Amber Tamblyn Slams ‘Predatory’ James Woods in Open Letter

Amber Tamblyn James Woods

Amber Tamblyn has responded to James Woods’ denial of her claim that he attempted to pick her up when she was 16, in an open letter addressed to the actor and published in Teen Vogue.

In the letter, the actress tells the full story of her meeting with the now-70-year-old actor.

“My friend Billy and I were at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard seeing a band we loved. We decided to go to Mel’s diner on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to get burgers after,” Tamblyn wrote. “Upon leaving the restaurant we were stopped by you and your friend, who both seemed very nice. At one point you suggested we should all go to Las Vegas together. ‘It’s such a great place, have you ever been?’ You tried to make it sound innocent. This is something predatory men like to do, I’ve noticed.”


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She continued, “I told you my age, kindly and with no judgment or aggression. I told you my age because I thought you would be immediately horrified and take back your offer. You laughed and said, ‘Even better. We’ll have so much fun, I promise.'”

Tamblyn also pointed out that she wasn’t a well-known actress at the time, which is why Woods likely can’t remember the encounter.

The back-and-forth was ignited when Woods criticized the upcoming gay romance “Call Me by Your Name” on Twitter for the seven-year age gap between its two love interests. Star Armie Hammer, who plays the older man, responded, pointing out that Woods dated a 19-year-old when he was 60. Tamblyn then got involved, tweeting her story of Woods attempting to invite her to Las Vegas with him when she was 16.

Woods called the story a “lie” in a tweet, which prompted Tamblyn to post text messages with her friend recalling the incident.

Tamblyn went on to tie the situation to larger issues.

“The saddest part of this story doesn’t even concern me, but concerns the universal woman’s story,” she wrote. “The nation’s harmful narrative of disbelieving women first, above all else. Asking them to first corroborate or first give proof or first make sure we’re not misremembering or first consider the consequences of speaking out or first let men give their side or first just let your sanity come last.”

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  1. Nathan says:

    Ms. Amber Tamblyn, if I don’t believe you, does that make me a bad person ?

    You are basically asking people to ALWAYS believe women, no matter how little-to-no-proof there is.
    That’s dangerous and irrational, because people lie sometimes for a lot of reasons.
    For example maybe you are lying because you don’t like Mr. Woods conservative politics ?

    I can certainly say, that I met a lot of women in my life who lied.
    Some women really enjoyed lying & twisting the facts, especially if it helped them in some way.

    Even if this really happened like you say, how do you even know, that Mr. Woods didn’t make a joke?
    Maybe he wanted to sound ‘cool’ and funny, but never intended to go with you to Vegas,
    after he heard how old you are?
    It’s not really clear, right ?

    This kind of ‘trial by public’ without any proof whatsoever is morally wrong.
    And it makes you – and women in general – look irresponsible and stupid.

    Now, I bet, someone will do the same to you soon…let’s see how you like it.

  2. C.Lorenze says:

    I gotta say I’m kind of surprised that any 16 year old would even know who James Woods is. It’s not like he’s been in anything big for years, so unless he directly identified himself to her and her friend, is it really likely she would know him as a Hollywood celebrity?

    • Chad says:

      She was 16 in 1999. I was 10 in 1999 and I knew who he was. He was a huge star and did a wide variety of work. Beyond that, she grew up in Hollywood. Both of her parents are in the industry.

  3. Really JC? You blame that on the 16 year old girls, not the 60 year old men?

  4. JC says:

    Boohoo….Amber…you’re in LA…the land of transgression, flesh trade and casting couch full of gold diggers, lounge lizards, actors looking to catch a break. Every kind of transaction – especially sexual, even underage sex – is fair game. Even if he did do it, don’t feign your ridiculous innocence. “I’m just shocked…shocked…to discover gambling in Casablanca.

  5. What you stupid women fail to understand is that your fertility has a shelf life. You blossom earlier and you wilt earlier. This isn’t that hard to figure out. A 16 year old WOMAN is at her prime. We have only been taught in the last few decades that she is just some prepubescent child. Such a touchy subject.

  6. Guest says:

    Hollywood personas such as Don Cheadle, Jessica Chastain, Jon Cryer, Anna Paquin, Jason Ritter, Lena Dunham are lining up to applaud and vouch for Amber Tamblyn. No Hollywood persona is doing the same for the big screen legend James Woods. Why not? Cause Hollywood already knows what kind of guy he is.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      They are applauding her for 3 reasons:

      1] Women are the minority in Hollywood, or so they like you to believe (the gender version of #OscarsSoWhite), & they like her getting a woman’s side heard, even if what they say didn’t really happen.

      2] They do know what kind of guy he is: Far more talented than her.

      3] This is Hollywood, home of untrue stories that millions worldwide support.

      • Guest says:

        I wasn’t asking why there are celebs supporting her, I asked why there are none supporting him. Out of countless actors. directors, etc. who have worked with him in the past, not a single one feels compelled to step up and say: “That’s not the James Woods I know”.

        On the other hand there are several similar reports coming in now as well as far more grave accusations of domestic violence etc made in the past. Additionally he reportedly compared his habit of dating young to buying puppies instead of grown dogs in an interview in 2000. It all points to him being a massive creep.

  7. Terrible says:

    James woods is from another era.
    Don’t blame the man blame the era that caused a lot of men to act badly.
    Glad it’s in the past. Mostly.

  8. Fernando says:

    RIP James Woods. Next time you think of giving your opinion publicly, don’t.

    Oh, could all the then-minors that had sex with him step forward and expose Woods as a pedophile?

  9. tjchurch2001 says:

    Where are the dates/times on those texts? No place! Know why?! They were written by both since this story started with the “tweets” & whatnot! Odds are “Billy” is also an actor (or wishes to be), & wants his name out there, the same way Amber wants her back out there more since she has basically disappeared from screens & casting directors’ minds since “Joan Of Arcadia” & other things ended!

    • Dave says:

      You accused the actress of writing both tweets in your comment and that her motivation to lie is self-serving. How is that not defending him and attempting to discredit her? Nice try.

      I claim her story as “probably” true because I didn’t witness her encounter with him, I had witnessed him with extremely young girls in similar situations. And, for the record, I didn’t claim that SHE was completely believable, just that her accusation is because I had witnessed his behavior with young girls previously. You need to read better.

      • Dave says:

        You’re doubling back on what you say and it is a complete joke. I see from your other posts that you are nothing more than a troll or, at the very worst, a misogynist. Or perhaps you’re James Woods since, based on his tweets, you’re a bit on the psychotic side too.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        I claimed it started with the tweets, which motivated her to write the texts, or that the other text-er is someone who will eventually get their name out there also to help their career. You need to read & comprehend better.

        Also, you claim it is completely believable & yet only probably true… Further proof you are the one with the issues when you can’t even decide to what degree you feel a certain way about things based on experiences you claim to have had in the past (but similarly to Amber provide no proof for).

    • Dave says:

      As someone who witnessed the shenanigans of Mr. Woods with my own eyes in the same timeframe as her claims, it is completely believable and probable her story is true.

      The bigger questions is why you are so quick to defend James Woods and try to discredit the woman?

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        There are two “bigger questions” here, neither for me. The first is why you assume I am trying to defend him or discredit her when I am doing neither, simply not automatically believing her. The second is why you claim to have witnessed his “shenanigans” & find her “completely” believable, yet claim her story is only “probably” true.

  10. Hey, Amber Tamblyn! How’s life been seen that RING intro? Sorry to burst your tale of woe, but the age of consent in Nevade is 16! Now put down that violin and admit that James Wood is a f**king genius…

    • Semper Fi Do or Die. says:

      Except they were in California and transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes is a felony and a violation of the Mann Act.

  11. Terrible says:

    She’s so creepy. Getting her name in print. Desperate.

  12. Donnal says:

    Used dried out colostomy bag James Woods needs to be put in a nursing home. Preferrably that one n the news that got hit by Irma. He’s worthless, smelly hobo roles are few and far between. Bye old bag!

  13. But a movie about Gloria Grahame, a mature actress who went to bed with her husband’s 13-year old son, was recently screened at a festival. That’s liberal hypocrisy for you.

    • Tina T. says:

      Twitter Troll James the Republican started the argument first by shaming a film about two gay men one of them being 17. Liberal hypocrisy, really? First of all any type of sexual tendencies towards a minor is wrong on all levels. No one argues that. Plus these are movies we’re talking about. But dont come off and comment from some type of moral high ground when your guilty of the very thing your condemning. James did that and got his ass handed to him by more then one person. This is not a political debate. Its about right and wrong.

  14. Fredward says:

    Creepy af and morally suspect but the age of consent in Nevada is 16 so I’m not seeing Amber Tamblyn’s issue here.

  15. loco73 says:

    Amber Tamblyn is a well known actress?

    • Steve says:

      Yes. She’s actually quite good. She’s also a writer/poet, and her first movie as a director has 90% on the Tomatometer. So, not a megastar, but well known and respected.

  16. brother says:

    So…James Woods in a Tweet points out the ick factor of a movie showing a underage girl getting sexually involved with a dude who is really older and Amber HAS to chime in and shame James about some alleged quickie mart trip where he hit on a young girl?
    First of all, that’s a thin ledge to call abuse for someone to say it’d be great to go to Las Vegas with you. Ya said no…if indeed it happened and if indeed it was a real offer and that was the end of that. Abuse happens in Hollywood, but that isn’t the tale I’d go with.

    Did your career need a boost of attention?

    Also, Amber in your past, you dated quite older men. Does the underage girl part of James’ ick comment hit too close to home so you had to take a swipe at a dude who is saying underage is ick?

    Amber, girl, you married an old fart 20 years older than you and since you are 34, he was 38 by the time you were 18. In fact, if you were the old fart now, you’d have to wait 4 more years until you were 38 to date yourself! So when you call out a dude who Tweets “ick” to underage girls having sex with older dudes in films….kind of wonder if it hits some of your issues.

    • Steve says:

      If you can’t see the difference with a woman in her late twenties (she’s 34 now) taking up with an older guy and some aged sleaze leching on teenagers, I’ve got nothing for you.

    • First of all, it would help if you weren’t such an idiot. If you actually read the article, you’d realize the following:

      1) Call Me by Your Name is a gay romantic drama about a 17 y/o who falls for a 24 y/o, played by Hammer. They have a summer romance in Italy. More on its Wiki page.
      2) James Woods chimes in and complains about “moral indecency” because of the age difference and that Chalamet’s character is 17.
      3) Armie Hammer retorts with some harsh truth, that Woods has no right to complain about moral indecency because he was a 60 y/o grandpa chasing after some 19 y/o freshly legal tail.
      4) Woods also became sugar daddy to another 20 y/o when he was 67.
      5) Amber mentions tale of long ago when she was underage, further underlining the hypocrisy.

      This is not a right vs. left issue. This is an issue of hypocrisy. If any of what you said is true, then both are hypocrites.

    • Tina T. says:

      First, the movie they are reffering to is about two guys aged 17 and 24. One’s a student the other a teacher. It takes place in Italy where the legal age was 14(as per the story). Second, if James can’t handle his own predatory tendencies being put out there then maybe he should of thought about the comment he made before making it. Third, I don’t see anywhere she said about being abused. What she mentioned was about how people often times never believe a woman when she talks about situations such as this or worse, where people need proof of the incident instead of believing what the woman went through.
      Good for her for speaking up.

  17. Steve says:

    Amber is awesome. You do NOT want to F with her.

    As for Jimmy the Sleaze, honestly, is right-wing Twitter troll his only job now? Say what you will about Jon Voight, but at least he’s still doing what he’s actually good at.

    • ............. says:

      I’ll bet you’re a big supporter of Bill Clinton (a serial rapist) and his enabling wife.

      • . says:

        Raping Juanitta Broderick was consensual activity? Fuck right off.

      • Steve says:

        I don’t agree with your take on the Clintons, but my feelings on them are pretty mixed. Obviously, I voted for Hillary last November, given the ridiculous alternative, but she’d better not run again. I’ll be 60 at the time of the next election, and I want the D nominee to be younger than me (as Obama is, by eleven months). Of course, this is all a distraction from the topic, but I decided to play along.

      • teiresias says:

        The only credible sexual misconduct charges against Bill Clinton involved consensual activities.

        The accusation of rape were tossed aside by someone who had every incentive to use them to nail Clinton’s ass to the wall.

        Do the goddamned math. (Or are you also one of those people who forgets how Robert Byrd became an anti-segregationist?)

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