Box Office: ‘It’ Stays Strong as ‘Mother!’ Struggles

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Horror blockbuster “It” is showing plenty of staying power at the domestic box office, with an estimated $59 million at 4,103 sites in its second weekend.

“It” is dwarfing a pair of newcomers — action-thriller “American Assassin” is heading for a distant second with an opening weekend around $15.5 million at 3,154 locations. The success of “It” was horrifying news for Jennifer Lawrence starrer “Mother!,” which is underperforming forecasts and should take in about $8 million at 2,368 venues.

“It” took in an impressive $19.2 million on Friday while “American Assassin” grossed $5.8 million and “Mother!” grossed $3.1 million. If “It” makes it to $60 million, it will become the 21st movie to top that figure in its second weekend. “Beauty and the Beast” posted the top second weekend of 2017 with $90.4 million, followed by “Guardians of the Galaxy” with $65.3 million and “Wonder Woman” at $58.5 million.

“It” will become the eighth-highest grosser of 2017 on Saturday, surpassing “Dunkirk” at $184 million, and wind up on Sunday with a sensational 10-day total of at least $215 million.

Based on the 1986 Stephen King horror novel and made for about $35 million, “It” opened last weekend with a stunning $123.4 million domestically — a record for September and the 27th highest launch of all time. The R-rated title stars Bill Skarsgard as the evil clown Pennywise who terrorizes children in Derry, Maine. The rest of the cast includes Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton, Jaeden Lieberher, and Jackson Robert Scott.

“American Assassin,” a joint production between CBS Films and Lionsgate, generated a B+ CinemaScore from moviegoers. The film is an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s 2010 novel of the same name, starring Dylan O’Brien as a CIA black ops recruit trained by a Cold War veteran played by Michael Keaton. “Assassin” — which could be the starting point for a franchise — appears to be performing similarly to 2014’s “John Wick,” which opened with $14.4 million on its way to a $43 million domestic total.

Paramount’s enigmatic horror-thriller “Mother!” is opening in the wake of well-reviewed screenings at the Venice and Toronto film festivals. Yet general audiences gave the violent and arty film an “F” CinemaScore. “Mother!,” helmed by Darren Aronofsky, carries a $33 million price tag. The story involves a married couple, portrayed by Lawrence and Javier Bardem, dealing with two strangers — played by Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer — at their tranquil country home.

The surprising strength of “It” may have held down business for “Mother!” Paramount decided in July to move the “Mother!” release date forward by a month from Oct. 13.

The performance of “It” has been a tonic for the domestic box office, which had been sagging with a year-to-date total of $7.8 billion as of Sept. 13 — 5.5% behind the same point last year, according to comScore. The percentage decline had been at 6.5% before “It” opened.

Critical support for “It” has been stellar, earning the film an 85% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while “Mother!” has generated a solid 69% score, and “American Assassin” has a disappointing 37% rating.

Annapurna Pictures saw solid returns Friday for comedy-drama “Brad’s Status,” with $27,659 at four locations. The film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, stars Ben Stiller with Mike White directing.



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  1. purnama agung says:

    American Assasin in HD ===>

    Watch mother! full movie in HD ===>>

    watch it full movie in HD ===>

  2. jimmy zwwer says:

    This movie sucked, he hates Catholics, boycott it .

  3. jimmy zwwer says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is a liberal piece of garbage just like all of Holly weird.

  4. Ahi Tuna says:

    This movie was a waste of time and a bunch of nonsense with an over-the-top ridiculous sequence towards the end. If this an art film, then it is inaccessible art for most of us. Just because someone doesn’t “get” all the artfulness doesn’t mean it is the viewer’s fault or that the viewer is ignorant and uneducated. Would be nice to read others views on this movie in the comments without the interjection of all the usual political crap.

  5. Once again, dumb white people funding their own demise just to consume entertainment. If you idiots realized that YOU ALONE can’t stop the madness in this country if you just stop going to the movies, stop watching sports and stop paying for ‘music,’ every fake news outlet would die overnight.

  6. loco73 says:

    Why would you move the date for “Mother!” from October 13 to now?! If this is supposed to be some art house award contender that date would have actually been quite appropriate. Maybe it would not have changed it’s box office fortunes, but it would have had enough breathing space to establish somekind of presence. “Blade Runner 2049” will be released on October 6 and its box office impact is unknown as of now, so the 13th of October was a better date than the current one.

    They were either counting that “It” would be a flop or at best a moderate box office success, and that given the anemic box office numbers of weeks past, releasing “Mother !” at this time would give it the best chance at having some traction. As we can see that was a mistake.

    Personally, at this point in time, I’m not exactly keen on seeing a Darren Aronofsky movie…I really liked “The Wrestler” and “Black Swann” was interesting, but “Noah” was a boring mess and a veritable cinematic turd. So I’m not sure I’ll see this one in the theatre…

  7. Ann Harris says:

    Has anyone else noticed that those Global Hollywood elite owned entertainers, actors and comedians all go the way of Rosie, Schumer, Griffin and Kaepernick after bad mouthing our brilliant President? Ms. Laurence = High School drop out = another “has been”. WE DON’T RESPECT YOUR OPINION.

    • Steve says:

      Speak for yourself. I respect her opinion, and everything else about her. She seems like a fundamentally decent person to me. Now, I realize that you probably don’t respect me, or anyone else you disagree with. But I thought it should be said.

  8. Jacen says:

    Three weeks back, Reich-wing trolls were here saying that IT would bomb because “King’s a libtard and murrica dun had enuffa him.” They pointed to a bad August (which was dumping ground for films few wanted to see, that the studios had no faith in, etc, and which was affected by a major hurricane) as proof. Then IT came out and demolished records. Now in its second weekend, IT continues to play well above expectations. So what do Reich-wingers do? Admit that they were wrong? Get a clue? Move out of their treehouse/parents’ basements and engage with a point of view that isn’t theirs? Nope. Instead, they blame the relative failure of mother! on “JLaw libtard.”

  9. Alistar says:

    I hate Jennifer Lawrence, she threw beer over a guy who asked for a photo, she then bragged to an reporter about it

  10. william says:

    IT FULL HD ?

  11. Deeper says:

    “Whaaa, you don’t know art, Mother! is fierce art n stuff!” Sincerely, Mother! production crew.
    It’s garbage trying hard to be art, ever thought of that?

  12. Jane says:

    Jennifer Lawrence and her idiotic looneytunes comments about Trump causing Hurricane Irma didn’t help

  13. Stergios says:

    Wow, shocking, a deliciously unconventional, deeply thought-provoking and extemely unsettling work of art is getting an F Cinemascore. Holy shit, who could have expected that?

    Personally, I’m still trying to digest the unique experience of watching such a monumental cinematic achievement by a true filmmaking genius like Aronofsky and I can’t praise Jennifer enough for her totally committed, incredibly expressive, flat-out chilling portrayal of the titular character. The average moviegoer doesn’t even know what art means, a love it or hate it film like Aronofsky’s latest work would always going to be polarizing and was never going to be a box office juggernaut. Thank god for someone like Jennifer, a movie star in the truest sense of the phrase for constantly taking risks and reinventing herself through her work. Continuing to work with artists like Aronofsky can make her even better, which really says something.

    One of the best performances of her career, totally deserving of another, fifth Oscar nomination (!) and a second win. At the age of 27, she’s really unstoppable and as for the uncultured, safe pop corn fare audiences or the brainless supporters of that racist, sexist and all around godawful being that Trump is who tried to twist her statements just because they got offended by the truth she spoke about climate change can stick to spectacles like the latest Adam Sandler movie or the latest Trump statements and leave art to people who are actually capable of appreciating it. That’s all.

    • Burro b says:

      Art is subjective. You are just a tool

    • Steve says:

      I don’t look down on people who dislike this movie. At all. I believe that disagreements about movies should be civil. This is all entirely subjective.

      As for the Oscars, I don’t see JL getting a nod this year. The film is too weird, and the Best Actress field is stuffed. I actually think it’ll come down to Sally Hawkins and Jessica Chastain.

      • Stergios says:

        I don’t look down on people who dislike this movie either or any movie at all and for me it goes without saying any disagreement should be civil. That being said, I proudly look down on uncultured people who aren’t even able to appreciate what a work of art (such as a movie) is, yet they would like to have an opinion about it or those insane Trump supporters, ready to go crazy for him every time someone mentions anything related to him in one way or the other. Like just try to read the comment of some DD clown below my comment, what’s the point of replying to someone like that? Have an interesting conversation with an intelligent, cultured, sane human being? Any day.

        In regards to The Oscars, yeah, however deserving Jennifer I think would be for another nomination, I doubt she’ll actually score it (one can hope though) and the Hawkins-Chastain duo seems the one to watch at the moment, probably with Glenn Close (The Wife) as a spoiler.

    • DD says:

      Yeah, then apparently ALL LOT OF people don’t appreciate art like you do, and don’t mind hate speech from “stars.” Good for you. Now sit your ass down.

  14. Louisa says:

    Mother! at only $8 million is a horrific crash and burn. Jen-Jen fall down. Perhaps an extended period of “shut-up” and squashing of the hate-spew is in order from little Jen-Jen?

    • Steve says:

      LOL. I predicted the gloating righties posting. This film is tanking because it’s a difficult film and the studio botched the release. Of course, if you have proof that her rather mainstream liberal politics are resented by more than a small portion of Americans, I’m all ears.

  15. Brock says:

    Passengers, Joy, and now Mother!
    Three flops and she’s OUT!
    It’s about time. Jennifer what’s-her-name is an Ass!
    You couldn’t drag me to this piece of shit.

    • Aaron says:

      Passengers made over $300 million worldwide. She received an Oscar nomination for Joy. mother! is disappointing at the U.S box office but will likely do much better in Europe where there is more appreciation for art-house films like this (while the U.S. consumes crap like The Emoji Movie and watches Fox News).

      It’s totally fine for you not liking the movie or not even wanting to see it, but there’s a reason J. Law is one of the world’s highest paid actors: her films make money.

    • Jacen says:

      Passengers was not a flop. It made enough money worldwide ($300mil+) to turn a profit. Mother’s low price tag (33mil) should allow for it to get into the black once international and ancillary revenue is accounted for. And while Joy was a money lose, it didn’t do that badly. Probably the ancillary revenue was enough to get it into the black (not counting marketing costs). Next up is Red Sparrow for you to hate, and it looks like it could be a significant hit. Also, I think she’s involved in X-men: Dark Phoenix, which most likely won’t lose money. (Oh, and by the way: X-men Apocalypse was a money maker and came out between Joy and Passengers, negating any sense of Ms Lawrence being on a flop streak. If you’re going to strive to have a point of view, learn the facts first. You’ll look like less of an imbecile.)

    • Steve says:

      She’s not out. She’ll still get hired. She may get less money, but she’s already worth north of $110M. I know it’s fun for some people to root for the ruin of celebrities they dislike, but it’s not gonna happen.

    • Gina Arnold says:

      Only those who have studied film—those who appreciate film for the art form it is—will have the capacity to understand and enjoy this movie. Don’t speak on something you know nothing about.

      • Enjoy This Movie Really ? Sick

      • Slim says:

        Gina, in the business of movies it doesn’t matter how artful the movie is. If Jennifer Lawrence as lost her appeal, theybwont pay her big bucks to make movies anymore. I agree. Haven’t liked anything of hers since Winters Bone and Silver Linings.

  16. MovieBabble says:

    Word is definitely getting out that mother! is bizarre film, which is keeping people away. YouTube critics are sharing 30 minute in-depth reviews of the film, angered by some of its content and muddled messages. Paramount definitely should have given Aronofsky half the budget to do this film. I can’t imagine mother! getting it’s production budget of $30 million back whatsoever.

  17. Hank Chinaski says:

    Mother! is not for mainstream audiences so this is no surprise at all. There is no way it will make it’s money back even with streaming and blu ray sales. I truly believe my fellow AFI alum, Darren A. only wrote it to meet Jennifer Lawrence so that part worked out well for him. See you at the Icehouse next month Dave!

  18. Anna says:

    Mother! is so dead. People were crazy to invest anything into that mess.

  19. Alex says:

    Maybe J-lo’s dipshit politics (like saying america is being punished with hurricanes for electing trump) is hurting her at the box office

    • Jacen says:

      Did it ever occur to you that she was being ironical with her comment? After all, it’s reich-wing rectums who always say that any catastrophe (Katrina, 9/11) is God’s judgment for America’s support of gays. Yet these catastrophes have only occurred after the false election of Bush and Trump. If we follow the logic of the Reich, maybe this is God actually saying “Hey, get rid of the Electoral College. And Republicans, stop supporting buffoons and rectums, or I will continue to make your stupidity hurt.” Note, of course, that I don’t believe any of it. (As an aside, Las Vegas–aka Sin City–has never been the recipient of “God’s wrath,” and neither have such liberal, gay-supporting places like Hawaii, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, to name a few-at least they haven’t been hammered as much as the South has, anyway.)

    • Evre Glorwziz says:

      Do Trump supporters even have the money to go to the movies? Do they know what movies are? I’m sure Trump supporters just watch football or whatever sport is happening this season. So I wouldn’t give Trump supporters that much power over the box office earnings

      • Jane says:

        Grow up. You sound as dense as the people you label as such. Shame on you

      • Beenthere says:

        Go Fuck yourself, miserable snob. You think intelligentsia means “leftist”? Only unrepairable morons still believe in socialism. As for the Hollywood movies – when they stink as pure propaganda people stay home.

    • Will says:

      Geez are all you Trump supporters stupid conspiracy theorists?Mother flopped because it did not appeal to a general audience the way it appealed to movie critics….The Avengers all trashed Trump and his dumb, racist supporters in 2016 and MCU films still dominate The Box Office, so kill that BS

    • Junior says:

      Here we go again Trumper with you bullshit about that Jennifer Lawrence comment hurting the movie’s box office chances to make more money.You dipshit Trumpers said something similar about the chances of IT in the box office because of Stephen King’s comments about the Racist In Chief (Trump).

    • Greg says:

      She never said that. You’re all stupid. She said that having a president who don’t believe in climate change won’t help future hurricane like Irma… He don’t care about climate but looks what’s happening now in the world. Know your facts.

    • Joe says:

      Did she really say that ? She’s out of her mind :-)

  20. Crystal Brooks says:

    It just goes to show you that just because critics like a movie, it does not mean that consumers will. I don’t see the appeal of “Mother!” compared to “It”. American Assassin seemed to plain vanilla in my opinion. Except for Michael Keaton, the trailer wasn’t appealing. I’ll wait for it to come out for rental or cable TV.

  21. Jesse Banks says:

    Awww, the faith-shaming Jennifer Lawrence film Mother is bombing terribly. How say for the little bigot. LOL!

    • Greg says:

      She’s having rave reviews and will probably have her 5th Oscar nomination. Keep hating ;)

      • DD says:

        So audiences are giving it an “F”? Must be garbage.

      • Steve says:

        @ Jesse Banks: Cinemascore has nothing to do with reviews; it’s an audience score. The Rotten Tomatoes score is 69. Now, that said, I don’t see it getting much Oscars love. It’s just too weird. But I’d love to see Michelle Pfeiffer get a welcome back nod. It’s so good to see her again.

      • Jesse Banks says:

        The film is getting TERRIBLE reviews including an F from cinemascore. It’s a complete fail.

    • Kevin Tran says:

      Both Mother! and Glass Castle are very hard to watch.

  22. Cath says:

    “Mother” isn’t even opening in our theaters. “American Assassin” is. The animated “Beauty and the Beast” is. “It” was strong in our town, a college town, last week when I saw “It.” After seeing the last ad for “Mother” not sure I want to see it but I would have liked the option. Probably see “Home Again” instead. I’m ready for something light and inconsequential at the movies. Personally I’m waiting for “Kingsmen” and “The Ninjago Movie” weekend.

  23. Kevin Tran says:

    Which movie was very disappointing – Mother! or The Glass Castle?

  24. JimG says:

    I’m a little surprised by that reaction to mother! I would have thought that people going in would have been well aware how trippy it is. If this is anything like the reaction by the Academy then Oscars are going to be a longshot. Best Actress is crowded enough so that Lawrence can easily be overlooked. Maybe Pfeiffer can survive, but precursors for anyone associated with the film might be hard to come by.

  25. Chris says:

    Too easy to blame It for the failure of Mother! The reality is the film would have failed anyway. Jennifer Lawrence’s face may sell gossip magazines but she is not the box office draw the industry thinks she is, and this is another big failure after Passengers and Joy. She has talked herself into being unlikeable with her constant focus on money and equal pay which is soured when the figures in question are in the millions. I wonder if she has been paid more than McAvoy and Fassbender for the new X men, if so they are being short changed.

    • Evre Glorwziz says:

      Nobody nowadays is a secure box office hit. Nobody. Nobody. There are tons of factors involved into the success or flop of a movie. Mother! Is too artsy for the majority of movie goers. Of course they would prefer IT (which is honestly way overrated) rather than sit through a movie that requires a bigger and more complex work of the cerebral cortex.

    • Greg says:

      It’s not Jennifer Lawrence fault. Every Darren Aronofski movie perform like this ar the theater. It got an F cinemascore so it’s not J-Law’s fault. It’s the movie itself not made for mainstream audience.

      • Greg says:

        She wasn’t paid 15 millions for that movie. That’s a fake news. And even if it was the case, it’s the producer’s fault because even with a big star, a Darren Aronofski movie is a Darren Aronofski movie. It would have got an F cinemascore anyway. Blame the producers.

      • Chris says:

        With Jennifer Lawrence attached, they have went with a wide release on the movie. Deadline is reporting Lawrence was paid 15m for the movie. Other movies by this director have followed limited release strategy. They gambled in Jennifer Lawrence’s popularity and they lost.

  26. Puddl8ss says:

    To correct your mistake, Beauty And The Beast posted the second best weekend gross this year at $90 million…

  27. Greg says:

    You’re stupid if you believe this. Her words were taken out of context.

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