New Yorker, Vanity Fair Pull Out of White House Correspondents Weekend Events

White House Correspondents Dinner: New Yorker,

The White House Correspondents Assn. is continuing its annual dinner this year, an event that usually draws a collection of Hollywood celebrities, news media stars and the president of the United States.

But there are signs that the red carpet glow of the Obama years will be more muted in the age of President Trump, who, on his first day in office, said that he was at “war” with the media.

The New Yorker and Vanity Fair have each canceled their sponsorship of events surrounding the annual dinner, which is scheduled for April 29.

For years, the New Yorker hosted a cocktail reception on the night before the dinner at the W Hotel in Washington, but the outlet has decided to cancel those plans this year, a New Yorker spokeswoman confirmed.

No reason was given, but it comes amid heightened scrutiny over the press coverage of the Trump administration, which has almost daily attacked the media for what it considers unfair coverage.

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair has decided to end its co-sponsorship of a WHCA dinner after-party, one of the most exclusive events of the weekend. Graydon Carter, the editor of the magazine, told the New York Times that they have taken a break from the festivities in the past. Carter said that he would go fishing in Connecticut instead — but he also cited Trump as a reason.

A spokesman for Bloomberg LP, which in recent years has co-hosted the event, said that they are “proceeding with our plans for the party but no final decision has been made.”

Earlier this week, Samantha Bee, host of “Full Frontal” on TBS, announced that she would be holding an event, called Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, at the same time as the actual event. Noting that the press is “under attack” by the Trump administration, Bee told Variety that they may invite “unsung journalists.” Proceeds will go to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The actual dinner will go on, according to Jeff Mason, the president of the WHCA. He sent a letter to members on Thursday, telling them that “this year, as we do every year, we will celebrate the First Amendment and the role an independent press plays in a healthy republic.”

He added, “We will also reward some of the finest political reporting of the past year while using our scholarship program to highlight and support up-and-coming journalists who are the future of our profession.”

In previous years Larry Wilmore, Cecily Strong, Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers have been the featured entertainment at the WHCA dinner — a high profile assignment that is also one of the more difficult gigs. Not only does the entertainer face instantaneous reviews and criticism from a room full of journalists and D.C. elite, but by tradition the comic follows the president. If Trump attends, they can also expect his post-event tweets.

The association has yet to announce who will be performing this year.

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  1. says:

    Never have I witnessed a full blast negative media cabal like the one I witnessed with President Trump. They literally used the worst degrading methods to bring this guy down but it backfired. The saying goes you cannot keep a good man down which is why he won. He knows the players and is quite illuminated to who his enemies are. I bet Bill and Hillary wished they did not go to his Wedding to Melania at least they had a good time while there. Finally a President who is on the side of our ally Israel.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m sure when Trump gets up to speak he’ll likely mention all media outlets that pulled out and mock them, then he’ll likely rip into CNN like a monkey into a cupcake. They should get Greg Gutfeld to host, he’ll make Don Lemon cry

  3. IT--II--IT says:

    INTEL RUN ‘reality creation’ and its staged, and routine – — pillow fights.



    – – — and TURN AROUND in this, the 11th HOUR of RED CHINA handover TREASON

  4. Jim Wilke says:

    Obama and Seth Meyer both taunted Trump at the 2011 WHCD. You can find it on YouTube, tag line should be ‘Last Laugh.’

  5. Princess says:

    Hahaha! The cool kids hate this man. The lame loser nobodies love him. I like being one of the cool kid 😎 His followers are the people we used to throw food at in the cafeteria in high school and their wardrobe came from Walmart

  6. Suibne Geilt says:

    new yorker died thirty years ago….has nothing new to say about anything and now merely a mouth piece for some back room funding daddy It’s part of the great media circle jerk…..

    • Brandon says:

      Suibne Geilt are you sure you are Trump using a fake name. Same kinds of insults. Same crap that makes no sense. Just lies and ignorance. Bless your little heart and your even littler head.

  7. few things give me greater pleasure than watching Hollywood wacka doodles like Bobby D and little Alec get worked up. But seeing huge, at one time credible publications like the new Yorker and Vogue playing such childish games puts the entire Trump win so over the top I can barely contain myself :) :)

  8. millerfilm says:

    The precious little snowflakes. So easily damaged. :-)

  9. smalliot says:

    President Trump should refuse to attend. MAGA

  10. cecilia soto-loftus says:

    All Media should pull out…have some balls people!

    • Steve says:

      Biggest balls ever at this event: Stephen Colbert. No contest. And say this for Bush: he didn’t like it, but he sat there and took it like a grown-ass man. Trump would never do that.

      • Julian Lean says:

        Yes, Bush took it like a man. Now the shoe’s on the other foot and it seems the media can’t take it lol. I imagine Trump will be there, but lots in the media won’t.

  11. Jacques Strappe says:

    Maybe Scott Baio is going to emcee this cringe-worthy loser event? Seriously, what lame comic would agree to do this? The annoying orange-in-chief has zero sense of humor and doesn’t do “self-effacing” so this annual tradition is a non-starter. An “unknown comic” with a paper bag over his head, will do Hillary Clinton and Obama jokes. Huge disaster!

    • Quaker says:

      Yet, even if you are correct, the event will go on, and so will his presidency. Isn’t it amazing that life goes on even when “celebrities” don’t support something and stomp about like petulant infants?

  12. Bet they’ll have trouble finding a D-list comic to host and have to settle with FAUX Not News’ Dennis Miller, who is such a has been and not funny…

  13. Quaker says:

    Pretty sure they will still have it and Trump will remain president.

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