‘Beauty and the Beast’ Debuts to Magical $350 Million Globally

Courtesy of Disney

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a global box office sensation. The fairy tale remake debuted to a majestic $350 million worldwide during its first weekend in theaters.

The live action update of the 1991 animated classic scored the second biggest March debut on a global basis, coming in behind “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” $424.1 million launch.


Emma Watson stars as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio's animated classic directed by Bill Condon.

‘Beauty and the Beast’: Emma Watson & Cast Bring the Classic Songs to Life

“Beauty and the Beast” earned $180 million internationally and an additional $170 million at the domestic box office, a sterling result for the $160 million-budgetted film. In a sign of its popularity, “Beauty and the Beast” topped the box office in nearly every market where it screened. The fairy tale romance earned $44.8 million in China, grossed $22.8 million in the United Kingdom, grabbed $11.9 million in South Korea, nabbed $10.7 million in Germany, and picked up $7.6 million in Italy.


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“Beauty and the Beast” even performed well in Russia, where its opening was overshadowed by controversy surrounding the inclusion of a gay character. Russian authorities gave the film a higher rating to limit younger audience’s access. Russia has a number of anti-LGBT laws in place.

Russia wasn’t the only country to voice objections. Malaysia refused to play the film because it included a gay character after Disney declined to edit four minutes from the picture. In Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed told the Malaysian government’s official news organ that “any films on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), the government will not allow (for screening) because the elements portrayed in the movie could influence us.”

“Beauty and the Beast” played in 44 major international locations, representing 66% of the international market. The film has yet to open in France, Australia, and Japan.

“Beauty and the Beast” played well in premium formats. The film earned a record-setting $21 million on 1,026 IMAX screens worldwide in 56 markets.

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  1. Cas says:

    Is the gay moment everyone is up in arms over the two guys dancing at the end? Because seriously get a life. Gay people exist. Get over it. Move on. Do something worthwhile with your life.

  2. Steve says:

    The gays are coming to get you! There’s one under your bed right now! RUN!!!

  3. Quincy says:

    Probably would have made 50 million more without the unnecessary gay agenda attachment.

  4. cassidy says:

    Beauty and the Beast was ruined in so many ways: Bad acting, awful singing and weird creepy objects that were so cute in the animation. I think it would have made a lot more if they would have left out their gay agenda. Disney is riding off it’s good name of wholesome family entertainment to further a queer agenda. What’s next??

    • Holleen says:

      If acknowledging that gay people exist offends you, move to a country that shares your backwards beliefs. We’ve got enough nastiness in this nation as it is. Shoo!

    • antiyano says:

      LGBTQ people are and have family too and just as entitled to seeing one of their family included in a matter of fact way in films. That does not make it any less wholesome family entertainment. It stops being matter of fact when certain factions of society focus on one small element in the film and blow it totally out of proportion. If you see the so called “queer agenda” at every turn and don’t want to be exposed to it, consider moving to that wonderful land of opportunity Russia, I’m sure Mr Putin, Trump’s bff will welcome you with open arms! And Trump’s non grata Muslims in Malaysia would also happily include you as one of them.

    • Cass says:

      Someone call her a whaaaaaaaambulance!

      • Laurel Lane says:

        Seems to me the persons making a big deal out of ‘small element’ were the actor and the director. If they had just kept their mouths shut and let the scene play out without announcing to the world, nobody might have noticed. They were the ones making a big deal out of it and the ones starting the controversy.

  5. meiray says:

    Well, the movie is everywhere with or without Variety, and your sick prejudices are thankfully going the way of the woolly mammoth. Bye bye!

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