Facebook Quietly Adds Piracy Devices to List of Banned Sale Items

Internet Piracy

Facebook has joined the fight against illegal video-streaming devices.

The social behemoth recently added a new category to products it prohibits users to sell under its commerce policy: Products or items that “facilitate or encourage unauthorized access to digital media.”

The change in Facebook’s policy, previously reported by The Drum, appears primarily aimed at blocking the sale of Kodi-based devices loaded with software that allows unauthorized, free access to piracy-streaming services. Kodi is free, open-source media player software. The app has grown popular among pirates, who modify the code with third-party add-ons for illegal streaming.

Even with the ban officially in place, numerous “jail-broken” Kodi-enabled devices remain listed in Facebook’s Marketplace section, indicating that the company has yet to fully enforce the new ban.

A Facebook rep confirmed the policy went into effect earlier this month. In addition, the company updated its advertising policy to explicitly ban ads for illegal streaming services and devices.

Amazon and eBay similarly have moved to ban sales of illegal video-streaming devices. “Products offered for sale on Amazon should not promote, suggest the facilitation of, or actively enable the infringement of or unauthorized access to digital media or other protected content,” the e-commerce company says in its policy regarding the sale of electronics.

The piracy world has shifted markedly away from peer-to-peer file sharing downloads to streaming. In 2016, internet users worldwide made 107.9 billion to streaming piracy sites, according to antipiracy technology vendor Muso. By contrast, there were 34.2 billion visits to public and private torrent-based download services, the firm estimates.

“It is great to see Facebook follow the likes of Amazon and Ebay in making changes to their policies to prohibit the sale of illicit streaming devices on their platforms,” Kieron Sharp, CEO of U.K. intellectual property protection org FACT, said in statement. “Unfortunately, the fast-paced development of [social media] sites are being exploited by opportunists for criminal activity which needs to be disrupted.”

Under its commerce policy, Facebook also forbids the sale of any “non-physical items,” including digital media as well as services and subscriptions.

Other items Facebook bans for sale on the Marketplace include: illegal, prescription or recreational drugs; alcohol; tobacco items and related paraphernalia; weapons, ammunition or explosives; products “with overtly sexualized positioning”; and animals.

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  1. Nocamp says:

    Really ?? No one writing this could possibly have been coerced into listing people who use an open source system next to people who sell illegal drugs and practice beastiality !! OMG REALLY?? I suppose if your equal opportunity
    Then if you own a desktop or laptop you better get ready to turn that In too. YES IT’S THE SAME THING .! If you would have done your homework Mr. Journalist (LOL) you might have learned what open source means rather than going after KODI , grouping honest hardworking, programmers in with the criminal underground. You should be fined for unethical reporting practices or maybe taking money from cable companies maybe ? You have to be a leftist too because, anytime private industries practice individual freedoms , you attack in the form of slander or demanding more restrictions in the name of the greater good. You should grow a spine and read your constitution. If you then do not like living in a free republic move back to europe where the statist society your trying to create already exists.

    Stop trying to ruin good things made by good Americans simply because you have not educated yourself and do not understand it. If you did you wouldnt have slandered a good company like Kodi. No I do not work for them either.

    ..You sir, are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and people of your caliber are why we fought wars.

  2. mike says:

    “Kodi-based devices loaded with software that allows unauthorized, free access to piracy-streaming services. Kodi is free, open-source media player software.”

    this is considered reporting now? in two sentences you named kodi as the basis for hardware and then right next to it you report that kodi is software!

    the hardware is android based most of the time, or at least most of the boxes being sold on the Internet are. Kodi is just software and nothing more, it still requires hardware and an operating system to run. Thats like me calling a computer by its browser.. “ooh look a firefox box” “thats a nice opera box you have there” “hey, does that edge box run kodi?”

    Also, Kodi can be run on many operating systems and is a great digital media player. When you download kodi it comes with no streaming services installed that are illegal. those need to be installed after kodi has been installed and are just plugins for kodi.

    “It is great to see Facebook follow the likes of Amazon and Ebay in making changes to their policies to prohibit the sale of illicit streaming devices on their platforms,”

    this is a complete fallicy because if those companies were to prohibit the sale of ilicit streaming devices from their platforms then they wouldnt be selling any computers of any sort.

    you are a digital editor and yet you cannot make the clear cut differences that i have mentioned in my comment. your incompetence is astounding and you are just helping to make the general public dumber instead of imparting real knowledge.

  3. Wes says:

    Mainstream media still hasn’t learned, make access to content easy, and it’s popular. Make access difficult, and the media well loses more and more money. Apparently they have still not learned, and want to encourage more, not less piracy. Yes, MSM corps are rub by dilweeds.

  4. Christine Townsend says:

    No such thing as a kodi box better learn a bit more

  5. Chris says:

    Well that’s good. Any inconvience to pirates is always most welcomed.

    • mike says:

      pirates are not inconvienced, if i was a pirate why would i use a box with the power of a cellphone to do my piracy things? used laptops and computers with video cards have more power and can also do multiple things at once, stream, torrent, rip, you name it.

      it wasnt that long ago when home theater pcs were the rage. they just shrunk it down and made it simpler for the masses to use ;) Kodi can be installed on windows, mac, linux, android, IOS, pretty much any hardware that is out there.

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