Disney’s Maker Studios Drops PewDiePie Because of Anti-Semitic Videos

Courtesy of PewDiePie/Maker Studios

Disney-owned Maker Studios dropped Swedish YouTube star Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie from its roster Monday after he published videos with anti-semitic jokes. The separation was first reported by the Wall Street Journal Monday evening, and has since been confirmed by Maker, with a spokesperson sending Variety the following statement:

“Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate. Maker Studios has made the decision to end our affiliation with him going forward.”

Kjellberg is the most popular creator on YouTube, and has amassed close to 14.7 billion video views on his main channel alone. The Journal reported Monday that he had uploaded multiple videos with antisemitic jokes and remarks last month.

In one of those videos, Kjellberg had paid two people in India through a crowd-sourcing platform for holding up a sign that read “death to all Jews.” Google responded by removing advertising from the video in question, but Kjellberg defended it as a joke in another video uploaded a week later.

Both videos, as well as a subsequent video with controversial remarks, have since been removed from his channel.

Kjellberg has been no stranger to controversy, frequently mixing crude language with video game humor an commentary. One of his latest stunts included threatening to delete his YouTube channel as soon as it reached 50 million subscribers — something he later called a joke.

Kjellberg responded to the controversy around his recent videos Sunday with a post on Tumblr, saying that his videos should be understood as entertainment, and not political commentary.

With regards to the aforementioned video featuring two men holding up a “death to all Jews” sign, he wrote: “I was trying to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online. I picked something that seemed absurd to me — that people on (crowd-sourcing platform) Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars.”

He added: “Though this was not my intention, I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive.”

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  1. Wallturt says:

    Wsj dis it for money ok but everyone else is just dumb

  2. Drink Bleach Everyday says:

    Real story: Maker Studeos is not making Disney any money. They’re downsizing it & won;t be renewing the contracts of anyone doing game content. Pewdiepie is the only reason Disney bought Maker in the first place.

    Plus the WSJ had some anti-gamergater journalists who are salty that Youtubers make big money off ad revenue while they’re losing subscribers, so they cherrypick unrelated out-of-context jokes from different videos & email them to Disney. People have already found deleted tweets that back up this conspiracy.

  3. Lenny says:

    PoopPePie is a Nazi. Don’t listen to his hate speech apologies. We don’t need this guy.

  4. Allison Marie says:

    Funny how this news comes out days after one of the founders of Maker was outed for cheating on his wife by sending some VERY explicit messages to some cam girl. The drama with Fiverr happened over a month ago. Why wasn’t it such a big deal to Maker then? Sounds pretty suspect to me..

  5. James Krisvoy says:

    One can only hope thst the executive at Maker is among thise who are being fired by Disney.

  6. Keith Gray says:

    Why don’t they drop idubbbzTV, he says the N word in almost every video?

  7. Now that he’s no longer with them, those of you watching him, can start watching us lol.

  8. Scott Sutton says:

    While I do not condone anti semitism in any form, one has to see the Irony here considering Walt Disney was a raging antisemite. if we applied the same PC laws to them as we do now days, well no Disney, No Ford’s no aspirin, so porsche’s the list goes on and on. so Disney is one to talk and should probably give the forgiveness it was given just saying

  9. Sara J. says:

    I’m glad they dropped him. My husband watched him for years but quit about a year ago and before I met him I had no idea who PewDiePie was. After watching a couple of his videos I can’t stand him nor can I see the appeal other than his looks. He’s an immature prick who will do anything for attention. I saw a video of his recently where he added a support button on his channel for fans to donate money to him…as if the millions he makes from Youtube isn’t enough. He’s more concerned with constantly making videos about how Youtube is screwing him over and ignoring the fact that maybe people just don’t want to watch his offensive and foul-mouthed antics.

    • Nobody says:

      How you feel about him is understandable, however you are clearly not his target audience if you don’t get what he does.

      Felix got famous for making Let’s Play videos, and I would say that was the primary content for a long time. Since then he has gotten insanely popular, and is now able to do virtually anything on his channel and still receive millions of views.

      He very clearly understands this as it has allowed him to be more of himself without worrying too much about losing a lot of subscribers. Almost all of his content now, regardless of how serious it seems is tounge in cheek. Just like the support button, you shouldn’t take it seriously as he only put it up to mock Youtube for creating such a feature. Now of course if any idiot is dumb enough to donate to him, then that’s their fault, not Felix’s.

      • Sara J. says:

        I understand what his target audience is and what type of content he started with, my husband started watching him because he loves Let’s Play type videos. No matter what his demographic is that doesn’t excuse his behavior. And I understand he put the support button up “as a joke” but honestly he knew that in doing so many fans would donate to him, he’s not stupid. It, just like so much of the rest of his stuff, I feel is only to get attention. Just like him declaring he would delete his channel once he reached 50 million subscribers, he admitted that he did it just to get publicity. From the little I’ve seen of him he has done very little (recently) that seemed like genuine content and seems more intent on trolling, criticizing Youtube and other Youtubers, and complaining.

  10. DM says:

    I like Pewdiepie – but for the life of me I can’t understand why a Disney owned company would sponsor him at all. Unless it’s because he is the most popular YouTuber with over fifty million subscribers. I’m sure it’s a money thing – which is pathetic. He doesn’t need the sponsorship anyway – he’s been doing pretty well on his own.

    • Nikki says:

      Exactly! I’m sorry, but Felix is known for making anti-sematic, sexist at times, and crude jokes. Come on, to drop him for something that you already know he does? Are you kidding me? If you know someone has a track record of being foul and you have an issue with that, then why associate with said person?
      I personally haven’t watched any of his newer videos. I feel like once he started doing more of the YouTube drama angle and focusing more on vlogs, I just kind of lost interest. Perhaps this is just a publicity stunt, much like the reaching his goal and threatening to delete his channel, but I don’t know.

    • shivam1997 says:

      Its the network. His channel is under Maker Studios network. Same as some have under Machinima, Fullscreen etc.

      • DiePewPieDie says:

        “…his videos should be understood as entertainment, and not political commentary.” — So the death of all Jews would be entertaining for him?

        “…people on (crowd-sourcing platform) Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars.”” — Of all the things he could have said, the words “Death to all Jews” is all he could muster? Ahh, when your true self comes out and people call you on it and then you watch your career wither and die.

  11. Ace says:

    He went too far in this case?? That Swedish idiot makes rape jokes that fall flatter than a handful of gak in just about every single video he makes, but he finally goes too far with anti-Semitism?? Maker should have dropped his dumb ass a long time ago.

    • Nikki says:

      I think you’re misunderstanding this. Given your name, I can tell you’re already biased. He’s not saying Jews dying would be entertaning to him. He’s saying, sure he may make jokes about politics, but not for one second should his videos be viewed as political.

      As for the phrase being “all he could muster” perhaps it is. Or perhaps he’s touching on a subject that is already sore. Come on. World War II ring a bell? Besides, he probably felt like that would be the most offensive thing he could think of.

  12. HEAVEN BOUND says:

    You all want to talk about free speech, and yet, it’s an illusion…this is about control…if their puppets do not perform to their liking, they cut them off, and black list them to make people change the way they feel toward this ‘offending’ party…it’s his channel, it’s his business…you either accept all of him, or none of him…but you don’t threaten their lively hood to get your own way…SAY NO TO CONTROL!!!!

    • Dylan Miles says:

      Free speech doesn’t exist on the internet. Your right to free speech only goes as far as the server owner decides it does. Get your head out of your ass and figure out what free speech actually applies to.

    • asebw says:

      You do realize that freedom of speech only protects you from prosecution and/or censorship from the government right? Just because the government can’t charge you for it, it does not allow you to be a jack-ass without some consequence from the masses. Particularly given the current political and social climate of America at the moment, maybe Pewdiepie should have been a little more sensitive to the mood of his audience, and perhaps more importantly, the people who were writing his paychecks. This is Disney after all: they made their money on Mickey Mouse long before Star Wars and Marvel came under their umbrellas.

    • Zero says:

      His freedom of speech isn’t being violated. He’s not being arrested is he? Has congress made any laws prohibiting his speech? No. Try looking up what freedom of speech means.

    • Kidding Me? says:

      His livelihood? Dude, his shit is still not in jeopardy. Do you think he was in financial straits before he got the disney deal? Secondly, there is freedom of speech, but he is being sponsored by DISNEY. A FAMILY company. Just like you can’t say N word if you’re an NBA coach, you can’t have “death to jews” if you work with DISNEY. Don’t even try to act like this is freedom of speech issue. He has the right to say it, he can still say it, but why the hell would a company need to endorse it if they don’t like it? It’s freedom of speech, not freedom to a guaranteed endorsement.

    • No Cares says:

      I agree

  13. So his point is as long as you’re rich and white you can use the less fortunate for your entertainment. Why is this guy so popular?

  14. Regis Feldman says:

    What PewDiePie did was wrong, but jokesters have to have to take some risks as they mock and ridicule society. Disney knew what they were getting into when they became associated with PDP. Consider the humor of people like Don Rickles or any war-time humor. They should consider the CONTEXT of what PDP produced and not just the literal version.

  15. Lex says:

    You can make fun of gays, whitey, blackey, middle-eastern folk, those people what live in Australia, Asians, and even those ding-bat women. Don’t make fun of the people paying you money! It’s a joke!

    I liked it when they used to make fun of everyone. It wasn’t even hateful, it was just a goofy stuff that had fun with stereotypes.

  16. Chow Hound says:

    Disney is the biggest racist on the planet and everyone knows it too be true. Look up video’s that Walt made himself. He promoted Hitler in a lot of his old cartoons. A there is a fact that Walt did not like Jews at all. So if they are going to get rid of one person over this shit then they need to shut the whole production. They needed to practice what they preach.

  17. Common says:

    No joke is too offensive to make. He did nothing wrong, and if you are aware about who or what he does at all, he literally doesn’t care about them dropping him. He likes to point out hypocritical stuff like this. The moment you start to tell someone “this joke isn’t okay because it hurts my feelings” is when you are silencing someone simply for not agreeing with you. Yes, it matters that it was a joke because that’s all there is too it. Even if he *WAS* serious, he has every right to say those things even in a serious manner. Of course, Disney is still going to drop him, because like I said, he didn’t care about staying with Maker anyway. But being serious would just make him a terrible person. A joke is a joke, no matter how offensive.

    • kellimi says:

      There are plenty of jokes too offensive to make. There is nothing funny about child sex abuse, child sex slaves, and antisemitic jokes went out decades ago. That’s part of being a member of the human races as well as any forward thinking society. You realize that because you can say something doesn’t always mean you should. Common sense is obviously lacking here.

    • Jokes also need to be funny. Something he has never managed. It seems he can’t tell the difference between a joke and a lie.

  18. jai says:

    omg build a bridge and get over it, yall acting like a bunch of girls MAN UP YO

  19. John says:

    Freedom of speech = beautiful. Hate speech = ugly. What’s so hard to understand ?

    What Felix did was simply too much: He encouraged hate speech. It doesn’t matter, if it’s “satirical” or “only a joke”, which I doubt…just imagine only a few 1000 of his followers suddenly decide that they want to repeat the “joke”. Irresponsible. Not cool.

    But what Felix did was even worse: He obviously made fun of the Holocaust remembrance project this year, where people all over the world uploaded pictures of themselves with the written sign: “I remember”. Felix made fun of the pain of Holocaust survivors and their families. He made fun of remembering one of the worst mass murders in human history. Ugly.

    Felix probably thought, that he was SO big, that he could do anything. Wrong. What company would have accepted such a behavior? None.

    • jai says:

      just imagine that, believe it or not, people makn of the holocaust and jews everyday, crazy right?! like everyday kids make jokes about it these days, sbut believe it or not NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY HAVE ANYTHING AGAISNT JEWS you are obvs old boi cos you just sound like a fool right now

      • Cat says:

        Have you actually watched the video? Because he did it as a joke not thinking they would do it and when they did he clearly looks shocked and apologises in the video straight away. I don’t see why he is getting hate when he didn’t actually write it on paper and dance with it. He has spent another 3 videos explaining it all and apologising many times but this article apart from the last line makes it seem like he never apologised until after. I’m not trying to start hate myself so please don’t attack me, I am just saying everyone needs to see the whole story and not just from what the media prints because they also just want to get clicks on their website. He also never mentioned anything about the Holocaust or any remembrance project. Also millions of native aborigines in america and australia got killed and everyone still treats it as a joke so please everyone have the same standards for everything or nothing at all. Also the government of america accepted exactly this behaviour when they allowed trump to win. he is more legitimately racist, sexist and homophobic than felix could ever hope to be so maybe its not felix who is screwed but the entirety of the world. why must everyone always comment on these things. i am only commenting this because i am so sick of watching uninformed people comment things they make up.

      • John says:

        …and you, Sir, sound like an uneducated moron ;-) No form of hate speech is acceptable. Have a nice day.

  20. Bruce says:

    What a stupid moron.

    You worked for Disney.
    You posted videos with antisemitic “jokes.”
    They fire you and you actually have the nerve to ask why?

    The context doesn’t matter for one second. If it’s a joke it’s okay to be racist? That’s the logic coming from some of the folks in the comments.

    There’s no justifying this shit and he can’t play dumb. You people seem to forget that HE WORKED FOR DISNEY. Of course they gave him the boot.

    • sa says:

      Look here
      In absence of context human language becomes a congregation of crude syllables .words are arbitrary creations ,meaning to them arises out their context in use .the contest in question was not mocking the jews , it was a meme about another youtuber (keemstar) mocking the jews and how ludicrous it was that people would do it you payed 5 dollars .
      How dumb do you have to be to think that you can distinguish free speech and hate speech , the lines are never clear . IN THIS case you have a black and white picture but on another group live muslims the black becomes grayer and it keeps going on until the person spreading the news decides to call unfavorable opinion hate .Critical thinking is a must.

    • Deshdush says:

      Walt Disney was a racist. The current Disney company is hypocritical.

    • jai says:

      yo bruce man- I MEAN BAT WAYNE, I don’t think he did nothing wrong

      • Mudbill says:

        He didn’t ask to work for Disney. He worked for Maker which was bought by Disney, transfering his contract.

        Regardless, jokes are jokes, and it ABSOLUTELY is okay to be racist in a joke. Racist jokes are among the best ones in my opinion. Most jokes play on absurdity of people, and racism is a good example.

        No joke is too far. Most comedians agree with this. But there’s a line between a joke and an act, and when you go too far in the act of it, it can become serious. But in essence, no jokes are too far, because they are all subjective. If you don’t like the joke, that’s on you. It’s not the comedian’s responsibility to cater to your feelings (but they may choose to).

        Whether or not Felix’ joke was harmful or not is another discussion. He might’ve crossed the line between joke and act. But either way, point still stands. No joke is too far.

  21. Mascerado Americana says:

    Good For Disney. He makes Homophobic, Transphobic, sexist and racist comments all the time. Good riddance.

  22. dandan 8828 says:

    It was a joke and he apologised and donated money to them, this is another fine example of clickbait media get a grip pewds is a great entertainer

  23. nina says:

    if felix was a stand-up comedian and was known for anti-sematic jokes, then people wouldn’t give a shit.sad to say that he is a youtuber.what will happen to revelmode?

    • Peter Tah says:

      If Felix was a stand up comedian known for antisemitic jokes then no one would give a shit because an antisemitic comedian isn’t going to get work anywhere.

  24. Brad says:

    If you watch the videos in order and in context, you can clearly see the satirical nature of his videos. If you take a single line out of context, then of course it will sound far worse than it actually is.

    • Stefan Pedersen says:

      You’re an idiot. There are no “anti semetic videos”. There was a joke where he payed some third world villagers to write “death to all jews” on a sign because he didn’t really think they would do it, and they ended up doing it.

  25. Dan Howell says:

    yikes felix, dude i love you but not cool

  26. Anon says:

    Clearly no one can take a joke around here

  27. Mick says:

    Rule #1 never apologize.

  28. Yej Isaydit says:


  29. William says:

    They let him promote a video game scam on every video, but they don’t permit freedom of speech?
    Seems Disney is a bit backwards, especially since the service he promotes called G2A is pirating Disney content too.

    • G2A is just a marketplace like ebay. If there’s any scamming going on there, it’s from the users, not the market. That’s like saying the classified section of the newspaper is a scam.

      • William says:

        In may last reply the moderators seemed to have removed my hyperlink. It was to the blacklisting on hpHosts, a Malwarebytes run company that publishes a HOSTS file intended to block malicious websites. It was blacklisted for fraus, and when I asked the admin why, he pointed out his legal department was taking action against them for selling illegal Malwarebytes keys.

      • William says:

        Problem is, that “marketplace knowingly allows fraud, and keep in mind the online game stores prohibit resale of product keys for this very reason.
        It is nothing like eBay because eBay is smart enough to prohibit the resale of digital download keys.
        G2A is blacklisted.

    • Liza says:

      GreeninOC is correct about freedom of speed.

      Plus, how is posting of content w/ video game keys analogous in any way to anti-Semitic content? Strange comment.

    • GreenInOC says:

      Freedom of speech? I missed the part of the article that mentioned he had been arrested for his speech.

      Freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from consequences. Disney may have a moral objection too but for sure they did math and their continued association did not benefit their bottom line so the severed the relationship. Isn’t that their right especially in the free market?

      • William says:

        I see a double standard here; in every one of his YouTube videos he clearly promotes in the description a service called G2A which sells game keys from questionable source, including questionable keys for Disney intellectual property such as Star Wars.

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