Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo Invests in TYT Network as Part of $20 Million Round

Cenk Uygur

WndrCo, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s mobile-entertainment holding company, has made one of its first investments: It’s taken a stake in TYT Network, one of the top online-video political news networks.

TYT Network, whose flagship show is The Young Turks, closed $20 million in funding led by growth equity firm 3L Capital with participation from Greycroft, and WndrCo.

The company said it will use the investment to hire additional management execs and creative talent, as well as enhance its subscription-video offering and expand marketing initiatives. TYT also said it expects to tap into the relationships of its new investors — 3L, Greycroft, and WndrCo — for new growth opportunities.


Jeffrey Katzenberg New TV

Inside Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Plan to Revolutionize Entertainment on Mobile Screens

TYT, with more than 200 million views a month on YouTube, was founded by CEO Cenk Uygur (pictured above) as an online radio show in 2002. The Young Turks, the left-leaning news and commentary show co-hosted by Uygur, is now the longest-running daily live-streamed show online.

“TYT has done a tremendous job developing a deeply engaged millennial community, as evidenced by the size of its paid subscription membership and total watch time,” 3L managing partner Shawn Colo said in a statement. “This financing will allow the company to accelerate its reach and further its leadership in the massive and evolving market of online news and entertainment.”

With the investment, Colo is joining the TYT board.

L.A.-based TYT Network operates 30 owned-and-operated channels and shows including The Young Turks, What the Flick?!, ThinkTank, TYT Sports, TYT Interviews, TYT Politics, Pop Trigger, and Nerd Alert.

Last month, TYT recruited Rotten Tomatoes editor-in-chief Matt Atchity as head of programming, among other editorial hires.

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  1. mike endicott says:

    just turned 63YO. when 20, a young turn was an eager and competent upstart – a worthy adversary. TYT & J Kratzenberg on same good idea page – short topical videos available on multiplatforms to the masses ad lib.

  2. Kami says:

    A progressive lunatic and a fast growing far left partisan independent news outlet. It’s like a match made in heaven because the fact they are independent makes it easier to push the propaganda.

  3. Alexandre Bandeira says:

    First of all, I belive in armenian genocide. But this genocide was not part of the moviment “Young Turks” itself, but as the incompetence and evilness of the Pasha’s brothers. I suggest that the people who holding the thought about that theme watch a very good channel called The Great War in Youtube.

    But (and a very large BUT) is about investment needs returns and what is that investor want in return.

  4. Quna Jabriel says:

    He has written one questioning article in highschool and has openly changed his oppinion.
    You areobviouwly being intellectuqlly dishonest, because you do not like his politics.

  5. Rob Sandera says:

    Cenk Is doing a much-needed job of bringing independent news and criticism of corruption to the general public. I’m sorry about any Armenian holocaust I don’t know anything about that. In America Young turks stands for a different meaning. Whether you Love or hate TYT they are needed because JP Morgan has a monopoly on the entire news industry that all we watch or hear is scripted propaganda for Wall Street investors. TYT does in-depth discussion of issues that may be too controversial to be on regular TV news and they are providing a service to the public so I say go TYT besides you can’t please everyone.

  6. Chris Hirschberg says:

    TYT Army is too strong!!!

  7. Cenk chose the worst name for his show and network. The Young Turks in history committed the Armenian genocide and did ethnic cleansing of the Greeks and Assyrians. Cenk was a brazen and public Armenian genocide denier when he chose the name The Young Turks for his website, then show and then network. That would be like a holocaust denier naming his website, show and network The Nazis and then saying Nazis just means people who are strict and the Jews have got to get over the name already. Cenk has said the Armenians have got to get over the name of his show and network already. Cenk knew the name The Young Turks is offensive to Armenians and others especially as a public and brazen Armenian genocide denier and Cenk didn’t care if they were offended, cause he knew the Young Turks didn’t commit the Armenian genocide so therefore there was nothing wrong with the name at all. I think he was making a bold statement by choosing THAT name. Cenk and his staff have laughed about Armenians and others being upset and offended by the name and they still laugh now. Ana Kasparian who’s Armenian admitted on Twitter a yr ago I think that they all laugh at people who are offended by the name and she called them morons (yet Ana admitted in private after a public event in December of 2016 or January 2017 that she doesn’t like the name and has tried to get Cenk change the name and he’s refused to do so).

    Cenk even went onto support Turkish American organizations either before he formed his network or right after he formed his network and these organizations vehemently deny the Armenian genocide,.prevent the teaching of the Armenian genocide, and put pressure on the U.S government to officially deny the Armenian genocide. Ana Kasparian has said she wants the Armenian genocide recognized on her own Youtube channel when she talked about the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide, which was on April 24th 2015 (on a Friday). TYT did not talk about the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide at all (Cenk Uygur was on vacation at that time). Ana Kasparian was told on Twitter about Cenk’s support of these organizations and she had no response.

    Cenk, Ana and all of The Young Turks have been and are still upset due to the fact that more and more people have criticized Cenk, Ana and all of The Young Turks. They cant wrap their minds around the fact that people who aren’t Armenian do care about Armenians and are legitimately upset with Cenk, Ana, and the rest of TYT. Cenk, Ana and all of TYT have had no respect for Armenians. Yes Ana is Armenian, yet she’s also called her own people uncultured and extremely dumb to be offended by the name The Young Turks. Ana thought that not enough people know about the Armenian genocide and Cenk’s public Armenian genocide denial and she’d be fine. Ana thought only Armenians cared about this ‘issue’ and Cenk thought the same way. Cenk and Ana and all of The Young Turks thought they’d be fine. Cenk and Ana only see that people criticize them is only due to the fact that people have an irrational hatred for them. ? I think it’s rather bizarre that The Young Turks can’t believe that people who aren’t Armenian actually care about Armenians. ? They act like they’re above Armenians and that the Armenians are just a tiny ethnic group which doesn’t matter very much.

    Now to be fair Cenk might have have had a private change of heart in recent years about the topic of the Armenian genocide. Cenk might have to publicly deny the Armenian genocide due to Turkish political correctness. Most Turks deny the Armenian genocide and are very passionate in their denial and Cenk loves his Turkish people and wouldn’t want to upset them. He might get funding from these Turkish American organizations he’s supported and must still support. He probably wouldn’t want to upset the Turkish president. Only Cenk knows how he feels about the topic of the Armenian genocide, whether it happened or it didn’t. Cenk said he doesn’t know enough about the history of that time period to ever comment on it.

    The least Cenk could do is just change the name of his show and network out of respect to the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and others and especially due to Cenk’s long negative history of his true/public/brazen Armenian genocide denial. Yet it looks like Cenk is way too stubborn to change the name of his show and network. It would take a lot of people to pressure Cenk to change the name.

  8. AwanBrother says:

    That dumb CEO “Cenk” DENIES the Armenian Genocide (Muslims killing Christians in the Ottoman Empire, well before the Holocaust ) ever happened.

    Great investment Katzenberg.

    • Nick says:

      Except he doesn’t deny it. He’s discussed it on the show multiple times in just the last few months.

      • Nick is correct. Both Cenk and Ana have addressed this multiple times. Get off TYT’s back. We’re here to discuss the news + get analysis from intelligent perspectives.

        Take your Armenian Genocide recognition issues to your congressional representatives, please. Or start your own alternative youtube channel. Enough already.

      • AwanBrother says:

        +Mike Lee, the un-original — First off, Deus vult! Me mentioning Cenk acting like a pms-ing 18 year old girl (also me) while Alex Jones keeps his cool does not make me a, quote, “info wars fan.” But that very public episode–in full, on tape, on Alex’s channel–as well as Cenk & crews’ entire pathetic meltdown on November 8th, 2016 (KEK) when Hillary blew it & got schlonged for good just proves how limp and odious their “news program” comes across to anyone other than far left crazies frothing at the mouth.

        The could do better, but their EMOTIONS prohibit them from doing so.

        As far as religion…Ben Affleck is that you? BILL MAHER IS RIGHT. Religions aren’t perfect. But there’s only one that still majorly batcrap crazy and hasn’t gone through a reformation. And that’s Islam (Watch him on Charlie Rose elaborate on this very subject. It’s fantastic!)



        710 years ago.

      • Mike lee, the original says:

        So another info wars fan calling Mr Ungyur insists on a talking point of the Armenian genocide….You right wing loonies are just stirring up trouble and asking for a civil war… So will you admit that christens kill also in the name of religious dogma? All religions are terrible for society, especially hypocritical trump supporters ….

      • rogerr says:

        Hey Mary Jane White,

        nobody has to do dick. look it up yourself lazy-ass.

      • Did he discuss this on his private/post game/paid member shows? Where’s the evidence of this? What did he say exactly? He’s never publicly said the words, ” The Armenian genocide happened.” Again, you need to elaborate what you heard.

      • AwanBrother says:

        He has a long DOCUMENTED history of denying it, and flat our ignoring challenges to his views and/or questions about his denial of said genocide, entirely.

        He’s also on tape getting owned buy Alex Jones and Roger Stone, blowing his top like an unhinged maniac. He makes Alex looks like a prom king.

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