Super Bowl Commercials: Budweiser Clocks Most YouTube Views, 84 Lumber Ad a Surprise Hit

84 Lumber Superbowl Commercial
Courtesy of 84 Lumber

YouTube users collectively spent more than 350,000 hours watching Game Day ads on Super Bowl Sunday, the Google-owned video site revealed Monday. The most eyeballs attracted Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way” commercial, which retells the story of the company’s German immigrant founders.

The ad had attracted more than 21 million views on YouTube at the time of writing, which is more than twice as much as the second-most popular ad. That one, dubbed “Ghost Spuds,” is promoting Bud Light with the help of the iconic dog character Spuds MacKenzie that first premiered at Super Bowl XXI 30 years ago. “Ghost Spuds” had attracted some 9.5 million views Monday morning.

Other notable Super Bowl LI ads that amassed millions of view on YouTube included T-Mobile’s “#Unlimitesmoves” featuring Justin Bieber with 9.2 million views and counting, Mr.Clean’s Super Bowl ad with 8.2 million views and Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Season 2 trailer with 3.4 million views.

But the biggest surprise was the 84 Lumber Super Bowl commercial, which featured the story of a migrant other and her daughter trying to make their way to the U.S., only to face President Trump’s proposed border wall.

The original clip was reportedly rejected by Fox for being too political, which is why the company aired a shorter version, asking viewers to watch the entire journey on its website. That site immediately went down during the Super Bowl, but YouTube is hosting three versions of the ad — the clip shown during the game, the conclusion of the journey and a complete version.

Together, these three clips have amassed some 6.3 million views and counting, and the full version remained the #1 trending video on YouTube Monday morning. That’s especially remarkable considering the fact that the 84 Lumber YouTube channel had been anything but popular up to this point, with just 2642 subscribers, and many videos averaging less than a thousand views.

YouTube said Monday that viewing of Super Bowl ads on Game Day was up 15 percent year-over-year, with 70 percent of all watch time coming from mobile devices.

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  1. says:

    LOL radicalized Mexicans? That TV got you scared of everything and everyone.

  2. The people claiming this lumber commercial was a hit are the same people who counted up Hillary’s winning tallies. In real life the two females in the clip would be beaten and sexually assaulted. Of course the females are models who couldn’t last 2 hours on the real trail, with the lack of water and intense heat. The lumber company is now on the wrong side of history, and people love immigrants, just wait your turn and come over legally. The wall is not for her, just the male cousin who sneaks in 12 months later, gets radicalized, and goes lone wolf and stabs four people in the mall.

  3. Bobbi says:

    I’m not sure what redeeming value there was in the 5 minutes and 44 seconds, of watching a mother and daughter (?) hiking. And the point was? Something to do with a lumber company? How odd…..

  4. Mike Hagerty says:

    Brilliant marketing. Make people mad or make people cry to make people pay attention. When you can do both with one advertisement, that’s money well spent. This will keep cons and libs at it for quite a while.

  5. wolfmanmos says:

    If I were a shareholder of Lumber 84 I would want the board of directors recalled for this waste of money.

  6. Eugene De Vito Finelli says:

    the journey to the U.S because our government gives our hardworking money for anyone that get’s in legal or not !social security,welfare,medicare ,housing and more !! and us the tired middle class has to work even two jobs to make ends meet !! for all the above !! is it fair to us tired overtaxed !! take the same journey to Russia ,china Pakistan,turkey or other country . we are full to the max and tired of government abuse ! and if you cant afford food dont have kids !! we have our own to feed ! i was born in extreme poverty but we never took anybody else food out their mouth !!and my mother fead us with her hard work !!

    • Joseph King says:

      Not sure how any of your gripes are unique to illegal immigrants, there are plenty born and bred American citizens that take advantage of our social welfare system and birth children they can’t afford, and most immigrants that I know work more jobs than any white person I know and they usually take jobs most white people won’t do. Maybe if your mother would have not had kids she wouldn’t have been in poverty and been able to afford schooling for her children and you could have learned about the wonders of grammar and spelling.

  7. Flapjack71 says:

    Throw the ball better than anyone else. Score more points. Look nice in a magazine. Act well, and entertain people. Sing songs that are catchy. Play a musical instrument well. And now, we’ll add: make a better beer and sell building supplies better than your competitors. But keep your politics out of it. No one cares what you think about the world.

    You do not have a responsibility because of the platform you stand on. Really, you don’t. Your responsibility goes no farther than performing in the manner for which you have trained as an athlete, entertainer, musician or brewer of watered-down beer.

    I have an American dream, too. Even though I am born and raised in this country, it doesn’t mean I have some right to a good life. I have to work for it — and I would argue that I have to work a lot harder to achieve the American dream than filling out the proper paperwork and waiting my turn. Instead 84 Lumber puts this look of indignation on the actress’ face like, “How dare there be a wall here?” If I want a home, I have to work for it and buy it. I can’t just march up to someone else’s home, sneak in and claim it as mine.

    Really, what is the mentality of those who found these political ads to be good?

    • Steve Lizarian says:

      Typical right wing conservative, when someone disagrees with your opinion instead of having an educated discussion you resort to name calling and petty insults. I would argue anyone coming to this country from another country has to work 10x harder than you ever did because not only do they have to deal with low paying jobs but the discrimination and hate from people like you when all they want to do is have a good life and provide for their family, just like you. Also my family came to this country on the Mayflower from England, where did yours come from?

      • Flapjack71 says:

        I didn’t start the name calling. I was called a knuckle dragger. Typical left-wing communist, always ready to see past the “inconvenient truth” to develop a reality that fits their Pollyanna sad view.

    • Richard Butts says:

      Well put and I agree 100% , I will never step foot in an 84 Lumber store again, ever. And as far as the little left wing snow flake that wrote this socialist article, your full of BS in saying the commercial was a “hit” … everyone Ive spoken today and across FB are people saying that 84 Lumber shot themselves in the foot.

      • luviscus says:

        Thats because judging from your comment you must not associate with many educated people. Do you not see that thanks to immigrants this country is as great as it is today? They are the work force that keeps this this nation running by fulfilling the jobs than none of you right winged conservatives want to take because you’ll hurt your fragile little hands. I doubt 84 lumber will go out of business because you and a handful of fascists refuse to shop there.

    • I’m not sure why everyone assumes this woman and her daughter are illegals. They don’t tunnel under the wall, or get smuggled around it. As far as anyone can tell they have applied for and received legal authorization to come to this great country of ours and are simply making the arduous trek poor people would have to make to travel hundreds of miles to our border.

      • Flapjack71 says:

        Because legal people pass through proper checkpoints where passports are verified and stamped.

    • Matt Minton says:

      “No ones cares…” said the keyboard warrior that went on a diatribe. This hypothetical women and her daughter aren’t going to “march up into someone else’s home…and claim” it to be theirs. They’ll get jobs your lazy arse (guaranteed) wouldn’t do. They’ll pay sales tax. The money they make or god forbid get for food, only goes back into the economy.

      Have a good life being a knuckle dragger.

      • Flapjack71 says:

        Careful who you call a knuckle dragger, snowflake. I served this country in the U.S. Navy. What have you done? I’m also the youngest head of corporate communications in the history of a company with $1.5 b in sales. Who are you? I got where I am by hard work. What can you say about yourself? Find a safe space to rock your Adderall-addled mind and leave grown-up discussions to the adults. And, please, if nothing else, heed this advice — don’t come into a battle of wits unarmed.

  8. Oh I am sure the 84 lumber ad was a hit. So exactly what left wing BS website did you get that info from. Oh right Forgot where this was.

    • Shelly OBrien says:

      Whooo boy, Flapjack (aka Knuckledragger) someone hit a nerve, ‘Snowflake’?? You are NOT the only one who served (unlike your Orange hued Cheetolini), you are NOT America’s only success story AND your opinions mean no more than any other voting American. Maybe you should TRY some better living through chemistry and you might (MIGHT) not be such an asshole.

      • Flapjack71 says:

        Who hit a nerve, Shelly? Maybe I did, I think. I am not the only one who served, true, but I recognize what I served for. And for you to call me an asshole is pathetic and as meandering as the knuckle dragger comment. I will take some of the best advice I’ve ever been given in this moment — when someone is making a fool out of themselves, let them. Shelly, the floor is yours.

      • Shelly OBrien says:

        Oh, and Flapjack? I imagine you think YOU are quite a wit. In your case, however? You’d be only HALF right.

    • chalitsu says:

      Well, Flapjack, aren’t you are just so proud to be breathing the same air as yourself?! And the youngest head of what was it? And the Navy and EVERYthing! And armed to the teeth with wittiness. Gee, what a guy. What a heartless POS you are, moron.
      Gosh, THAT felt good!

      • Flapjack71 says:

        If that’s what you live for, then your life is already wasted. I’m sorry for you and the people who sacrificed to raise you.

    • Tomas Agusto Vergara says:

      Wake from your stupidity and get a life so you stop blaming others for your flawed existence!

  9. Rudy Mario says:

    Budweiser’s commercial was the best.

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