Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Man Down’ Sells Additional Two Tickets

Shia LaBeouf New Movie 'Man Down'
Photo courtesy of Venice Film Festival

The Shia LaBeouf thriller “Man Down” has managed to triple the number of general-public paid admissions in Britain – from one ticket sold to three. 

During its U.K. opening weekend last weekend, it sold a single ticket in its only venue, the Reel Cinema in Burnley, northern England, taking in a whopping £7 ($8.73), according to data tracker comScore. That admission is believed to have been a single student ticket priced at £6.90 (comScore rounds its data up to the nearest pound). 

The cinema is since confirmed to have sold a further two tickets since its dismal opening weekend.

The film has seen a slight boost, however, from a specialist theater chain that provides films for military personnel and their dependents in the U.K. and overseas. SSVC Forces Cinemas has eight theaters in the U.K.


Man Down

Shia LaBeouf Thriller ‘Man Down’ Sells Just One Ticket at U.K. Box Office

“Man Down” is an obvious choice for Forces Cinemas given that its central character, played by LaBeouf, is a U.S. Marine returning home from a tour in Afghanistan suffering from PTSD. The film played at the circuit’s Forum Cinema in Blandford on Monday and Tuesday and generated more than three times the box office of the Burnley site, taking results through Tuesday to £79 ($98.50).

Forces Cinemas has further booked the film for April 18 and 20 at the Jitg Theatre in Chicksands, and has five screenings scheduled, including two over the Easter weekend (April 14 and 16), at the Phoenix Cinema on the British overseas territory of the Falkland Islands.

The film sees director Dito Montiel reunite with LaBeouf, who starred in Montiel’s debut film, “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints,” in 2006. That film grossed £68,420 ($133,583) in the U.K. Montiel’s previous film, 2014’s “Boulevard” starring Robin Williams, also failed to attract many British moviegoers, earning a total of £1,852 ($2,603).

Such low openings are not unprecedented in the U.K., as titles are frequently given a token theatrical release to help generate VOD and later DVD sales, according to distribution sources. Bulldog Film Distribution saw its release of “Misconduct,” starring Oscar winners Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins, hit the headlines when it opened with £97 ($140) last June, on its way to a £2,006 ($2,890) total gross.

Posters for “Man Down,” advertising the film as available in cinemas and on iTunes, can currently be seen on the London Underground despite the fact that the film is not booked to play in the British capital. 

One U.K. distributor told Variety that the commitment of theatrical positioning, which also secures print reviews, helps with strong support in terms of positioning on VOD platforms like iTunes and Sky Store, as well as giving the impression of a bigger theatrical release to audiences.

“Man Down” distributor Signature has generated headlines for low box office results on films with A-list stars in the past with films like Emma Watson title “The Colony,” which grossed a total of £633 ($844) after an opening weekend of £47 ($63) in July last year. Signature releases Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle “Aftermath” this Friday.

“Man Down” premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2015. It co-stars Kate Mara, Jai Courtney and Gary Oldman.

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  1. Hal123321 says:

    LeDufus…no wonder he’s all pizzy all the time…projecting his insecurities on Trump and all that and looking for relevance and attention.
    Waiting for his turn on the click bait sites ‘Former Hollywood Stars That Are Now Homeless’

  2. Shia LaBeouf latest in recent box office poison. He could easily be replaced by digital actor without anyone noticing.

  3. Ally Oop says:

    Shia Lefool got too political for everyone, and has produced a really crappy flick.

  4. TheBull says:

    Instant Karma’s gonna get you…right in your face…

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      The only thing that gets in your face is the movie when you go see his crap, or a movie like “Ghost In The Shell” that wastes the looks of a good-looking, good-acting person like Scarlett… Regardless, it’s not resulting in karma but the new car Shia gets with your money that he uses to drive to his next film or anti-Trump art exhibit.

  5. Ashley West says:

    …it likely it goes “laBeouf” when it hits the water. That’s the nature of shia.

  6. says:

    He (Shia) will not divide us from our dollar at the theater!!!

  7. caspero says:

    It’s an interesting premise on the surface that a soldier finds adjusting to home life harder than war. But I can’t say I have much faith in Hollywood delivering these days. They think all that matters is branding and marketing and the story is just an afterthought that you cut and paste onto the brand.

  8. herdofpugs says:

    Shia Lebouf has single-handedly torpedoed his own career and has no one to blame but himself.
    Anyone remember when Joaquin Phoenix pretended to be a crazy bag man? It sent his career spiraling. Lebouf has done the same thing with his juvenile behavior.

  9. (((((Shia))))) is two Metzitzah b’pehs short of a Sheckel… I bet the NEXT headline we see of him will involve phoning-in fake b()/\/\b threats to J00ish Centers while pretending to be Donald Trump’s voice…

  10. (((((Shia))))) is a globalist… Globalism, by mere definition, is treason against ALL sovereign nations.

  11. John says:

    The only way this movie could be made worse would be if Amy Schumer costarred in it.

  12. jeffersonrb says:

    When he made this movie, he probably figured, “You know, out of everyone running, Hillary came in second and that ain’t bad. Maybe I can do that too!”


  14. Williampenn says:

    Who wants to watch a Soros rent-a-marxist snowflake?

  15. Amodeus says:

    Maybe he can get hired by George Soros as a Radical political activist wana-be actor, because his acting days are over.

  16. E Silk says:

    My two friends and I are starting a class action suit to get our money back.

  17. John Buchanan says:

    The tickets must have been bought by his family or his psychiatrist. Either way, he has redefined bombing at the box office. He needs to be in a padded cell and heavily sedated.

  18. LarryE says:

    Where is he? Has anybody seen him? Cherchez LaBeouf

  19. Retrometa says:

    Shea Lebeouth is a little pissant who hasnt made a good movie — ever

  20. YarplyTwelve says:

    Hopefully Shiala Beouf will be one of many coming up short in box office sales. I have quite a list of boycotted actors and actresses, and many of my friends do also.

  21. The actors have a bully pulpit. We can boycott ! All those egotistical movie “stars” have become irrelevant to me, no matter what movie they will be in.

  22. YarplyTwelve says:

    One of many hollywood flops coming our way as one boycotted actor and actress after another get at least half of the sales they got before the election.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      They didn’t get an election! Trump got the election, & he was a TV reality star before & during the campaign (honesty got him votes).

      Meanwhile, we choose to continue paying to watch idiots like Shia (like ourselves, the idiots who waste the money) act badly after seeing him do it before… Playing soldiers while real ones die in real wars the US either entered due to WMD lies by dodging, non-acting politicians who shot their own friends or admittedly no reason at all.

  23. Elliot Vereker says:

    LeBeouf will not divide us! No one will pay to see this turd.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Apparently not you, & not me, but some have before & will again… It is why films exist, & even vocal stars eventually go on tours. (Even the ones made b/c of their looks on shows like “The Voice”, “Idol”, & “America’s Got Talent”.)

  24. Numbercruncher says:

    Shia LeBeouf might be a dimwit but he is paid to act. I want to know who bank rolled such a stupid film.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      All the idiots who paid to watch him out-acting the fake Transformers TWICE! (They weren’t even actually on-set, & have proven just as watchable & Oscar-worthy, hence another film out later this year starring Wahlberg & the latest supermodel or drug addict).

  25. JD White says:

    What we need to see is a documentary of this fool’s plummeting career, and downward-spiraling mental health. Now THAT would sell some tickets!

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Only to folks even dumber who prove it by seeing that & other movies (such as “The Rookie” & “Hurricane”-like biopics they already know the ending of).

  26. Jane Reed says:

    Lousy actor; lousy film

  27. Benjamine Dover says:


  28. Edward Foley says:

    Shia needs a talent enema.

  29. Lenny Caputo says:

    I will not be watching anything this guy does. The Left will not divide us.

  30. Career Down will be the last installment of this series

  31. Doug says:

    another d-bag liberal who glorifies guns, gets paid million$ to glorify them, and then wants only his bodyguards to own them, not you and me.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      You have made your opinion pf him clear, but have no way to know what he actually wants or who he wants to actually have any specific right. (If he cared enough to express them that much, he would limit who was able to buy tickets to his big-screen small-talent garbage.)

  32. Shia + Mommy + Daddy = Three Tickets

  33. Todd Campbell says:

    He only sold 3 more than me, and I do not even have a movie.

  34. Shia is an intolerant, unabashed liberal. Playing pretend in movies does not make you that character, just an imposter!

  35. Mike Tor says:

    He should return to flying treason flags.

  36. Joe Campbell says:

    That is “3” too many…

  37. almost as popular as a Chelsea Hubbel book

  38. El Duderino says:


  39. Tim Callahan says:

    Shia LaBeouf — sounds like an illegal act in middle-eastern countries.

  40. If someone paid me $10.00 to see this movie, I would have been overcharged. Hey Shia…maybe you should keep your politics to yourself.

  41. Zeke4144 says:

    ShitShat LaPouf is a scrotum-faced scumbag and you would have to pay me $100 an hour for the displeasure of sitting through a ShitShat LaPouf movie.

  42. John Trapp says:

    The guy is the biggest effin a-hole going today, so who the F would PAY to get tortured by this d**khead?

  43. Jimmy Corn says:

    Ironic that this moronic snowflake would play a military role.

  44. Doug Clinton says:

    No talent =no sales. you post election tirade had consequences little man

  45. Larry says:

    He’s a A**hole.

  46. You talked your parents into buying tickets too LaGoof? Good 4U!

  47. I heard that all three demanded their money back.

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