Ben Affleck Denies Rumors He Is Exiting ‘Batman’

Ben Affleck Batman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck won’t be hanging up Batman’s cape and cowl anytime soon.

During a San Diego Comic-Con panel for “Justice League,” the actor hit back at a report in The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. was looking for ways to usher Affleck out of the DC Comics Extended Universe.

“I am the luckiest guy in the world,” Affleck said to thunderous applause. “Batman is the coolest f—ing part.”


Justice League

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Affleck had originally been slated to direct “The Batman,” a standalone film featuring the Dark Knight. However, last winter he opted out of sliding behind the camera on the film, ceding directing duties to Matt Reeves, the filmmaker behind “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

“There’s a misconception that because I wasn’t directing it, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it,” said Affleck.

The Reporter story speculated that the 45-year-old actor was aging out of the part, noting “it would be wise to bet against Affleck starring in ‘The Batman.‘” But Affleck was emphatic that he would be headlining the standalone film.


Aquaman Justice League

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“I would be a f—ing ape on the ground for [director] Matt Reeves,” he joked.

Warner Bros. also debuted a new poster for “Justice League” ahead of the panel. In the photo, Batman is joined by Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash. On stage, Affleck was flanked by Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, and Ezra Miller, the actors who play the other super team members.

Affleck grew emotional as he talked about appearing in front of the geek faithful.

“It’s really great to come to Hall H and say, ‘I’m Batman,'” he said, before wondering aloud how many people get to do that.

“I’m Batman, I’m Batman,” Miller and Fisher chimed in, drawing big laughs from the packed convention hall of fans.

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  1. Josh says:

    Yeah, I figured when I read this it was just a rumor because he dropped out of directing (not actually the first time he’s dropped out of directing something like this).

    And “aging out”? He could easily do this for decades. The only issue is of course the writing. And I have to say after how awesome he was in Batman v Superman, and the people involved with/the presumed quality/seriousness/etc. of the upcoming standalone film, it’s the most excited I’ve been for a Batman film EVER.

  2. Go Ben says:

    Always knew the rumors were not true

  3. Tom Bryan says:

    Anyone who thinks Affleck’s a good actor needs a brain scan,washed up adulterer alcoholic scum bag loser,please get someone else for the role and put him where he belongs….in the past.

  4. kimmarie says:

    Worst Batman ever! I tried watching, but he was awful. I have most of the Batman DVDs but will skip any of his.

    • Jeffery A Rittenour says:

      My problem with him was that he didn’t look like bruce wayne to me. He was just ben affleck. I thought he was gonna be perfect but they gave him nothing to do really. I don’t blame Ben one bit – it’s kinda like Hayden and Jake Lloyd – both let down by their director in every way.

  5. Bill B. says:

    I’ve always liked Affleck in the right role, but unfortunately he has not always chosen the right roles, but when he does, he is very good and he is also a very good director. However, I have gotten tired of Batman no matter who plays him.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Ben Affleck is the best Batman so far and the only one to get the character right in cinema. He is knocking this part out of the park. Am sick of people define him based on his work in the lat 90’s. Since then, he has really turned into a great writer(oscar winner 1997), oscar winning director, and great actor. A few nasers on Variety 8 of them doesn’t equal a trend. Keep playing the part Ben. Looking forward to more DC films, which have turned a corner since Wonder Woman now the best superhero movie of this year and way better than Guardians 2(crappy film) and it looks to be make nearly as much as Civil War domestically, which was also very boring and underwhelming. What does marvel have next Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Ant Man 2. I am not even looking forward to Guardian 3 any more after the last movie. I am sure Avenger 3 will be good, but I haven’t really liked there movies since Avengers 1 too many jokes and movies made by committee.

    • Timely Comment says:

      ^ In every way a splendid example of the DC fanboy bleating his side… So will Affleck be STILL the Batman past the Justice League film?


  7. Timely Comment about says:

    With his studio diplomatic comments in Hall H, Ben Affleck shows he plays the Hollywood politics game well…

    Wonder if he’ll admit to putting on the eyeblack and looking like a raccoon when he plays the character for Emmerich and the DC Films Universe. (Yeah, that’s “realistic” for the DC kiddies complaining about the jokes in the competing MARVEL Cinematic Universe). Must be an expected task to do everytime he dons the cape and cowl for their view of the comicbook character for their new films..

    Wonder if WARNER BROS will reboot that initial view and cast someone younger and less murdery now? It’s super interesting to speculate if a bright light will flash on them to “course correct” that conception. It’s quite a flux time for the DCFU…

    /SDCC, day 4

  8. IT--//--IT says:

    Gone on too long Hollywood franchise slum – — slogs on.

    INTEL RUN Hollywood’s had its cover blown.

    The clock is ticking —down.

    HEAD for the EX— – -ITs !


  9. Cole says:

    Affleck can’t act. He’s the worst Batman ever.

  10. Rudy Mario says:

    Affleck should hang his toupee and exit acting. It is painful to see him mumble through every role. Better concentrate on direction by erasing his recent fiasco in directiin. For once the suits at Warners are doing their job. They need to remove that all dentures guy who does Superman too. Let the Brits thank us in other ways for providing our technologies to improve their dental situation. Time for a new generation of All American men to take over these roles. And get rid of those idiot writers and directors who want to make everything dark and gloomy. Hollywood should put those giys on anti depressants while Obamacare lasts.

  11. paully says:

    Affleck is toxic waste now..
    The cheating divorce from Americas sweetheart, the trips to vegas with women on/with Tom Brady’s private jet. The chain smoking of Salem’s the Alcoholism.. Batman needs to be more like Adam West “likable”, which Affleck is not.. Also a tabloid blowout (like Depp’s Alice #2) is a risk factor that WB/DC doesn’t need and clearly can see coming..

  12. Kimbo Slice says:

    LoL. The Hollywood Reporter sucks. Always putting out false information on stars they don’t like.

  13. John says:

    I wish he would have retired before he ever played him.

  14. Paul K says:

    I understand the simple minds at Comic-con audience taking this as gospel, but don’t the rest of us remember his pat press release reassurances about directing the Batman movie right up until the week he quit?

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