Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Hire 3,000 Staffers to Review Violent Content, Hate Speech

Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, after recent incidents in which people have broadcast violent murders and other graphic content on the social service, said the company will increase the size of its staff that reviews flagged content by 66% in the next year.

The exec, in a Facebook post Wednesday, said the company will add 3,000 people to its community operations team around the world — in addition to the 4,500 it employs today — to review “the millions of reports we get every week, and improve the process for doing it quickly,” he wrote.

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted later,” Zuckerberg wrote. “If we’re going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly. We’re working to make these videos easier to report so we can take the right action sooner — whether that’s responding quickly when someone needs help or taking a post down.”


Cleveland Murder Facebook Live

Facebook Vows to Improve Content Review Procedures in Wake of Cleveland Murder

In one of the most disturbing events involving Facebook video recently, a Cleveland man on Easter Sunday (April 16) uploaded a clip showing himself shooting and killing a random 74-year-old man on the street; two days later police found the suspect, Steve Stephens, dead in his car after a multi-state manhunt. And last week, a man in Thailand used Facebook Live to broadcast himself killing his 11-month-old daughter before committing suicide.

After the Cleveland homicide video, Facebook said it was “reviewing our reporting flows” to be sure people can report videos and other material that violates our standards as easily and quickly as possible.

Clearly, the company realized that process improvements and better tools alone weren’t going to be enough, leading to Zuckerberg’s announcement of staffing up to address the problem.

Zuckerberg said that in addition to catching violent acts like murders and suicides, the additional reviewers Facebook plans to hire also will help improve its ability to remove other content the service forbids, including hate speech and child exploitation.

At the same time, Facebook is continuing to build tools to make it simpler to report problems as well as speed up the time it takes for the reviewing teams to determine which posts violate Facebook’s standards, Zuckerberg said. It’s also working to make it easier for Facebook staff to contact law enforcement if someone needs help.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook last week received a report about a user broadcasting video on the service who was considering suicide and the company was able to contact police in time to prevent him from harming himself. “In other cases, we weren’t so fortunate,” Zuckerberg wrote.

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  1. carey says:

    Zuckerberg is using his site and his money to influence a whole generation, he admires George soros and is starting to mimic him. He lets hate speech flow on his site if is against lets say conservatives, Christians, and the jewish people. He is getting this image that he is the savior of the world. He is currently using his site, facebook to limit free speech and to eliminate anyone on the site that donesn’t concur with his liberal agenda. Thousands of non liberals accounts are being deleted for no reason at all. This is how he is going to push his agenda because there will be no one to voice their opinion against him. Within 5 years he will be in control of millions of people with no way to stop him. Right now I consider him the most dangerous man in the world. The media influence and the influence of FB is going to change the world in the future, but not for the better. Soros sold out his own people to be murdered by the Nazis, Zuckerberg is going to do the same thing and people will cheer him for it.

  2. Eileen Tan says:

    I am a stay home mother and would like to work on this with FB. As I do have two teenagers children and best way is to befriend them to know what is circulating In the IOT.

  3. Marilyn S. Ruben says:

    Good idea, Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe you can also find a way to block the “phishers” who have recently hit my friends’ accounts, claiming that I want them to”Friend” me, when they already have done so. Also, somebody is now soliciting 39 cents from me and my friends on Chat, to pay for “Free” membership on Messages. I am thinking there is now “A Scam per week on Facebook!”

  4. borzi ettore says:

    good day, i don’t speak english, i would like to make this work, i now live in china, but i live in hong kong or macao or the philippines i candy for this job, i’m borzi ettore are italian and i have 60 years, i have no family my wechat ettoreborzi warm welcome hector

  5. Alfred Benson says:

    I would like to work on the team that edits FB posts !! I have kidney failure and cant work full time …..this would be great opportunity for me ….. since im on FB so often !!!!!

  6. Judy says:

    I live in Huntington Beach,Ca. And a senior that admires how Facebook works and who is in charge. To be able to work for a corporation that doesn’t push seniors aside and still have something to offer to not only help the company but, themselves also. Let’s just say you needed a break to get your first job,it’s time to give older people a break cause you had little money then and little money now. Hard to retire on the stipulations they have.

  7. Janice. Fullard says:

    Mr. Z,
    Of the few posts I’ve seen,you will most likely,yet again,achieve another world-wide “progressive”goal. I am right there w/comments frm senior citizens, as I only babysit 2days per week. As a STAUNCH ADVOCATE in such matters as these,(frmr teacher),I humbly request that you bring me on board.
    Enjoy your day!

  8. Jeanene Robinson says:

    I would love to work from home as I do not work at all.

  9. Barbara Clark-Garrett says:

    Mr Z…of the 3000 reported jobs that will be offered will any of these positions be offered to online users to work from home? I am interested if so. I am a retired senior in need of a supplemental income and working from home would be ideal. Is this an option you have considered?

  10. sonyawiley1 says:

    Hey baby brother:
    Combating the violence on Facebook and 0ing in on it is a great idea right now, why? this morning Director Comey was grilled by the Committee and Senator Feinstein mentioned she was looking at introducing new legislation on that very issue it’s a great idea to get ahead of the game while you can.

    Thought I would give you heads up

    • CARLA J POLINS says:

      Sounds like a plan.. I am interested in applying for a position in the Sarasota, FL cyberspace area

  11. Good PR….. Facebook has a strong market hold and strategist I swear

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