YouTube Cancels PewDiePie Show, Pulls Channel From Ad Program After His ‘Death to All Jews’ Stunt

Scare PewDiePie
Courtesy of Youtube Red

Move comes on heels of Disney's Maker Studios severing ties to popular video-game vlogger

Google’s YouTube has canceled the second season of PewDiePie’s reality show and pulled his channel from its premium advertising program after the Swedish-born vlogger’s prank involving an anti-Semitic slogan gained widespread notice.

The announcement from YouTube came just hours after Disney’s Maker Studios said it was terminating its relationship with PewDiePie, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal, over the same videos.

Last month PewDiePie, YouTube’s most-subscribed channel with more than 53 million followers, posted several videos detailing a stunt in which he paid two shirtless Indian men to make a video holding up a sign that said “Death to All Jews.” He also paid a guy dressed as Jesus Christ to say, “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.”

PewDiePie, whose actual name is Felix Kjellberg, has insisted that his point was to critique of the absurdity of an internet service (in this case, he used Tel Aviv-based Fiverr) that enables someone to say or do something so outrageous for just $5. More than a month later, Maker and YouTube now have decided that he was out of bounds.

In a statement early Tuesday, a YouTube spokesperson said, “We’ve decided to cancel the release of ‘Scare PewDiePie’ season 2 and we’re removing the PewDiePie channel from Google Preferred.” Google Preferred is the internet giant’s advertising program for selling popular “brand-safe content” on YouTube.



Disney’s Maker Studios Drops PewDiePie Because of Anti-Semitic Videos

YouTube had not announced a premiere date for the second installment of “Scare PewDiePie,” produced by Maker and Skybound Entertainment (of “The Walking Dead” fame), on the YouTube Red subscription service. It announced the renewal of the show last June. “Scare PewDiePie,” in which Kjellberg encounters terrifying situations inspired by his favorite video games, was among the first original series launched a year ago on YouTube Red.

The 10 episodes of the first season of “Scare PewDiePie” remain available on YouTube Red, which costs $10 per month.

PewDiePie’s channel is now no longer part of Google Preferred. According to YouTube, it had previously pulled ads from the PewDiePie videos in question because they violated the service’s advertiser policies

Several of Kjellberg’s videos about the “Death to All Jews” stunt have been removed from his channel, although his original Jan. 11 video remains available (link here). [UPDATE: The video as of Feb. 16 is listed as private.] A YouTube rep said it did not pull down any of the channel’s videos, so PewDiePie or perhaps his team at Maker removed them. The videos display an error message that says, “The uploader has not made this video available.”



YouTube’s PewDiePie Punks Fans, Admits Threat to Delete Channel Was a Joke

According to YouTube’s guidelines, if content is intended to be humorous or satirical, it may remain online, “even if offensive or in poor taste.” However, “if the uploader’s intent is to incite violence or hatred, it will be removed.”

PewDiePie has made millions from his edgy, profanity-laced content, often geared around video games. He’s engaged in provocative performance-art gags, including his threat to delete the PewDiePie channel once it hit 50 million subscribers — which he ultimately revealed as an attention-seeking stunt. PewDiePie also has reveled in tweeting fake news about himself, and his Twitter account was briefly suspended last August after he joked that he had joined the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

Pictured above: Felix Kjellberg in “Scare PewDiePie” season one.

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  1. edgeeclipse says:

    Hate against news sources is misguided and juvenile, like “how dare you report what he actually did and said, so fake. Stop shutting down speech!” YouTube was the company that acted, within its rights, the media merely reported and people just lost their minds. Pewdiepie won’t be hurt by this anyway, he will remain an attention seeking narcissist.

  2. My Response says:

    Pewdiepie lives in England by the way

  3. My Response says:

    I dont think people realize this is all a joke. If you actually LISTEN to him in his other videos, maybe you will understand. People blindly follow whatever media puts out but if you look at the context there is no story here. There is no bigotry here because he makes obvious jokes

  4. Mario says:

    Its incredible what you people (media ) can do. Its unbelievable. You people are like vultures , always trying to create polemic towards someone , it doesn’t matter for you dirty reporters and journalists to end the career of a person. I know my comment will be erased. Eminem it’s right about you dirty scumbags .

  5. Lenny says:

    PewDiePoop is a Nazi. Everybody knows that.

  6. Amanda says:

    It makes me so mad all the hate Felix is getting. He has apologized so many times it’s becoming ridiculous. I have been looking forward to watching the new season to his show since it was announced. The fact that people have the audacity to celebrate the canceling of something that hundreds of people have worked so hard on and that millions of people have been waiting for astonishes me. They talk about how much they dislike him and how wrong his “hate” comments are. Really? Hypocrite much? Think twice before you open your mouth. Love you Felix. #IstandwithFelix

  7. Hilary Denson says:

    The fact that you seem to be celebrating something bad that has happened to someone else is very disturbing to me. He admitted he took it too far and apologized multiple times. It is really disappointing to see what used to to be respectable news sites attack one person and take bits and pieces of hundreds of his videos and mash them together to make it look like what they want. Out of everything going on in the world this is what you put your time and effort into? The most heartbreaking part of this is all of the charity drives. He was able to do those so successfully due to his large audience and raised literally millions to help others. Why would you want to take that from the world, honestly don’t we need more of that?

    • Todd Spangler says:

      He didn’t apologize previously.

      • Johan says:

        He didn’t NEED to apologize in the past, before the brainless media heaped all this vitriol on him for what was ostensibly offensive, but nothing more than a JOKE, the intent of which – throughout the WHOLE video, by the way, where his other ideas got shot down by some of the people he asked to do something, but which never got reported on, because “it’s not about something related to race” – was just mocking the ease with which you can get people on Fiverr to do ridiculous things.

        Keep sipping the Kool-Aid though, buddy. You have the people who’ve never actually viewed PewDiePie’s content on your side, so you can be happy knowing you’ve only got ignorance supporting your assertion.

        I used to have journalistic aspirations as a young’un, but god has the complete self-serving vulture culture of these ridiculous sensationalistic outlets kind of turned me off of it. Thanks, pal, for working towards ruining the credibility of the field you work in. I know you won’t care ’cause you think you’re in the right, but…thanks for ruining it for anyone who’s not an elderly grumpkin who’ll just nod their head in agreement to your attention-seeking rhetoric, because “those vulgar, swearing ruffians, back in my day etc.”

  8. Andreas Vold says:

    Watch pewdiepie’s point of view before you make up your opinion.

  9. wtf is this article? seriously xD Im suprise of what media do (shit on others) to get trended …thats wrong

  10. Silas Wheedleton says:

    This article is so biased and deliberately misleading that it isn’t any wonder that this happened to Felix. Thanks Todd, you’re a shining example of journalistic integrity.

  11. Oliver Konsap says:

    Its a lie. PewDiePie didnt tell jesus to say that. He asked jesus to say ,,Subscribe to my favourite channel Jack Spedicy 2″.

    • Todd Spangler says:

      No, it’s a fact: PewDiePie also paid him to say that “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.”

      • Too Bad says:

        If you ask someone to do something in that website, the person asked can actually refuse to do it. This man dressed as Jesus could have easily refused the petition but did not. The point of the video wasn’t hatred, but proving how far can the website itself be pushed. I cannot believe you “journalists” have the indecency of defacing a public person without taking all of the facts and only try to bring someone down. This is hatred and not otherwise.

  12. So, it’s only the press who have the right to free speech. Got it.
    Apparently America is still in the “Everything offends me” period.

    • Freedom of speech refers to legal punishment. He still has his free speech, and his employers have the freedom to not employ him. Also, Pewdiepie isn’t American.

      • Lancedance2 says:

        “Freedom of speech is only the government” is the absolute dumbest excuse I have heard for slandering someone and damaging their livelihood. That’s a terrible argument, he has the right to make jokes without his life being ruined, end of story.

  13. Ody O. says:

    I was getting a sub to YouTubeRed just to see Jacksepticeye in Scare Pewds 2. Guess I won’t be spending my $ on it now. No point. Stupid YouTube! Why don’t they understand what Felix’s joke was -really- about when most of his 12 yr old fans do. YouTube should spend more time trying to fix their too often major technical glitches & less time cowering to media pressure. It doesn’t make them look good. It just makes them look like wusses.

    • davidos says:

      “Freedom of speech is only the government” probably that is dumb for u, but that is the core understanding of this right. It does NOT give u the right to say everything u want to everyone or everywhere. It protects u from persecution from the government except u break existing other laws (protecting others people rights). Pewdidi can still go on youtube and make his jokes (or on another platform), what he was stripped from was the contracts he had. No one is forced to keep the contract alive with u if u repeatedly break the agreements within there.

  14. Nikolas Cagle says:

    Wow, look at all this salt. I am giving a little salt; but most of these pretentious sheep just take the media’s word without any research. Also the die-hard Pewdiepie fans need to stop changing people’s minds, because guess what; you guys are only feeding the cancer.

  15. DJ says:

    WATCH Jewish YouTube star, Ethan from h3h3Productions, who is a friend of PewDiePie with 3 million followers, debunk this out of control story with no merit. Shame on the media for not fact checking

  16. I am shocked and horrified by this – REAL Jews hare being beheaded in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, RIGHT NOW, by REAL white supremacists REAL Nazis and REAL The Loyalist White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and it’s not even in the news, yet someone on youtube makes a joke about how easy it is for people to buy hate products online and the media attacks him? That’s seriously fucked up.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Really? Come on Youtube there have content creators with content much worse than what Felix did. I can even name a few. There’s TrapNation who makes false copyright claims on video game playthroughs and other royalty free music channels so he can claim all the ad revenue on them. There’s also Zoie Bergher, who got permission from Youtube to post a porno on her channel for reaching 1 million subs. Youtube doesn’t give two craps if little kiddies are faking their ages to get past age-restricted content. There’s Sam Pepper, who promotes sexual harassment and even faked a kidnapping plus shooting without the third person not even knowing it was a prank. There’s even a UK based prank channel where they actually robbed places and got away with it. What about Cherry Crush, the weeaboo amateur pornstar who posts strip teases on her channel. And EveAngelic, who falsely copyright claims videos that talk negatively about her and kicked her mother off her channel when her mother was the person who actually owned the channel. Do you see what I mean? Felix was trying show that people will do ANYTHING for internet fame and money. And I’ve posted the best examples (with the exception of Keemstar). Instead of taking down PewDiePie, take down these awful people. Like do we really want kids to be exposing themselves to straight up whores and teaching kids that faking robberies is okay? No, it’s not. Do what’s actually right Youtube.

  18. Trump administration has nothing to do with racism or fascism unlike the alt-left fascists shutting down free speech while egged on by the likes of obama and others who claim they are some kind of resistance.. and who told ppl as much, imo….

  19. Christopher says:

    Disney, whose CEO is part of the Trump administration, cutting ties with someone over Nazi-like content? Ironic.

  20. Humble opinion says:

    This poor kid is one of the lost souls of his generation, thoroughly convinced he means something.

    There is nothing absurd about a person doing whatever they can to fill there belly. Felix has simply lost all capacity for empathy and thinks that the man licking an others boot for a scrap of bread is a man being absurd. In fact it’s just a hungry guy trying to survive.

    I was fortunate to grow-up with a survivor of the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”. I saw the tattoo on her arm, the number of an animal not a person. I was able to keep my empathy for this and be able to look beyond my station in life, unlike Felix here. There is nothing funny about it! Nothing absurd in its telling, it is simply the prime example of what happens when someone like this poor boy Felix gets real power, he makes his mark on the world.

    Felix, grow up and leave your mom’s basement and get a real job. Take what you’ve made and give it to those that truly need it. Learn to empathize and have feelings for others. Soon you will not be a young man making it on YouTube you will be a middle aged goof that no one take seriously and constantly makes fun of (see all the YouTubers before you).

    The ghost of x-mas future Felix will haunt you if you don’t, you can not cheat fate!

    • Nikolas Cagle says:

      Humble Opinion. Lol, much like Trump; you have no idea what humble means. Felix has an actual job. Do you own your own building? He does; he bought the old Club Penguin headquarters in the UK. Do you entertain 53 million people a day? Nope, you’re more focused on spewing hate at people without even researching; much like this very article. Stop being cancerous.

    • JD says:

      Yeah, you know what? There is nothing funny about death, rape, harm, Napoleon, racial discrimination, gender discrimination.

      And guess what? You can still and should joke about it. As far as I can judge this without all the “someone I knew was involved” guilt tripping. (some of my relatives were involved too, but I am not crying like a piece of shit)
      There is a difference between jokes and actual situations. If you do a joke on someone who just told you about their life in a KZ. And if you do a joke on a broad topic without any seriousness, there is big difference.

      What youa re doing is trying to judge people on what you read on this retarded webpage that’s not even capable f researching enough to see that PDP has a joke voice when he gives supposed “threats”.
      Jokes about controvertial topics are funny because they are evne darker and darkness holds the absurdity of the thing You shouldn’t talk about the holocaust, but about the psychology of comedy. There are not borders to it and there shouldn’t be, you are just fucking round because it’s your people involved. If it was some joke about people in China who die on streets you wouldnt care one bit.

      there is a goof reason why Nietzsche called out Jews and Christians on their slave morality. It’s called moving on if you are strong enough to. A joke won’t stop you and if it does, maybe you should be trying tto develope yourelf anymore, ou are probably stuck.

      • Lauren Fisher says:

        But it’s not even a good joke. Like most of his Though, so perhaps it’s on par with the rest of his shiet.

  21. I hope Jack Septic Eye doesn’t pull some stupid stunt like this. He’s the only youtuber (that cusses) that I allow my kids to watch. I have no idea why pewdiepie is so big or why parents let their kids watch him.

    • Robert Lee says:

      I respect your parenting and yes, Felix can be crude, but they are taking him out of context and that is far worse that any bad joke. They are misrepresenting what happened. That’s called a falsehood.

    • JD says:

      Maybe because he’s funny as fuck? And does some really professional comedy? Maybe ebcause his viewers aren’t actually all children but many people over 20. Maybe the parents of other people on YouTube aren#t so stuck with wood in their asses that they are actually believing that YouTube isn#t only for kids.

      And Jack isn#t something only for children, btw. He does a lot of things that I wouldn’t show my children. (at least at certain ages) But you probably do not know anything about YouTubers if you only let them watch this…

      • Anonymous says:

        That moron is NOT “funny as fuck”. He is a social degenerate who preys on those he feels are now beneath him. You want evidence? Try looking at those poor Indian folks whose lives he ruined with this extremely rude little “joke”. Hiding behind the word “joke” seems to be what this fool seems to want to do anymore. Nothing is a joke anymore when it actually affects the livelihood of another person or persons. Felix here needs to either grow the hell up and move out of this “forever acting like a child” crap and either evolve his channel to something beyond “jokes” and ridiculously over-acted reactions to really bad video games and poor social commentary or just take all of the millions that his throngs of mindless subscribers have indirectly fed him with and just disappear. I have tried on multiple occasions to argue against myself and get through one of his videos but I just couldn’t. I weep for his generation as they’re only making “Idiocracy” become more true by the day. And for the love of God, stop calling him “Pewds”. You people sound like you’re on a first name basis with this guy when you do that, which you obviously aren’t and he really couldn’t care less about some anonymous person attempting to defend him on some website.

  22. You morons just created another Milo, this one for the youtubers so they can hate the Left too. know

    • JD says:

      This is actually a good. Point. The fun thing about it is just that Pewds is himself rather left leaning and does those things for fun.

      he is too unpolitical to actually hold such a view, I would say. Even if he’s at least as anti-feminist as Milo. xD

  23. Did they even watch the rest of his videos? This guy is #1 on youtube, hes not a hatemonger

    • did they even watch THAT ONE video? I saw it when it came out – it was all about how haters can buy hate products on the internet for $5… he went out of his way to buy the most hateful things he could think of TO PROVE A POINT… anyone who ACTUALLY WATCHED the ENTIRE video knows that

  24. Ted says:

    Oh boy. An article about YouTube’s biggest star among 10-year-olds…and it’s all his 10-year-old fans who are commenting.

  25. moseszd says:

    I don’t care for his chanel. But I recognize humor when it happens. And that’s all it was.

  26. asdf says:

    I can understand that some people might find this offensive, but HIS AUDIENCE does understand his HUMOR, which is the most important thing. If it wasn’t for media hate and false accusation, no one else wouldn’t care. Also, he just wanted to point out how crazy it is that these people would do anything for 5$.

  27. Gaston says:

    Do media even check facts anymore? At least watch his side of the story first. Why the fuck Is media always trowing shit and posting half-truth articles just to get views, that’s the same thing as antes “attention seeking stunt”. Do media outlets even care about reporting real and true news anymore?

  28. Get your story straight Variety. The ISIS was not a joke Felix did but a fake article that was spread around twitter. Does anyone fact check anymore?

    • Todd Spangler says:

      He tweeted this at the time: “Me and JackSepticEye have joined Isis. Which is why we both got unverified”

      • he tweeted that AFTER the article slandering him went up – AND posted a link to the article – he was being sacrast, pointing out he was fed up with fake news slandering him – I saw the original tweets when they happened, I sub to him

      • Kenneth says:

        Twitter suspended the account momentarily because they believed his account had been hacked. It wasn’t because of one tweet in particular but because of a string of tweets. Once they confirmed he had control of his account they reinstated it.

  29. Adonis Mayer says:

    Shocking that all of your black friends talk like that. You need to upgrade your company. I don’t know anyone who speaks in that manner. Unless you were trying to be offensive…not funny.

  30. Brando says:

    Variety, just to get your facts straight on one point in your article. PewDiePie never said that he’ll delete the PewDiePie channel. He said he’ll delete “his channel”. He had more than one channel at the time back then.

  31. Paul says:

    I hate this PoopPiePoop guy…happy they just kick him out. He’s too full of himself. This will teach this punk some respect.

  32. rodittis says:

    I’m not a fan of PewDiePie’s work but I’m a little surprised YouTube pulled something that sounds like satire.
    I have to wonder how much of this is based on the actual piece or how much is based on the on-going conflict YouTube and Maker Studios has had with their star over the last year.

  33. RL says:

    “Performance art???” The word “art” applies to absolutely nothing associated with this person.

  34. Your tinfoil hat is on a little tight.

  35. Paul Beining says:

    Pew Die Pie (Felix) has made millions off shocking people with foul language and bizarre antics and I have no problem with that, nor do I believe his “kill all Jews” stunt was anything more than clickbait. The problem that Felix has is the same problem that Youtube has and that’s rated-R content completely unfiltered for the masses (to be fair, you CAN’T include nudity, but you can come pretty close). I’m not sure what the demographics are but I’m quite certain that many, if not most, of Felix’s subs are preteen children so the filthy language and sexual suggestiveness is problematic. But it’s earned him millions of dollars, why would you question his methods? I don’t have a solution, but Youtube needs to find a way to filter its content better.

  36. WTF is a “Pew Die Pie” I assume it’s pronounced Pyoo Dye Pi? Like a smelly pie? Never heard of this ‘star’ before the article made the MSN homepage today.

    • sa says:

      Look here i don’t know you . but i been watching pewdipie on youtube for a while , we have our videos and comments , YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO JUDGE US FANS .
      and he donate 5005 $ to those guys which is more than you and the likes of you will ever do.

      YOur type is despicable you waltz in with not 1 iota of the clue what the video was about and parade your moral superiority by pitying on the funny guys ( that’s the name of the Indian boys )

      In absence of context human language becomes a congregation of crude syllables .words are arbitrary creations ,meaning to them arises out their context in use .the contest in question was not mocking the jews , it was a meme about another youtuber (keemstar) mocking the jews and how ludicrous it was that people would do it you payed 5 dollars .

    • JD says:

      Actually, it’s onomatopoeia.
      Nothing to do with Pie or Poo. It’s how he was called when he was younger and in gaming it became PewDiePie.

      Ad it’s pronounced PowDeePie.

    • Anna says:

      Found this – Early in his YouTube career, PewDiePie used rape jokes in his videos. Criticism of these jokes stirred controversy, and in October 2012, he addressed the issue through a Tumblr post, writing, “I just wanted to make clear that I’m no longer making rape jokes, as I mentioned before I’m not looking to hurt anyone and I apologise if it ever did.” The Globe and Mail stated “unlike many young gamers, he listened when fans and critics alike pointed out their harmful nature, and resolved to stop making rape jokes.”
      Also found that Time magazine picked him as one of their most influential people of the year last year.

      • Jo Mama says:

        Male on male rape jokes are ubiquitous, and flagrantly overused in PG type setting, to boot. How many times have you heard someone say “I hope he gets ___ in prison” to a round of applause? So unless you’re actually going to take it seriously, shut the fuck up about rape jokes.

  37. Bradley Beer says:

    What journalistic integrity.

  38. suzi says:

    Good move. There’s a difference between comedy and promoting hate, and what Pewdiepie and been doing is more alike the latter.

  39. Jerry says:

    Jokes are to much for people to handle in this day and age. It’s the people who accuse you of wrong think who are far more frightening than any pewdiepie of this world.

    • ForgotYourMeds says:

      A twelve-year-old would typically *not* understand the attempt at humor, nor would they read between the words to see it as his “critique of the absurdity of an internet service that enables someone to say or do something so outrageous for just $5″… you, of course, are the exception.

      • you have to be 18 to join youtube; you are only allowed to view ON A PARENTS ACCOUNT WITH A PARENTS PERMISSION, if you are under 18 – read YTs terms of service… what the hell would a 12 year old be doing watching PewDiePie in the first place?

  40. Heather says:

    “if content is intended to be humorous or satirical, it may remain online, “even if offensive or in poor taste.’” –> earlier in the article: Kjellberg has insisted that his point was to critique of the absurdity of an internet service (in this case, he used Tel Aviv-based Fiverr) that enables someone to say or do something so outrageous for just $5.

    So now YouTube is censoring people as well. Felix does things like this to point out the absurdity of them and he himself said this was the case with this video. This is ridiculous. YouTube and Disney are virtue signaling and they know it. Felix has posted many many crazy and absurd things before now. If he was truly anti-Semitic it would permeate his videos. You can’t hide something like that in your personality, just like you can’t hide true racism.

    • badblokebob says:

      Pretty sure you can be racist / anti-Semitic / etc without it being literally the only thing you are. i.e. just because someone doesn’t mention it every second of every hour of every day doesn’t mean they aren’t.

    • spookym says:

      If PewDiePie was censored, the videos in question would have never been posted, or if they were, would have been edited, or the signs blurred.

  41. meh says:

    He started off as a cookie cutter youtuber, the past year he has become edgy like FilthyFrank. I don’t feel bad. Youtube has never catered/or acknowledged the edgy types, if that’s what he wants to be then he should get the same treatment like the rest..

  42. Your IP address has been recorded and will be turned over to the proper authorities. Great job.

  43. What a moron. He gets what he deserves. He should have kept it civil and professional. Epic failure.

    • Jonathan says:

      You do realize that this has only helped Felix? He no longer needs to split his pay with Maker. Plus every other network is now going to be after him because of his size. Hell, he could even create his own network now. He might just end up being a lone Youtuber.

    • spookym says:

      “He should have kept it civil and professional”. Please Donald Trump, take this advice!

  44. Sonya Nutter says:

    Is he legal, would have been asked if he where Mexican, Iranian…you get the point

    • Joel Goldberg says:

      ah, you fool. The whole idea that we have to allow our country to be invaded by foreigners to prove we dont dislike them is absurd. We don’t have anything against Mexicans in general, but this doesnt mean we have to allow people to invade our county, Stopping immigration is about protecting our own sovereignty and identity, and is nothing against foreign civilizations. Foreign aliens already have their own countries so they just need go back to their own country to make their own countries better rather than invade someone elses. Those who want Americas borders to be violated and flooded with foreign people have a hatred of America and Americans, to take over and want to invade someone elses country is an act of contempt for it. If someone didnt like Mexico, they would invade it, are we proposing to invade mexico? No, all we want to do is to stop our own country from being invaded. There is nothing wrong with this, we are respecting Mexicos sovereignty but expect our own sovereignty to be respcted as well. Flooding into someone elses country is the act of aggression, securing your own countries borders is defensive. Zero immigration is the only policy that respects the sovereignty of all peoples and nations. It is those who want immigration invasions that are aggressive and have hatred and contempt for nations and ethnicities because they want these invasions to attack and overrun ethnic groups that they hate.

      • Jo Mama says:

        Hey Shirley Jean, the “Native Americans” came from Asia.

      • Shirley Jean Pilger says:

        You should go back to your country of origin and make it better. This is s country of immagrants (unless you”rr Native American) and invaders. Both reps and dems are corrupt. Censor ship is the beginning of the end of freedom of speech, the demise of another “Bill of Rights,” But this is an American issue. Last I heard, internet service is global.

    • WAAH! WAAH! Filthy democrap.

      • Anna says:

        WRONG – You can say it is a continent of migrants but not a country of immigrants.
        The people who found a nation are not immigrants, they are the founders, and the founding people of the USA were native, black, white, and latino. You cannot immigrate into a nation until the nation is created.

      • dynapl says:

        Are you suggesting we should get rid of borders and allow people to come in without passports/visas just because “US is a country of immigrants….” ?

      • RL says:

        The irony of someone named “Joel Goldberg” posting something like this… 100 or so years ago, the same things would have been said about the influx of Jews to this country.

      • The Truth Hurts says:

        Better then being a demonically filthy republican’t

  45. He should of said, “Death to Christians” and he would of had no problem

  46. Jonathan says:

    Is there really no more space for comedy in the modern world anymore?

  47. Joe Stockman says:

    I’m glad he’s gone, I’m tired of idiots getting famous for nothing because our children inspire to do nothing. I know that he won’t go away completely but this is a good step in the right direction. Next I hope Dashie and Capt Sparkles get found out for the racist bigotry they spew.

    • Heather says:

      Pewdiepie has worked very hard to get where he is. This is his career. That is like wishing someone to lose their job jsut because they do better than you. Also, he doesn’t spew racist bigotry he points out the ridiculousness of things and records video games. This was one video. Go watch any other video he does and THEN tell me he spews racist bigotry.

    • D Trussell says:

      Of course, if our children ASPIRED to do anything special, they might differentiate idiocy from PC. That’s a daunting task for the uninspired.

    • Jonathan says:

      Joe, they’re comedians. It’s their job to tell jokes. If you happened to get “triggered” by the fact that they’re either more successful than you or say offensive stuff, than you need to grow up.

      • Jonathan says:

        I actually supported Bernie, not Trump

      • Dx says:

        He probably does like trump which is ok. I’m guessing you however support. Nick cannon and not pew die pie. You should look in a mirror.

      • ofnature says:

        Your comment is one of the most anti-American things that I have read in a while. You are too dumb to get the joke, so you wish it would go away. I am assuming you also really like Trump?

  48. Joe Santacroce says:

    there is no room ANYMORE for racism and bigotry in this country…that is way gone and the sooner ppl wake up to that the better ALL of us will be

    • Vivi Rose says:

      You are in fantasy land. Bigotry and tribalism have existed throughout mankind’s history and will continue to do so until it ends. The modern term ‘racism’ is overused and misused by leftists who have abused the term to shut down disagreement and opposition.
      True Classical Liberals, who believe in equality and the welfare of all, are enraged at the destruction of the Democratic Party by socialists, communists and fascists – yes, those who engage in violence and suppression of free speech to achieve their will are engaging in fascist tactics.

    • The Truth Hurts says:

      with the election of trump there is plenty of room considering all the psychotic racist and bigoted individuals who have come out of the woodwork preaching their hatred on a daily basis. For example, just look for any of Aldrich Adonis’s posts: Psychotic bigot #1!

      • Vivi Rose says:

        You’re absolutely right. The Left has shown us how much they hate working class, tax paying citizens, how bigoted they are against people who came to this country legally and don’t drain our welfare system, how they despise heterosexual, how racist and sexist they against white men merely for skin color and gender and how much they deplore our Constitution (except to apply it to their benefit and criminal non-citizens).
        Leftists, Socialists and Communists in the US hate America… you’re right, the election has shown them to be the worst enemy of freedom and democracy.

    • JoFlo says:

      its not racism or hatred he meant it as a joke dont tell me to wake up when he didn’t even mean it as a hate crime or in a racist way if you actually watch the video then you’d know that he didn’t even think that the indian guys would even do it. It was a complete joke!

      • JD says:

        nan, so, “racism” begins with the first living being, so all living beings are racist and hould be exterminated”, just to make your logical fallacy bear fruits.

        If there is nothing to think critical about, there won’t ever be people who are critical. We need people like PDP, because he challenges ou understanding of those absurdities. It’s the same a lot of people do nowadays, which many peole because of their stupid “pyramides of x” (rape culture, racism, sexism, so on) deem to be bad. Just because something might have the least impact of all racially sensitive things, it does not mean that it’ll cause it. It’ll rather perpatuate a view on our own perception of these things.

      • nan says:

        I don’t belong to a political party or a religious group and I do not want to. Hateful discrimination starts with the vitriolic disparagement of particular groups of people rather than a self examination of where these prejudices often begin. Hate speech begins with you. The winds of fear toss people more often into convection currents of segregation, not camaraderie as some imply.
        This young man’s power for good and evil begins with his content and ends with you. He made money mocking a human atrocity. No one can condone this without declaring themselves corrupted. Our conscience demands we challenge it.

      • J says:

        Just because it’s a joke doesn’t mean it’s not racist and is acceptable. He may say as he wishes as the laws of his country may allow just as YouTube may choose to no longer sponsor him for speech or content they find to be unacceptable.

        I don’t blame YouTube at all for this move. Saying death to all (insert race, religion,ect) is not something any major company is going to want to be affiliated with regardless of intent.

    • JEW says:

      Racism, bigotry, etc will NEVER die lol wake up– this is life! Get a coloring book– and color child

    • onrop says:

      Remember Joe nobody is perfect and you will slip up, also grow a thick skin because the world doesn’t revolve around your ideas or ever will.

  49. Bob says:

    I find it strange however, it took them 2 weeks to come to this decision. Them being Youtube and Disney. There’s more at play here than you know. But most average person prolly knows really.

    • Tony says:

      Look for a conspiracy and you’ll find one. The most logical answer is that these companies are huge bureaucracies and maybe getting rid of one of their most profitable partners is not a decision to be made overnight. But who needs logic? It was clearly the deep state or whatever other nonsense that’s getting peddled nowadays.

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