President Trump Attacks ‘Morning Joe’ Host: ‘She Was Bleeding Badly From a Face-Lift’

Donald Trump Morning Joe Tweets
Trump: Rex/Shutterstock; Morning Joe: Jesse Dittmar/Redux

President Donald Trump attacked the hosts of the talk show “Morning Joe” in a pair of early-morning tweets on Thursday. The president labeled Joe Scarborough “Psycho Joe,” and Mika Brzezinski “low I.Q. Crazy Mika.”

“I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore),” he wrote. “Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!”


Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski on Trump and Why ‘Everyone’ Should Ban Kellyanne Conway From TV

An MSNBC spokesperson issued the following statement in response to the tweets: “It’s a sad day for America when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job.”

Shortly after Trump’s tweets were deployed, Brzezinski tweeted out a photo of the back of a box of Cheerios, which showed the phrase “made for little hands.”

First Lady Melania Trump said during the campaign that she wanted to address problems of cyberbullying as one of her signature initiatives.

Her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, released a statement in which she said, “As the First Lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder.”

Brzezinski is the daughter of the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. Scarborough formerly served as a Republican representative of Florida’s first district between 1995 and 2001. The co-hosts confirmed in May that they were engaged.

Although it remains unclear what triggered Trump’s attack on the MSNBC hosts, they have had a love-hate relationship with Trump over the past few years, and been especially critical of his presidency. Scarborough tweeted on Wednesday that “The men and women of @CNN have every reason to take great pride in their work. #RealNews,” directly contradicting the president’s war on the news network. The hosts had also been critical of the president Thursday morning after a Washington Post report revealed that at least five Trump properties had hanging a fake Time magazine cover showing Trump.

CNN tweeted in response to the event, “We stand with @MSNBC’s @MorningMika and @JoeNBC.”

Trump’s comment drew some condemnation on Capitol Hill, including from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has sometimes been a critic of the president.

“Mr. President, your tweet was beneath the office and represents what is wrong with American politics, not the greatness of America.”

Another Trump critic, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), tweeted, “Please just stop. This isn’t normal and it’s beneath the dignity of your office.”

Mark Kornblau, senior vice president of communications for the NBCUniversal News Group, wrote on Twitter that he “never imagined a day when I would think to myself, ‘It is beneath my dignity to respond to the President of the United States.”

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  1. Bees Knees says:

    These Tweets do not surprise me in the least! Trump tries to take down anybody who disagrees and questions him. He’s an embarrassment to not only the United States of America, but the entire world!

  2. TD2 says:

    Mr. President worth $1.00 a year for spending time doing this crab.

  3. Weary says:

    Don, I wouldn’t admit I knew them or of them. You’ve got way bigger fish to fry.

  4. George Lewis says:

    Keep punching back President Trump. Mika is so stupid & disgusting. Only thing I’d say in her defense (that leftists don’t understand) is that she’s a commentator & not a news journalist.

  5. Liza Null says:

    Trump’s mental condition has deteriorated considerably since his inauguration. Now he sounds like a 12-year-old bully in a schoolyard, bullying the girls because they have “cooties”.

    It’s no wonder our country is the laughingstock of the free world, we have a narcissistic child in the White House.

    How much longer are we going to put up with Trump’s bullsh*t?

  6. princess says:

    Any conservative that knows politics and news knows Joe used to be a REPUBLICAN Congressman. He has bee full on anti-Trump ONLY because MSNBC has told him to for ratings with the liberal audience. Privately Joe has been huge fan of Trumps. Mika is a stage 4 clinger side host that caused his divorce. She has been climbing all over him on and off camera for years. They are both disgusting bottom feeders. Privately they have been desperatos to be around Trump functions and Trump. They have been bashing him, the President of THE United States on air for months, as part of the leftist takedown of s conservative. Trump is not a misogynistic or a sexual pig. Married man of 5 children. They come for him, eventually his is going to hit back. Like every agent in town that has a big rotten mouth and gets deals done in this town making huge money for the talent and studios in the end. Real Hollywood is 100% a Trump duplicate—fighters and winners at making bank. So all these pretend lefties pretending to be so pro-women protectors of decency. Give me a break. This town is full of over sexuslixed, plastic, bigger boobed, new nosed, duck lipped actresses and now Hollywood is saying they are so shocked when he hits back at the filth attacking him 24/7. Bunch of hypocrites! Listen to how the men in Hollywood talk about women, looks and sex. A million times grosser than anything Trump has ever said!

  7. Steve Barr says:

    This bloated enormous toad makes Caligula look good . All you Trump vermin glory to you and your leader . You deserve each other .

  8. Jeff says:


    • Lanny says:

      Jeff, shh, no need to shout.
      First of all he, your Dear Leader, is POTUS in name Only. He has no dignity nor self-respect, let alone respect for the Office. He defiles the Office.
      Second of all, Scarborough’s comment was rather mild.
      Thirdly, he Is a SCHMUCK. And Worse.

  9. Barbara J Mullin says:

    He’s an idiot.

  10. Dr. Tom Howard says:

    I still respect the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America. I have never respected Donald Trump. I will never respect Donald Trump. If he were to show up at my front door I would not answer it. Go away Donald Trump. Go far, far away and never come back.

  11. Je Vizzusi says:

    More ammunition for the impeachment hearings

  12. Rudy Mario says:

    Clearly El President has serious mental problems. But the trioka (Neonazis, rednecks and Evangelicals) don’t care. They will vote ennass for his second term.

  13. sarahw says:

    Everybody, notice that he makes outrageous statements like this to deflect from what is really happening at the government level. If he can get you all to attack him over his tweets instead of attacking the health care repeal effort, it’s a win. Same goes for the multitude of other government deconstruction projects going on — education, environment, unions, etc. That is why the Republican Party got him into office — he serves as a distraction from their agenda which is to take away freedoms, take away good and protective regulation, take away democracy, and implement policies that benefit only a select few of the elite.

    Save your biggest voices for what matters at this point — not Trump’s distracting tweets.

  14. RX says:

    This Trump guy really needs a day job of some kind.

    • David Bruce says:

      When the media respects the office of the president, by referring to him as “President Trump” he will return the favor.

      • Lanny says:

        Lol, that’s Funny David, perhaps when he Acts like a President, not like a 5 year old spoiled child, or a monkey flinging poop, the media might show Him respect. Besides, why don’t you suggest to your Dear Leader that He himself respect the Office of the President. Some example he sets.
        He is not even Remotely qualified to be President. He’s in Way above his big head and small hands.

  15. CJB says:

    The irony of Trump attacking someone about a “low I.Q.”.

  16. Richard Savary says:

    POTUS is the wrong spelling for president of the US. POS is a lot closer to the truth.

  17. Joanna Bair says:

    WOW! Does this thing know he is the POTUS? How much more is he going to disrespect the Office of the Presidency? And how much longer are the fools who voted for this scam artist going to support him? He is a disgrace. My 14 year old grandson is more mature.


    Trump is crude, rude, low rent, base, vulgar and classless and anyone who goes along with what he says and does is the same.

  19. Suzanne Tucker Irwin says:

    I do not what President Trump is doing to the population of the US which are the people making this America. Yes, he has seriously bad manners when he doesn’t like people who don’t agree with him. I am a Christian and will discuss my concerns and thoughts with friends but I will not use unCristian comments it copying President Trump when I speak of him. Yours Truly, you need to find a community of people who are following the teaching of the Gospels and and not just sitting back and being rude/crude as our President does.

  20. Alex says:

    CNN stands with MSNBC? Trump is driving the MSM bat shit crazy and I’M LOVING IT!! The question is who is he going after next? Colbert?

    • Reader says:

      Colbert can defend himself quite handily, thank you. In fact, Colbert would ANNIHILATE him, resulting in HUGE ratings. Bring it on!

    • RX says:

      Not much you can do besides “love it”, since he’s accomplished absolutely NOTHING since taking office, nor has his wife or any of his cabinet. Keep lovin’ that big regressive void.

      • Alex says:

        Nothing? I can see you’re an MSNBC and CNN fan. Tell UAW and Coal Miners union members he’s done nothing

    • Rachel says:

      You literally don’t care about the world, your country, your families, even yourselves, just as long as he “sticks it” to the “libtards”. You all peaked in high school and CANNOT DEAL WITH IT.

      • Alex says:

        It’s about time someone stuck it to the libs, they’ve gotten a pass forever. The MSM has destroyed itself trying to destroy him. What’s really pissing off the swamp is the great unwashed is loving this. The swamp bullies are getting bitch slapped by a street fighter.

    • Rachel says:

      You people are soooo childish. This isn’t a game.

    • Cath says:

      Already went after Colbert about a month ago. You aren’t paying attention.

  21. Kathryn Kelly says:

    POTUS Trump has a history of judging women by their looks. Unfortunately he has no respect for them and doesn’t consider how his remarks hurt. It’s no excuse to do a childish stunt with a payback. He should be the person setting an example and control his mouth.

  22. ROBIN says:

    Don’t mess with my president.

  23. Bill Culveretisam says:

    No no. Please let him continue. I want to see it get to the point where he has a HUGE breakdown

  24. Barbara L. Stewart, MLS says:

    Lord! Can this be from a POTUS? Wouldn’t tolerate this outburst -innuendo/threat -from child! How can holder of consequential office do this?

  25. Mr Tracey says:

    The man who would be Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg (The Caine Mutiny) . . . What’s missing? Two stainless steel balls to fondle and clack together. But to do that he’d need normal, read: man-sized, hands.

  26. Kenny Carter says:

    When will we America get rid of this so called presedent he is making America look so weak and out of control

    • Alex says:

      America loves his tweets, the powers (The MSM and the swamp) want people to think what he tweets is a mistake

  27. Yours Truly says:

    He makes Christians look like COMPLETE idiots. I’ll never listen to another Christian say anything. They are complete idiots to follow this anti-Christ figure. Figures they would fall for an idiot who lies for a living. Bill Maher is right. The Christians are all idiots. I’ll never listen to another person who says they are a Christian because they all endorsed him. The is leading people away from the Lord. Complete scam. No wonder people like Jim Baker and Pat Roberston do so well. They’ve got half of America following the fools to the bottom of a sinking ship.

  28. Lucky says:

    Oh my lord Melania just have sex with him already, the fate of the free world depends on it

  29. Sarah Quinn says:

    I will NEVER vote for another republican. Too gutless to get rid of this repulsive barely human they refer to as THEIR president

  30. Dale McClelland says:

    I believe it was a combo of Mika’s comments on how he was hiding his hands in his fake Time cover, followed up by Joe tearing into Trump for not letting Tillerson be Sec of State but instead putting an unqualified, son-in-law in the role. “Way overdue” and “About time” were his and the panel’s comments. Joe spoke directly to Trump on camera. I was watching it and said “No way he lets this one go without a tweet”.

    • kezia says:

      The orange buffoon prides himself on being “unpredictable” yet is SO predictable. Pathetic. Roy Cohn’s prodigy.

  31. You say you have yet ti figure out what triggered this. Its the fact that our president is a 6 year old child on a playground throwing a hissy fit tantrum 24/7.

  32. tony says:

    if you can’t say it to someone’s face then don’t tweet it.

  33. Mr Tracey says:

    Pad the Oval Office with sheets of foot-thick blankets of natural rubber.

  34. Erik Miller says:

    Number #45 is a shame to our country

  35. Kaboom! says:

    Why so much hate from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski? They aren’t reporters or newscasters, they are part of the hate propaganda machine. Both belong back in WWII Germany.

  36. Mr Tracey says:

    He’s come undone.

  37. LOL loved the Cherrios comeback!

  38. heyitsron says:

    Everybody wants to be with The Donald. Money, prestige, and cache. And surrounded by those you want to be surrounded with.

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