for the hurricanes.

    • Jacen says:

      SometimeInTheMorning, is the supposed JL statement like that time you openly admitted to molesting little boys and hacking up screaming white babies before their crying mothers? No? Why, because it didn’t happen in either case? Of course. See how easy it is to make stuff up about people? The question then is, Why do you feel the need to make up something horrible about someone and then repeat it ad infinitum? Is it just to make you feel better about your inconsequential statistic of a life?

    • Marie says:

      SHE NEVER SAID THAT. Move on already.

    • SalULloyd says:

      ONETIMEINTHEMORNING, your fundies blamed the homos and the aborts! Any difference???

    • Since she never did that you’ve just proven how uninformed you are.

    • Steve says:

      Except she didn’t do that, but hey, why let facts get in the way of a cool narrative?

  20. lyta says:

    good for It… i was hoping for a 16 to 17 million for American assassin, cause im a big fan of the books and i want that franchise… they should have open that movie the week before It, whenque it was. slow at the box office… and to bad for mother! it flop, not just dissapoint

  21. Sam says:

    Every person I know who saw this movie preview, told me they will not see it. Like others had stated, movie should had came out in November in a few theaters and then slowly expansion to more theaters.

    • anon says:

      No it should not have come out in November. It should have never been made period.

      Nobody wants to see this movie for a reason.

      • Stergios says:

        @SpaceOddity Nailed it! They can’t even stop embarrassing themselves.

      • SpaceOddity says:

        You can extend nobody = nobody with zero and aesthetic and taste in movies. Pretty sure a good 85% of people commenting here haven’t seen it.

  22. Kaboom! says:

    The movie flops and bombs courtesy of Jennifer Lawrence: Mother from 2017. Passengers from 2016. Serena from 2015. She should be considered box office poison.

    • Kaboom, Passengers was not a box office bomb. It underperformed but made a profit

      • Kaboom Give me some statistical data that supports your claim tha all films go over budget. That is simply conjecture on your part and inaccurate. Some films do go over budget and when they do it is widely reported in the entertainment media. Passengers is not one of them. Stop trying to use unprovable claims to support your flawed theories.

      • Kaboom! says:

        Passengers had a estimated budget of $110 million. As most movies, they spend over budget, but that is never reported to the media. Box office gross totals was $303 million, which generally means the studios made a profit of $150 million. Spending over $110 million to make $150 million is a profit as you say, but movie studios consider that a bomb.

    • Steve says:

      Passengers finished in the black. Serena came and left theaters without a trace while JL was still in the midst of The Hunger Games. This film is bombing because it’s a very strange and divisive film that the studio handled very poorly.

      Given the political views you’ve expressed here, it’s pretty clear what your agenda is here.

      • Jacen says:

        Actually, Kaboom, Steve is right about your motivation and about the films’ successes and failures. He isn’t rationalizing; he’s accepting what has failed and what has succeeded and, unlike you, is using critical thinking to try and figure out why mother! tanked. You can claim JL’s politics, but as I’ve pointed out in previous posts, the Reich-wing claimed that It would bomb because of King’s politics, but it turned into a record breaking success. As to JL’s failures… yes, Serena sucked and died. That was followed by X-men-Apocalypse, which wasn’t any good but was a profitable film. Then Passengers came along. Also not a good film, but it did enough to cover its budget and part of its marketing costs. Judging by how well people like it (which is beyond me) I think it probably did enough in ancillary markets to cover its marketing costs as well. Now, if the studio feels it is in their best interests to claim it is a perpetual money loser (which Paramount loves to do so that they don’t have to pay writers on the back end) then they will do so. Which brings us to mother!. Its worldwide gross will most likely get it close to the black; ancillary revenue should get it the rest of the way to covering its budget. It will not make back its marketing unless its controversy makes it a perennial cult fave, kind of like David Lynch’s equally divisive Blue Velvet. Time will tell. But as others have pointed out, JL has at least three more films in the pipeline for you to hate and claim “bomb” facts be damned, so you can pursue that particular insanity.

      • Steve says:

        @Kaboom: OK, I’ll take you at your word that you saw the movie. For the record, I’ve never seen Passengers or Serena.

      • Kaboom! says:

        Magically you have an excuse for each and every movie. Even Serena, a total flop, you have an excuse. Be an adult, admit these movies were bad and stop giving them participation trophies. And my statement about these flops had no political overtones and nothing was mentioned. My agenda is all in your small mind. Grow up.

    • anon says:

      What’s your problem with Jennifer Lawrence you jealous loser?? She’s adorable & beautiful & so talented. She did a good job at her end. What’s box office poison though are these super horribly written (and boring and weird!) scripts which Hollywood keep buying. What’s box office poison are untalented people who hide behind terms like “art for the sake of art” as they can’t figure out how to write something entertaining and watchable (and therefore profitable). Until Hollywood remembers that (1) this is the entertainment business (people watch movies for fun!) and (2) good scripts are more important that anything, they will deservedly continue to have box office flops like “Passengers”, “Serena,” and “Mother!” (which is a whole different level of horrible, as well as so creepy & gross, and should never even be compared to those others mentioned.)

      • Kaboom! says:

        I don’t have a problem with Jennifer Lawrence. I stated she has made 3 recent big flops, and isn’t the box office darling anymore, and she should be considered box office poison. And again Steve say it is about her political beliefs, again didn’t state that, so don’t assume. And yes Steve, I saw the movie, thankfully for free. Again you assume incorrectly.

      • Steve says:

        His problem with her is her political beliefs. If someone is here slamming her in particular, they probably haven’t seen the movie.

  23. Kevin Tran says:

    Which was worse – Mother! or The Glass Castle? Both films are very hard to watch.

  24. Lara says:

    It was such a mistake to go wide so soon with Mother!.They should`ve opened it on 4 or 5 screens then expanded slowly.This was never going to appeal to a mass market regardless of who the lead is.Bad strategy killed this.

    • Steve says:

      Exactly right. They opened Black Swan in 18 theaters and let it grow its audience. They put this in 2K theaters because they had Jennifer Lawrence, which was a mistake because the film is so weird. The other huge mistake was moving it to September, right in place to be mowed down by It.

  25. mother! had no chance to click with mainstream audiences despite being the best film out there.

  26. Spider says:

    “It” was quite good. Not your average horror flick. The previews for “Mother” just didn’t look interesting. On another note: “Crocodile Dundee” (good flick, highly recommended) was released in 1986, not 1984.

  27. John says:

    Stop using the c-word, you d***!
    Jennifer Lawrence is actually great in “Mother!”, but the movie isn’t written well.

    If anyone is a smug c***, it’s Aronofsky.
    He cares too much for his BIG allegories, metaphors & symbols and too little for entertainment.

    But it’s still worth seeing.

  28. SalULloyd says:

    Gonealeady, you drink beer with that mouth???

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