PewDiePie Blurts Out N-Word During Video-Game Live Stream, Faces New Backlash

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PewDiePie, who maintains the most popular channel on YouTube, used a racial slur while playing a video game in a live stream Sunday — and the Swedish vlogger is again being blasted by critics.

While playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds multiplayer survival shooter, PewDiePie (real name: Felix Kjellberg) said about an opponent who was firing at his friend: “What a f—ing n—–… sorry, but what the f—.” He then added, “I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

The latest controversy comes after Kjellberg in February lost his deals with Disney’s Maker Studios and YouTube in the wake of his ill-advised pranks to pay random strangers to spout anti-Semitic sentiments and after reports of his videos featuring Nazi imagery. PewDiePie’s channel has more than 57 million subscribers currently.


Scare PewDiePie

YouTube Cancels PewDiePie Show, Pulls Channel From Ad Program After His ‘Death to All Jews’ Stunt

After reports circulated Sunday about PewDiePie’s uttering the n-word, Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman, whose studio develops the game Firewatch, tweeted that the company plans to file DMCA takedown requests to try to remove all videos of Kjellberg playing his company’s titles.

Vanaman also tweeted, “I am sick of this child getting more and more chances to make money off of what we make” and that PewDiePie is “worse than a closeted racist: he’s a propagator of despicable garbage that does real damage to the culture around this industry.”

PewDiePie has not yet responded to the latest controversy. [UPDATE, 9/12, 10 a.m. ET: PewDiePie posted a video apologizing for using the n-word.]

After the backlash in February over his anti-Semitic posts, PewDiePie issue an apology while also attacking the media for reporting on his attempts at humor out of context.

“I’m sorry for the words that I used, as I know they offended people. And I admit that the joke itself went too far,” Kjellberg said. “I do strongly believe that you can joke about anything, but I also believe that there’s a right way and not the best way to joke about things.”

In a tweet last week, Kjellberg joked, “Being independent from networks is rough. Now I only get a 80/20 revenue split with myself.”

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  1. pewdiepiehatesyou says:

    whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Get a life says:

    Who the fuck cares. Get a life.

  3. Irma Harvey says:

    Yeah? Well once again, reverse selective racism. I caught a black show Sunday night, “Survivor,” on Starz Encore. Three black women confronted another black woman about dating an apparently celebrity type guy and said that he would eventually trade up for a real white woman. Then one said “Polly want a cracker?”. Actually, the entire scene was disgusting but I wouldn’t revolt you by describing it.

  4. Jinx says:

    Lmaoo hope his dumbass gets what he deserves

  5. Iván el Conquistador says:

    Bill Maher says the N word, nothing happens.
    PewDiePie says it, everyone loses their minds.

  6. John Jordan says:

    The upcoming generation plus are seeing this distortion of reality for what it is and they identify Propaganda at the drop of a hat.

  7. Sam says:

    Amazing article, Variety. ResidentSleeper

  8. Backlash? Not from me. I hear that word bandied about by black kids to old black men. It seems they have duped most of the white people in to thinking it’s some sort of unusable word only vlacks are ALLOWED to use then it turns out it’s just a cudgel used by certain blacks in order to make them believe that they have power over whites and you LET them. I don’t use that word as I find it repiulsive, but no one can tell me not to use it and then expect me to go along like a good little white sheep. I’ll use it if I feel it’s appropriate to do so and laugh at the Ignorance of any black person I hear calling that name to another, jokigly or seriously. It’s sad to see stupid little urbanites beng such punks and still using that word towards eachother. Ot’s actualy sick. Will it influence my opinion of this Blogger? Hell No. He’s funny as can be.

  9. Vacklash? Not from e. I hear that word bandied about by black kids to old black men. It seems they have duped most of the white people in to thinking it’s some sort of unusable wworf then it turns out it’s just a cudgel used by certain blacls in order to make them believe that they have power over you. I don’t use that word as I find it repiulsive, but no one can tell me not to use it and then expect me to go along like a good little white sheep. I’ll use it if I feel it’s appropriate to do so and laugh at the Ignorance of any black person I hear calling that name to another. Jokigly or seriously it’s sad to see syupid little urbanites beng such punks.

  10. Hahaha I love it! I love how powerless you POS feel by truly independent self-made millionaires! You vile SJW vermin had a good laugh de-monetizing and de-platforming every Alt-Righter, and then bragging about how ‘free speech has consequences.’

    Well, guess what? The Law of thermodynamics works in mysterious ways. You suppress energy here, it’s going to surface somewhere else just out of reach of your vehicles of repression. I’ve been saying this for a while now, but you leftists are opening the gates of hell. Trump is just the beginning. He isn’t even mild.

    Young white men do not care about your delicate feelings. Just remember that.

    • acouvis says:

      That makes sense. The Law of thermodynamics apparently is at work here in connection with you having a bad case of constipation. Since all that shit has to come out somewhere it comes out of your mouth instead.

  11. I hear black people says this all the time. That means either the outrage or the tolerance for it is being faked. Cannot have it both ways.

  12. Who Even cares says:

    Wtf is your niggas problem ? Over sensitive to an overhype. Calm your bitch tits

  13. Dorp says:

    IIRC no one complained about when jacksepticeye made some joke rant in his Ben and Ed video about child prostitution but when a guy says the n word when he gets really frustrated, all of a sudden he is racist.

  14. Jackman2tall says:

    This isn’t news, it will in no way effect him, just like Disney and Google dropping him had zero effect on him.

  15. Shutupdalready says:

    Getting really tired of these petty controversies. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, eventually no one will come for their screams of “racism” no matter how accurate they are.

  16. David says:

    Only racists here are the white SJW hypocrites pretending to be offended on black peoples behalf.

    Entertainment is full of usage of the n word, but none of you anti white racists say anything until you can take the opportunity to attack a man because he is white and virtue signal how good you are.

    You hypocritical dunderheads are the only ones judging anyone here by their race. It is YOU that is racist, you’re just too stupid and busy virtue signalling to see it.

    SJW, you are the Idiocracy destroying humanity with your fake problems.

    • TC says:

      Oh, and by the way, there’s a BIG difference between the kind of written, directed, packaged entertainment that uses the N word in various contexts, and the kind of “entertainment” this pathetic ass clown “gives” to the world by playing games and making thoroughly unfunny quips in asinine voices. Night and day, buddy.

      • TCisdumb says:

        it doesn’t matter how much you like it or not, you aren’t the arbiter of what is entertainment, buddy.

        Calm down, you realize you are just giving him more attention right? Just take a deep breath. The world will go on.

    • TC says:

      No, dummy, some of us are actually not racist. And Kjellberg IS.

      Funny how you real bigots can’t understand how people can actually be against racism without signalling anything, because it’s just right. Sorry for stepping on your snowflakey little toes.

      But don’t worry, YouTube will continue to find ways for your passive hater idol to keep making money for doing nothing of worth to society.

  17. Will says:

    Everyone here triggered much

  18. MR BILL says:


  19. Alex Meyer says:

    PewDiePie is a disgrace.

  20. tristan says:

    poor guy i’m sorry for him some people make thinking errors

  21. Kondor says:

    You filthy Nazi, Jew Hating LYING S.O.B.!! You’re OUTTED BUBBA!!😂 And now that everyone knows your TRUE-COLORS,, YOU-ARE-FINISHED!! NO more DISNEY DEAL, No More YouTube,, The day’s of Wine & Roses are over for you my little Gestapo Fruend!! I hope they Break You And leave you Penniless, Homeless, in a RACIST COLONY where you belong you Fake-Fuck!!

    • David says:

      You forgot to mention how hes a wicked straight white male and you can’t wait for his evil demographic to all be replaced as you pretend to be enraged by his rAcISm.

      Failed sjw 101. Must try harder!

    • Strik says:

      You need to stop giving a fuck, your not getting anything from this.

      • Voice of Logic says:

        @Gary Why the f**** do you want the right to use the “N word” so badly without consequences? Go right ahead. Imitate you favorite American rapper out of context. No one is stopping you, just like no one will be able to proactively stop the next man from knocking you out for being offended by your usemail of it… again, out of context. This rich gamer idiot can say what he wants to thousands of his fans publicly, but he must also also be prepared to pull up his pants and swallow that bitter pill of consequence. Is it worth it???

      • Gary says:

        Lol, you and the MSM are clueless. The younger generation sees through the hypocrisy in society that let’s some people use that term repeatedly, desensitizing it in all the music they listen to and love, and then tries to come down hard on them for simply using it in the same way. Ice Cube going on Bill Maher and chastising him was just him jumping the shark. Sorry, cops aren’t killing yall anymore often than lightening is, and nobody is buying your BS anymore. Get your act together.

      • Perensejo says:

        @Stirk Way to go there citizen! So you only are against racist pricks if you get something from it? Makes you even worse in my book.

    • Lmaoooo he’s rich for life, idiot.

      • Professor Death says:


        Um… Yeah. He’s worth around $26 million… and that’s AFTER the Swedish government takes its 56% cut.

      • Strik says:

        @Perensejo Take your time, it’s a five letter name. First: I’m against racism but i’m also against the ease of tagging someone a racist. Second: I don’t view white and black as a different race but an example that evolution exist and that their skin and body are different because of the environment of their place of origin. Third: It’s like Kondor is hoping for something with that comment. Like a raging sadist who loves this type of crap. Fourth: How do you manipulate people? Answer that and i’ll tell you why i’m following the path of not giving a fuck.

      • elpoorino says:

        Lily, He’s been the biggest youtuber for the past few years. His net worth is over 50 million.

      • Lily says:

        lol rich for life from his 12.2 minutes of internet fame? Think again.

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