America’s Most Expensive Home Officially Lists at $250 Million

SELLER: Bruce Makowsky
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $250,000,000
SIZE: (approx.) 38,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: The average size and sale price of a newly built home in the United States continues to climb — the Wall Street Journal recently pegged the average size to be just under 2,500-square-feet and the median price at just under $300,000 — but luxury real estate developer Bruce Makowsky has taken it to a whole new level with an über-modern spec-built megamansion in Los Angeles’s posh Bel Air community listed with an elephantine not to mention publicity assuring asking price $250,000,000, making it by far the highest-priced private residence currently for sale in the United States. (The next most expensive listing is a 16-acre, multi-residence compound in Manalapan, FL, owned by the family of deceased publisher William B. Ziff, Jr. and listed in early 2016 at $195 million.) Property records show Mister Makowsky acquired the property for $11 million in July 2013. The seller was professional football player turned chat and game show host Michael Strahan, currently host of “The $100,000 Pyramid,” who’d purchased the property just over a year earlier for $7.9 million.

With about 38,000-square-feet of crisply plush and sleekly appointed interior space over four levels, plus another 17,000-square-feet or so of outdoor living areas shoehorned on to a sloped parcel of just over an acre with unimpeded and downright dynamite 270-degree views that sweep over Los Angeles from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, the brand-spanking new residence is more than fifteen times the size of the average newly built house in the U.S. and its astronomical asking price is nearly 850-times that of the median sale price of a newly built home in the United States.

In addition to numerous and impressively bedazzled if arguably impersonally proportioned living, dining and entertaining spaces that feature vast walls of glass that disappear into the walls and facilitate an easy-breezy indoor-outdoor living experience, listing details indicate there are ten “over-sized VIP guest suites” plus two master suites. There are also three kitchens, five bars, two commercial-grade elevators lined in alligator skin and a total of 21 bathrooms. The residence’s myriad recreation and leisure amenities include a James Bond-themed forty-seat home theater with a 22-foot screen and a 4K projector pre-loaded with 7,000 movies, a four-lane bowling alley, a games area with industrial-sized “candy wall,” two temperature controlled and fully stocked champagne/wine cellars, a state of the art fitness center and “wellness spa,” and — no doubt to the auditory chagrin of some of the property’s privacy and quiet craving neighbors — a helipad on the roof.

Both master bedrooms open to spacious, faux-grassy private terraces with panoramic views. One of the master terraces includes a gigantic, U-shaped infinity edged spa while the primary outdoor living space has a large bar, outdoor kitchen and an 85-foot-long mosaic-tiled infinity edged swimming pool with swim-up bar. Equally impressive as the engineering feat that allows the lake-sized swimming pool to sit atop the garage, is the 18-foot wide and 12-foot high television screen that rises up out of the landscape at the touch of a button by way of a spiral hydraulic lift.

The property is offered not merely as a humongous house with cutting edge technologies and premium-grade finishes but as a complete, turn-key lifestyle package. The asking price includes all the furnishings plus more than 100 art objects and installations and two fully stocked champagne and wine storage rooms. There’s also a “car gallery” jam packed with a gleaming fleet of rare and vintage automobiles and motorcycles worth more than $30 million that will transfer with the sale and Mister Makowsky will pay the salaries of seven full-time staff— including a chef, chauffer and masseuse — for two years.

The developer, who made his first fortune hawking mid-priced handbags on QVC and in late 2014 sold a smaller but similarly outfitted über-modern residential extravaganza in the Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills for $70 million to Minecraft video game creator Markus “Notch” Persson, likened the purchase of his latest creation to that of a yacht. The world’s super affluent, he’s said in marketing materials and we paraphrase, will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a ship-sized yacht they’ll float around on for just a few weeks a year so, in the logic of the superrich, it follows they may also be inclined to spend a couple hundred million on a house. We shall see. Internationally the most expensive home ever to be sold is believed to be a penthouse in London that went for a reported $221 million and the highest amount ever paid for a private home in the United States is $147 million for a lavishly landscaped 18-acre oceanfront spread on one of the most prestigious streets in East Hampton, NY, that hedge fund fat cat Barry Rosenstein picked up in 2014.

Time will tell if Mister Makowsky’s hyper-luxe land yacht sells for anywhere near its quarter of a billion dollar asking price but the deluge of wild-eyed international publicity it’s currently basking in will likely be eclipsed when another L.A.-based ultra-luxury developer, Nile Niami, completes “The One,” another spec-built gigamansion, also in Bel Air, that’s reported to measure in at more than 100,000-square-feet and is expected to be saddled with a planet realigning price tag of $500,000,000.

Listing photos: Hilton & Hyland

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  1. lil' gay boy says:

    His last endeavor (the $70M one) was just a smudge too much; this one leaps way over the line of wretched excess. And it can really be said to have good bones as there’s little in the way of decorative options.

    Frankly I can’t see it appealing to anyone without an outsized ego and an overactive Twitter account.


    • lil' gay boy says:

      …it can’t really be said…

      • Chuck Raney says:

        I had to come back to finish.
        So his idea is, in movie terms is Miami Vice meets Beverly Hills.
        Cocaine dealing Scarface moves to Beverly Hills to retire and lead a life of candy eating and classic car driving. Because nothing says cool quite like a fat man wearing a candy-stained shirt while waiting on the wrecker in a Classic Car.

        PS to boot, the house faces the wrong way on the right side of the hill.

      • Chuck Raney says:

        True. The structure isn’t entirely ugly but it has nothing memorable either. The opening shot… facing whole home from teh helicopter … it looks like a normal run-of-the-mill $20M modern. LA has tons of them.
        It screams Miami Vice.
        It is such an interesting idea. The top-of-the-top market, uber-luxe. I have looked all over the web at various articles on this home.
        I like his idea but he just comes up short. He doesn’t want to build it as a uber-McMansion, with a 12,000 sq ft master closet. Set in Calabasus.
        He doesn’t want it as a new version of the American Versailles Mansion, with space purely for the sake of space.
        He isn’t doing a ‘Modern’ that uses wall and structure finishes for color.

        I think his whole idea is based on props. Even his swimming pool comes across as a prop. 18 chairs surround it but you can’ park 10 cars outside.

        Here is how I would change what he has done, using his same props, and finishing them TO his uber luxe standard.
        Say you JUST HAVE to have a fake helicopter. Okay. It’s a dumb idea but you just have to. SO…make it functional in SOME aspect. From a Prop into toy. It can’t be anything BUT a toy. So gut the interior. make it into a simulator. Flight controls, multi-screens.$50K would do it
        Easy enough but still kinda plain. SO THEN add a real motion inducing “multi-axis simulator platform” under it. $250K.
        See where he fell short ?
        He used props and not toys.
        – The huge camera should be outside and house a computer operated telescope. $100K
        – Candy Wall. Best one time idea ever. That ONE time. Since he also has weak kitchen.. Wood fired Pizza oven, 50’s soda fountain, smaller candy wall. multiple Vintage pin ball. less than 100-200K.
        Which billionaire has enough kids the right age to be enticed with candy/icecream? That area needs to shrink.
        -Man Cave. He has all the trinkets and none of the real objects. He needs all the toys in one area, that makes it a better party. all on one floor. Cars, bowling, games, candy. Billionaire Daddy isn’t 25 any more. His 3rd wife might be.
        -Movie Room. Good stadium seating. But brown & gold?
        -Parking/Personal- needs indoor parking for his normal cars and guests.
        -Party time. He has no parking for the catering staff. No room outside for the tables. No room inside or by the pool for standing around looking cool.

        I think his idea is right. There is always room at the top. But people THAT high up want value. And they already own a home or 5.

  2. Chuck Raney says:

    KEY KIDS, it’s your own personal titty bar ! Invite friends !Impress the paparazzi !!!!
    Look everybody !! My Accountant says I can write this party pad off if I keep my residence in Atlanta and use this as my “business address” when I am in LA for my music.
    Pick one of the above 2. I can’t see any other way to own this home.
    I like parts of it but they are overshadowed by stupid stuff like that whole wall of candies. The color they provide is better than the actual candy. Ditto for the 4 foose ball tables.
    The cars?? They are the only real reason I looked at the house, they are just a gaggle of cars. Nothing special as a group. He should have packed it with various years of Ferrari. Instead it looks like he went to Barrett Jackson and just brought home “anything”.
    If he was trying to appeal to the titty bar owner in all of us, he should have bought cars to fit that marketing image. None of these cars has “donks” on them. If you don’t know what that is ?? ahahahh

    It just seems like when it came time to design it, the QVC crowd thought ….”hummmm what is the dumbest ugliest thing taste-wise ?” and they did that. They didn’t even have the balls to put neon in the bowling alley. Rookies.

    • Chuck Raney says:

      Who puts stanchions and rope in a living room ? Really? you need crowd control at home? they need a bouncer too ?
      The more I look at the pics, the more hilarious it becomes.
      So, his target market is Billionaires. You know what the most interesting thing about being able to afford a $250M home is?
      You can afford ANY $250M home. Or even a simple $50M’er. I don’t see any reason THIS HOME really offers anything.
      It’s at the TOP of the market. It’s surrounded by much much much much lessor homes.
      The cars are JAMMED together. It would take you an hour just to move enough cars OUT so you get a new one to drive.
      However there is no outside parking. You can’t even have a decent party.

      The HELP actually stays IN the home? With the family? say what?
      It has a sailboat that can’t sail, a helicopter that can’t fly. A billionaire MOST LIKELY has a home somewhere, one of those vacation homes at Tahoe that REALLY has a sailboat. And he most likely has a real chopper too.
      I don’t see his logic on these ‘props’

      Best thing in the whole home ? That staircase. It’s a real work of art. But he put that fake-ass camera there. It doesn’t even have a real lens. He can’t make it a computer operated telescope and place it outside?
      Like I said before. They are just Rookies. Plus it all just looks so low-ball to me. The art work, the ‘center pieces’. He has no real pièces de résistance. AND ZERO UPSIDE to the art/decor.
      Not even a kitchen that would make Anthony Bourdain jealous?

      Interesting though is how good it looks at night. Too bad the owner can’t enjoy that view himself.

  3. Marc R says:

    Word on the street is that the developer is being sued by the owner of his last 70 million dollar spec on Hillcrest for construction defects. No doubt that this is a pile too.

  4. Tony says:

    oops, i meant to say “bought on the cheap”, not “up the cheap” lol

  5. Tony says:

    I knew this home was bought up the cheap. It previously sold for $7.9 million and then $11 million and now it is at $250 million? This is ridiculous. It looks like they bought the lot for $11 million and then built a cheap modern spec home for $12 million and then filled the home with a bunch of crap and slapped a $250 million dollar price tag on it. Even if the cars are really worth $30 million i’d say its still not worth it. The cars would be the most valuable thing about the house. I’d say the house with the cars is worth $60 million max. I’d say this house shouldn’t sell for more than $70 million and that’s including the value of the cars. Without the cars factored in i’d say it shouldn’t sell for any more than $30 million to $50 million max.

  6. John says:

    It honestly just looks like a mid-tiered hotel. I’ve stayed at places much nicer than this for $300/night or less. The furniture in particular reminds me of what you’d find in some off-brand hotel apartment where you’ll save $50 for not staying at the Mandarin, St. Regis, or Ritz Carlton. For $250m? No thanks.

  7. JONNA says:

    Jackass property!

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