One Dead, Multiple Injured After Car Plows Into Pedestrians in Times Square

Times Square Crash

UPDATE: One person is dead and 22 injured (four critically) after a car plowed into a crowd in New York City’s Times Square, the New York Fire Department confirms. Photos from the scene showed a maroon Honda Accord on its side and its front windshield smashed. Emergency personnel arrived on scene and treated multiple injured.

The incident happened about noon Eastern on Thursday. According to police reports, the vehicle mounted the sidewalk on the west side of 7th Avenue at West 42nd Street. It proceeded to drive along the sidewalk for three blocks, before crashing at a metal stanchion on 45th street.

Police arrested the driver, identified as 26-year-0ld Richard Rojas of the Bronx, as he tried to flee the scene.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio said there was no indication it was an act of terror.

A preliminary investigation reveals that Rojas has two prior arrests for DWI-related incidents. The investigation is continuing.

 Times Square is a busy business center and popular tourist destination.

The crash occurred right as the advertising and entertainment community were departing The CW’s upfront, which marked the final presentation for the week. The event was held not far from the accident, just about 10 blocks north, and many attendees were walking back towards the crash site as NYPD cars and helicopters began to arrive on scene.

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  1. Morgan says:

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  2. hedstromenterprises says:

    Not an act of terror – someone tell me the victims did not feel terror when they were slammed by the car.

  3. Cynical Grump says:

    It’s terrifying but not an act of terrorism. Liberal logic amazes me.

    • ohyiss says:

      There is no logic in modern day liberalism and conservatism. Just divided and conquered idiots conditionally fighting over what they read on facebook. Welcome to 2017, the year of the expert. Everyone is an expert on everything.

  4. If this isn’t terrifying, then what IS?

  5. Dave Manning says:

    The article clearly states that the drivers name is Richard Rojas of the Bronx. Please read first geez

  6. jwood1952 says:

    Enlightened Soul…Fewer and fewer of you are falling for white-led propaganda???? But you’re still falling for black led propaganda. Whites at least can do math. We outnumber you 4 to 1, which means go back over your numbers, whites should have greater than 4 times the amount of incidents than blacks in any category. You won’t find a negative category where whites even have 2 X’s the amount of incidents over blacks. Black America is way out of control. Now the % of blacks within the race committing crimes, is such a tiny portion of US population, and a small % within the black male population. But those few are way out of control. So you need to get enlightened, soul.

    • Jwood is clueless says:

      88% of white murder victims are killed by other white people. That pretty much destroys your statement “You won’t find a negative category where whites even have 2 X’s the amount of incidents over blacks”.

      why are you so wrong, do you suppose?

      • So is this guy says:

        Yeah except there are approx 3k whites murdered a year and 2.5k blacks. Given that blacks make up approx 15% of the demographic of the US, thats a pretty heavy ratio. Many more blacks being killed (on a percentage basis) than whites. In addition the percentage of blacks killed by whites is vastly smaller than the percentage of whites killed by blacks (and again, the black demographic makes up approximately 15% of the US).

  7. DeLeary M. Tremens says:

    When do the deportations start?

    • Enlightened Soul says:

      Lets start with you and every other racist white person out there pretending to be godly. Once your race stops committing violent crimes on a daily basis (Whites lead the crime statistics in every single violent crime category by far – Source: FBI). Your race also leads the number of recipients on welfare.
      Fewer and fewer of us are falling for white-led propaganda. Quit living in denial, it is YOUR race that needs to check themselves.

      • cringa says:

        Well well well…angry much? and yes when there is a majority, typically they tend to dominate statistics.
        and you dickhead or what ever, need to get a grip.

        YOUR anger is an issue and needs to be immediately taken to a college so you can find a safe zone, non-aggressive free speech, pussy hat and baby llama to pet while you run your suck and lament how is everyone else and you are soo misunderstood.

      • doorgunner says:

        I have a great idea; pull the race card, why don’t you? Global warming? Race card. Muslims beheading folks they don’t like? Race card. You’re dealing from a deck of jokers. And Godly is capitalised unless you are a rock worshiping heathen.

      • Pure propoganda says:

        Might want to check those facts again.

      • HyperionSF says:

        On a per capita rating (which is how you’re supposed to do REAL statistics) blacks and hispanics commit far more crime.

        Check your privilege.

    • Thomas says:

      It was a drunk driver with multiple past DUI convictions. Deport all drunk drivers.

    • Dave B says:

      They’re deporting drunk drivers? Fantastic!

  8. Victor P Ganderson says:

    Think about the Oklahoma Federal Bldg bombing. We all assumed that it was and attack by middle eastern terrorists, when in fact it was just a home grown good ole boy and his buddy. Look at some of the latest vehicle events and the majority are our discontented drug fueled Americans. So wait, be patient and let’s see how it washes out.

  9. MJ Brewer says:

    So was the act intentional, or did the driver have a health issue? Not enough info to be considered “informative.” This piece leaves more questions than answers.

  10. Jerry says:

    Car plows into pedestrians?

    OMG! ban all cars!!!!!!!

  11. Roseanne Sansouci says:

    Let’s see, there is no mention of who the driver was. That usually means the driver is muslim. That news will come out in a couple of days. They do it this way so the public doesn’t form an opinion about the muslims. What they don’t get is we have already formed an opinion. Was the fatality the driver? Another indication it was a muslim. If the fatality had been one of the pedestrians that would have been in the article.

  12. carol fritz says:

    Could this be another terrorist attack via truck or car?

    • edf203 says:

      “Could this be another terrorist attack via truck or car?”

      Idk, let me check the article.

      “New York City mayor Bill de Blasio said there was no indication it was an act of terror.”

      Well, there ya go.

  13. Allan Falk says:

    TMZ got the bastards photo……scary af

  14. Sherry S. says:

    You were wrong, Spike. Wrong and racist.

    The perpetrator was former U.S. military, had a criminal record, and has been arrested twice in the past for drunk driving. Depending on what his alcohol results show, this incident could be his third strike of drunk driving, and this time he killed someone.

  15. KV says:

    It was only a community member….the term suspect may no longer be used in California

  16. Doesn'tmatter says:

    I just came here to see all of the dumb White male comments. #Whiteprivilegehasyounuts

  17. Doesn'tmatter says:

    You mean the same history that shows the historical trail of young White men made in America. Reference: South Carolina Shooting of Mother Emmanuel Church.

    • HyperionSF says:

      “White male terrorists”. I’m sorry but your racial rant is moot. The amount of terrorism in America shifted from socialism/communism to Islamic aggression. Long before 9/11 in case you wanted to try that excuse as well.

      No, i’m sorry. Islam commits far more acts of terrorism, and attempted acts, than anyone else in America for the last 30 years.

    • Jeanne Roe says:


  18. I will give you dollars to donuts that this was committed by an muslim, most likely Middle Eastern.
    But I know, I’m being the fake “islamaphobic”, right?
    WRONG, I am a realist and go by history, even recent history.

  19. why don’t we have the name of the driver

  20. AptivaDude says:

    because thats the way you are programmed ?

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