‘Top Gun 2’ Is Happening, Tom Cruise Confirms

Tom Cruise Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise turned up the excitement around the production of “Top Gun 2” on Wednesday with a confirmation on Australian TV that the film will go ahead.

Interviewed on the “Sunrise” show on Australia’s Seven Network, Cruise said that “filming will begin probably within the next next year.”

Asked by the presenter if rumors of the long awaited sequel were correct, Cruise said “its true,” before breaking into cackles and repeating himself several more time. “Its happening,” he added. “You’re the first people I’ve told. It’s going to happen.”

Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer and co-star Val Kilmer have drip fed information about the film for the past two years. In addition, David Ellison of Skydance confirmed script development in 2015, and teased a potential plot.

“It is very much a world we live in today where it’s drone technology and fifth generation fighters … It’s really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today,” Ellison said in June 2015.

Bruckheimer previously produced the 1986 military airplane action film that was one of the biggest steps towards making Cruise a superstar. Tony Scott directed the original which also starred Tim Robbins and Kelly McGillis.

Cruise most recently starred in the action sequel “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.” His next release will be a remake of “The Mummy,” directed by Alex Kurtzman.

Watch Cruise make the announcement in the video below:

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  1. Do we have any idea of any other cast members? Any rumors??

  2. ian mackinnon says:

    Some heavy hitters have already tried a remake of ‘Top Gun’ and it did not work out so well. Watch out!!!!

  3. R.L. Taylor says:

    Goose’s son, now a video game developer is called by his father’s spirit to enlist in the UNITED STATES NAVY to save the world from an underwater UFO base off the shore of NAS Miramar. An aging Maverick who in the throws of chronic alcoholism is mysterious not affected by the biologic virus carried by the space aliens. It’s later learned the alcohol kills any pathogen. Maverick takes Goose Jr. aloft in a all out effort to defeat the invaders when his Lockheed F-35 is again proven not ready for combat and they fall from the skies resulting in Goose’s sons death. The court martial proves Maverick is not to blame but he is sent to rehab and recovers from his alcoholism. The movie ends in a confusing medley of both Jefferson Airplanes songs and Jefferson Starships one hit. The aliens having had to view the whole thing decide earth isn’t worth the trouble and they leave on their own. Wait for TopGun 3, The Magnificent Where’s Waldo Pepper.

  4. David Soom says:

    In a world where a video gamer is TopGun the old master, Maverick, is dealt a hand of missiles and guns to blow the myth apart. Technology is not King. The skies hold time back for one more epic battle between good and evil, between then and now.

  5. cdhaskell says:

    I can’t wait to see what happen in Top Guns 2 and see how the character change from the Top Guns 1 Good luck Tom Cruise and to the cast of Top Guns 2.

  6. Nathan Boyle says:

    You can Google “cruise videos” done by squadron public affairs officers which are all better than the sum of all the footage from the original but that isn’t the point. The first movie was fun, memorable, and a pop-culture landmark. The formula script, shallow plot, technical mistakes are all secondary to the fact it was a well executed movie event. They’ll handle this akin to how TRON Legacy was. The original will have happened but not be dwelled on much. People won’t care about the original, the legends and myths about the first film will generate interests. They had just better have a strong female character that isn’t a love interest in the movie.

    • Nathan Boyle says:

      On further consideration, I suppose this means somebody will reboot the Iron Eagle series.

      • Kalawelo says:

        At least Iron Eagle didn’t have a 2nd “story line” that revolved around an out of place romance, such as Officer & a Gentleman, Titanic, Pearl Harbor & Midway. IMO these “side shows”detracted from original happenings.

  7. Michele B says:

    Let’s face it. The first movie was a thing because of an unknown Tom Cruise, young with many teeth gleaming. Factor in the Kenny Loggins song, and you have a unpredictable hit. Substantially, it was just another crappy plot full of testosterone and predictable plots. Do we need a second…ah, no. But then again, many actors who were the ‘thing’ at the time show no scruples in trying to recapture their moment as well as wringing the cash cow dry.

    • Sleddog Afterbirth says:

      A bit cynical yeah? Cruise was already popular for Risky Business when Scott did TG. Can’t see it being the same without Tony Scott directing it.

  8. Sequels usually are not as good as the original. The first two Airport movies were tolerably decent, but the third and fourth Airport movies were ridiculously bad. There was no ET sequel because it would have involved all kinds of idiotic nonsense. The first Top Gun was full of technical mistakes. Why bother doing Top Gun 2 if the producers are not going to do anything to prevent a repeat of those mistakes?

  9. Bill B. says:

    Jack Reacher 2, The Mummy, Top Gun 2, MI6. Show me the money! And that is all he is about anymore.

  10. Chris Lehman says:

    need that money for Scientology, right Tom? you worthless fool.

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