Box Office: ‘Planet of the Apes’ Wages $57 Million War Against ‘Spider-Man’

War for the Planet of the
20th Century Fox

The “War for the Planet of the Apes” has only just begun, but the primates may have already bested their opponent, Spider-Man. That’s because “Apes” is on its way to a $57 million opening weekend, all but officially usurping “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in its second frame.

After taking in $5 million in Thursday night previews alone, the third film in Fox’s “Planet of the Apes” reboot did not monkey around as it pulled in $22 million from 4,022 theaters on Friday. Unless Peter Parker somehow throws a monkey wrench into their plans, “War” will walk away with a win this weekend to the tune of $57 million.

That number would put it on par with 2011’s “Rise of the Planet of the Apes’” $54.8 million debut, but noticeably behind 2014’s “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’” $72.6 million domestic launch.


Can ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Unstick ‘Spider-Man’ From No. 1 at the Box Office?

While the victors usually get to write history, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is still worth writing home about. The Sony-Marvel superhero pic is looking at a second outing just shy of $50 million. After taking in about $13 million on Friday, Tom Holland’s stab at spidey is on track for $48 million from 4,348 locations by end of day Sunday — bringing “Spider-Man’s” domestic cume to $211 million in two weeks’ time.

“Despicable Me 3” managed to maintain a spot in the top 3 this week thanks to a $6 million heist from 4,155 marks on Friday. The Universal-Illumination animated threequel will end the weekend with another $19 million, should everything go according to plan. Also in its third frame, “Baby Driver” from Working Title, Big Talk, TriStar, and Sony is on track for fourth place. An additional $2.5 million from 3,043 locales on Friday will give Ansel Elgort an $8 million weekend — bringing its total to $73 million.

Last but certainly not least, “The Big Sick” will finish in fifth after Lionsgate decided to expand the Amazon Studios romantic comedy to 2,597 sites from its previous 326. Kumail Nanjiani’s rom-com had already amassed $8 million in its first three weeks, but this new wide release will actually double the comedy’s domestic cume up to $16 million this weekend.

“Wonder Woman,” new horror entry “Wish Upon” (expecting just $5.5 million this weekend), “Cars 3,” “Transformers: The Last Knight,” and “The House” round out the top 10.

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  1. Ujjwal Uniyal says:

    This is just the beginning. War for the Planet of the Apes will dampen Spideman: Homecoming collections much more and will emerge victorious in the long run. The new Spiderman movie is the worst, the best spiderman movie of all time is Spiderman 2 and that was ages ago. I think, people are just tired and lost interest in Spiderman reboots every now and then.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Maybe Marvel is losing its luster. I found the Guardian sequel to be really poorly done. This new Spiderman movie is dropping like a rock. It must not be that good. I have no desire to see it in the theatres either.

  3. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    Probably various people through the years. The first ones have probably died of old age by now.

    • cjflan32 says:

      The last two Transformers movies made a billion dollars, and Wonder Woman moved its release date to accomodate it. It’s easy to make dumbass comments like Christina and Mike did after it became obvious The Last Knight was underperforming.

  4. Spider says:

    “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was actually, pretty good. The flick has already impressed and will have legs. Word-of-mouth is positive, for the most part. This is just a testimony to the ‘Spider-Man’ fatigue that has been lingering, in addition to, the skepticism that “Amazing Spider-Man 2” brought. There has been a substantial amount of goodwill built up for “Homecoming 2″….That said…..There are plenty of raves for the new “Apes” flick. It looks like Matt Reeves knocked this one out of the park. I’ll be checking it out!

    • macd says:

      While “It looks like Matt Reeves knocked this one out of the park,” it nevertheless failed to score a home run and will sink like a stone. As is “Spider-Man”, which proves a third reboot within 15 years is two too many. And now it’s up to “Dunkirk” to “save this summer”? Highly unlikely.
      No matter how desperately the industry is trying to put a positive spin on this summer, the grosses indicate otherwise. At long last, moviegoers have been afflicted with the inevitable malady called “franchise fatigue”. And the future looks grim indeed.

    • Wlee says:

      Just did and thought it was a great compliment to the last two Planet of Apes movies. I also liked how the writers tied up everything in a nice little bow to honor the very first movie all the back to the original in 1968. Dont know if they can do anything more with this franchise as this one was as good as it get at wrapping it up. Please keep your “damn dirty hands” of any more sequels before you ruin this great remade franchise Hollywood.

  5. webslinger48 says:

    On the bright side, Spider-Man’s second week is more in line the box office enjoyed by the John Hughes movies it was so desperate to emulate.

  6. Toperte says:

    Wow…horrible drop for Spider-Man. Even with Iron Man and the MCU, it could not hold on to even half of its opening week audience. And surprisingly, it will spend only one week at # 1 (Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Wonder Woman, and The Batman Lego all spent 2 or more weeks at # 1).

    • Christina says:

      A 50% drop on a superhero movie is practically nothing at all. I’m guessing you don’t know much about the movie industry.

      • Barry says:

        Its not a 60 percet drop,its 73 percent one

      • Sabine A says:

        It over performed opening week and now will drop as much as every other CMB except GOTG and WW, both movie didn’t have to go against beloved franchise. I rally don’t understand why they put the apes movie in the summer…it lost almost 30mil compared to DOTPOTA and Spider-man also suffered. Such a stupid move.

    • Actually, opening weekend you could see it was front loaded as the drop from fri-sat-sun was significant so I`m not surprised by this drop which looks to be in the 55-60% range for the weekend. Comic Book fans went opening night, it`s target demographic is younger viewers who tend to have less money to spend for say repeat viewings. I`m a huge comic book fan & for me I found it kind of boring, more like a highschool dramedy than a superhero film. Not really surprised at it`s drop as it doesn`t have multiple demographic appeal like Wonder Woman did. The arguement that Wonder Woman didn`t have competition is bogus since Spiderman & Apes aren`t exactly going for the same targeted demographics Apes skews to more mature audiences.

    • Chir says:

      Wonder Woman literally had no competition whatsoever in comparison for the box office. That’s hardly a fair comparison.

      • SecretAvenger says:

        Ummm Despicable Me 3 and Transformers are both billion dollar franchises. Cars 3 was also eating a bit off of Wonder Woman’s box office. But WW still managed to beat all three in the following weeks. Wonder Woman also opened less than both Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and Spider-man HC and it’s still in the top 10 box office with almost two months in the theaters. It’s also just 6 million away from beating GOTG2 domestic total. The legs on Wonder Woman are a thing to behold so your competition argument is moot.

      • cjflan32 says:

        It is a fair comparison. Sony/Disney clearly thought Planet of the Apes was not competition. They were wrong.

      • Jacen says:

        To Mike: Yes, Trashfarmers 5 will top out at less than 150mil stateside and probably no more than 600mil global; WW meanwhile should finish at or above 400mil stateside and twice that global. Your point?

      • Christina says:

        Valid point. *smirk* It’s cute that “Mike” seems to think Transformers is competition for anything anymore.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah no competition except for the billion dollar franchise TRANSFORMERS. dipshit

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