Johnny Depp Asks Glastonbury: ‘When Was the Last Time an Actor Assassinated a President?’

Johnny Depp Glastonbury Festival
James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock

UPDATED: The White House has responded to Johnny Depp’s assassination comments. In a statement it criticized the star, and called upon others in Hollywood to condemn his words.

“President Trump has condemned violence in all forms and it’s sad that others like Johnny Depp have not followed his lead,” the statement, issued to ABC News, read. “I hope that some of Mr. Depp’s colleagues will speak out against this type of rhetoric as strongly as they would if his comments were directed to a Democrat elected official.”

Depp sparked controversy while introducing his movie “The Libertine” at the Glastonbury festival when he spoke about about assassinating a president.

Depp is at the U.K. music festival as part of its Cineramageddon event. Presenting the first of the three movies he has selected, he asked festival goers: “Can you bring Trump here?” Responding to subsequent jeers, he said: “You misunderstand completely. When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

Depp then added: “I want to qualify, I am not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it has been a while and maybe it is time.”

The BBC first reported the news, and noted that he went on to further qualify his comment, which some read as a reference to the 1865 shooting of Abraham Lincoln by actor John Wilkes Booth.

“By the way, this is going to be in the press and it’ll be horrible,” Depp said. “It’s just a question, I’m not insinuating anything.”

Glastonbury organizers told Variety they would not be commenting on Depp’s appearance at the festival . Depp arrived at the event, which is held in Somerset, England, in a vintage Cadillac to a rock star welcome. He introduced three of his favorite movies: “The Libertine,” “Withnail & I,” and “Dead Man,” and answered questions from the crowd. Filmmaker Julien Temple is curating Cineramageddon.

The star’s assassination comments come soon after House of Representatives majority whip Steve Scalise was shot by a gunman who opened fire on a Republican baseball practice session, and weeks after Kathy Griffin came under fire for posing with a decapitated, bloody, fake head resembling Donald Trump for a photo shoot.

Glastonbury runs until June 26 and opened with a minute’s silence for the victims of the terrorist attack on Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert, and those affected by a subsequent attack, and a tragic apartment block fire in London.

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  1. Catweazle says:

    This probably what really happened behind the scenes:

    Depp thinking “Oh i need some publicity and I want to appear cool -I will be in Glastonbury to promote my movies and I’ve got to prove that I’m a real rebel. What can I do? Maybe go drunk or high onstage? No, I do that all the time. No – Trump bashing is in and will get me in the headlines.

    A few days after the event a Disney executive calls:
    Hey you dimwit. You just suggested that it was time someone assassinted the POTUS. Are you aware that you live in the USA and Trump ist the elected president? You don’t live in North Korea or a South American banana republic where this final solution is normal!

    Depp: Sorry, I’Ve been drunk and have had a bad hangover on a regular base. Where am I? USA?

    Disney executive: Yes, USA. Democracy. Does that ring a bell? People are quite pissed off – not only Trump supporters. We can’t cover our movie budget only with your hardcore fans. If movie grosses go down we’ll have to cut the budget which means a lower paycheck for you.

    Depp: Oh crap if don’t get big paychecks any more I won’t be able to keep my private jet and have to fly like ordinary people do. (Whines) What do I have to do to keep my 45 m paycheck?

    Disney executive: You have to release a fake apology that it was all a bad joke.

    Depp: But I already said I knew my Trump bashing will be in the headlines – who‘s is gonna believe that.

    Disney Executive: Your fans will believe anything you say. As for the rest – let’s hope there are enough dimwits who buy it. Otherwise we’ll make Pirates prequels and replace you with the younger version of Captain Jack in the 5th sequel.

    Depp: Oh no, I’ll do anything for $$$$$ – would it help if I claimed I was obsessed by an evil spirit.

    Disney executive rolls eyes and hangs up.

  2. I guess I missed the actual apology? Sounded more like an excuse than an apology.

    • Doug M says:

      Excellent point. I sure hope Mr. Depp issues an “authentic” apology sometime this weekend so – come Monday – the White House can put this enormous distraction behind them and get back to doing whatever it does these days! OK, that was more sarcastic than this situation warrants … I should have simply stated that NO BUSINESS (whether run by Trump, Obama, Bush or Clinton) can operate efficiently when MOST of the news these days is either of this nature OR about this Republican did/said this or this Democrat did/said that.

  3. pineous pogg says:

    Johnny is all cranky because he is having trouble affording Pizza now that he’s broke…..

  4. tripledipper says:

    Der Trumpenfuherer is upset.

    • Doug M says:

      ““It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice. I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone,” the actor said in a statement to People on Friday.”

      Now that this is resolved, we can at least be thankful to have learned one NEW thing from the White House … Non-Republican ACTORS – BAD!!!

      BTW: Does anyone have any information on how many REAL death threats the White House (or star athlete) receives in an average day/week/month? If the demographics of each and every “offender” were revealed, I wonder if there would be any creature walking on two legs which wouldn’t be stereotyped into the category of “slime”, “moron”, “addict” etc

  5. John says:

    When was the last time Depp had a drug test or alcohol test?

    When was the last time Depp beat his wife?

    Those are legitimate questions…

    Depp needs to answer.

  6. Doug M says:

    What I find worrisome is that many who commented referred to or inferred that actors are idiots and yet they took time out of their important lives (and all the time constraints therein) to read about what an actor said, get upset about it, and act on the urge to vent their anger/frustration. [And yet I see the humor in one who chose to write scathing words directly to a “monkey” who has less than a 0.001% chance of reading those words]. I, a teacher (a profession which some of you might hold in higher regard than an actor simply because we act – with an emphasis on NOT lying – for a living) and or many others could say a similar thing “off-the-cuff” in a private conversation and you wouldn’t read/hear about it. Shouldn’t you be MORE concerned about what real people think than what “celebrities” are saying? What if I told you I overheard a REAL person suggesting Mr. Trump – if impeached and miffed that his country had rejected his profound business acumen – would ultimately decide to join Russia in what “one” might project to be a WIN/WIN situation …

  7. Allan Falk says:

    this is why the left wingers will lose, in america and europe……..we see right through you hollywood scumbags

  8. Joe T. says:

    Johnny Depp should be euthanized and putout of his mental misery!
    This guy is more than a moron. As a matter of fact he eclipses Gorge Clooney if that’s possible. His opinion like like all the entertainers means absolutely NOHING to people that have any brains at all!

  9. Jean Heath says:

    What is wrong with these “shallowwood” celebs? They believe their own hype. Tell the world how to live while in their private jets, armed security & staff while making (and in this case per recent media – spending) millions. The average American struggles. My health insurance went from $200 month Before HCR to over $1100. No major health issues thankfully. Middle class to working poor (2 jobs) and I’m supposed to listen to people who are paid performers. The scary part is there are too many who idol worship and listen to every celebrity and may in their own mind follow through with violence because they think it’s what their idol wants. Do your jobs, act, sing…..if you don’t like it here – Move. Notice not a one who threatened to has because the grass is Not greener on the other side. Most nations have a far more difficult immigration process than the U.S. This nation can not afford to be all things to all people – we are billions in debt. A lesson Mr. Depp is in the process of learning. The budget won’t allow it.

  10. Bill B. says:

    I don’t which one of them is the bigger moron.

  11. Ken Valley says:

    Hypocrisy and double standard should be the mantra of these slimy elite Hollywood leftists!

  12. Kenneth M Sears says:

    Man is he burnt, fried, gonzo. Desperate for attention. The worst of what “fame” does to a person. He says his profession is all about lying. Too bad he forgets that when he believes his own PR. Delusional….

  13. Maya Magana says:

    Watching Donald Trump cause the complete meltdown of Hollywood and destruction of the political dynasties on both sides, along with turning the mainstream media into nothing more than a glorified National Enquirer, has been the greatest political event of my life so far.

    On November 8th 2016, proud patriots like myself took our country back from the controlling elite class. We wanted our jobs back and our taxes lowered. We couldn’t afford to buy a home or health insurance.

    My tax rate is 40% and my healthcare is now $700 per month thanks to Obamacare. My car insurance is still just $25/month (thanks to Insurance Panda), but if you look at Democrat strongholds like Detroit and New Orleans, where car insurance will run you $300+ per month, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the future of the United Socialist States of America.

    With Trump, we have somebody who is finally fighting for us. It’s been a long time since we had a President who cared about our country. We are revolting against our Democrat/Socialist over-lords. And it feels good :)

  14. Mary jo Rogers says:

    Johnny is the one who needs help. I used to be a huge fan but he’s really gone down hill. His drinking is out of hand, even worse since his mother died. He needs therapy badly.
    Also I really don’t want to hear any celebrities political opinions!!! Just do your job and act.

  15. JD says:

    This guy is a drugged out wife beating loser who dresses like he shops in a dumpster, BUT someone has to hold these hollywood idiots libel for their threats against the president.
    I hope his career spirals even further down the toilet.

  16. Steve says:

    You need to keep your comments. To your self about the president I hope your are jailed for saying what you said

  17. THEY NEED TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF ONE OF THESE LEFTWING “CELEBRITIES” That is the ONLY way it will cease, and really, Kathy Griffin would be my choice for prison.

  18. Depp, and these leftwing “celebrities”ONLY exist for my entertainment. Some of you are great eye candy. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. Some of you can scare the crap out of me. Others make me laugh. But you all have one thing in common, you ONLY have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it.
    You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a 6 year old.
    You live in a make believe world in front of a camera. And often, when you are away from
    one too. Your entire existence depends on my patronage. I’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance.
    I don’t care where you stand on ANY issues. Honestly, your stance matters far less to me than that of my neighbor. You see, you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut down my computer and you cease to exist in my world. Once I am done with you, I can put you back in your little box until I want you to entertain me again.
    I don’t care what you think about our president, or ANYTHING, for that matter.. But I
    bet you looked great saying it.
    Make me laugh, or cry. Scare me. But realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted. I might agree with some of you from time to time, but it doesn’t matter. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment.
    You people cannot possibly understand the frustrations “everyday” people have, in regards to our government. Your wealth is something 99.999% of the American people can only dream of. You are NOT on our level, you are NOT one of “us”
    So, shut your pie hole and dance, monkey!

  19. Mark says:

    He should be in jail

  20. Mac says:

    This piece of shit right here, wow. Depp is now in great company like Kathy Griffin (RIP her career).

  21. rocky-o says:

    whether you agree with his sentiment or not, it was kinda clever…i mean, most people don’t realize that abraham lincoln was killed by an actor (most kids don’t even know who lincoln is)…so to ask that, especially right before showing ‘the libertine’, was interesting at best…scandalous at the very least…

    p.s..glad he picked ‘dead man’ as one of the three films…i think that’s his best movie…

    (The real question is when was the last time an actor or actress acted like an asshole but wasn’t acting?)
    More Depp questions:
    When was the last time Depp had a drug test or alcohol test?
    When was the last time Depp beat his wife?
    When was the last time Depp was arrested for assault?
    When was the last time Depp didn’t have body guards to protect his puny ass.
    When was the last time Depp’s bodyguards attacked a disabled UC Irvine medical professor Robin Eckert and hand-cuffed and dragged her 40 feet across the floor, resulting in injuries including a dislocated elbow.
    When was the last time Depp breached Australia’s strict biosecurity rabies laws failing to declare his Yorkshire Terrier to the Australian Customs Service when he flew by private jet into Queensland, where he was working on the fifth Pirates installment.
    When was the last time Hollywood snobs like Depp acted like they were above the law and didn’t have to obey the rules like the rest of us.
    When was the last time Depp said in an interview with the German magazine Stem… “America is dumb, is something like a dumb puppy that has big teeth—that can bite and hurt you, aggressive.”
    And above all…When was the last time Johnny Depp got an Oscar?
    If you answered “never”, you can now understand why this poor excuse for a role model with failing career is doing his best to do the bidding of those in Hollywood who hate Trump.

  23. So what says:

    The man is a clown.

  24. Sylvia says:

    Pathetic drug addict & abuser of women makes a slurry speech about assassinating the POTUS. These Hollywood dimwits eventually sabotage themselves due to an OD or public relations nightmare. Liberal lunacy on full display, moron.

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