Bill O’Reilly Fired: Celebrities Respond to Fox News Host’s Ouster

Bill O'Reilly

Celebrities took to Twitter to react to Bill O’Reilly getting fired by Fox News.

O’Reilly worked at the cable news network for 21 years and was considered one of the faces of the network. He was let go Wednesday afternoon in light of numerous sexual harassment allegations.

“After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel,” Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox said in a statement.


Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly Scandal Timeline: From Fox News Star to Unemployed

As host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” O’Reilly often made polarizing comments on race, religion, women, and other hot button topics.

Outspoken liberals like Cher and Rosie O’Donnell immediately drew correlations between O’Reilly and President Trump, who continues to face sexual harassment allegations, including a recent defamation lawsuit by a former “Apprentice” contestant.


Rosie O’Donnell said O’Reilly and Trump belong to the same “sexual predators of a feather.”

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to crack a joke about O’Reilly,” writing, “Say what you will, but Bill O’Reilly always had your back. And if you were a woman, he might try for your front, too.”

Author Stephen King added also noted the similarity between the two, calling them both “members of the odious boys’ club.”

Debra Messing called O’Reilly’s firing “a win for women and the men who respect them.”

Mia Farrow echoed Messing’s message, tweeting that the ouster “hopefully sends an effective signal to all guys, however powerful, who harass & maul women.”

Dave Izkoff posted a parody FOX line-up (Tucker Carlson will be replacing O’Reilly’s slot).

Noted conservative Chuck Woolery said he had “no idea” about O’Reilly’s innocence but blamed accusations by “the Left” led to “a feeling of guilt.”

Meanwhile, actress-turned-conservative commentator Stacey Dash, whose contract was not renewed by Fox, said there were “more important issues at hand.”

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  1. KC57 says:

    It is so common to settle out of court these days, doctors, businesses, government, as it is far less costly than taking it to trial. It is not always hush money but a discount although I think people take advantage of this fact. No one seems to care that Bill Clinton was voted into the White House even though people knew he was a sexual predator or that CNN has a massive discrimination lawsuit getting ready to go to trial. Sadly we have now become a country where you are guilty until proven innocent especially if you are a conservative.

  2. Mary says:

    What a slap in the face to a man who made Fox News what it was. I wouldn’t have given those woman a dime. Take it to court. Liberal women have gotten out of control.

    • Ross says:

      But he didn’t take it to court, did he? He chose to pay millions in hush money instead. Now put on your special thinking cap, and ask yourself why. Putz.

  3. Sharon says:

    I hope he brings a lawsuit against anyone who post untrue things against him.
    Go get them Bill!

  4. anna says:

    What a great run he had. While some women bash him, you had to admit his talent. I don’t know if he hated women or not, it never showed. As for the sick women who blame him without merit, shame on you.

  5. Jackson Smith says:

    These liberal morons won’t be satisfied until they make such fools of themselves that EVERYONE hates their guts. I won’t be watching FOX News any longer. Good job… You just lost millions upon millions of dollars of profit. Maybe some of these washed up has-been losers will come to your aid… Good luck… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…

  6. Rosie says:

    Pul-leze, nobody compares to Bill O’Reilly! I am a woman;a little flirtation from this man would be a complement!! FOX has made a MAJOR mistake. I will watch him if he goes to another channel just as I change channels to watch other favorites like Megan and Greta. Tucker just doesn,t compare. I like Dana, but she isn’t Bill! Bill O’Reilly made Fox what it was, and they will be VERY sorry for what they have done.

  7. Dave J says:

    And what was the reason Roger Ailes left Fox news if that is what you believe?

  8. The Truth says:

    Fox fired O’Reilly on the basis of “a thorough internal investigation” of multiple accusations. Clearly the evidence Fox found left them no choice but to fire their biggest on-air asset. Bill was not convicted because he paid put $13 million in hush money to avoid going to court. But seventy Fox News advertisers — mostly conservatively aligned companies — saw all the evidence they needed,to realize that Bill’s an utter sleazebag with whom they could no longer afford to associate.

    As others have noted, your “facts” are also alternative regarding Trump. There is also absolutely no evidence supporting the bogus claim that Clinton gave high technology weapons systems to ISIS. Hillary has done some unsavory things — like covering up for her husband’s sexual misconduct and denigrating the women involved — but missiles to ISIS isn’t one of them.

  9. pmf says:

    Bill O’Reilly will return and better than ever. …Too bad, liberal crybabies!

    • Dave J says:

      Perhaps Bill O”Reilly should have sexually harassed you…tool.

      • Sharon says:

        Has any charges ever been filed against him?
        Has he been arrested?
        Do we have any witnesses who heard anything?
        Easy to rush to judgement, harder to work to find the truth.

  10. Gerard Leary says:

    There was an expiration barcode on Bill O’Reilly’s archiac,arrested development mind set and boorish behavior.Although he topped the cable news charts for a decade he simply reached his expiration date like spoiled milk

  11. Kenneth West says:

    30 years ago? That was 2005. Get your facts straight before you speak. You know…like the opposite of what Trump does….

  12. Rhonda D. says:

    I’m appalled at such lunacy of the left winged serpents. They are all snakes in the grass. Trying to find another lie, that they can come up with. Only to disarm a decent public figure. That really goes to say… “lying will not get you anywhere!” Of coarse, that is their job. Sooner or later down the road, it will bite them right square in their faces, when they least expect it. These actors & actresses really do put on a real show, when the cameras are rolling. That is how it is done in Jollywood, what a mockery. Leave your political BS at home, don’t mix YOUR pleasure with politics. No pun intended, on the decent Actors & Actresses, that entertain US real American people. In other words, don’t insult people with your so called intelligence of political or journalistic stance. Unless you graduated in a decent college with a Degree in either field.

  13. bob wire says:

    Why the silence from the Left and Entertainment on David Letterman?…he enticed unsuspecting newly hire interns to have sex with him in a private loft he built above the Ed Sullivan Theatre—before and during his marriage and birth of his son…he penetrated these women under his employ—Bill just talked dirty—yet they went after him and not Letterman (nor Clinton for that matter) with a vengeance.

    • Dave J says:

      You are a moron which if you hadn’t known, the difference with the examples you had provided is that many of those women in both Bill Clinton and David Letterman’s case volunteered to have affairs with them. In other words…tool, none of them had to force women to sleep with them like Bill OReilly. It takes all kinds tool.

  14. David Roberts says:

    The firing of O’Reilly will come back to haunt FOX NEWS. Bill O’Reilly made them the number one cable show on TV; to fire him over allegations without proof, just gives the Progressives another scalp to cherish. His show was the only show that gave you two sides to a viewpoint. Sadly, the left doesn’t want any other view put their views. Dissent, is not tolerated by the left. More and more, they are becoming the “BORG”.

  15. DIRK says:

    I have no idea if its true or not I d know liberal America is on an eternally witch hunt . liberal america doesn’t give a damn about nothing except there status quo . America is getting sold out by these greedy heartless power hungry selfish people , And Bill was just in there cross hairs . If this selfish liberals take down America because of there greed . I hope then they get feed to the lions . The best part is you can’t fool God

  16. peggy wilson says:

    ok i dont know if he is guilty or not but where have they all been and why do they always want big sum of money why dont they just take him to court i for one love4d his show , God Bless Bill

    • Ross says:

      His show was fine. It was the off air behavior that was the problem. 13 million dollars?! Now we find out there were another 50 complaints. What a complete prick! Good show, though.

  17. BS says:

    I didn’t hear any of these celebrities compare O’Reilly to Bill Clinton. So what Cher, rape is okay as long was you’re a liberal President funded with Hollywood money? Crickets?

  18. Dave J says:

    And of course, Stacey Dash’s comment must be one of the most offensive if she is comparing wealthy old white men sexually harassing women in the workplace is nothing since there are more important issues we should be talking about. Automatically, tells me she wishes she was sexually harassed by a big fat old wealthy men. Dash and any women who think like her will always be part of the problem.

    • Sam says:

      You are not the only one who thinks that. She is still trying to use any situation to get any attention for herself.

      • Dave J says:

        @Cindy you think it’s so easy then I advise you to be harassed yourself by someone who is as powerful as Trump, O’Reilly or by Trump, otherwise, you don’t really have a leg to stand on at all.

      • The Truth says:

        Get your facts straight, Cindy. The women who brought allegations against O’Reilly all said “no.” And when Bill retaliated against them professionally, they did not sit idly by. They took appropriate legal action and were paid large settlements to remain silent. The New York Times outed O’Reilly — not the women — until he publicly called all the claims baseless. This violated the terms of the settlements and the gloves were off.

      • Gerard Leary says:

        Bill O’Reilly is a commodity with an expiration barcode date.He blew his boorish, behind the times load now he has been expired like a quart of spoiled milk.Next Murdock puppet please report for duty

      • cindy says:

        Does ANYONE in the USA think women, crying at every turn for equality, are capable of saying NO! Don’t talk like that, don’t touch me, and stop pretending like I’m one of the guys. IF this talk is offensive, women, SPEAK UP!! They aren’t going to fire you, THAT would be cause for a lawsuit, but to sit idly by and tolerate this language and actions that are offensive to you…………THEN sometime later, CRY FOUL, is absurd, and surely must beg the question……….are you really wanting equality are you truly that put upon? Or are you REALLY just wanting your 15 minutes of fame? Good Grief are we, as women truly incapable of speaking up until AFTER the fact? Sad, and ridiculous.

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