Box Office: ‘Atomic Blonde’ Explodes With $1.5 Million, Topping ‘Emoji Movie,’ on Thursday

Atomic Blonde
Courtesy of Jonathan Prime/Focus Features

Charlize Theron’s “Atomic Blonde” exploded with $1.5 million on Thursday night while Sony’s animated “The Emoji Movie” took in $900,000.

Focus Features and Sierra/Affinity’s spy thriller has been projected for an opening weekend in the low $20 million range from 3,304 sites. “Atomic Blonde,” which has a $30 million price tag, is set in 1989 Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The film screened at 2,685 North American locations during preview screenings that began Thursday at 7 p.m., while “The Emoji Movie” began showings at 5 p.m. at 2,205 venues.


Emoji Movie

Film Review: ‘The Emoji Movie’

Critics have supported the R-rated “Atomic Blonde,” which has a 76% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Theron portrays a top-level British spy dispatched to Berlin to take down an espionage ring. David Leitch, the co-director of “John Wick,” helmed the movie. James McAvoy, John Goodman, Til Schweiger, Eddie Marsan, Sofia Boutella, and Toby Jones also star.

“Atomic Blonde” scored similarly to Fox’s “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” which took in  $1.4 million on its way to a $36.2 million opening weekend on Feb. 13-15, 2015.

“The Emoji Movie” expands to 4,069 venues on Friday, with Sony projecting a $20 million debut while rival studios have forecasted as much as $30 million. The movie, which has a $50 million budget, shows the secret world inside a teen’s smartphone. T.J. Miller, Maya Rudolph, Christina Aguilera, Anna Faris, James Corden, Jennifer Coolidge, Sofia Vergara, and Patrick Stewart comprise the voice cast.

Critics have given a big thumbs down to “The Emoji Movie,” currently at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the film’s core demographic of younger children is critic-proof. Sony has been actively promoting “The Emoji Movie,” with Miller parasailing into Cannes in May to help launch the movie’s first trailer, and will begin an international rollout next weekend.

The second frame of Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” could win the weekend for Warner Bros., making it the first title to go back-to-back since “Wonder Woman” did so on June 9-11. The World War II drama topped expectations during its opening weekend, with $50.5 million, and finished its first week at $74.3 million. The studio has positioned “Dunkirk,” which recounts the 1940 evacuation of 300,000 Allied troops from France, as an early awards season contender.

Universal’s second weekend of R-rated comedy “Girls Trip” will also be in contention after an impressive $31.2 million opening. It took in a solid $42.2 million in its first six days.

Overall summer business for North America is down 7% compared with last year at $2.89 billion as of July 26 and is not likely to improve this weekend, according to Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at comScore. He pointed out that last year’s comparable weekend saw the $59.2 million debut of “Jason Bourne” and a $23.8 million opening weekend for “Bad Moms.”

“The silver lining may lie somewhere in the historically unpredictable month of August that has become a breeding ground for many a sleeper hit and a hotbed of numerous offbeat box office winners that provided late season boost to the bottom line,” he added.

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  1. Ivan says:

    She’s at least entering interesting territory for an actress. Plus she has the acting chops to pull it off.

    This is unlike the recent, predictable action moves from male action stars: Cruise, the Rock, Diesel, Damon … All performed to mediocre box office returns based on the movie budgets.

  2. loco73 says:

    Watched “Atomic Blonde” and really liked it. One of the best during this lame summer movie season. “Baby Driver” , “Free Fire” , “I, Daniel Blake” , “Churchill” and “Dunkirk” have saved this year at the movies so far.

  3. Leon says:

    You know what pisses me off. All the moves made for men are lame PG-13 and all these chick action movies are rated R. It’s Bull. Make better guy movies. There is nothing wrong with being a guy and liking kick a$$ r rated movies.

    • Miss Cleo says:

      Gurl, please.

    • Christian says:

      Logan, Deadpool, the original terminator moives, Sin city, 300, total recall, the matrix, aliens, rambo, John Wick, Kung Fu Hustle, District 9, Mad Max Rury road. There is nothing wrong with being a girl and liking kick a$$ r rated movies. You can watch a movie as a guy if the movie has a female lead, it’s not like it makes you any less masculine. Also you act as though an R rating makes a movie good and a PG -13 move bad even though that’s a really dumb and reductive idea that has been proven wrong over and over time and time again. All you’re doing when you say that a movie can’t be a guy’s movie with a woman being the lead is putting attention to the fact that it’s a woman and making a big deal out of something that really doesn’t matter as well as saying that you can’t enjoy watching a movie with a woman in a role that you normally see a dude take, which is really stupid.

  4. Matt Spiegel says:

    A newspaper delivery boy should have made more this weekend than the entire Emoji Movie worldwide. If you are a parent and take your kids to this movie, shame on you.

  5. Pippy says:

    ATOMIC BLONDE and DETROIT in theaters … finally some good movies out! (DUNKIRK doesn’t count)

  6. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    The fight scenes looked cheesy. She is too slow and throws long “WWE style” strikes.

  7. John says:

    I don’t know about this “Atomic Blonde”, it looks so much like the same effort of making “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, trying to extend an aging female actress’ career with overloaded action. That became the beginning of the end of Geena Davis’ movie career. Would it be the same for “Atomic Blonde”? Time will tell.

    • Theron has done action and done it brilliantly in Fury Road. The situation bares no resemblance to The Last Kiss Goodbye. And Theron is still one of the most beautiful actresses on the silver screen today despite ageist remarks.

    • Lisa says:

      ‘Aging’????? We have 70 year olds playing male action stars, give me a break! This woman came to Hollywood only 15 years ago with no English and no connections. She learned English better than most native born Americans and won and Oscar to boot! Smarts, strength and beauty have no expiration date!

      • Michael Moore Truth is she is even more stunning now than when her career began. And we seem to be overlooking the most pertinent thing and that is she is a very talented actress.

      • Lisa, while I agree the Aging comment is dumb, She is not quite as young and fresh as you make her out to be. I remember her from 2 Days in the Valley and IMDB puts that at 1996. She also came from South Africa so I believe she had a pretty good idea how to speak english, she just needed to drop the accent. Your overall point though is well taken. At 42 she is still very much sexy, attractive and at the top of her game.

    • Pippy says:

      ATOMIC BLONDE is way more successful at creating a compelling and believable female action hero than LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.

  8. Jolie sits at the top of females in action films.

  9. loco73 says:

    Angelina Jolie is not even close inn”Salt” to what Theron does in “Atomic Blonde” ….

  10. Rex the Wonder Dog says:


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