Ben Affleck Defends Meryl Streep Against Donald Trump Calling Her ‘Overrated’ (Watch)

Ben Affleck Meryl Streep

Ben Affleck joins the long list of stars who have come to Meryl Streep’s defense.

The actor appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night, and mocked President-elect Donald Trump for calling the actress “over-rated” after she spoke out against him at the Golden Globes.

“If there’s one thing truly in the world that we know it’s not true, it’s that Meryl Streep is overrated,” Affleck said.

Kimmel offered up that “overrated” might be the nicest insult that Trump is capable of giving.


Meryl Streep Golden Globes

Hollywood Reacts to Donald Trump Calling Meryl Streep ‘Overrated’

“I guess,” Affleck replied. “But pick a better shot than the person whose photograph actually accompanies ‘Great Actress’ in the encyclopedia.”

While accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at Sunday’s Golden Globes, Streep went after the president-elect without ever mentioning his name. “Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose,” she said.

Trump responded on Twitter the next morning by calling her “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood.”

Since then, many stars in Hollywood have tweeted out their support for the three-time-Academy-Award-winner.

During the same appearance, Affleck told Kimmel that he’s still planning to direct his upcoming standalone Batman movie. “I’m going to direct the next Batman, we’re working on it,” he said, laughing about how frustrating it is to constantly be badgered about the film’s progress. “I’m working. Give me a second,” he said.

Watch the clip of Affleck talking about Streep below:

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  1. ROSI says:

    What the rich, spoiled and Hollyweed elite think of a political candidate conservative or liberal is of no consequence to me, nor should it be to anyone else. Their experiences are not relevant to anyone but themselves and perhaps to their immediate families. Their opinions are based on their own value systems and their past experiences. And dare I say their desire to get further employment in the liberal atmosphere they breath. How can one’s desire to further their own career in the movies have an impact on a citizens choices of who they want to represent them on a local, state or federal level.

    Make your choices based on facts and data and leave the opinions to movie critics. The truth will set you free. If one uses their own experiences, and does proper research on a candidate they can feel good about their own choices. This is a non-partisan suggestion.

  2. jonnyrp says:

    Like i once said on that matter. Meryl is called overrated by many, yet it doesn’t make them right. She’s been nominated many times, yet i’m sure others think she deserved to win more often. If we should all shut our mouth or agree with someone that thinks it makes her Underrated, to the ones that think she’s overrated, one doesn’t represent the truth more than the other.

    I’ve heard Ben Affleck comment when he was interviewed by a Quebec reporter that he fully supported our Province in the fight for our “Independance”, our separation from Canada. Yet, the Quebec numer of supporters grows weaker each year. An American star thinks we would have no problems once separated? Our Politicians are already sellouts, corrupted vipers like everywhere else. Yeah, like a teen renting his first appartment: “Fuck, you mom and dad. I don’t need you anymore. But send cash.” That’s what separatists are telling the rest of the Province. Thanks 4 meddling in shit when you’re not concerned and are totally ignoring of the causes, effects and possible consequences Affleck. Pfft!

  3. Smith Cassidy says:

    How dare a celebrity have an opinion about politics or politicians, it’s not something Trump would do, that’s for certain. Believe me.

    Oh wait…

  4. anonymous says:

    omg your just ACTORS just playing make believe for a glamorous paycheck.. fuck you celebrities … victimizing yourselves in front of everyday Americans on red carpets while wearing custom made outfits, after saying line you go live in luxury movie trailers on sets in exotic locations with assistants to get you whatever you need 24/7.

    You think you can decide the fate of our country???????????? while all of us pay obamacare increases, see jobs leave us at christmas, while Obama spends 2.5 million of tax payer money golfing with Tiger Woods in just a weekend? Tax payer$ money well $pent!

    If Streep cares what about the boy tortured by anti trump ppl or the man punched at an intersection for wearing a trump tee?? Its all over the news!

    Yours Truly,
    Trump Voter Supporter for Equal rights, legal citizenship, gay rights, etc!

    • gkn says:

      Guess you closed your eyes accidentally (an repeatedly) when Trump supporters were clubbing protesters at his rallies. And yes I’m certain Affleck was paid “a glamorous paycheck” to say what he did, since you say so.

      I can hardly wait to see how many tax dollars Trump eats up to cover his pasttimes and bankruptcies. Esp once he’s taken Social Security and all health coverage from you. Enjoy!

      • ROSI says:

        Where are your facts regarding any violent action taken by Trump supporters? That is just not true. However we do know that they were paying people to appear at those rallies and be protestors. The recruitment ads were in every major city’s Craig’s list want ads. They were attempting to organize not only the foot soldiers but drivers to get them to their destinations. Keep in mind transporting said protestors and civil disruptors across state lines is a felony. These such transported individuals were present at the demonstrations that took place in California. How gracious of the current administration not enforce the statutes on that one.

        But in all reality….how gracious of the law enforcement professionals for their conduct in the face of the protestors that likely would never appear in a voting precinct and were just present to collect on that Soros paycheck.

        I support their right to protest (albeit their misguided monetary motivation) as much as I support your right to spread inaccurate information. The first amendment is a glorious thing much t like the rest of the constitution.

        The ability to tell only the truth remains a virtue ALL should aspire to.

      • Stu says:

        He should start saving the country money since it seems that we’ll need that money to pay for that wall that he dreams about because i think everyone (including Trump) knows that Mexico isn’t paying for it like he stated throughout his campaign.

      • anonymous says:

        Closed my eyes? What is wrong with you? Trump supporters never did that they were paid to appear as Trump supporters look at the leaked footage of behind the scenes in DNC meetings. Its all over Youtube.

        Trump has already saved tax dollars, refusing to pay Air Force One flight bill 1 billion for their planes. Wants to use his own planes with air force one improvements. Wants to stop illegal immigration which is costing tax payers billions. Saved already 2000 jobs in Indiana and also GM jobs companies from leaving the country.

        He did not get paid to say that, he gets paid millions like many celebrities who have assistants do things for them while they are playing make believe and they THINK their acting careers determine the rest of ours outside of the spotlight? HELL NO.

        Wake up please and see whats really happening!

  5. tlsnyder42 says:

    Streep consistently overreacts., She’s much better when she plays herself as a modern woman, without the phony accents/voices and over-the-top disguises. She should watch really great actresses and actors such as Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Arthur, Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, Connery. Sometimes, film directors need to rein in their actors. William Shatner is one very talented actor who’s best when the director reins him in a little, unless it’s an over the top comedy like THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN.

  6. Steve Barr says:

    Donald Trump is and always has been a bully and a punk. Here’s hoping that some day he will get his comeuppance three times filled and running over .

  7. JBR says:

    Hollywood celebrities have every right to express their opinions about anything just like any other American citizen. But what I find particularly irksome is how many use platforms like awards ceremonies as political soapboxes for their personal political opinions. What Ms. Streep thinks about Mr. Trump is totally irrelevant to me. If I wanted to watch a politics, I’d turn to a news channel. Frankly, I’d prefer to think of Meryl Streep as a wonderfully gifted actor, not a political commentator. It just kind of obliterates the whole suspension of disbelief thing when watching her movies.

  8. Dona says:

    These celebrities need to understand he was elected for a reason just because they wanted someone else they want to be all pissed and say stuff about him , but when he comes back and defends himself they get mad all over. Well just get over it do your jobs that your getting paid for keep your opinions to yourself and you wont get slammed by Mr. Trump .

    • JK says:

      Dona or Donald, Donnie Trump is that you?. They have every right to say whatever they want, more so if they tell the truth, Donald mocked a disable reporter, that’s a fact, Trump doesn’t want to acknowledge that, well because he lies and he lies when he says that Streep is overrated.

      We can have different political views, but facts are facts and if you deny those then you are wrong and I pity you

      • tlsnyder42 says:

        Evidence shows Trump didn’t mock that guy, who doesn’t even suffer from the mannerisms that Trump was using in the case in question, which Trump has used to mock other non-disabled people, including Ted Cruz (you can look at the tape evidence). Also, no one, including Trump, is trying to get rid of all “outsiders and foreigners.” Just illegal aliens who have cheated, lied and broken laws, as well as freeloaded, and Sharia Law Muslims and would-be and actual Muslim terrorists and Islamists. So, in the one case, Streep was uninformed and in the other she lied and used straw man arguments. Of course, logic and facts to Hollywood liberals/leftists are like kryptonite to Superman, as writer/pundit Larry Elder has said.

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