Mary J. Blige on Her Infamous Hillary Clinton Interview, Why She Should Run Again in 2020

Mary J Blige Hillary Clinton

In this week’s cover story, Mary J. Blige talks about her transformation in “Mudbound” to play Florence, a 1940s matriarch in Dee Rees’ awards-bound drama about race and poverty in the Mississippi Delta.

Blige also looked back on an online talk show that she started last year with a big scoop: her inaugural guest was Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “Hillary was my first gig,” the R&B superstar tells Variety. “I was like, ‘If I’m going to do this, the launch has to be important.’” She was surprised that Clinton agreed. “And petrified to do the interview,” Blige says. “Because I’m not a journalist. But I became one. I’m an actress so I turned that thing on and made it happen. That was a nice conversation.”


Mudbound Carey Mulligan Mary J Blige Dee Reese Variety Cover Story

Can Netflix Crash the Oscars With Dee Rees’ ‘Mudbound’?

After the interview posted, some bloggers mocked Blige for serenading Clinton with a song about police brutality. “That was going to be my first female president, so I’m going hard for people to hear her voice and see her other than a politician,” Blige says. “They took one piece of the song and played it everywhere. And then they felt stupid afterwards, [because] the interview was great. That’s the problem—people take a piece of something that they don’t understand and pick at it and tease it.”

Blige was hurt. “It was a moment for me where I was like, ‘I’m actually interviewing Hillary Clinton.’ That was close to graduating from high school. My people didn’t accept it. So I was like, ‘Here’s another hit.’”

Like many people, Blige was shocked by the outcome of the election. “I was surprised how the women weren’t in her favor,” she says, about Clinton not winning more of the female vote. “It doesn’t add up.” But she thinks Clinton should run again in 2020. “I mean, if I was her, I would because she’s strong,” Blige says. “She’s done it. You see everything she had to take that wasn’t fair.”

And she had a few choice words about Donald Trump’s presidency so far. “We used to be a country that people looked at and respected,” Blige says. “Now we’re a country that people look at and judge. The integrity of the United States is lost. Is this a reflection of who we are? Look at who our leader is.”

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    1. Rick says:

      We love you, Hillary! In 2020, Trump will LOOSE and you will win by a landslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

    2. Charles Marshall says:

      Hillary should absolutely run for president in 2020. After the nation see’s what this orange menace has done to America, dare I say for 4 years…. I imagine he wont make it that long.

    3. Dana says:

      Maybe she thinks the book will stop her legacy as the email/documents destroyer and the bengazi/Haiti/uranium/cheating husband, whitewater, travelgate,sanders,fiascos, and on and on with the list.
      This is why the cliche holds,an outsider won,we hate corrupt politicians, All politicians.

    4. Saging says:

      Hillary please leave us alone !!!

    5. Ellie says:

      Another run by HRC w/b extremely selfish and pave the way for another Trump win.

      I voted for her, and am disappointed by her finger pointing. She lost, needs to accept her loss and gracefully accept her role as elder statesperson. (Yeah, yeah, i know, she won the popular vote, but she’s a v savvy pol and knew she had to win the electoral vote. HRC’s hubris, ego and tangled money connections are largely respinsible for Trump being in the WH. The Bernie and Obama folks who sat on their hands are the other causes.)

    6. Oldies says:

      How bout politicians start volunteering their time after they have had a big success in life getting the experience running businesses that can the be applied to running a country like a business instead of a handout, like the current politicians in congress have been not working just syphoning off a free ride from tax payers and selling their position to make money. That belong in jail for fraud they can’t even pass a blanking agenda. Throw them out and get some volunteers.

    7. Dana says:

      Please just let women’s faces get old and stop making them feel guilty about it. It’s much more frightening to watch the hinderence of accepting others perverted opinions about aging female looks( past 40).

    8. Grrrrrrrr says:

      No. No. No. No.

      Do NOT run her again, and stop blaming Bernie

      Do you seriously want another four years of Drumpf?

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