Wilbur Ross Says Syria Missile Strike Was ‘After-Dinner Entertainment’ at Mar-a-Lago

Wilbur Ross

Speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference on Monday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recalled the scene at Mar-a-Lago on April 6, when the summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping was interrupted by the strike on Syria.

“Just as dessert was being served, the president explained to Mr. Xi he had something he wanted to tell him, which was the launching of 59 missiles into Syria,” Ross said. “It was in lieu of after-dinner entertainment.”

As the crowd laughed, Ross added: “The thing was, it didn’t cost the president anything to have that entertainment.”

Ross, a billionaire financier, is new to government service. In the lunchtime conversation with David Rubenstein, co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, Ross reflected on his first impressions of public service.

“I’ve been heartened,” he said. “I thought the quality of people in the government was not as high as it has turned out to be. There are actually quite a lot of very good, very serious, very intelligent people wanting to do their best. It’s just they’ve been trapped in a fundamentally dysfunctional system.”

The president’s tax cut proposal has been a hot topic among the business community at this year’s conference. Rubenstein asked Ross whether it was realistic to expect a tax plan to pass this year.

“I certainly hope so,” he said. “God knows Congress has debated the issue enough times. It’s really a question of, ‘Is there the willpower to do it?’ If the Republican side can get itself unified, then it will work, even if the Democrats remain as determined as they seem to be to block any kind of progress.”

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  1. Denise Neil says:

    Well it sure hurts when the shoe is on the offer foot, doesn’t it, Republicans?? I am not even a US citizen and I was witness to the damage due to their blockage of the previous administration. Sure makes a huuuuge difference when it’s happening to YOU!! SMDH!

  2. Getoveryourselves says:

    Just because Wilbur Ross claims it was entertainment it’s true? People need to get a grip!

  3. Ketchup is a vegetable says:

    There is a sick and twisted cast of freaks in the White House and in cabinets posts.

    Now that they have made billions and are trying to accumulate more wealth through the manipulation of the tax code, their idea of sport is manipulating people and playing with lives.

  4. It is all moving closer and closer to the Hunger Games. What will stop it?

  5. oneeggcream says:

    And this is suppose to be funny or something?
    It’s totally unacceptable!
    45 is totally disgusting and needs to be removed from office as he’s without the sense or ability to carry on as POTUS!
    He’s out of his league and never will be able to, conduct business as he’s suppose to, as president.

  6. oneeggcream says:

    Your comment shows exactly how delusional you really are!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Mike says:

    Next up on the entertainment list, slaves fighting to the death in a cage match. How is this guy running a country? And what does it say about the country who allows him to remain in power?

  8. Serious says:

    Deplorable isn’t just the working class racist it’s the sociopath elite that they voted in too.

  9. nsellars2 says:

    The system is not dysfunctional. But even intelligent people cannot deally with leaders who are fundamentally unintelligent and fail to understand their ideas–like massive tax cuts–are fundamentally terrible ideas. Oh, and der Drumpf has been removing those skilled and qualified people and replacing them with greedy minions who will cheer as the entire operation goes sailing over the cliff into oblivion. Those wanting to sail the ship of state haven’t noticed they often are wildly off course, the iceberg of reality looms ahead, and, unlike the Titanic, there are absolutely no lifeboats nor life preservers whatsoever. Oh, and the waters are shark infested.

  10. We need more of these kind of people deciding our future ??? I don’t think so.

  11. Misfit Doll says:

    Is this real or satire?? Is it insane that I cannot tell?

    • ncr100 says:

      It appears to be the truth.

      Ross characterized deadly, powerful military action as entertainment.

      Shocking violent myopia and callousness.

  12. schrialphi says:

    Samantha Stevens said it, they’re like fat corrupt Roman pigs feasting and murdering. They kill humans without a shred of respect or dignity for the life they destroy while they cut their chateaubriand and stuff it into their filthy mouths

  13. After dinner entertainment while dessert was served? This is beyond disgusting and despicable. Our service people put themselves out there so Trump and his guests could laugh about it? This is like the Romans and the gladiators. And we all know what happened to Rome. My heart is breaking for our country.

    • Liz L says:

      There are so many appalling aspects to this that it’s difficult to prioritize. Mr. Bank of Cyprus (and all of the Russian money laundering, Manafort and on to Drumpf connections) either has no filter or he’s a proud messenger for a despicable group who are so far removed from humanity and reality as they take pleasure at the expense of others with no concept of the various kinds of costs and consequences. This was not bread and circuses, but it was an action with immediate results for the Syrian people victimized by their regime further angered by the slap on the wrist that failed to accomplish any military goal. It would only inspire those in power to take revenge on their own people and to motivate terrorists. And it was show time “in lieu of” entertainment with THE chocolate cake.

  14. Just another soulless addition to the hell that is now the administration.

  15. people die as they have desert . beyond bad.

  16. Susan S says:

    Oh holy shit. This is both heartbreaking and terrifying.

  17. Donna Robillard says:

    This from the head of a country that wants to make it Great Again and yet will sign to kill mom and baby cubs, mom and baby pup wolves while sleeping and signed to keep the guns america will certainly be great again but not for the reasons he thinks

  18. Mary says:

    The Straw Man that resides in our WH is an extremely SICK man – and this just adds to the proof.

  19. Laurel says:

    Wow.What a sick way to put something like that as entertainment Wilbur Ross should be a shame of himself for even bring that information to light.The President should look at what he does as more than just entertainment.

    • Katherine Goldsmith says:

      Why in the hell should Wilbur be ashamed? The actions of our giant orange glowturd of a POTUS need to be called out and shown to the citizens of America. That is who should be ashamed .He is like a kid in the sandbox, trying to take vengeance against those who appose him or take his toys. Then .. gloat after he takes revenge.

  20. labman57 says:

    Donnie’s idea of a $90 million fireworks show … complete with collateral damage. It was hyuuuuge.
    And it goes well with chocolate cake.

  21. JP says:

    tRump is a sideshow that cannot be ignored. He and his administration are ARE a hazard to the USA!

  22. laurie says:

    what sick, sick people to regard this as entertainment, and to laugh when he cracks a joke about not having to pay for entertainment! Now they are rich, so I have no doubt they pay no taxes, but we real Americans paid plenty for that sideshow

    • Paulina Kearney says:

      It didn’t cost Mr. Mar-a-lago anything, but it cost our country how many millions of dollars and how many lives and property shattered in Syria. Absolutely sickening.

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